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Why do eyes change color?

Why do eyes change color? We will talk about do eyes change color and why? How real and safe is surgery to change eye color? Basically, there are four main techniques to change your eye colour; in addition to these,

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Violet Eyes or Violet Eye Color

Violet eyes or violet eye color Violet Eye color-Purple eyes are mystical, gorgeous, and entrancing. Although uncommon, purple or violet irises can occur naturally due to a mutation, inflammation within the eye, or albinism. Lack of melanin, not a specific

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eye color change reviews

Eye color change reviews Review of a patient who had Lumineyes laser eye color change procedure Here are some real patient comments from laser color change surgery .We offer you something simple and unassembled. This is a WhatsApp conversation. After

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Iris Implant Surgery-Artificial iris implants

Iris Implant Surgery-Artificial iris implants Definitely, this artificial iris implant surgery, which is much more risky than laser, will cause big problems. The iris layer is responsible for eye color. If we want to briefly describe this surgery, it is

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Before After Laser Eye Color Change Surgery and How works ?

Before After Laser Eye Color Change Surgery-How Does Your Eye Color Change? Changing Eye color can be done in different ways. Laser Eye color change is with cost effective price advantageous Among these methods, only the process of changing eye color

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Change your eye color permanently

Change your eye color permanently The Mylumineyes laser selectively targets the melanin pigments in the iris! A chemical process occurs in mylumineyes laser energy-absorbing melanin cells. Following this biological and chemical response, the body’s defensive system goes into action. The

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Is Eye Color Change Surgery Safe?

At Lumineyes Laser, we understand that changing your eye color is a significant decision and safety is a primary concern. We assure you that our laser eye color change surgery is safe, reliable, and produces long-lasting results. Our skilled surgeons use the latest Laser-based technology and follow strict safety protocols to ensure minimal risk to patients.