Eye Color Change Surgery-Permanent Laser Lumineyes

“Laser Eye Color Change Surgery” can permanently change your eye color from brown to blue-green-hazel-gray. Surprisingly, this laser treatment causes a natural physiological and biological change in the iris’ melanin pigments. Basically, this laser only targets the melanin pigment tissues and protects the other tissues of the eye. Thus, your eye color begins to change permanently and safely. Moreover, this treatment, called “Lumineyes,” works at a special wavelength and does not harm the vital areas of your eyes. “Lumineyes” is not a surgery but a non-invasive and effective treatment method. In short, the “non-surgical My Lumineyes permanent eye color change” procedure effectively enables you to have colored eyes by activating the body’s natural immune mechanisms.

Improved versions of the Lumineyes treatment, “Mylumineyes” and “Mylumineyes Xtra,” have eliminated almost all the risks that may develop during and after eye color change surgery. Thanks to these two methods, eye color change surgery has now been made both effective and safe. We often hear, “Can eye color change?” The answer to the question is now clear: yes, it can definitely change and, moreover, completely naturally. After Lumineyes treatment, there is no change in eye anatomy or refractive values. In addition to these, as a result of many years of experience and observations, contrary to prejudices, “intraocular pressure” decreases in the long term instead of increasing. Thus, it has been proven that “Lumineyes treatment” certainly does not pose a risk of causing glaucoma.

eye color change surgery with laser Turkey permanent
Eye color change surgery by Laser before and after

Can your eyes change color safely by Surgery?

Absolutely yes. Let’s Talk Briefly About Them: First and safest is “permanent eye color change surgery with My lumineyes” by 8G laser. Secondly, through surgery with a method called “keratopigmentation or corneal tattooing.” Third, you can change the color of your eyes with iris implant surgery. Fourth, there’s the ineffective but now popular “eye color changing drops” method. Obviously, among these methods, the “laser method” is the best in terms of both effectiveness and safety. The laser does not require any surgical procedures to achieve “permanent eye color change.” Moreover, it is undeniable that the only method that gives natural results is “Mylumineyes.”

After “laser eye color change surgery” was started by Dr.Mete in Turkey, similar application trials started in various parts of the world. But none of them can take the place of the original. We would like to remind you that the only treatment method in the world for complete, sectoral, or central heterochromia is laser.

Can you change your eye color naturally?

Surprisingly, a laser can change your eye color naturally by eleminating iris pigmentation. This new laser is called the Lumineyes-Mylumineyes 8G laser. It is the most advanced laser type in the world for changing eye color. A laser can turn your brown eyes blue-green eyes or hazel eye color in time. Basically, we say that you can change your eye color with 3 different methods. These methods are laser, kerato-pigmentation, and iris implant surgery. When we compare the advantages and disadvantages of these 3 different methods, the “laser eye color change” process stands out clearly. This method, called “Lumineyes”, is the only application that allows you to change the color of your eyes naturally and safely. Moreover, no surgical procedure is applied.

Finally, Dr. Mete, who is the inventor of the “laser eye color change-Lumineyes,” says that the new “Mylumineyes Xtra” is more effective than the previous version. With the new “Mylumineyes Xtra,” you can change the color of your eyes quickly and easily. Another thing that makes it special is that it works very well on dark eyes that have never worked before.


How to change eye color with laser?

Basically, how can you change your eye color naturally? There is only one correct answer: the Mylumineyes laser eye color change surgery.It is by far safer, faster, and more effective than any other method. Can eyes change color? Certainly, you can change your eye color naturally with Mylumineyes. Moreover, we do not harm your eyes during the laser procedure, and you will not feel any pain. After the procedure, which takes about 2 minutes, you can resume your daily life normally. The average duration of this treatment is 5 to 7 days. While there is no preparation before the laser, you will need to use your medications afterwards. In light brown eyes (which is the most common eye color in world), the lightening of the iris color will be evident in a short time, while it will take longer in dark brown eyes.

How to change your eye color naturally with food at home?

Surprisingly, it is claimed that some foods can change eye color. Minerals such as zinc and magnesium have a high effect on this. There are those who believe that ginger, which has numerous benefits, can change the color of their eyes when consumed regularly. In short, changing eye color with food seems like just a fairy tale.

Melanin density is greatly reduced when laser treatment is used for “Iris Stroma Eye Color Change.”

The greatest option right now is to lighten the iris stroma surface using the “MyLumineyes permanent eye color change procedure.”

Eye Color Change Surgery Clinic Near You

There are numerous methods for changing the color of your eyes. The most common are laser eye color change surgery, kerato pigmentation, and eye implant surgical procedure (brightocular). Among them, only changing the color of the eyes with a laser creates a natural appearance. You can achieve very rare colors that no one else has by using the “Mylumineyes eye color change laser method.” And the color is entirely natural. We strongly advise Turkey for Nearby Eye Color Change Surgery Clinic. In the United States, we do not offer eye color change. Similarly, eye color change is not yet available in Canada. As a result, we will continue to offer you eye color change surgery in Turkey.

For “can your eye change color naturally” FAQ follow here.

Can Latisse eye drops extend my lashes or change the color of your eyes?

In fact, Prostaglandin compounds “Latisse” in eye drops can cause pigment cells in the iris to produce higher pigmentation. Because of the high concentration of iris pigments, people with light-colored eyes, like blue eye color or green eyes , may notice that their eyes darken. Shortly, These drops have opposite effect to eye colors.

Permanent Eye Color Change Surgery Costs in Turkey

“What about permanent eye color change costs? When the costs of these three methods are compared, the cost of changing eye color is nearly equivalent. Basically, depending on the license of the clinic and the experience of the doctor, they cost about 3500–7500 euros. You can check this website for permanent eye color change costs and prices in our trusted clinic in Istanbul, Turkey. Can eyes change color effectively at a cost? Surely, Mylumineyes laser eye color change will justify the costs. 

Moreover, the “8G Mylumineyes laser” we use during this procedure is the best for iris eye lightening. It does not harm other tissues. The great thing is that this unique laser we use does not affect any tissue other than the melanin cells in the iris. I think you have probably noticed how important this is. However, it is not possible to say the same for keratopigmentation or iris implant surgery-Brightocular.

We started the first “Laser eye color change surgery” processes in the world 13 years ago.

During this time, we undoubtedly improved and perfected the “Lumineyes” method. The laser systems used with “lumineyes” focus on melanin cells in particular. It is extremely gentle on the eye’s vital areas. During laser shots, the cells in the iris layer that are important for color are not targeted. As I noted previously, this technology is one-of-a-kind and the result of years of research. For example, with “Mylumineyes Xtra,” the most recent version of the Lumineyes laser technique, the best eye color changing results are obtained in significantly less time.

Before beginning the Lumineyes procedure, we conduct a thorough eye examination on all patients. The “eye color changing procedure” necessitates meticulous patient selection. At this point, we are considering a number of criteria. It is critical to select a different treatment method for each patient based on the criteria. That’s why “MYlumineyes” includes a custom mapping application for each person. With personalized mapping, we get healthy results and, at the same time, the most attractive eye color.

Dr. Mete, without a doubt, does not tend to support these surgical methods due to the high risks and unsatisfactory results.

Now with “Mylumineyes Xtra“, it is now available for dark brown eyes.

Above all, permanent eye color change surgery costs vary according to the quality of the clinic and doctor. Despite everything, we can say that we offer the cheapest rates for the quality and safe service we provide.

“Mylumineyes Xtra” is a method with a fast response in 5-7 days for especially unsuccessful and unsatisfactory results.

In fact, another issue that changes the cost is the degree of darkness of your natural eye color before the laser and the conditions that create additional difficulties. As a result, the “Mylumineyes laser” is the only safe way to change the color of your eyes. Accordingly, we have given the answer to the question of how you can change your eye color safely. The primary goal of laser treatment is to thin the layer of the iris that contains melanin pigments. Basically, the new “Mylumineyes Xtra” can change the color of eyes, even dark browns, effectively and safely.

Can eye color changing drops really function properly?

How does a drop affect the color of your eyes naturally? Unfortunately, none of this appears to be true. We would like to discuss “permanent eye color changing drops” because they are also popular these days. Are color-changing eye drops a utopian fantasy or do they actually change the color of your eyes? In summary, we would like to point out that these drops can not change the color of the eyes. On the contrary, they can cause significant problems or risks in the eye. The dangers of these permanent eye color changing drops were markedly demonstrated previously on our website. Check please.


Laser eye color change surgery FAQ

There are basically 3 different ways to change eye color

Briefly, you can change your eye color and this can be perform in a variety of ways depending on the applied technology. Essentially, three techniques exist for doing this. Iris implant, laser treatment, and keratopigmentation. The objective is to transform brown eyes( most common eye color) into green-blue-gray(rarest eye color) or other hues. The eyes seem to have color. While this “Laser  Color Changing Procedure” offers your eyes a natural appearance, others sadly give an artificial appearance. In any case, while all three methods cause permanent eye color change, only laser produces natural and healthy results. People with colored eyes have better self-confidence. Contrary to popular belief, when you changed your eye color, it does not mean a change will occur in your babies.

On this page, we’ll go over the pros and cons of each strategy.

In Turkey, laser eye color change is a common operation. The reason why we only prefer laser among eye color changing methods in Turkey is that it is indisputably superior in every aspect. Especially, none of the other methods are any safer or more natural. In order to learn “how to change eye color,” you should do a lot of research. First, we can say that the 8G laser we use is indisputably the best laser in the world. In addition, we should definitely point out that the My Lumineyes method is also a unique method. So how can you safely change your eye color? The solution is simple: fifteen years of expertise and the center that designed it. At the same time, you will get knowledge about keratopigmentation, iris implants, colored contact lenses, and eye color-changing drops.

How to Find a Clinic or Service Near You for the Eye Color Change Laser Procedure?

We recommend Turkey for Eye Color Change Nearby Clinic. You can search to find the nearest eye color change center, but believe us, even long distances are worth it. At the same time, Istanbul is the most interesting and beautiful city in the world, where you can change your eye color and have a very pleasant holiday at the same time. As has been noted,our eye color change in Canada or the US offices will be open once the necessary permits are obtained.

How to find an ophthalmologist or doctor for an eye color change laser procedure?

Please be selective when researching eye color change. Stay away from untrustworthy centers and doctors. Research the doctor who has had no medical history in the past. Unfortunately, we cannot recommend a doctor for eye color change in USA or Canada yet.

Should You Consider an Eye Color Change laser Procedure in US?

Yes, why not, if you have found a place that applies this method in a healthy and safe way by adding its experience? Certainly,we have the right conditions to change your eye color in a safe and healthy way.

Surgery to change eye color in Turkey

The laser first activates the brown or dark-pigmented cells in the iris before destroying the dark pigmented layer. It shields the second layer, which produces the hue green-blue-hazel-gray. Basically, it’s “a successful Lumineyes.” Firstly, we started our business by eliminating the side effects that can occur with the Lumineyes method. And you can be sure that we have achieved very high success. The “Mylumineyes” laser eye color changing method, which is the gold standard in the process of changing eye color, employs a laser to lower the amount of melanin in the iris and change the color of the eye. Without a doubt, our laser detects the iris, and the laser cannot function without seeing the melanin cell. As a result this will give us both safety and efficiency.

The pigment in the frontal iris determines the color of the eye. Any color, including iris, consists of three components: color, intensity, and valuation. Colour is a mixture of fundamental colors , intensity is the color’s contrast with white on the color range, and valuation is the colour’s luminosity or light reflection.

Dr. Mete developed the Lumineyes Xtra procedure, which employs a laser to remove dark environments pigmentation that gives brown eyes their color.

This laser shots creates a biological reaction in iris and provacate macrophages activity to clean deead cells. MYLumineyes  requires no stay in hospital and takes five minutes daily. Additionally, there was no discomfort during the surgical procedure. The quantity of eye laser sessions required will vary according to your eye color and preferred color. Laser eye color surgery is still undergoing research studies, but in principle, a low-energy laser would be used to eradicate the dark brown eye colors, resulting in green,grey,hazel or blue eye colors. Lumineyes Laser can change the appearance of your eye color while giving most attractive eye colors that is appealing.

The laser treatment initiates a photothermolysis reaction that activates the front iris area in MYLumineyes. The colored material is removed via the capillaries as a consequence of immune and macrophage reactivity to the the therapy, disclosing the deeper grey stromal tissues of the iris. Laser eye color change is permanent, but due to the superior technology of Lumineyes Xtra, if you are dissatisfied with the color of your eyes or there is insufficient change in eye color, you have the option to repeat the procedure until you achieve the desired, attractive eye color.

If laser treatment is administered by incompetent personnel and is incompatible with the Lumineyes procedure, these risks tend to be extremely high

Vision loss or blindness, corneal trauma that cause problems with vision, and cataracts are among the risks. The potential hazards of permanent blindness and reduced vision outweigh the aesthetic benefits of eye color change by a wide margin.

The Lumineyes procedure employs a low-intensity laser on the the iris for less than one microsecond to eliminate the stroma, or light-absorbing fibers in the iris. After a stratum has been wiped out, the body will eliminate it naturally. 

As a result, the following new features have made the “Lumineyes method” perfect:
  1. The unique characteristics of the Fluency technique type
  2. selectivity
  3. diagramming
  4. variability
  5. individuality
  6. short-term memory
  7. reliability
  8. wavelength
  9. Tissue-friendly

Another important element is that “Mylumineyes” generates unique programs for each patient while adhering to safety rules.

Doubtedly, you can change your eye color naturally

Unquestionably, you can change your eyes color safely with a unique laser. After a thorough inspection of the eyes and further testing at our clinic, we make this decision. Aesthetic eye color change utilizes a therapy procedure that we first developed for individuals with heterochromia. The key to a successful eye color change is to do it without endangering the patient’s vision or eye health. Currently, “laser eye color change Turkey” process commonly employed to change eye color for cosmetic purposes. Except for certain undesirable scenarios, practically everyone can change their eye color using this procedure. Moreover, as eye color change in Turkey, we will provide you all forms of assistance during the therapy.

My eye color is blue-green. How can I change my eye color?

Absolutely,  This is possible to change a colored eye into a lighter or other colour. We have a great deal of expertise working with eyes of this particular kind. We were able to change the eye color such that it was blue-gray instead of green, lighter blue instead of green and gray, and hazel instead of green, gray, and blue.

How Would You Rate My Eye Color Grade?

For you, the mylumineyes laser eye color change Turkey center devised an eye color grading system. When arranging an appointment and seeking information, please give us with your eye color grade. Grading is extremely crucial for us in changing eye color with a laser.

1. Grade: It is a lighter shade, very near to hazel eyes.

2.Grade: Relatively light brown eyes.

3.Grade: medium brown eyes

4.Grade: Eyes of Dark Brown

5.grade: extremely dark brown, almost to black eyes.

When will I be able to see the final results?

A rough estimate would be helpful.  Significantly, we are finishing up 1 treatment eye color change procedure in 5 or 7 days. Dark-eyed individuals must stay longer or divide the time. Dr. Mete will develop a treatment plan for you in order to make your life more prosperous, safe, and efficient. (usually 7-10 days.) MYLumineyes takes 5 to 7 days to complete one treatment. On average, it takes two to four sessions for the color tone to change. At the conclusion of the first month, you will notice a substantial change in eye color. Finally, your eye color will develop lighter and change in color every day.

Up to four-six months’ worth of laser efficacy can be expected to be retained.

The benefits of using Mylumineyes continue to last for 4-6 months after the initial application. As time went on, we made the decision to offer more sessions for those with dark eyes. We can obtain results in almost all of our determined patients.

Do I need to make preparations in advance?

For the Mylumineyes laser procedure, there is no requirement for any sort of preparatory work in advance. Obviously, every precaution has been taken to protect your health.

What we check in your eyes before starting laser session?

  1. Your eye characteristics.
  2. The anatomy of the iris.
  3. Pigmentation type
  4. Drainage canals.
  5. The density of the pigmentation.

Am I able to continue using my contact lenses?

Still, you are free to continue your existing practise of using coloured contact lenses. Unquestionably, long-term contact lens use has an increased risk of permanent eye damage. Mylumineyes are advantageous to general wellness. In addition, the expenses involved with eye colour change surgery are more economically viable in the long term than those associated with contact lenses. Changing the colour of one’s eyes using a laser is the healthiest alternative.

Undoubtedly, the important thing is how and with whom you change your eye color.

There is no doubt that using a laser to change your eye color in a natural way is possible. Two considerations are of the utmost importance for persons who change the color of their eyes. In a nutshell, the level of expertise possessed by the attending physician as well as the appropriateness of the laser type.

What should I concentrate on eye color changing?

Doubtedly, eye color changing operations conducted by unlicensed and incompetent centers will inevitably result in serious eye problems in the future! Eye physiology The capacity of the aqueous humor drainage channels to expel spilled pigments is limited. Too much effort or pigmentation placed on channels too quickly will result in canal failure. This will result in major eye health issues. Consequently, glaucoma, iridocyclitis, cataract, korneal injury, and iris atrophy will result from incompetently performed eye color change treatments! As shown above, Mylumineyes method does not overload the channels.

Be cautious; inexpensive and incorrect laser techniques can quickly cause irreversible eye damage.

Your eyes are far more valuable than everything else. Perform preliminary research on bogus doctors, clinics, businesses without an address, and businesses and clinics that you have never heard of. You should be aware of amateur and fraudulent clinics. Their numbers have increased during the past years. We urge that you conduct extensive research on the physician. Be wary of brokers whose websites lack a physician’s name. Additionally, investigate your physician’s medical history.

What is the age limit for eye colour change?

Lasers can change the color of people’s eyes for those who are at least 18 years old and no more than 60 years old. This procedure can not be performed for anybody under the age of 18, regardless of whether or not their family has signed a consent form.

I have a myopia-hypermetropia-astigmatism-presbyopia problem. Am I suitable for changing my eyes?

Of course, you may change your eye color. If you wish, we can also correct your other eye problems. It is a well-known fact that Dr. Mete is also a very good lasik eye surgery specialist.


Changing eye color with laser method is currently the most reliable and effective way

Basically, this laser activates the natural mechanism of the eye and offers a healthy eye color change. Moreover, the results are completely natural, not artificial. We not only invented the first laser eye color change treatment, but we also improved on it regularly. We’d like to underline that using any other copy technique than Mylumineyes puts you at risk. We realize very well that everyone’s time is valuable and moreover, many people prefer to acquire results early. Undoubtedly, you are enduring a long voyage, labor and labor loss. That’s why we designed the Mylumineyes Xtra approach for you.

We’ve cut down on wasted time and replaced it with a laser that’s more effective while also being safer to use. Within only four days, Dr. Mustafa Mete was able to turn brown eyes green without any complications using the world’s 1st 8G+ 3D laser eye change in color. It was secure and really quick. Mylumineyes’ laser technology and method is 99 percent effective.

Consequently, we began to provide both quick and dependable features.

What is the percentage of success that laser has?

Even in the eyes that present the most challenges, we have a success rate of 99.9 percent. You can have confidence that we will achieve fantastic outcomes so long as you adhere to the procedures and guidelines that we have provided.

Which laser is most effective for changing eye color?

Above all, selecting melanin pigmentation is greatly simplified with the “8G+ 3D MyLumineyes laser”. Maximum performance and eye safety are two key features of this technology. Unquestionably, the safest and healthiest way to change the color of your eyes is using the MyLumineyes® laser. MyLumineyes utilise a separate wavelength. It only chooses melanin pigmentation on the iris, leaving the rest of your eyes unaffected. Additionally, the 8G+ 3D Laser offers the best possible outcomes. Unquestionably After 15 years of research, we’ve discovered that the only method to safely change the color of your eyes is using MyLumineyes® laser eye color changing surgery.

Unsuccessful eye color change surgery

I had eye color change surgery, but I got unsuccessful results. What can I do? In fact, there is a solution, of course. After the unsuccessful eye color change procedure, many people who are looking for a laser hope to have a laser again and achieve the eye color they dream of. First of all, as we have mentioned before, your ophthalmologist’s ability, experience, and the laser device used must be suitable for this job. Despite this, there must be many suitable conditions for the eye color to change. People with dark brown eyes may need more than one therapy session to change their eye color. Undoubtedly, after the unsuccessful eye color change procedure, we achieve success with the “Mylumineyes Xtra” program that we use in our clinic.

We used a different algorithm and parameters to change the eye color in eyes with Mylumineyes Xtra. This successfully provides color change in the eyes. While more effective shots are made to the DNA structure and pigment resistance, which are responsible for the change in eye color, at the same time, the problems existing in the iris are tried to be eliminated. Iris problems that we frequently encounter arise with the use of lasers that have both high energy and flammable effects.

What can you do after unsuccessful eye color change surgery?

After an ineffective eye color change procedure, a detailed eye examination is performed in our clinic . With the “Mylumineyes Xtra” program, the factors that prevent the process from being successful are evaluated. In many cases, the process of changing your eye color with a laser, which does not produce results, is successful.
You should know that the probability of failure with “Mylumineyes Xtra” is very low. This method usually gives results after 1–4 therapy sessions. For a successful eye color change surgery, everything has been considered.

Which eye color change procedure should you choose?

In Laser eye color changing Turkey clinic, mapping and methods specific to each case are used. This gives you the chance to choose the most effective method. As a result, you can achieve the highest success rate with Mylumineyes Xtra. Moreover, even if you have done eye color change before. Everything you need for successful eye color change surgery is in Mylumineyes Xtra.

We recommend that you read our other informative articles on our site in order for the results of the eye color change surgery to be successful.

First of all, the laser color change procedure is not a surgery.

Laser beams pass through the cornea layer and create an effect on the iris. In short, it is done without any surgical procedure. In point of fact, the laser eye color change in Turkey does not involve any kind of surgery or invasive treatment. The fact that the laser doesn’t need to come into contact with your eyes is a major plus.

Lumineyes and Mylumineyes Difference

To summarize, the main distinction between the two methods is that almost all of the risks associated with the lumineyes method have been successfully managed. Mylumineyes are without peer in terms of safety and efficacy. As a result of our study into the therapy of heterochromia, we invented the laser eye color change technique.  Surprisingly, other facilities are attempting to conduct a surgery comparable to mylumineyes.

When compared to “Mylumineyes Eye Color Change Turkey,” they have many drawbacks.

Unfortunately, Lumineyes is still under research in American studies, but even they are unable to securely and properly change the hue.

  1. Technique for Using Laser Energy
  2. Experience in creating wavelength selectivity feature maps
  3. It operates without causing harm to tissues outside of the target location.
  4. It has a relatively short duration of action. As a result, it is not harmful to the eyes.

With the qualities listed above, it is evident that it is distinct from its competitors.

Laser causes changes in melanin pigments

The laser used has the most advanced safety technology. Therefore, eye color change can be done without risk. This laser recognizes the melanin pigment in the iris and acts only in areas with melanin. In addition, other tissues of the eye do not absorb the wavelength used by the laser device. As a result, damage to other tissues of the eye is prevented. When exposed to laser energy, melanin cells undergo changes. Thus, the iris color begins to lighten slowly. There is also a natural mechanism used by the 8g laser, but we prefer to keep this information confidential for now. Doctor will conduct a thorough ophthalmological examination on you.

Surprisingly, only 2 minutes of laser will be applied to both eyes. We should emphasize that there is no pain or discomfort throughout the sessions. Lumineyes provide exceptional comfort. Everyone’s number of sessions, quantity of energy, and number of shots are varied.

What is the most advanced eye color change laser method for changing the color of your eyes?

As can be seen,the 8G Lumineyes laser for “eye color change process” currently represents the latest in technology. This technology is applied according to the eye structure of the person. Considering all these, the most effective and healthy laser type is “Lumineyes 8G.”

In general, it is not possible to predict the eye color that will occur after laser treatment.

No way. This option cannot be chosen before the laser. After the treatment, the color of your eyes is uncertain and unpredictable. Dark brown, highly pigmented eyes are prone to change to gray, green, or hazel, whereas light brown eyes are likely to change to blue, gray, and green. The change in eye color also depends on the resilience of the dark pigments that are already there. Mylumineyes works by safeguarding eye health without exceeding boundaries. Surprisingly, with our most recent innovation, we have the option to pick between blue and green in certain instances. Dr. Mete continually updates and develops Mylumineyes. Additionally, we believe that if you are sincerely committed and take your therapy seriously, we will be able to assist you in reaching your dreams.

Do you feel pain? When will I be able to return to my job?

During laser-assisted eye color change, you will feel nothing but a slight prickling sensation; you will not be unpleasant. After therapy, the patient can resume normal activities. In general, there are no substantial changes in your life before and after laser eye surgery; nonetheless, you should avoid strenuous activities.

Would be eye color change permanent?

As has been noted, all changes in eye color are permanent. While keratopigmentation and laser procedures are irreversible, the permanent eye color change process in iris implant surgery can be reversible. But you should know that you should avoid iris implant surgery at all costs. Indisputably, the only natural, healthy and effective way to change eye color permanently is laser treatment. Permanent eye color change Turkey provides best results. There is no need to repeat this operation. Because of the one-of-a-kind procedure that mylumineyes uses, the eye color change is permanent.

The first thing to remember in mind is that the structure of your eye’s DNA and its many small characteristics are crucial factors in determining the outcome.

Various factors can influence the color change that happens in the eye. Basically, the DNA, eye health, pigment ratio, pigment resistance, provided response, and other factors influence the results. They all contribute in some manner to influencing the outcome. As a result, although it is feasible that four sessions will enough for certain eyes, others may require more than forty.

I got eye color changing surgery without success. Would you mind if I continued with you?

If your eye health has remained in outstanding condition and you received the therapy from an actual doctor, then the answer is yes. There is still time for you to change your eye color in Turkey so that it is proper.

What is the distinction between darkness and light brown eyes?

Because the results are subjective and can increase or decrease depending on the person’s expectations, there is no objective indicator of a good result here. The lightening of the color in the eye has almost no bounds. The time it takes to achieve results in people with light brown eyes is usually short, and the number of sessions is low. Contrarily, dark eyes will usually require longer treatment and more sessions. Except in exceptional cases, this rule is 75 percent accurate. Consequently, this means that people with dark brown eyes will need to come in for additional sessions every 4–6 months. Until they are completely satisfied with their results. In short, the most ideal candidates for permanent eye color change surgery with laser are light-medium dark brown and hazel eyes.

if you have these problem do not start eye color changing therapy

  • Diabetes mellitus (uncontrolled)
  • Patients with closed and open angular glaucoma (patients who have eye pressure)
  • Rheumatism, uveitis, and iridocyclitis
  • People who are born without an iris and have an undiagnosed systemic condition
  • Set high expectations for yourself.
  • Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) or other systemic disorders
  • Psychosocial insecurity
  • Taking drugs that cause deposits in the retina or cornea.

Those who have at least one of the aforementioned disorders are ineligible for eye color change surgery.

Is eye color changing safe in Turkey?

Unquestionably, an ophthalmologist with extensive surgical experience can administer this type of laser treatment. In addition, the center must possess extensive expertise in this field.t. Significantly, “Mylumineyes” is the most secure and successful approach for changing eye color. Long-term findings have demonstrated that the MYLumineyes® procedure is quite safe. Mylumineyes is at least as secure as Lasik. However, this is not true of other approaches.

What Are the side effects of Laser Eye Color Change Surgery?

As i have said, these side effects only occur in unknown laser eye color changing processes.

  1. Iridocyclitis-Pigment Dispersion Syndrome
  2. Glaucoma
  3. Cataracts
  4. Permanent visual loss
  5. Uveitis
  6. Eye inflammation symptoms
  7. Corneal injury-stem cell failure
  8. Unsuccessful result
  9. iris atrophy

Patients who receive Mylumineyes do not experience the above risks in the short or long term.

There are places that guarantee results and are cheaper, why you do not guarantee?

Sadly, we’ve heard this story from multiple sources. They spend time, hope, money, and most significantly, their eye health. Please refrain from having discussions of this nature. As can be seen, color-changing surgery is a serious procedure. Please do not change your eye color in locations where it would be harmful or unrecognized. As a result, surgery to change one’s color is a serious procedure. First thing to remember, please do not change your eye color in places where it is unsafe or unrecognized. In the final analysis, watch out for places that pop up every 6 months and fake social media accounts that boast about how well they’re doing. Especially because of our ethical rules, the “eye color change Turkey clinic” pays special attention to your health and doesn’t make promises that can’t be kept.

The pros and cons of  laser eye color change (no surgery)

  • The laser is done without touching the eyes.

  • It is not an invasive procedure.

  • Surprisingly,It promises an original and natural eye color change.

  • A healthy number of repeatables

  • It does not cause vision loss.

  • It has no effect on the anatomy of the eyes.

  • At least ,There is no foreign substance injection.

  • There were no long-term consequences observed.
  • At the same time,each person is assigned a different program based on their traits.
  • Although it is the summit of an aesthetic enterprise, it is economical.

  • It provides the most radical change of all the aesthetic procedures performed on your body.

  • It’s not a dream, it’s reality.

With a few exceptions, the cost of eye color changing surgery is determined by the type of treatment and clinical experience.

Depending on the clinic’s accreditation and the eye doctor‘s experience, they cost between 3,500 and 7,500 euros. In addition, “Mylumineyes” costs are less expensive. Because in unidentified locations, you will have numerous treatments that yield no effect and are likely to cause eye injury. We look forward to hearing from you about the most affordable and effective eye color change surgery in Turkey. Basically, Mylumineyes is a good, affordable way to change the color of your eyes while keeping your health safe. Write to us to find out the current eye color change costs. Our customer service representative can contact you at the same time via WhatsApp.

Is it possible to get VIP treatment and service for changing my eye color in Turkey?

You can definitely have this for a low extra cost. We personalize treatment plans for each patient, which may include accommodations in a hotel, rides in a vehicle, and the services of a tour guide, so that you can change the color of your eyes while on vacation.

unquestionably, iris implant surgery is very risky, stay away

Shortly, “Iris implant surgery” is the process of placing a silicone lens on the iris (the pigmented layer of the eye). Using this method, it is possible to create an artificial eye color. Contrary to popular belief, this technique has been in use for many years. This surgical process was used for post-traumatic or congenital iris damage problems. Currently, we do not favor this method, which is less complicated than the laser method. It has an artificial appearance, a very high number of complications, and unsatisfactory results. In other words, according to the laser eye color change procedure, it is a risky procedure with long-term complications. As a result, implant surgery cannot achieve the natural-colored appearance that the laser provides. It is thought-provoking that many people are blinded by iris implant surgery despite our repeated warnings.

It is a fact that eye drops that change the color of your eyes have not yet been shown to be effective.

There are various sources of information on eye drops that purport to change eye color. We can divide these drops into two categories.

1-prostaglandin analogs
2-drops that purport to change eye color.

First, this topic is highly contentious. Prostaglandin analogs used to treat glaucoma can produce darkening of the eyes and elongation of the eyelashes. This is indeed a side effect. If the objective is to lighten the iris color, prostaglandin analogues will have the opposite result. If you use these eyedrops in only one eye, you will cause heterochromia. Second, n-acetylglucosamine eye drops, which have been shown to change the color of the eyes. In addition, n-acetyl-glucosamine inhibits melanin formation in the skin. On the other hand, its effect on the eye remains uncertain. Furthermore, it does not enter the eye via the skin. If it passes, it is unknown what kind of damage it will create. We believe that this chemical will have no influence on the iris’ melanin pigment.

Drops that change eye color have no efficiency

Lastly, we have observed numerous favorable and critical comments changing this eye drop on various media and social networking sites. Some celebrities claim that they have used these eyedrops on their own eyes with positive effects. Obviously, these are almost certainly ads. Additionally, you should not put this chemical in eyedrops or in your eyes.
It is only safe for skin contact. The cost of eye drops that change eye color without FDA or other authorisation is 55 USD online. Additionally, there are options for various eye colors. I would want to warn you that there have previously been drops that claimed to address all problems. They were, however, proven to be ineffective..

With its side effects and artificial colors, keratopigmentation surgery is undoubtedly a method that has disadvantages compared to laser.

Keratopigmentation surgery can be done with a “femtosecond laser.” This procedure consists of two steps. First, a tunnel is created in the cornea by the surgeon. Injecting a colored substance into this channel is the second step. Tattooing the cornea results in a permanent eye color change. Patients with cloudy corneas or other problems that make them look bad have been getting corneal tattooing for a long time. Keratopigmentation permanent eye color change surgery has no effect on the eye’s natural pigments. On the contrary, it gives a false impression. Lastly, keratopigmentation surgery causes a lot of complications. First thing to remember that the “Laser Eye Color Change Procedure” uses a natural process.

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