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Can you change your eye color? But how can you change the color of your eyes in a safe and effective way? Are there any side effects?Although it is said that the eye color changes with bioknesia, diet, drops or foods that change eye color, these are utopias. In this article, we will talk about all eye color changing procedures or methods that claim to change eye color. There are four different approaches you may take to change your eye color permanently. Methods for changing eye color with surgery include keratopigmentation, iris implants, laser eye color change without surgery treatments , and colored contact lenses. What makes eye-color change procedures distinct from one another? We have explained why Lumineyes is the best option to change your eye color compared to other surgical and non-surgical methods.

how to change your eye color naturally

Though, I’ve always wondered: “Where do My Eyes Get Their Color?”

Melanin concentration is the primary determinant of eye color. Individuals with brown eyes have a gene in the anterior iris that allows pigment to accumulate in the same area, making the eye seem brown. Compared to blue eyes, brown ones are less reflective. Their color tone is darker because their bodies produce more melanin.

Blue-eyed people often have less melanin in their iris’s outermost layer. Their eyes seem blue because of how light travels into the room. That’s why your eyes only see in shades of brown and gray; the iris scatters the blues. Since a result, the iris looks blue, as blue is the color most strongly reflected. In terms of eye color, blue and green are the most uncommon. Your eyes are more likely to be photosensitive than brown eyes since they are exposed to more light. To protect their wellbeing, you must thus take precautions.

To begin, how common and risk-free is surgery to change eye color?

There are four primary methods that may be used to change your eye color, but there are also certain myths to keep in mind. We can do a side-by-side comparison of these methods right here, if you wish. All the methods mentioned have their perks and downsides. Keep in mind, however, that on almost every topic, one of these strategies will emerge as the clear winner. And there is no question that it is the best. In the first place, you’ll need a healthy body and eye structure to make a long-term change to your eye color. After all, we’re talking about a surgical procedure, and we hope the patient wakes up in perfect condition.

Surgery or without surgery, can eyes change color?

1-Surgical Iris Implantation Method 
3 Lumineyes: Laser Eye Color Change Procedure, No Surgery

Simply described, eye color change surgery is the process of changing a person’s eye color by surgical means. As a result, this is not a laser therapy but rather a series of surgical interventions. There is no cutting or stitching involved with the laser technique. Naturally, this will have a wide range of positive outcomes. For that reason, I’ve already said in the preceding phrase that laser surgery is the most effective method for altering eye color.

An Artificial iris implant procedure may change your eye color

The insertion of a silicone lens into the iris, the layer responsible for the eye’s color, is known as an iris implant. This procedure has the potential to produce a false eye color in patients. This practice, contrary to popular belief, has a long history. Repairing congenital and posttraumatic iris impairment sometimes required iris implant surgery. Although this therapy is less invasive than laser treatment, we have decided against it for the time being. It has a fake appearance, many issues, and disappointing results. In addition, the My lumineyes eye color change procedure is risky and has several negative aftereffects. So, the laser offers a more natural appearance than implant surgery does when it comes to color.

Media efforts tied to social networks and indirect support from celebrities who profit from the installation of colored iris implants for cosmetic motives are effective, although scientific research have demonstrated they are harmless. severe problems have been documented in a few of instances. Furthermore, BrightOcular boasts on his website that his operation is “quick, safe, and painless,” yet there is no evidence to back up these claims. Finally, iris implant surgery to cause a change in eye color seems to be a safe option. no!

So, how can a person who has had iris implant surgery safely eliminate this issue?

This requires prompt surgical removal of the artificial iris implant. As time goes on, eye illnesses including uveitis, horn decompression, glaucoma, etc., grow more uncomfortable. For this reason, you may always request removal of these implants by writing to us, even if you haven’t had any problems thus far. It’s important to keep in mind that the longer you wait, the more complicated the adhesion, the procedure, and the consequences. When it comes to removing iris implants, Dr. Mustafa Mete has extensive expertise.

In most cases, if you don’t wait too long, these silicone implants may be easily removed. The implant is carefully trimmed with surgical scissors via a little incision of 3.2 to 3.3 mm in length. Because of its pliability, it may be easily cut away during a micro-incision.
Recent advances in implant technology have allowed for the creation of a new class of cosmetic iris implants that are supported from behind. Because of this implant, aqueous humor flow will be facilitated and iris contact will be reduced. A number of nations have authorized the sale of the cosmetic implant. However, several cases of ocular problems caused by these implants have been recorded. Only with lumineyes laser techniques is it possible to safely change eye color permanently.

A laser device may change the color of your eyes-laser eye color change Surgery

The iris’s stroma layer, which contains a great deal of pigment, is responsible for the dark color of the eye. The Mylumineyes procedure is the first and only risk-free laser eye color change therapy in the world since it does not involve penetrating the stroma layer. Like I mentioned earlier, the goal is to lessen the overall pigmentation. The Mylumineyes system employs a special laser that works specifically on melanin cells. What this means is that its harmful effects are targeted and not felt by other cells. This proves the superiority of the mylumineyes method above any alternatives. As a result, we use a process called mylumineyes to alter the color of the patient’s eyes. When it comes to pigments, the “8G My lumineyes” Laser is selective. In addition, it is safe for use on organic tissue.

Everyone’s sense of security will therefore shift. Besides Dr. Mustafa Mete’s lack of expertise, everything is fine. By emitting light at a certain wavelength, “Lumineyes” alters the stromal pigmentation of the iris. Safe laser eye color change is possible for those who meet the criteria. “Laser eye color change surgery” is a procedure that uses a laser with a certain wavelength. Basically, Dr. Mustafa Mete who came up with the laser change Surgery, is using the latest technology in his center right now. Doubtedly, to change your eye colors naturally, the best method is to “change your eye colors with a laser” (Mylumineyes Method).

The procedure of changing eye color by Lumineyes does not need any kind of surgery or direct touch with the eyes.

The doctor with little training in surgical procedures on the eye should attempt this method. Mylumineyes is the safest and most reliable laser treatment for altering eye color. There is no such thing as visual pollution from nature. It won’t change the quantity or form of your corneas in any way. The glance is softer and more attractive with light eyes. One of the most common desires is to change one’s eyes a vibrant blue or green.

One may safely change their eye color with the use of a specialized laser. In our clinic, we do a thorough eye exam and further tests before making this determination. Before we tried to use it for changing people’s eye colors for cosmetic purposes, we developed a therapy for those with heterochromia. For a successful eye color change, it is essential that the patient’s vision and eye health be unaffected in any way. To improve one’s appearance, the “laser eye color change” operation is now often utilized. Aside from a few unfavorable circumstances, this process makes it possible for almost anybody to change their eye color. Furthermore, since eye color changes in Turkey, we will do all we can to help you.

If all shades of blue, green, hazel, and lighter colors are used, the success rate rises to 99.9 percent.

You may find more examples and evaluations on this page. Our success percentage is 99.9% even in the most difficult situations. As long as you follow our guidelines and procedures, you may be certain that we will provide excellent results. The release of “Mylumineyes Xtra” has made this product available to those with dark brown eyes. MY Since its inception some 13 years ago, the Lumineyes method has consistently shown its superior efficacy.

It is medically feasible to surgically alter the color of one’s eyes in Turkey. Eye color change should only be done when it is safe to do so and beneficial results may be achieved. The 10-day regimen that we’ve been using for years has caught on like wildfire. And now, in as little as 5–7 days, we may see a more beneficial and quicker outcome. Of sure, there will be exceptions. Changing one’s eye color permanently is, without a question, a major surgical surgery.

We are taking this matter seriously. It’s also noteworthy that anybody, with or without prior understanding of the technique, may make educated guesses. The extreme security of Mylumineyes is something we feel must be emphasized. In the shortest amount of time and with the least amount of discomfort, you may change the natural hue of your eyes. Not everything can be explained by a rapid change in eye color. Nonetheless, it is very remarkable that textures are maintained despite the rapid shifts in eye color.

Keratopigmentation, can eyes change color?

The term “corneal tattoo” is often used to describe keratopigmentation. To sum up, getting an iris implant might cause your eye color to change. Laser treatment is, without a doubt, the most efficient and risk-free option. Without invasive surgery, the laser may change your eye color. What would it take to alter your eye color, and how much would it cost? Changing your eye color might cost you just as much. Keratopigmentation, also known as corneal tattooing, has gained popularity in the recent decade. It’s a makeover that may change the impression of colored contacts or a different eye color. It’s important to remember that this won’t change your eyes’ pigmentation. However, a fake look may be achieved by injecting a foreign material.

The good news is that further keratopigmentation laser surgery may reverse the damage if it becomes required (sometimes)

There are two phases to the kerato pigmentation procedure. As a first step, a femtosecond laser will be used to cut the cornea. Second, by doing so, a tube is made for injecting dye. The end effect is something that seems fake, like wearing contact lenses but with more structure. Keratopigmentation has been used to help people regain sight in their eyes after experiencing blindness or eye injuries. This operation can’t be undone, unfortunately.

Since the cornea cannot be cleaned of this substance entirely. In other words, this procedure to change eye color cannot be undone, despite widespread belief to the contrary. Astigmatism, brought on by the operation, reduces vision quality. Kerato Pigmentation, in contrast to the laser procedure, is associated with a high rate of adverse events and patient unhappiness.

It’s surprising to learn that it involves surgery. Furthermore, the end effect of corneal tattooing is artificial. The outcomes, however, are artificial. Even more so, astigmatism may be brought on by laser keratopigmentation eye color change surgery. Damage to the cornea is a potential risk of eye color change operations using corneal tattooing. It’s possible to have an infection after surgery. Surgery involving the corneal flap is occasionally complicated by this. Corneal tattoo eye color change operation carries the risk of exacerbated vision loss.

Problems Associated with Operations to change Eye Color

It’s important to get expert help if you want to change your eye color since there are risks involved. Even though it is less risky than eye surgery, a great deal of expertise is still necessary. Performing a thorough evaluation before using a laser is crucial. Your ophthalmologist should do a thorough examination of your eyes. The laser’s capabilities and degree of selectivity are crucial. Our medical laser is the most cutting-edge model available. We have extensive clinical expertise with this procedure, which we pioneered. Complications from laser therapy by unqualified personnel include:

  1. Iridocyclitis
  2. Damage to the eye’s visual system due to glaucoma, cataracts, or other causes are permanent.
  3. Uveitis is an eye irritation.
  4. damaged cornea

Can eyes change color Naturally?

Actually, no. Like hair and skin color, eye color is a genetic trait. Altering the genetic coding or the structure of cells is necessary for long-lasting change to occur without resorting to surgery. The iris is a colored muscle ring that frames the pupil. Iris color is established by the concentration of melanin inside the iris. The pigmentation of your eyes is controlled by three different genes. Researchers have uncovered the genetic basis behind eye color variation. How individuals come up with less common colors like hazel and gray is still a mystery. It is the iris that is responsible for seeing colors.

This muscle, which can both lengthen and shorten, controls how large or small the pupil becomes. Pupils widen in low light and narrow in bright conditions. It also adapts to your activity, shrinking when you need it closest to you, like while reading. When the pupil dilates or constricts, the iris’ pigments either condense or spread out. The effect on eye color is subtle yet noticeable. Some emotions cause a reduction in pupil size, which in turn alters the iris’s ability to diffuse its color and the color of the eye itself.

Don’t try to deceive yourself into thinking that eating certain foods or using certain eye treatments can change your eye color.

In essence, there are three ways to change your eye color. Depending on the technology available, there are a few different methods to change your eye color. You may do this in one of three basic ways. Iris implantation, ablative laser treatment, and keratopigmentation. It’s intended to achieve a change from brown eyes to blue, gray, or green ones. There seems to be color in the eyes. There are various “Laser Color Change Surgery” out there, but this one gives your eyes a more natural appearance. All three methods may permanently alter eye color, but only the laser change is safe and non-invasive. Those with vivid eye colors tend to be more certain of their own merits.

Does Eye Color change Occur Due To Diet?

Do not try home cures, such as placing a drop of honey in your eye every day, since it has been widely reported that this would help. If you accept this urban legend, you could unknowingly expose your eye to the microorganisms in honey, putting yourself at risk of very serious infections.

Do people with different eye colors put themselves at greater danger?

Without the protective melanin pigment, those with colored eyes (such as hazel or green) are more vulnerable to the sun’s harmful UV radiation. Light-colored eyes, such as grey or blue, are more susceptible to harm. If you’re not wearing sunglasses, UV radiation from the sun may damage your eyes. Gray eyes, green eyes, and hazel eyes are among the rarest of all eye colors, making those with them highly sought after. But you should know that the coloreye is the product of a mutation. However, it has no negative impact on eye health.

Eye color change surgery in the USA, Europe, Dubai, Canada, or Australia?

There is not yet a clinic for changing your eye color in the United States. However, we are seeking a California clinic as soon as possible. Also, such initiatives have not yet started in Australia, America, Canada, Europe, and Dubai.

can you change your eyes color

Is Eye color change laser surgery near me?

That’s great. After a few hours of flight, you can change your eye color at the nearest laser eye clinic. Isn’t it worth the flight for a few hours for an event that can change your life completely? Istanbul is a few hours’ flight away and this city offers you many possibilities. First of all, the eye color change clinic in Istanbul promises you a safe and natural eye color change.

Is eye color changing surgery with a laser safe?

Changing the color of your eyes is completely safe if you use a laser and the mylumineyes method.

Can You Change Your Eye Color with surgery?

In other words, apart from the laser, you can change the color of your eyes surgically. As I mentioned before, there are many negative health aspects of changing your eye color surgically compared to laser. Kerato Pigmentation and iris implant methods can change the eye color surgically. While the results of both methods are artificial, the results are 100% natural in the laser method.

Surgery to change the color of your eyes from brown to green?

Surely, with the “Mylumineyes laser process,” you can turn your eyes from brown to green.

Brightocular surgery

“bright ocular” is a kind of lens which use for changing eye color by a surgery.

Is eye color change procedure can cause of blindness?

Undoubtedly, this depends on which doctor does it and under what conditions. A real doctor with 13 years of experience and a dubious clinic that emerged 6 months ago cannot provide the same trust.

How much does “surgery to change the color of the eyescost in Turkey?

Generally, each clinic has a different price. The quality of the laser used in the clinic, etc., changes the price of eye color change. In short, the iris color change procedure ranges in price from $3,000 to $8,000 USD. Sadly, many websites have sprung up on the internet and they are deceiving people with low price offers. Additionally, people with changed eye colors in such unautherized places have eye health problems. These websites have the characteristics of earning commissions and directing visitors.

Laser eye color change costs start from 3500 euro in our clinic. Definitely, we offer the most affordable prices in terms of cost performance. Please write to us for the price of the best laser treatment in Turkey.

Where to get the procedure?

For the first time in the world, we, the inventors of this process, provide you with the highest level of service in Turkey.

What surgery changes your eye color?

Iris implants and keratopigmentation can surgically change your eye color. In summary, while these two methods provide eye color change, which is one of the surgical conditions, Luminiyes does not include surgery. The Mylumineyes procedure changes your eye color in a healthy and risk-free way using only a laser.

As a result, developing a logical argument such as this is not difficult. Is it more trustworthy to have a process done without touching your eye or a procedure done through contact or surgery?

It is a fact that it has been possible for a long time to achieve a “healthy eye color change, which we saw only as a dream years ago. Thanks to Dr. Mete. Dr. Mete, the first person to perform near-vision surgery with a corneal implant, appears to have done an excellent job.

Undoubtedly, the point reached in aesthetic eye operations has been a breakthrough with the Mylumineyes laser eye change procedure.

How can you start to change your eye color?

Is it possible to change the color of your eyes through surgery? It is a fact that Lumineyes is a method that has no alternative yet to change eye color. Unquestionably, changing eye color using Lumineyes requires a great deal of experience. Even an ophthalmologist with limited experience in eye surgery cannot perform this procedure. hasn’t looked into this issue in decades Finally, you can easily change your eye color to blue-green.

To summarize what our long-term results with Mylumineyes show us,

1-Be able to get better results in the darkest eyes.

2-It is much healthier and more reliable than classical methods.

3-amazingly we have not experienced any serious side effects in over 13 years.


5-Giving a natural look

6-respect for eye anatomy

7-Does not cause glaucoma even in the long term

8-Eye color lightening process with the first developed laser in the world

9-doesn’t cause any discomfort

10-The laser used includes the best and latest technology.

How Can You Change Your Eye Color?

Is it possible to change the color of your eyes surgically?

Surgery is available in Turkey to change the color of your eyes. As previously stated, mylumineyes is not a surgical procedure.

Various Eye Color Change Surgical Procedures to Meet Your Specific Requirements

We can say these in the form of surgeries with previously known artificial color changes and natural eye color changes using laser. Finally, you can use a laser to change the color of your eyes for best natural results. As i told before,laser is not a surgery like these methods.

  1. Iris Implants
  2. Corneal substitutions
  3. Keratopigmentation

(The pros and cons of these methods have been explained before)

Here, we will discuss the benefits of the Lumineyes laser eye color lightening procedure.

  • Done without surgery
  • The outcome is not artificial
  • It has no effect on the structure of the eye (with the exception of Mylumineyes)
  • There are no long-term issues (with the exception of Mylumineyes)
  • It does not harm the cornea and does not promote astigmatism (Unlike kerato-pigmentation)
  • Transient side effects are treatable (with the exception of Mylumineyes)
  • It does not produce an artificial image like contact lenses
  • You Should Be Aware of the Benefits of Eye Color Change Surgery
  • The Mylumineyes laser is both efficient and safe
  • This therapy is non-invasive.
  • Anesthesia not required.
  • We haven’t had any major issues yet.
  • The Mylumineyes laser makes use of its distinct wavelength.
  • The eye is completely natural.
  • There are no process-related optical problems.
  • It is irreversible.
  • It is neither painful nor unpleasant.
  • There is no influence on corneal shape or number (astigmatism issue).
  • A light eye color softens one’s appearance.
  • It creates a pleasing appearance.
  • It is not a surgical procedure that results in blue-green eyes.

Are Color-Changing Drops Effective?

A different topic for debate is the use of eye drops to produce a blue hue. This approach is useless and dangerous in our opinion.

What are the benefits of changing brown eyes to blue, green, hazel, or gray?

Everyone wants blue eyes. This is the ultimate change in aesthetics.

How to Choose the Best Specialist for Your Eye Color Surgery Is Required

  1. A search on the Internet for your doctor’s medical history
  2. Identify the hospitals where he works.
  3. Is there any generic research on ophthalmology?
  4. Is he performing any other procedures?
  5. If the problem does occur, do they have the skills to fix it?
  6. Has anyone seen him? (Examine media files)
  7. Does the website from which you get information offer or accept commissions? Is it the doctor’s website?
  8. How much trust does the physician’s medical history inspire?

Choosing the right doctor is critical. What could be more important than your eyes? You should protect your eyes from harm.

Here is a guide to selecting the best doctor: Everything You Should Know Before Purchasing

Mylumineyes is the most effective-safe way for changing your eye color until we find a better way. You can use the Mylumineyes eye color change laser surgery to lighten your brown or dark eyes to blue, green, gray, hazel, or other lighter colors. It ensures a dependable and secure application. The mylumineyes laser type is distinct due to its customized mapping and parameter modifications.

How Do You Permanently Change Your Eye Color?

To summarize, we can make your eye color permanently colored using a state-of-the-art laser. A variety of websites offer varying prices for permanent eye color change. Before deciding to change the color of your eyes, you should research the risks of the procedure as well as the best surgeons. Be aware of recent establishments.

This iris friendly laser can easily change your eye color from brown to blue or green. Of course, not only the laser but also Dr.Mete’s unique method will play a role here. The procedure for changing the color of one’s eyes does not involve surgery or physical contact with the eyes. Thus, we have the opportunity to change the color of your eyes without causing any permanent trauma to your eyes. Mylumineyes is the most effective and safest laser procedure for changing the color of one’s eyes. It has no effect on the curvature of your cornea or your number. A light eye color softens your appearance and increases your overall attractiveness. Surely, one of the most common desires is to have blue-green eyes. And now it is in your hands.