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Op.Dr.Mustafa Mete-Eye color change surgery by lumineyes laser

Dr. Mustafa Mete is the first physician in the world to change your eye color with a safe and healthy laser. With the Lumineyes method, it has successfully provided service for natural and effective eye color change. Change your eye color with confidence. Everyone thinks that changing eye color is inconvenient and risky. Can Your Eyes Change Color Safely and Naturally? Of course, your eye color may change, but the lumineyes laser method is necessary for it to be healthy. We spent 10 years developing the Lumineyes method. After all, research and studies yielded results in 2010. In addition, we use laser eye color change surgery not only for heterochromia but also cosmetically. Finally, we offered you the ” best eye color change process. “

On top of that, we often see the question on the Internet: Can your eyes change color? Of course, there are several ways to do this, and we have the ability to implement each method. It is a fact that the healthiest of these methods is natural eye color change, and the most effective is definitely Mylumineyes eye color change surgery. As I noted above, lumineyes offers you a great opportunity to change your eye color safely and healthily. Still, Dr.Mete continue to improve Lumineyes for best results.

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Naturally, can you change your eyes color?

The great thing is that we have been successful with the laser eye color change process, and many people’s dreams have come true. Before, we thought we could answer the following questions: It was very important for your health and natural appearance to achieve this with a laser instead of eye color change surgery. First, your eye color stays natural. Second, your eye health is protected. Third, the risk of complications is almost nonexistent. Of course, we can only achieve these with ” lumineyes laser eye color change surgery.” In summary, can you change your eyes color? Can the color of your eyes change? There is a clear answer to the question, which is “Mylumineyes laser eye color change surgery.”

How to change eyes color ?

I would like to briefly tell you about the procedure. In this procedure, we only use lasers without touching your eyes or performing surgery. Additionally this laser has a special wavelength and includes the most advanced technology. We use a separate treatment program for almost everyone. Basically this gives you safety and effectiveness. Safety is a priority for me. I can’t compromise on this.

Another key point is that I can say we achieved a very high rate of success at the end of a harmonious process.

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Is that really Possible for Your Eyes to Change Color?

Surely, changing your eye color is not hard. 

Contrarily, research and work for 15 years yielded results in 2010. Moreover, we use laser eye color change not only for heterochromia but also as a cosmetic. More than that, we frequently see the question on the Internet: Can your eyes change? Well, can you change your eye color? Of course, there are several ways to do this, and we have the ability to apply every method. Furthermore, it is a fact that the healthiest of these methods is natural eye color change, and the most effective one is definitely Mylumineyes.

It is not an procedure like keratopigmentation or iris implant surgery. In short, while these two methods require surgical intervention, this is not the case with the Mylumineyes laser procedure. Do you think that colored contact lenses provide a natural look? Likewise, these two methods are far from giving you what you want. For a ” best eye color changing ” experience, we are very close to you.

Education-Dr.Mustafa Mete

Academic professors I work with

Prof.Dr.Ömer Faruk Yılmaz ,Prof.Dr.Ziya Kapran and Prof.Dr.Vedat Kaya

some of my firsts in world

designer and founder  of first health research site in Turkey ,first medical patient guide website in world
winner of TUS ( National Turkish Medical Speciality Exam) with ”Turkey Degree”
first eye health tourism organisation in Turkey
Performing the world’s first near vision surgeries with corneal implants.
inventor of the world’s first eye color changing operations and laser applications
researcher of new eye surgery and laser techniques in ophthalmology
In opthalmology, he is the creator of innovative eye surgery and laser procedures.
consultant eye surgeon in europe and some countries in world.

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Istanbul-Turkey 2002-2007

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