Latisse eye color change Stroma of IRIS Lightening

Latisse eye color change Stroma of IRIS Lightening

Eye color can not change by Bimatoprost, i.e., Latisse or Lumigan glaucoma drugs. Interestingly, they can cause eyelashes to lengthen and, on the contrary, darken the eye color. Latisse eye color lightening drops, on the other hand, have no effect on eye color change. Likewise, it is possible to say the same thing for Lumigan and similar eye drops containing bimatoprost. Darkening of the iris stroma color has been reported in glaucoma patients using bimatoprost. At this time, Laser eye color change is the only way for lightening your iris eye color. Iris laser lightening surgery offers a great opportunity to remove pigmentation. Shortly, eye color changing drops can not change your eye color naturally.

iris eye color lightening drops and laser surgery-latisse

The misconception that there are drops that change eye color, like to Latisse eye drops, is another problem. I would want to clarify in brief that eye color cannot be changed by drops. Although nothing will come out in one shot, many attempt these drops, and the outcome is usually disappointment. In fact, the most attractive iris eye color laser lightening process also offers a great solution to this problem.In a summary, where do Latisse eye drops come in handy? Latisse eye drops are an anti-glaucoma medication that promotes eyelash growth. We would also like to point out that latisse cannot be used as an eye color changing drops.


Latisse eye color change drop can’t lighten your eye color!

It has been known for years that these drops containing bimatoprost cause eyelash growth. This side effect seemed attractive to people and they started using these drops to grow eyelashes. Some form of prostaglandin is found in almost all drugs in this class. They all have the same mechanism and are both useful in the treatment of glaucoma and cause unexpected growth of the eyelashes. Apart from their advantages, though, they also result in hyperpigmentation, which darkens the skin of the iris and eyelids. These drops therefore work better to darken rather than brighten eye color.

Remember that the skin on your eyelids may darken when using Latisse eye drops. Latisse eye drops may cause more brown pigment cells to appear in the colored part of the eye. You can only get rid of this color in the iris with Mylumineyes laser eye color changing treatment.

“MyLumineyes” uses a stealth wavelength on the iris that only selects melanin pigmentation, protecting the rest of your eyes.

latisse eye color change
latisse eye color change
The topic of lighten eye color has everyone’s attention.

Cosmetic laser eye color change is a safe procedure. Patients are researching which laser is best for eye color change. This MyLumineyes laser uses 8G+ selective melanin pigmentation. This technology provides maximum efficiency and protects your eyes and iris from damage. As can be seen, best eye color changing with MyLumineyes® Laser is the ultimate in changing your eye color in a safe and healthy way. This 8G+ Laser also gives maximum successful results. After 12 years of experience, we have shown that MyLumineyes® is the only safe way to change your eye color. For that reason, the satisfied before and after reviews of thousands of patients from all over the world continue to be a source of pride for Mylumineyes eye color change clinic Turkey.

Can eye color lighten naturally with latisse? Is it possible to lighten the color of your eyes?

For the vast majority of individuals, the answer is negative. Eye color reaches complete maturity in infancy and stays constant throughout adulthood. However, in a tiny proportion of individuals, eye color may grow visibly darker or lighter as they age. Changes in eye color may also occur as a person matures. Those with lighter-colored eyes, particularly Caucasians, may see a gradual lightening of their eyes over time. Vitamin C is an important vitamin that occurs naturally in the environment. It serves several biological and pharmacological purposes. It suppresses melanin formation by reducing the activity of the tyrosinase enzyme.

How to lighten the eye color naturally? is eye color surgery natural?

It is important to note that natural means of lightening the color of the eyes are not available. Furthermore, these assertions are purely myths. In any case, we’d like to introduce you to some foods with natural lightening properties. Only Mylumineyes eye color surgery with laser is natural!

Foods that change eye color

  • Bearberry tea. Bearberry tea causes pupil and color change.
  • HONEY Consuming organic honey gives a clearer and more natural color to the eyes.
  • Spinach
  • FISH
  • Olive Oil
  • Omega

As an expert authority on permanent eye color change, which method would you prefer?

First and foremost, we must state unequivocally that, as Mylumineyes, we can use all of the above-mentioned eye color change methods in the Mustafa Mete method. Only the laser eye color change surgery, however, provides safe and attractive results. In this regard, keratopigmentation and iris implantation are procedures that we will not recommend for our patients who place their trust in us for both results and aesthetic success. Surprisingly, There is always a chance to get the rarest eye color with Mylumineyes non-surgical eye color change.

How To Lighten IRIS Color?

1-Color Iris Implant Surgery (Artificial):

The iris, a layer inside the eye, is what gives the eye its color. Briefly, Iris implant surgery is to change the eye color with a radical surgery. Moreover, it will bring dozens of serious problems together. Unfortunately, both in terms of aesthetics and safety, the results of this method are very disappointing. Additionally, You should clearly know that after this eye color change surgery, many complications will develop and you will need to have the surgery again. Unfortunately, after removal, it causes permanent damage to the eye. As a result, the surgery’s side effects may include blindness. As a result, the possibility of losing eye health is almost certain.

Iris implant surgery after explant
Iris implant surgery after explant


2-Keratopigmentation, Or Corneal Tattoo Surgery:

The kerato pigmentation surgery is divided into two stages. First, the cornea will cut with the help of a femtosecond laser. Secondly, by this a tunnel created for injecting dye. As a result, a artificial appearance will appear, similar to contact lenses, but more structured. Keratopigmentation has already been a method for treating blind and traumatic eyes. Sadly, this surgery is not reversible. Because this material can not completely removed from the cornea. In other words, contrary to popular belief, there is no reversal in this eye color change surgery. Astigmatism, which reduces visual acuity, will result from the surgical procedure. Comparing keratopigmentation to laser treatment, the Keratopigmentation has more adverse effects and unsatisfied patients.

Another problem is that, in the evening, when driving or working, the pupil enlarges and light glare causes this dye to enter the visual field. Being a surgical operation, there is a chance of infection. The long-term health of the cornea is yet unknown in relation to this foreign material. It is therefore unknown if this false appearance-creating technique is really helpful.


                                                                                                                                                                      unsatisfied patient after keratopigmentation who applied to Mylumineyes clinic for explantation-real case


3- Laser Permanent Eye Color Change Without Surgery Procedure (Mylumineyes)

how to change eye color without surgery? A special laser applied to the tissue that gives the eye its color, namely the iris, can turn a dark eye into a blue-green color for the eye color changing function. The number of pigment cells, also known as dye cells, determines the color of our eyes. What causes melanin to be destroyed? The pigment cells that give the eye its color are shed in the stroma layer of the iris using a low-energy laser. As a result, the dark color fades and the eye’s color changes.

The laser fragments the melanin pigments in the iris, which give the eye its dark look, and the pigments are reabsorbed and vanish through channels placed at the angles between the cornea and the iris. As a result, a dark eye color becomes a light eye color. As a result, Mylumineyes laser eye color change is completely safe and healthy. Furthermore, the outcomes are entirely natural. Furthermore,we can get the most rarest eye color mostly.


change eye color laser surgery and stroma iris lightening
change eye color laser surgery and stroma iris lightening


 A special laser called Mylumineyes is used to perform eye color change surgery.

Dr. Mustafa Mete invented this safe and permanent eye color change procedure. Dr. Mete has been working on this method for many years in a variety of countries. Unlike the traditional Lumineyes method, it employs a variety of algorithms. The end result is far more efficient, secure, and healthy. Mylumineyes has emerged as a result of making the Lumineyes method safe and effective.

Can the color of your eyes naturally lighten?

Dr. Mustafa Mete says that this is not possible. The color of the eyes totally grows in the eye and stays constant throughout life. However, in a tiny minority of individuals, eye color may naturally grow substantially darker or lighter with age. The color of your eyes may seem to change when your pupils contract or dilate. For example, as your pupils dilate, less of your iris is visible, and the remaining iris appears darker. When your pupils are narrower, though, your eye color may look lighter. Can you naturally change the color of your eyes? No, unfortunately. The color of your eye, like your hair and skin color, is inherited. That is, unless you break down your genetic coding or cell structure, you cannot change your eye color permanently without surgery.

If you remember, we told you before that eye color lightening drops do not work.

Avoid using heavy eyeliner colors on your waterline, such as black or brown. Instead, use a purple, green, gold, or golden eyeliner to conceal the pink or red flesh on your lower lash line. This will lighten and brighten your eye region without making them seem smaller, as black eyeliner would. Lighting, like clothing and cosmetics, has a profound impact on how we perceive color and vibrance. Direct light, for example, makes the eyes look brighter and more vivid. Because of this occurrence, photography studios utilize specialized lighting for portraiture. While your eyes may seem different, there is no actual change in color.

Can dark eyes get lighter?is latisse change eye color to darken?

Eye color changes with age for up to 17% of the white population (or those who tend to have lighter eye color). People who had dark brown eyes throughout their adolescence and maturity may get a result of change eye color to hazel as they approach middle age. It is actually possible to obtain amber eye color with laser or various eye color lightening processes. Before reading this page, you’ve probably seen a wide variety of strange options if you’ve looked into changing your eye color. 

How can I lighten the color of my brown eyes?

Cosmetic eye operations such as permanent eye color change surgery have recently gained popularity. As you know, you’ve heard a lot of intriguing questions about laser eye surgery treatments. As technology develops in ophthalmology, new treatments are gaining popularity and prompting a plethora of problems. Despite the fact that these procedures lighten the color of the eyes, they may pose a number of serious risks. For the time being, the only safe eye color lightening method is the Lumineye laser eye color lightening procedure. Luminesce is a procedure for safely and effectively changing the color of the eye by applying lasers to the iris without surgery. The laser lightens the eye color by reducing the density of the iris pigment. The operation is performed in numerous sessions, with each session lasting around 2-4 minutes for both eyes. Thanks to the Lumineyes laser, the concentration of melanin in the iris is reduced, and you have a colored and lightened eye color with the mirror effect of the iris.

Eye color changes with age for up to 18% of the white population (with lighter eye colors). People who have deep brown eyes in their adolescence and maturity may have their eye color lighten as they near middle age, giving them hazel eyes. Cooler hues will bring out the sparkle in brown eyes, suddenly making them lighter. If your eyes are hazel, apply green and gold eye makeup to bring more light in and accentuate the natural color of your eyes. When they are exposed to light, their melanin synthesis rises, causing the color of their eyes to change. Changes in eye color, on the other hand, may occur as a person matures. Lighter-colored eyes, particularly those of Caucasians, may lighten with time.

iris lightening eye color change
iris lightening eye color change

People often discuss colored contacts, laser eye color lightening treatment, surgically inserted iris color inserts, eye medications, and creams.

Additionally, brown eye color which is the most common eye color need cooler hues to bring out their luster, which will make them seem immediately lighter. If you have hazel eyes, you should use green and gold eyeshadow since they will bring more light and accentuate your eyes’ natural hue. Vitamin C is an excellent skin lightener owing to its suppression of tyrosinase and decrease of melanin and melanin intermediates such as dopaquinone. Lemon juice is also often used to minimize skin discoloration. 

This may be explained by lemon juice’s high vitamin C concentration. According to a study, vitamin C may inhibit tyrosinase activity, reducing the development of melanin. It may not be as simple as having a perm to transform straight hair into curly hair, but it is certainly achievable to lighten your eye color. Best of all, there are natural methods to lighten your eyes, allowing you to avoid potentially dangerous artificial eye color lightening drops. The “Lumineyes” laser eye color change surgery is one of the natural methods of eye color transformation.

Some disorders may cause the eye color to lighten. Pigment dispersion syndrome, often known as pigment loss, is also recognized. The rear surface of the iris loses pigment, and these cells migrate to other areas of the eye. They may block the drainage angle of the eye, thereby raising ocular pressure. It is more common in younger male nearsighted individuals. It may have an effect on eye color by lightening areas of the iris when pigment is lost.

Can You Get Surgery To Change Your Light Brown Eyes Color?

You can definitely have surgery to change the color of your eyes in Turkey. As we mentioned before, mylumineyes is not actually a surgery.

Different Eye Color Change Surgery Types to Suit All Your Needs.

It can be done in a variety of ways. To summarize them,

  1. Laser to change the color of your eyes
  2. iris implants
  3. Keratopigmentation
  4. Corneal implants

We have already told you the advantages and disadvantages of these methods

We’ll go through the benefits of the Mylumineyes procedure, which is a laser eye color lightening procedure, here.

  • Done with a laser without touching the eyes.
  • The results are natural.
  • Does not change the eye anatomy (with the difference of Mylumineyes).
  • There are no long-term complications (with the exception of Mylumineyes).
  • does not damage the cornea.
  • does not cause astigmatism.
  • Except from Mylumineyes, side effects are transient and manageable.
  • Contrary to contact lenses, it does not produce a false picture.
*Visit our website to compare a blue implant, a blue contact lens, and a blue laser treatment (with Mylumineyes).

Eye Color Changing Surgery-Lumineyes Laser- Benefits That You Should Know About

  1. Mylumineyes laser is very safe and effective.
  2. It is not an invasive procedure.
  3. Anesthesia not required.
  4. We have not encountered a serious complication yet.
  5. Mylumineyes laser uses its unique wavelength.
  6. There is no foreign object in the eye.
  7. There is no non-artificial visual pollution.
  8. It is permanent.
  9. Does not cause pain and discomfort.
  10. Has no effect on the shape of the cornea or your number (astigmatism issue).
  11. Light eye color softens your gaze.
  12. Provides an aesthetic image.
  13. It is not a surgery.
  14. it change change your eye color to blue or green

Do you use foods for lightening your Eye color?

The food we eat has a big effect on our bodies, including our eyes. Many people who have moved to a raw vegan diet have noticed changes in the color of their eyes. This has not yet been proven by study.
It is thought that this is because the diet lowers the amount of melanin the iris makes over time. Individuals who have seen this eye color shift report that it takes time, sometimes years, to develop, but if a raw vegan diet is followed consistently, this change becomes permanent. Some of the previously mentioned foods are said to change the color of the eyes. We have also mentioned food or drops that change the color of the eyes naturally other than the gum and various types of surgery and lasers.

It is a common misconception that nutrition causes eye color changes. Vitamin A and eyesight are effective friends. Carrots are high in beta-carotene and Vitamin A, which may help your eyes’ health and may be an excellent source of eye vitamins for macular degeneration and cataracts.
Carrots are high in vitamin A and rhodopsin, and they are also high in fiber.

The iron content in spinach will make your eyes seem younger and brighter! Organic honey: Consuming honey on a regular basis may make your eyes lighter and brighter. Fish: Consuming fish may improve the strength of your eye color, and depending on the quantity taken, these changes may be permanent.




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