laser eye color change surgery Turkey permanent

Laser Eye Color Change Surgery Turkey Permanent Lumineyes

Laser Eye Color Change Surgery can change your eyes’ color  permanent from brown to blue-green-hazel-grey. You can definitely change the color of your eyes naturally with a safe laser. “Laser Eye Color Change Turkey” The procedure using a unique “iris selective laser” was invented by Dr. Mustafa Mete many years ago. Basically, this laser targeting only pigment cells is the gold standard for safe permanent eye color change without surgery. Suprisingly, this unique My Lumineyes laser procedure can change your eyes effective-safe by using a different wavelength. Undoubtly, My Lumineyes permanent eye color change without surgery, allows you to have colored eyes by using a natural mechanism to lighten your iris. The Mylumineyes method, without a doubt, eliminates nearly all risks.

Can you change your eye color safely?

Absolutely yes. Let’s Talk Briefly About Them: First and safest, permanent eye color changing with My lumineyes  8G laser. Secondly, through surgery with a method called kertopigmentation or corneal tattoo. Third, you can change the color of your eyes with an iris implant. Fourth, useless eye color changing drops or drops that change eye color. Obviously, among these methods, the laser method is the best in terms of both effectiveness and safety. The laser does not require any surgical procedures to achieve permanent eye color change. Moreover, it is undeniable that the only method that gives natural results is ”Mylumineyes.

laser eye color change surgery Turkey permanentlaser eye color change surgery Turkey permanent

How to change eye color with laser?

Basically how to change your eye color naturally? There is only one true answer for this,Mylumineyes laser eye color change without surgery procedure. It is by far safer, faster and more effective than any other methods. Can eyes change color? Certainly,you can change your eyes color naturally with Mylumineyes. Moreover, we do not harm your eyes during the laser procedure, and you will not feel any pain. After the procedure, which takes about 2 minutes, you can resume your daily life normally. The average duration of this treatment is 5 to 7 days. While there is no preparation before the laser, you need to use your medications afterwards. In Grade 1-2 eyes, the lightening in color is noticeable from the first day, while in the darker eyes, it can be noticed in the following days or later. However, the final result will appear between 3–6 months.

How to change your eye color naturally with foods at home?

Surprisingly, it is claimed that some foods can change eye color. Meat products, for example, are said to help change the color of the iris in the eye. Minerals such as zinc and magnesium have a high effect on this. There are those who believe that ginger, which has numerous benefits, can change eye color when consumed regularly. In short, changing eye color with food seems like just a fairy tale.

Laser Treatment for “Iris Stroma Eye Color Change” Reduces Melanin Density.

The greatest option right now is to lightening the iris stroma surface using MyLumineyes permanent eye color change procedure. For “can your eye change color naturally” FAQ follow here.


Permanent Eye Color Change Surgery Costs in Turkey

” What about  permanent eye color change costs? When the costs of these three methods are compared, the cost of changing eye color is nearly equivalent. Comperatively, depending on the license of the clinic and the experience of the doctor, they cost about 3500–7500 euros. You can discover this website for permanent eye color change costs and prices in our trustable clinic in istanbul-Turkey. Can eyes change color? Moreover, the “8G Mylumineyes laser” we use during this procedure is the best for iris lightening. It does not harm other tissues. The great thing is that this unique laser we use does not affect any tissue other than the melanin cells on iris. I think you have probably noticed how important this is. However, it is not possible to say the same for keratopigmentation or iris implant surgeries.

Dr.Mete, without a doubt, does not tend to support these surgical methods due to the high risks and unsatisfactory results.

Now with ”Mylumineyes Xtra” is available for Dark Brown eyes.

Let’s not forget, permanent eye color change surgery costs vary according to the quality of the clinic and doctor. Despite everything, we can say that we offer the cheapest costs with the quality and safe service we provide.

”Mylumineyes Xtra” is a method with a fast response in 5-7 days for especially unsuccessful and unsatisfactory results.

In fact, another issue that changes the cost is the degree of darkness of your natural eye color before the laser and the conditions that create additional difficulties. As a result, ”Mylumineyes laser” is the only safe way to changing the color of your eyes. Accordingly, we have given the answer to the question of how you can change your eye color safely. The primary goal of laser treatment is to thin the layer of the iris that contains melanin pigments. Basically, New ”Mylumineyes Xtra” can change eyes color even dark browns effectively-safely.

Can eye color changing drops really function properly?

How does a drop affect the color of your eyes naturally? Unfortunately, none of this appears to be true. We’d like to talk about permanent eye color changing drops because it’s a frequently asked question. Are color-changing eye drops a utopian fantasy or do they actually change the color of your eyes? In summary, we would like to point out that these drops can not change the color of the eyes, on the contrary, they can cause significant problems in the eye. The dangers of these permanent eye color changing drops were markedly demonstrated previously in our website,check please.

Can Latisse eye drops extend my lashes or change the color of your eyes?

In fact, Prostaglandin compounds ( Latisse ) in eye drops can cause pigment cells in the iris to produce higher pigmentation. Because of the high concentration of iris pigments, people with light-colored eyes, like blue or green, may notice that their eyes darken. Shortly,These drops have opposite effect to eye colors.


can your eyes change color?