Can eyes change color? Change eye color surgery costs near me

Can eyes change color? But how can you change the color of your eyes in a safe and effective way? Are there any side effects?This operation, which employs a laser with a specific wavelength, is known as “laser eye color change surgery.”Dr. Mustafa Mete, the inventor of the laser change operation, currently uses the most advanced technology in his center. Doubtedly, to change your eye colors naturally, the best method is to “change your eye colors with a laser” (Mylumineyes Method).

how to change your eye color naturally

Generally, each clinic has a different price. The quality of the laser used in the clinic, etc., changes the price of eye color change. In short, the iris color change procedure ranges in price from $3,000 to $8,000 USD. Surprisingly, this process is carried out in such places in unsafe conditions for a lower cost. Additionally, people with changed eye colors in such places have eye health problems. Most of them are calling us for help.

Risks of the procedure

  1. Iridocyclitis
  1. Glaucoma
  1. cataract
  1. permanent vision loss.
  1. Uveitis
  1. Eye inflammatory reactions
  1. Corneal damage
  1. unsuccessful result.

Eye color change surgery in the USA, Europe, Dubai, Canada, or Australia?

Unfortunately, such transactions are not currently possible in the United States. Also, such initiatives have not yet started in Australia, America, Canada, Europe, and Dubai.

before after laser eye color change

Is laser eye color changing surgery near me?

That’s great. After a few hours of flight, you can change your eye color at the nearest laser eye clinic. However, keep in mind that changing the color of your eyes is far too serious a procedure to take lightly.

Is eye color changing surgery with a laser safe?

If done with a laser and the mylumineyes technology, changing the color of your eyes is unquestionably safe.

Can you change your eye color with surgery?

In other words, apart from the laser, you can change the color of your eyes surgically.

Surgery to change the color of your eyes from brown to green?

Surely, with the “Mylumineyes laser process,” you can turn your eyes from brown to green.

Brightocular surgery

Your eye color can be changed with an implant attached to the iris called a “bright ocular.”

Is this the cause of blindness?

Unfortunately, you can be blinded by cheap, inexperienced, and fake clinics.

How much does “surgery to change the color of the eyes” cost in Turkey?

This non-surgical laser procedure is performed in our clinic in Istanbul, Turkey.Additionally, we offer cost-effective and healthy prices. Please write to us for the price of the best laser treatment in Turkey.

Where to get the procedure?

For the first time in the world, we, the inventors of this process, provide you with the highest level of service in Turkey.

What surgery changes your eye color?

Iris implants and keratopigmentation can surgically change your eye color. In these two methods, invasive procedures are applied surgically. The Mylumineyes process is done non-invasively using only a laser.

As a result, developing a logical argument such as this is not difficult. Is it more trustworthy to have a process done without touching your eye or a procedure done through contact or surgery?

It is a fact that it has been possible for a long time to achieve a “healthy eye color change, which we saw only as a dream years ago. Thanks to Dr. Mete. Dr. Mete, the first person to perform near-vision surgery with a corneal implant, appears to have done an excellent job.

Undoubtedly, the point reached in aesthetic eye operations has been a breakthrough with the Mylumineyes laser eye change procedure.

To summarize what our long-term results with Mylumineyes show us,

1-Be able to get better results in the darkest eyes.

2-It is much healthier and more reliable than classical methods.

3-Unlike no side effects have been reported in our 10-year patient follow-up.

4-to be permanent

5-Giving a natural look

6-respect for eye anatomy

7-Intraocular pressure elevation was not detected in any patient on the return visits.

8-Eye color lightening process with the first developed laser in the world

9-doesn’t cause any discomfort

10-The laser used includes the best and latest technology.

laser eye color change before after prices
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