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Lumineyes Laser Eye Color Change Surgery

Would you want to permanently change the color of your eyes? Imagine having your own selection of colors—bright blue, lush green, warm hazel, or stormy gray. This is exactly what is possible with laser eye color change surgery. It’s comparable to going shopping for a new, lifetime eye color! Prepare for enduring appearances and lots of entertaining comments! 

To kill the melanin cells, we use a unique Lumineyes selective laser to raise the temperature of the anterior iris pigment. Laser therapy activates the photothermolysis process, which stimulates the pigment in the front part of the iris. This therapy induces cytokine and macrophage reactions that eliminate pigmentation from the blood vessels. This image reveals the underlying gray stromal fibers of the iris. 

The laser gradually eliminates pigment and macrophage activity, leaving the iris lighter and more reflective of light. We refer to this procedure as Lumineyes laser eye color change surgery. We repeat the procedure once the laser directs its focus to all the required locations. The technique has a duration of 2 minutes and finally eliminates the melanin present in brown eyes, causing them to change color to blue-green-hazel or gray. The Lumineyes laser eye color change surgery is perfectly permanent, safe, and natural.

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Can you change your eye color naturally?

Did you know that it is possible to change eye color, especially brown? Understand this: There is a laser that can do just that by destroying almost all of the pigments in your iris. We call it the Lumineyes-Mylumineyes 8G laser, and guess what? It is at the top of its worldwide performance in changing eye color. 

Want to transition from warm brown to cool blue, green, or hazel over time? 

Here’s the summary: There are three main ways to change your eye color: with lasers, something called kerato-pigmentation, and even iris implant surgery. But when stacking them side by side, lasering to a new look seems to come to the fore. Now let me introduce you to “Lumineyes”—this is where things get really interesting! This particular trick works its magic without any cuts or surgery; the Lumineyes is all natural and also super safe. Plus, no operating room drama!

A Brighter Outlook with Laser Eye Color Change Surgery

Do you wish you could have blue or hazel eyes instead of your plain brown ones? You can therefore try to get the new laser eye color change treatment, commonly known as Lumineyes. This operation is another approach to improve your natural beauty and has totally revolutionized the way young people see eye color. 

Unlike other laser treatments, this is a tried-and-true procedure to change the color of your eyes that never destroys the iris. With the surgery, you may now unveil the secret with hazel eyes, even if you were born with brown eyes and wanted brighter ones.

Lumineyes laser eye color change surgery allows one to have the most sparkling and beautiful eyes entirely risk-free and securely.

It can, to start, make you look younger and more assured. One really enjoyable and original approach to highlight your own personality is to change the color of your eyes.

A fresh, striking hue would grab attention from anybody. You may be concerned about the long-term benefits and safety of this therapy, but rest assured, licensed professionals carry out Lumineyes in a controlled setting. Complicating matters are quite rare, and the effects typically endure a lifetime.

Get ready to bid your old color of eyes a fond farewell and welcome a whole new appearance! 

Ever wish you had different eyes? It is now the best opportunity to realize your dream with laser eye color change surgery.

The “Lumineyes laser eye color changing procedure” may help you achieve natural eye colors, whether you want to experiment with hazel or change your brown eyes to blue. It’s time to change your eye color! For the best experience, contact our excellent MYLumineyes customer service to begin your journey.

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The American Academy of Ophthalmology is warning the public about two eye color-changing treatments that have become more and more popular on social media: iris implant surgery and corneal laser surgery, which is known as keratopigmentation, which inserts pigment into the outer layer of the eye. Both of these procedures pose significant risks for vision loss and related problems. (The American Academy of Ophthalmology issued a warning on the dangers of eye color-changing procedures in 2024.)

Basically, there are three different ways to change your color:

1. Laser eye color change: the Lumineyes or laser depigmentation procedure.

Laser depigmentation, also known as photoablative iridosplasty or Lumineyes laser eye color change surgery, lightens the eyes. This method targets the cells that make melanin, which is the color pigment in hair, skin, and eyes. Laser technology performs eye lightening, also known as iris color lightening, in multiple rounds. Low-power laser beams heat the brown pigment at the top of the iris, causing the blue or green hue below. Laser depigmentation also destroys the pigment-producing cells, known as melanocytes, on the outer layer of the iris.
Furthermore, when using the lumineyes method, the laser beams will not harm the eye’s cornea.

2. Keratopigmentation-traumatic eye restoration surgery

Laser keratopigmentation, also known as “corneal tattooing,” precisely injects a dye into the cornea, the transparent dome that covers the front of the eye. Finally, there is another name for laser keratopigmentation: “corneal tattooing.” While it does not alter the iris’s color, it does cover it up by adding pigment to the cornea.

3. Artificial iris implant surgery

Iris implant surgery involves inserting a prosthetic iris into the patient’s eye in place of the native iris. Basically, an iris replacement or fake iris is used when the iris tissue has been lost totally or almost completely due to damage, repeated surgeries, problems with the anterior section, or being born with aniridia.

During iris implantation surgery, a surgeon folds and inserts a synthetic silicone iris into a precisely incised slit in the cornea. Next, the surgeon expands and aligns the iris to completely cover the original iris. 

People with abnormal iris development (such as aniridia or coloboma) or those who have lost their native iris, often due to a catastrophic eye injury, can benefit from iris implant surgery. These people are equally susceptible to difficulties following implant surgery, but the advantages of acquiring an iris may surpass their potential hazards. Individuals who possess fully functioning native irises but choose implants for cosmetic purposes have more complications.

Our core services

Eye color change surgery is a serious procedure!

Comprehensive Ophtalmic Checkup

Before Lumineyes, your eyes will undergo a full and complete check-up.Consultation with a professional ophthalmologist is vital.

Lumineyes prioritizes eye health safety

Not every eye color changing surgery is "Lumineyes". And almost all of them are far from safe eye color changes.

Achieving natural eye color change.

The results of the Lumineyes procedure are completely natural eye color. It does not give artificial and unaesthetic results like other methods.

"Lumineyes Xtra" continues to change your eye color naturally as the most effective and safest laser method until we develop a new one.

Before beginning the Lumineyes procedure, we conduct a thorough eye examination on all patients. The “eye color changing procedure” necessitates meticulous patient selection. At this point, we are considering a number of criteria. It is critical to select a different treatment method for each patient based on the criteria. That’s why “MYlumineyes” includes a custom mapping application for each person. With personalized mapping, we get healthy results and, at the same time, the most attractive eye color.

World first laser eye color change clinic

Transforming Lives, Being able to look at the world with colorful eyes.

How to change eye color with laser?

Basically, how can you change your eye color naturally? There is only one correct answer: the Mylumineyes laser eye color change surgery.It is by far safer, faster, and more effective than any other method. Can eyes change color? Certainly, you can change your eye color naturally with Mylumineyes. 

Moreover, we do not harm your eyes during the laser procedure, and you will not feel any pain.

 After the procedure, which takes about 2 minutes, you can resume your daily life normally. The average duration of this treatment is 5 to 7 days. 

While there is no preparation before the laser, you will need to use your medications afterwards. In light brown eyes (which is the most common eye color in world), the lightening of the iris color will be evident in a short time, while it will take longer in dark brown eyes.

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We invented "laser eye color change" surgery and first time applied on human safely and healthily.

The only clinic trusted by the world's respected and well-known people

Security, health, professionalism and confidentiality are never compromised.

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The Lumineyes can definitely change your eye color and, completely naturally. After Lumineyes treatment, there is no change in eye anatomy or refractive values. In addition to these, as a result of many years of experience and observations, contrary to prejudices, “intraocular pressure” decreases in the long term instead of increasing. Thus, it has been proven that “Lumineyes treatment” certainly does not pose a risk of causing glaucoma.

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