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Dr. Mustafa Mete is the first physician in the world to change your eye color with a safe and healthy laser. With the Lumineyes method, it has successfully provided service for natural and effective eye color change. Change your eye color with confidence. Everyone thinks that changing eye color is inconvenient and risky. Can Your Eyes Change Color Safely and Naturally? Of course, your eye color may change, but the “Lumineyes” laser method is necessary for it to be healthy! We spent 10 years developing the Lumineyes method. After all, research and studies yielded results in 2010. In addition, we use laser eye color change surgery not only for heterochromia but also cosmetically. Finally, we offered you the ” best eye color change surgery. “

He worked with Prof.Dr.Ömer Faruk Yılmaz ,Prof.Dr.Ziya Kapran,Prof.Dr.Sükrü Bayraktar and Prof.Dr.Vedat Kaya in Beyoglu Eye Research and Education Hospital.

Some of Dr.Mete’s firsts in world

  • designer and founder  of first health research site in Turkey ,first medical patient guide website in world
  • winner of TUS ( National Turkish Medical Speciality Exam) with ”Turkey Degree”
  • first eye health tourism organisation in Turkey
  • Performing the world’s first near vision surgeries with corneal implants.
  • inventor of the world’s first eye color changing operations and laser applications
  • researcher of new eye surgery and laser techniques in ophthalmology
  • In opthalmology, he is the creator of innovative eye surgery and laser procedures.
  • consultant eye surgeon in europe and some countries in world.
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Surgeon Dr. Mustafa Mete Ophthalmologist, MD

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Who doesn’t want to look at life with colorful eyes? Lumineyes is the only brand and clinic in the world that makes this possible. We perfect your eye color.

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