Colored Contact Lenses and Eye Color Changing Naturally

Undoubtedly,colored contact lenses are designed to rest on the cornea. Equilibrium is achieved by the adhesion of the tear film covering mainly the anterior part of the eye and a bit of adjustment by the pressure of the eyelids.Surprisingly, colored contact lenses are now the most popular aesthetic device. Furthermore, colored contact lenses are not as innocent and harmless as previously thought. Long-term use causes irreversible corneal damage. They keep using it because they believe they have no choice but to look. Actually, there is a long-term solution. The Laser eye color change procedure guarantees a permanent and healthy change in the color of your eyes.In summary, eye color changing naturally, which is slowly becoming popular, seems to have its eye on the throne of contact lenses.


Using of Lenses

As the eye opens and closes, the eyelid slides over the surface of the colored contact lenses,causing it to move slightly forward. This action helps provide the necessary lubrication and wash away deposits.Be careful; a lens that is too tight will not move at all.It may cause eye sensitivity. The user may be comfortable, but the visual acuity is poor. It can cause complications in the long run.A lens that is too loose will move excessively. The lower eyelid lens has a lot of sensation. After blinking, the image becomes blurred. The lens is off-center. The lens edges can be bent and your cornea will be damaged.

colored contact lens use

What are the risks of contact lenses?

Rarely, vision-threatening eye problems may occur with contact lenses. However, contact lenses are used in hygienic conditions, under hygienic conditions, and when routine examinations are not interrupted. However, problems are less common in this way. Just as buying glasses randomly without an ophthalmologist, it would be a very harmful and dangerous move to start using the lens without examining the colored contact lenses. In previous years, the fact that lenses were available in pharmacies other than authorized optical stores and hospitals and sold without a prescription may have prepared the ground for this dangerous action. Ordinary colored lenses, which do not match the eye number, eye condition and eye diameter, can impair your eye health, as they are only sprayed on the eye without a prescription. Adding a prescription requirement to the sale of lenses is a solution that eliminates these problems.

Laser eye color changing is another alternative to contact lenses.

As a result, the use of  colored contact lenses is an aesthetic concern. Of course, it’s not entirely innocent. If it is not used well, it causes diseases that will lead to eye loss. It is an apparatus that has certain harmful effects even in normal use. It has been proven that long-term use of colored contact lenses causes significant pathological changes. The artificial appearance of colored contact lenses is a reality that pushes people to seek new methods. At the beginning of these methods is laser eye color change. Today, you can change your eye color in a healthy way without any problems with the mylumineyes eye color change method.