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Black eye color

Black eye color in people Have you ever seen someone with eyes that seem black as night? Despite the fact that they seem black owing to an excess of melanin, they are really merely a very dark brown. While staring

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Surgery for eye color change

Surgery for eye color change There seem to be various surgical options for changing the color of the eyes. To change the color of the eye, there are two procedures that can only be performed through surgery. The first is

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Laser eye surgery risks and laser types

Laser eye surgery risks and laser types Are laser treatments on the eyes and human body safe? Medical lasers have been extensively used in the treatment of several medical conditions. Although it may seem implausible, it is possible to get

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Laser Surgery for Changing Eye Color

Laser Surgery for Changing Eye Color Dr. Mustafa Mete’s “Lumineyes Laser Surgery for Changing Eye Color” is creating quite a stir in the cosmetics industry! Colored contact lenses have been a popular way to temporarily change eye color for quite

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Thyroid eye disease and treatment guide

Thyroid eye disease and treatment guide Thyroid eye disease is an autoimmune disease characterized by inflammation of the eye muscles and fatty tissue behind the eye. What are the thyroid eye disease symptoms? This inflammation may cause the eyes and

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Watery eyes,Blocked tear duct and Laser

Watery eyes,blocked tear duct and Laser What is the meaning of “tear duct blockage or clogged tear duct”? Tears function to moisten our eyes, provide the required lubrication, and remove foreign particles from the eye. The tear duct leads to

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Is Eye Color Change Surgery Safe?

At Lumineyes Laser, we understand that changing your eye color is a significant decision and safety is a primary concern. We assure you that our laser eye color change surgery is safe, reliable, and produces long-lasting results. Our skilled surgeons use the latest Laser-based technology and follow strict safety protocols to ensure minimal risk to patients.