Can you Change your eye color?

Can you change your eye color? But how can you change the color of your eyes in a safe and effective way? Are there any side effects? “Laser eye color change surgery” is a procedure that uses a laser with a certain wavelength. Basically, Dr. Mustafa Mete who came up with the laser change operation, is using the latest technology in his center right now. Doubtedly, to change your eye colors naturally, the best method is to “change your eye colors with a laser” (Mylumineyes Method).

how to change your eye color naturally

Generally, each clinic has a different price. The quality of the laser used in the clinic, etc., changes the price of eye color change. In short, the iris color change procedure ranges in price from $3,000 to $8,000 USD. Sadly, many websites have sprung up on the internet and they are deceiving people with low price offers. Additionally, people with changed eye colors in such unautherized places have eye health problems. These websites have the characteristics of earning commissions and directing visitors.

Risks of the procedure

  1. Iridocyclitis
  2. Glaucoma
  3. cataract
  4. permanent vision loss.
  5. Uveitis 
  6. Eye inflammatory reactions
  7. Corneal damage
  8. unsuccessful result.

Eye color change surgery in the USA, Europe, Dubai, Canada, or Australia?

There is not yet a clinic for changing your eye color in the United States. However, we are seeking a California clinic as soon as possible. Also, such initiatives have not yet started in Australia, America, Canada, Europe, and Dubai.

can you change your eyes color

Is laser eye color changing surgery near me?

That’s great. After a few hours of flight, you can change your eye color at the nearest laser eye clinic. Isn’t it worth the flight for a few hours for an event that can change your life completely? Istanbul is a few hours’ flight away and this city offers you many possibilities. First of all, the eye color change clinic in Istanbul promises you a safe and natural eye color change.

Is eye color changing surgery with a laser safe?

Changing the color of your eyes is completely safe if you use a laser and the mylumineyes method.

Can you change your eye color with surgery?

In other words, apart from the laser, you can change the color of your eyes surgically. As I mentioned before, there are many negative health aspects of changing your eye color surgically compared to laser. Kerato Pigmentation and iris implant methods can change the eye color surgically. While the results of both methods are artificial, the results are 100% natural in the laser method.

Surgery to change the color of your eyes from brown to green?

Surely, with the “Mylumineyes laser process,” you can turn your eyes from brown to green.

Brightocular surgery

“bright ocular” is a kind of lens which use for changing eye color by a surgery.

Is eye color change procedure can cause of blindness?

Undoubtedly, this depends on which doctor does it and under what conditions. A real doctor with 13 years of experience and a dubious clinic that emerged 6 months ago cannot provide the same trust.

How much does “surgery to change the color of the eyescost in Turkey?

Laser eye color change costs start from 3500 euro in our clinic. Definitely, we offer the most affordable prices in terms of cost performance. Please write to us for the price of the best laser treatment in Turkey.

Where to get the procedure?

For the first time in the world, we, the inventors of this process, provide you with the highest level of service in Turkey.

What surgery changes your eye color?

Iris implants and keratopigmentation can surgically change your eye color. In summary, while these two methods provide eye color change, which is one of the surgical conditions, Luminiyes does not include surgery. The Mylumineyes procedure changes your eye color in a healthy and risk-free way using only a laser.

As a result, developing a logical argument such as this is not difficult. Is it more trustworthy to have a process done without touching your eye or a procedure done through contact or surgery?

It is a fact that it has been possible for a long time to achieve a “healthy eye color change, which we saw only as a dream years ago. Thanks to Dr. Mete. Dr. Mete, the first person to perform near-vision surgery with a corneal implant, appears to have done an excellent job.

Undoubtedly, the point reached in aesthetic eye operations has been a breakthrough with the Mylumineyes laser eye change procedure.

How can you start to change your eye color?

Is it possible to change the color of your eyes through surgery? It is a fact that Lumineyes is a method that has no alternative yet to change eye color. Unquestionably, changing eye color using Lumineyes requires a great deal of experience. Even an ophthalmologist with limited experience in eye surgery cannot perform this procedure. hasn’t looked into this issue in decades Finally, you can easily change your eye color to blue-green.

To summarize what our long-term results with Mylumineyes show us,

1-Be able to get better results in the darkest eyes.

2-It is much healthier and more reliable than classical methods.

3-amazingly we have not experienced any serious side effects in over 13 years.


5-Giving a natural look

6-respect for eye anatomy

7-Does not cause glaucoma even in the long term

8-Eye color lightening process with the first developed laser in the world

9-doesn’t cause any discomfort

10-The laser used includes the best and latest technology.

How Can You Change Your Eye Color?

Is it possible to change the color of your eyes surgically?

Surgery is available in Turkey to change the color of your eyes. As previously stated, mylumineyes is not a surgical procedure.

Various Eye Color Change Surgical Procedures to Meet Your Specific Requirements

We can say these in the form of surgeries with previously known artificial color changes and natural eye color changes using laser. Finally, you can use a laser to change the color of your eyes for best natural results. As i told before,laser is not a surgery like these methods.

  1. Iris Implants
  2. Corneal substitutions
  3. Keratopigmentation

(The pros and cons of these methods have been explained before)

Here, we will discuss the benefits of the Lumineyes laser eye color lightening procedure.

  • Done without surgery
  • The outcome is not artificial
  • It has no effect on the structure of the eye (with the exception of Mylumineyes)
  • There are no long-term issues (with the exception of Mylumineyes)
  • It does not harm the cornea and does not promote astigmatism (Unlike kerato-pigmentation)
  • Transient side effects are treatable (with the exception of Mylumineyes)
  • It does not produce an artificial image like contact lenses
  • You Should Be Aware of the Benefits of Eye Color Change Surgery
  • The Mylumineyes laser is both efficient and safe
  • This therapy is non-invasive.
  • Anesthesia not required.
  • We haven’t had any major issues yet.
  • The Mylumineyes laser makes use of its distinct wavelength.
  • The eye is completely natural.
  • There are no process-related optical problems.
  • It is irreversible.
  • It is neither painful nor unpleasant.
  • There is no influence on corneal shape or number (astigmatism issue).
  • A light eye color softens one’s appearance.
  • It creates a pleasing appearance.
  • It is not a surgical procedure that results in blue-green eyes.

Are Color-Changing Drops Effective?

A different topic for debate is the use of eye drops to produce a blue hue. This approach is useless and dangerous in our opinion.

What are the benefits of changing brown eyes to blue, green, hazel, or gray?

Everyone wants blue eyes. This is the ultimate change in aesthetics.

How to Choose the Best Specialist for Your Eye Color Surgery Is Required

  1. A search on the Internet for your doctor’s medical history
  2. Identify the hospitals where he works.
  3. Is there any generic research on ophthalmology?
  4. Is he performing any other procedures?
  5. If the problem does occur, do they have the skills to fix it?
  6. Has anyone seen him? (Examine media files)
  7. Does the website from which you get information offer or accept commissions? Is it the doctor’s website?
  8. How much trust does the physician’s medical history inspire?

Choosing the right doctor is critical. What could be more important than your eyes? You should protect your eyes from harm.

Here is a guide to selecting the best doctor: Everything You Should Know Before Purchasing

Mylumineyes is the most effective-safe way for changing your eye color until we find a better way. You can use the Mylumineyes laser procedure to lighten your brown or dark eyes to blue, green, gray, hazel, or other lighter colors. It ensures a dependable and secure application. The mylumineyes laser type is distinct due to its customized mapping and parameter modifications.

How Do You Permanently Change Your Eye Color?

To summarize, we can make your eye color permanently colored using a state-of-the-art laser. A variety of websites offer varying prices for permanent eye color change. Before deciding to change the color of your eyes, you should research the risks of the procedure as well as the best surgeons. Be aware of recent establishments.

This iris friendly laser can easily change your eye color from brown to blue or green. Of course, not only the laser but also Dr.Mete’s unique method will play a role here. The procedure for changing the color of one’s eyes does not involve surgery or physical contact with the eyes. Thus, we have the opportunity to change the color of your eyes without causing any permanent trauma to your eyes. Mylumineyes is the most effective and safest laser procedure for changing the color of one’s eyes. It has no effect on the curvature of your cornea or your number. A light eye color softens your appearance and increases your overall attractiveness. Surely, one of the most common desires is to have blue-green eyes. And now it is in your hands.