Eye color laser surgery Cost and Guide

Now you have the chance to change eye color permanently with different methods. Typically, colored contact lenses momentarily change brown eyes into blue, green, or another color. Until recently, eye color was unable to be changed permanently; however, modern techniques not only change eye color but also often cause irreversible harm, with the exception of ” “Lumineyes eye color laser surgery ” non invasive procedure. Iris implant surgery have shown that the surgery may cause eyesight loss with a high ratio. Keratopigmentation, which has been done for 30 years, has also started to be used for permanent eye color change for cosmetic purposes. Previously, keratopigmentation eye color changing was solely performed on blind or injured eyes; presently, performed for aesthetic reasons. Not only is it not innocent, but it also produces an unnatural and undesirable aesthetic outcome. Also, let’s look at the cost of change eye color.

When we put all the methods for eye color change side by side, the laser eye color change procedure with the lumineyes method is far superior and healthier.

1-Color Iris Implant (Artificial) Surgery:

The iris, a layer inside the eye, is responsible for the eye’s color. Briefly, iris implant surgery is a major surgery to change the eye’s color. In addition, it will unite dozens of critical issues. Unfortunately, both in terms of aesthetics and safety, this procedure yields quite poor results. In addition, you should be aware that following this  permanent eye color change surgery, several issues will arise and you will need another surgery. Unfortunately, it causes lasting harm to the eye following removal. As a consequence, blindness may be among the possible adverse effects of the surgery. Consequently, the likelihood of losing eye health is almost inevitable. This method’s cost and problematic nature make it the most expensive and least effective of the eye color change methods.

What are the risks of iris implant surgery?

Artificial iris implants, which are used in cosmetic surgery to change the color of one’s eyes, are becoming a serious public health hazard. Approximately 70 percent of the total number of New Colored Iris patients had glaucoma, cataracts, and uveitis, with or without endothelial decompensation. Despite the implants being removed, more than half of the patients needed further surgery, such as corneal endothelial transplantation, penetrating keratoplasty, filter surgery, and cataract surgery. According to Brightocular’s website, the implants are constructed of FDA-approved materials. However, no studies have been conducted to validate the safety of these implants. The cost of kerato pigmentation eye color change is high and the results are bad.

1- iridocyclitis (inflammatory disease of the eye)
2-endophthalmitis is an eye disease associated with a high risk of vision loss.
3- glaucoma
5-corneal edema, bullous keratopathy, or other ocular complications

2-Keratopigmentation Surgery

The keratopigmentation surgery consists of two steps. Initially, the cornea will be sliced using a femtosecond laser. Second, this creates a tube for injecting dye. As a consequence, an artificial look, similar to contact lenses but more structured, will be produced. Keratopigmentation has previously been used as a treatment for blind and traumatized eyes. Unfortunately, this surgery is irreversible. Because this substance cannot be eliminated entirely from the cornea. In other words, contrary to common opinion, this permanent eye color change surgery is irreversible. Astigmatism will occur as a result of surgery, which will reduce visual acuity. Compared to the laser procedure, keratopigmentation has a great deal of negative effects and patient unhappiness.

3-Laser Eye Color Change Non-Surgical Procedure

When performed by an experienced physician, laser eye color change is very risk-free. In addition, “Mylumineyes” now provides double the safety. Changing the color of your eyes with a laser utilizing Mylumineyes is very safe. because only melanin pigments are targeted by the “Laser 8G”. It also has the advantage of not harming natural tissues. “Laser eye lightening” is the most effective approach to changing eye color. The process to change eye color does not include surgery, and there is no touching of the eyes. This process takes around two minutes per eye. Depending on the degree of darkness of the eye color, the therapy lasted between 5 and 7 days. This is the last phase of the eye color change operation.

People who seek to permanently change their brown eyes to blue, green, gray, or hazel may get the most effective procedure we have developed.

The Lumineyes laser treatment is the most efficient and secure method for altering eye color. There is no non-artificial visual pollution. It does not change the corneal shape or your number (i.e., astigmatism problem). A light eye color softens your glance and enhances your appearance. The desire to change one’s eye color to blue-green is one of the most common. The cost of laser eye color change will increase in dark eyes.

Dr.Mete is the inventor of laser eye color safely and natural by uisin My lumineyes

His patients really admire Dr. Mete’s ophthalmic knowledge and surgical skills. Mylumineyes has an open and trustworthy policy. It does not offer unattainable promises. All of its patients are loyal consumers. It is in great demand around the globe for the treatment of a variety of conditions and eye color change treatments.

When deciding to change your eye color, you should evaluate the doctor’s expertise, the technical specifics of the facility, and the center’s global reputation.

“My Lumineyes” not only alters the color of your iris, but it also safeguards the health of your eyes. There are several methods for altering eye color. Laser permanent eye color change is a cheap surgery. Laser eye coloration is the only method that offers healthy and natural results. You will have permanently colored eyes once a qualified eye surgeon performs laser surgery on your eyes. In addition to a qualified eye surgeon, the kind of laser used is crucial.

The Mylumineyes laser targets melanin pigments in the iris selectively. Melanin cells that receive mylumineyes laser radiation undergo a chemical reaction. In reaction to this biological and chemical response, the body’s defense mechanism is activated. Normally, melanin cells are lost from the body. Using natural body reactions, this is how the “Mylumineyes Laser Eye Color Changing Technique” works.

4-Change your eye color using colored contact lenses

Because the eye is such an integral part of our exterior You can use it safely as long as you choose the right color lens for the size given. Having colored eyes may drastically change a person’s external appearance and make them more conspicuous. With this simple and permanent change, you may refresh your look and rediscover yourself by removing it whenever you like. Due to the importance of our eye health, it is required to have an eye doctor check initially, regardless of whether the number is included or not. If you choose to use colored lenses for your eyes following the examination, you may purchase colored eye lenses in line with your doctor’s prescription. You can use it safely as long as you choose the right color lens for the size given.

Laser eye color change surgery costs are different in each clinic

Before starting the “permanent eye color change” process, we recommend you do your research very well, especially about the doctor. So can your eyes change color? Why not? The eye color changing process is available in Turkey. In addition, we provide a guide for permanent eye color change surgery costs in this article. Today, eye color change surgery is performed in different forms. If you want to change your eye color in a natural and healthy way, I can clearly say that there is no alternative to lumineyes laser. In addition, we want to illustrate the eye’s change in color using before-and-after photographs and videos for clarity.

In short, the “permanent eye color change process” can be done in different ways depending on the method used. It can be done with basically three methods. Iris implant, laser, keratopigmentation, The aim is to turn the brown eye into green-blue-gray or different tones. In all 3 methods, the results will be very different in all respects. While the “laser eye color change” process promises a natural result without surgery, the other two are far from it. This means: “Mylumineyes Laser Procedure” gives a natural look to your eyes. Unfortunately, others will give an artificial look. Moreover, this artificiality will be even more than contact lenses.

can you change your eyes color-eye color changing
can you change your eyes color naturally with laser-Change eye color Cost

Their advantages and disadvantages will be discussed later.

Can your eyes color change safely?

After the laser eye color change process started in Turkey, it spread all over the world. The sad thing is that Lumineyes is not an easy procedure to copy. As a result, many people have started to suffer from the wrong treatment. Remember, nothing can replace the original. Although it is known as “color change surgery,” My Lumineyes is not an operation like other methods. Where can I find the best laser eye color change surgery? We seem to hear what you are saying. Frankly, the answer is very simple: 15 years of experience and the center that invented it. On this site, you will be able to learn about laser eye color change surgery prices, risks, how it is done, prices, and laser types.

We will also tell you everything you need to know about keratopigmentation, iris implants, colored contact lenses, and eye drops that change the color of your eyes.

How does laser eye color change surgery take place?

Dr. Mustafa Mete developed the Laser Eye Color Change Procedure to modify the eye color of heterochromia patients. Using this method, the brown or darkly pigmented cells of the iris are stimulated, and the pigment density is diminished or eliminated entirely. Dr. Mete’s laser, with its targeted effect, provided a safe and effective experience without harming other eye tissues. Dr. Mete, who determined the wavelength to which the melanin cells of the iris are most sensitive, contributed to the development of this discovery. It has been used effectively to change brown eyes to blue-green-hazel or gray eyes.

Laser surgery to change eye color or Lumineyes is your only option if you want to change your eyes color to a natural look . The laser used by Mylumineyes operates at a safe, low temperature. This is how the brown colors are lost. What you get is a color like blue, green, or gray.

You will undergo a comprehensive ophthalmological examination by Dr. Mete. We should especially mention that you do not feel pain or discomfort during the sessions. Mylumineyes are very comfortable. The number of sessions, the amount of energy, and the number of shots are different for everyone.

Can You Really Change Your Eye Color? Can Your Eyes Color Change?

You can definitely change your eye color naturally with a laser. For people who change their eye color, 2 issues are vital. In summary, the experience of the doctor and the suitability of the laser type.

What Does “Permanent Eye Color Change with Laser” Mean?

Mustafa Mete created the Permanent Laser Eye Color Change Turkey Procedure with the Mylumineyes Laser without a doubt. The laser first stimulates the brown or dark-pigmented cells in the iris before destroying the dark pigmented layer. It protects the second layer, which gives the green-blue-hazel-gray color. MY Lumineyes is the only safe and effective surgery to change your eye color naturally. With this amazing laser and a unique technique, your eye color can be changed permanently.

In Short, Mylumineyes is“A Successful Lumineyes upgrade.”

All of Lumineyes’ flaws and risks have been addressed. It is the gold standard in the process of changing eye color. Basically, the “Mylumineyes” laser eye color changing procedure, uses a laser to reduce the density of melanin in the iris and change the color of the eye. Certainly, our laser recognizes the iris, and the laser does not work without seeing the melanin cell.

Because of this, a better, safer, and more controlled method with the following features has been created:

  • From Fluency
  • method type
  • unique features
  • selectivity
  • mapping
  • variability
  • individuality
  • short-blow ability.
  • reliability
  • wavelength
  • Friendly tissue

Another key point, “Mylumineyes,” creates different programs for each patient within the scope of safety protocols.

”MY Lumineyes permanent laser eye color changing” was invented to treat heterochromia. However, as a result of our experience, we found that this method is also safe for cosmetic eye color change treatment. We have been using it successfully for many years without encountering any problems.

How did permanent laser eye color change gain popularity?

My Lumineyes is a personalized Lumineyes technique made with a different laser. Mylumineyes was invented by Dr. Mustafa Mete. Dr. Mete has worked on this method in various countries. Unlike the classical Lumineyes method, my lumineyes uses many different algorithms. The results are incomparably more efficient, safe, and healthy.

What Is The Difference Between Classic Lumineyes And Mylumineyes Laser ?

In terms of safety and efficacy, Mylumineyes are incomparable.

Thus, while researching the treatment of heterochromia, we became the inventors of the laser eye color changing method. The Mylumineyes method has developed after all of the long-term follow-up and examinations.

Interestingly, various centers are attempting to perform a similar procedure to mylumineyes.

It has disadvantages compared to “Mylumineyes Permanent Eye Color Change Turkey.” Unfortunately, it is still under development in American studies, but even they can’t succeed in changing the color safely and effectively.

  • Laser energy
  • Application technique
  • wavelength
  • selectivity feature
  • map creation
  • experience period

It Works Without Damaging The Tissues Outside The Target Area.Its Duration Of Action Is Very Low. Therefore, It Does Not Damage The Eyes.

With the above-mentioned features, it is clear that it is very different from its counterparts.

While studies are being carried out on the treatment methods for patients who have different colors in their eyes (heterochromia), our studies have started on the laser that has an appropriate wave size and that has a different mechanism of action than others. The “Mylumineyes method” has developed after all of the long-term follow-up and examinations.

While the eye color change surgery cost seems to be lower with classical methods, the mylumineyes laser eye color change surgery cost is actually much more economical with its results in a shorter time, protecting eye health, and being a natural permanent eye color change surgery.

Classical Lumineyes Unfortunately, it is still under development in American studies, but even they can’t succeed in changing the color safely and effectively. Laser eye color change surgery costs will vary according to the quality of the laser used and the experience of the doctor.

Is Laser Eye Color Change Safe ?

Firstly, we worked on it for many years, laser eye color change can change the eye color of people who have different tones of color in their eyes and/or who have heterochromia into the colors of green, grey, hazel, or blue. We have started to do it safely for 6 years for cosmetic and aesthetic eye color change. Following the examinations in our clinic, determined whether it is appropriate for eye color change.

The good news is that laser eye color change is quite safe when performed by an experienced physician. In addition, “Mylumineyes” is now offered with twice the safety. In conclusion, laser-assisted eye color change with mylumineyes is very safe. The “8G Mylumineyes” Laser solely targets pigments composed of melanin. Furthermore, it has no effect on normal tissues. This implies that the degree of safety for everyone will be modified. Except for Dr. Mustafa Mete’s experience, everything functions well. If you qualify, laser eye color change is quite safe. However, by using a laser, the hazards of eye color change surgery are eliminated.

What are the benefits of having laser eye surgery to change your eye color?

During this process, just the laser is used, and there is no eye contact. This technique is non-invasive.

  • There are no long-term risks linked with Mylumineyes laser eye color change.
  • There is no influence on the quantity of eyes.
  • You will have a natural look as opposed to an artificial one, as is the case with other techniques.
  • This is a non-surgical laser surgery. Due of this, there is no ingress.
  • During the process, no pain or discomfort is experienced.

How Will I Know If I’m Eligible? Can Your Eyes Change Color?

In fact, it is difficult for you to decide for yourself, after some measurements and examinations, we decide whether you will change your eye color or not. moreover, in order not to risk your eye health, we use very high-level examination methods in these examinations. If everything is great after the examination, yes, your eye color may change permanently. In fact, we used this treatment method, which we originally made for people with heterochromia but now also use for people who want to change their eye color for cosmetic reasons.

The most important thing in the eye color changing process is to achieve success without risking the eye health of the person.

Currently, we continue to use it for cosmetic eye color changes sucessfully. Except for some negative situations, almost everyone can change their eye color with this method. Moreover, as permanent eye color change in Turkey, we will give you all kinds of support throughout the treatment.

Is The Mylumineyes Laser Method Surgical?

In fact, Mylumineyes laser eye color change in Turkey is not a surgical or invasive procedure. The great thing is that the laser works without touching your eyes.

How Long Does The Permanent Eye Color Change Operation Last?

It’s permanent! This eye color change operation lasts forever. You don’t need to renew this operation.

can your eyes change color-laser before and after
can your eyes change color?-Change eye color Cost

What Is The Processing Time? When Can I See The Results?

Significantly, we are finishing up 1 therapy eye color changing surgery in 5 or 7 days.

People who have dark eyes need to stay longer or divide the time. Dr. Mete will devise a treatment plan for you in order to make your life more prosperous, safe, and efficient. (mostly 7-10 days.)

In short, a single therapy of Lumineyes takes 5 to 7 days. After 2-4 sessions, the color tone starts to change. At the end of the first month, you will notice a significant change in eye color. Your eye color will become lighter and change in color every day.

efficiency of the lumineyes laser continues for 4-6 months

Moreover, the “laser eye color change without surgery” process maintains its effect for 4-6 months. We later decided to schedule additional sessions for dark eyes. We can get results in almost all of our determined patients.

I Had Laser Before. Can I Have An Permanent Eye Color Change Operation With Lumineyes?

You can have the operation under some special conditions. During a detailed examination, Dr.Mete will determine the obstacles. Depending on the condition of your eyes, you may be eligible for a discount on the cost of an eye color change.

I Have A Myopia-Hypermetropia-Astigmatism-Presbyopia Problem, Am I Suitable For Eye Color Change Operation?

Yes, you can have the operation if you wish. Dr.Mete can treat these diseases before or after the eye color change operation.

I Live Abroad. I Want To Change My Eye Color. How Long Do I Have To Stay In Turkey?

Patients need to stay in Turkey for 5-7 days for eye color changing operations in normal conditions.

People who have dark eyes need to stay longer or divide the time. Dr. Mete will devise a treatment plan for you in order to make your life more prosperous, safe, and efficient. (mostly 7-10 days.)

What Is The Possibility Of Eye Color Changing? Can Your Eyes Color Change?

When we consider all the blue, green, hazel, and lighter color tones, the success rate is 99.9 percent. For more examples and reviews, visit this page. Even in the most difficult cases, we achieve 99.9% success. As long as you follow our recommendations and protocols, you can rest assured that we will get amazing results.

Is Eye Color Change Permanent?

Sure, it’s permanent! Laser eye color change in Turkey offers permanent color. You don’t need to renew this operation after getting the result.

Can I Have Eye Color Changing Surgery If My Eyes Are Blue Or Green?

Yes, still It is possible to transform a colored eye into a lighter color or another color. We have had a lot of experience with these types of eyes.

We were able to change the eye colors from green to blue-gray, blue to lighter blue and gray, and hazel to green, gray, and blue.

In fact, Mylumineyes laser eyelightening is not a surgical or invasive procedure. Mylumineyes performed without touching the eye. Yes! It is possible to transform a colored eye into a lighter color or another color. We have had a lot of experience with this type of patients.

What is the age range for laser eye color change?

People who are between 18 and 60 years old can have their eyes colored by a laser.

What Preparations Should I Make for the Laser Eye Color Change?

There is no need for preliminary preparation for the Mylumineyes laser procedure. Dr.Mete will make the necessary statement after the examination.

Who Is Not Suitable For Laser Eye Color-Changing?

1-People who have uncontrolled diabetes mellitus

2-Close and open angular glaucoma patients (patients who have eye pressure)

3-People who have iridocyclitis-uveitis

4-People who have intense rheumatism

5-People who are born with an absence of the iris

6-People who have colored eyes (relatively)

7-People who have an unknown systemic disease

8-People who have high expectations

9-People who have inflammatory bowel disease or similar systemic diseases

10-Patients who are psychosocially unstable

11–Patients who use particular medications that leave deposits in the retina or cornea

What Is Examined Before?

  1. Your eye features
  2. The structure of the iris
  3. Type of pigment.
  4. Drainage channels
  5. The thickness of the pigment layers

Changing eye color is easy now

To review everything we have discussed, there are essentially four primary methods to change your eye color. In addition, there are some misconceptions to consider. If desired, we may compare various strategies on this page. As stated above, each technique has advantages and disadvantages. However, bear in mind that one of these strategies will stand out in almost all situations. Undeniably, it is the biggest.

Before you may change your eye color permanently, you must have a healthy body and ocular structure. After all, this is a medical procedure, for which we anticipate complete body and eye health. Expertise is another crucial factor to consider when choosing a doctor. My lumineyes clinic now provides both a qualified ophthalmologist and an experienced clinic. And naturally, the 8G laser quality that alters eye color and has unique characteristics.

Remember who you can rely on. As stated before, the answer to the question of whether you can change your eye color is yes, but the key is to achieve a permanent, healthy, and natural eye color change. Unquestionably, safety and healthy and natural eye color change are two interdependently significant aspects. We are all aware that everyone on the Internet nowadays is engaged in self-promotion and boasting. However, the facts reveal a quite different picture. Therefore, the MY Lumineyes approach is unequaled for safely and naturally changing eye color.

How Does The Laser Eye Color Change Work?

At MYLumineyes® laser eye color change without surgery procedure, eye structure, features, iris structure, eye health, and pigment structure are analyzed to create a map and a personalized treatment program is applied. This should definitely be to protect eye health. Well, thanks to this unique laser technique, can your eyes change color? Definitely yes. Moreover, it is healthy and natural.

This operation is performed with a new laser that has a different frequency and wavelength, creates a microscopic effect, and does not harm the ophthalmic tissue.

After examining and evaluating many factors, your doctor sends laser pulses to certain areas of both eyes for one minute with a personalized method. Everyone receives a unique therapy tailored to their specific needs by varying the frequency, duration, wavelength, and energy of the sessions. With this privileged method, we both get excellent results and protect the health of your eyes. Thanks to the superior effectiveness of mylumineyes, the lumineyes laser eye color change surgery costs are low.

Any Risks Linked With Laser Eye Color Change procedure? How Safe Is It?

An ophthalmologist with considerable surgical management and competence must perform the laser surgery. This procedure tested in several places of the world. But none of them is the Mylumineyes method.The newest technology is the MYLumineyes® 8G+3D laser, which is active in the MYLumineyes® Eye Center.

Long-term results show that the MYLumineyes® method is the safest process, and our specialists carry out this method successfully. This method that we have just developed is more secure, more productive, and problem-free, compared to classic Lumineyes.

Permanent Eye color change procedures performed by unauthorized and inexperienced centers can result in permanent eye problems in the future!

you should definitely secure your eye health before the eye color change surgery costs. Of course, you need a reliable and well-known ophthalmologist for this.

Do a preliminary investigation for false physicians, clinics, businesses that do not have an address, and businesses and phony clinics that you have not heard of.

What Are The Dangers Or Risks Of Laser Eye Color Change Surgery?

  • Iridocyclitis
  • Glaucoma
  • Cataract
  • Permanent vision loss.
  • Uveitis
  • Eye inflammatory reactions
  • Corneal damage
  • Unsuccessful result.

You will not experience these risks with my lumineyes.

Do I Feel Any Pain Or Discomfort With The Laser Eye Color Change? When Will I Be Able To Get Back To Work?

You don’t feel anything except a tiny touchy feeling during eye color changing by laser; you won’t feel uncomfortable. After the laser eye color change surgery, the patient can resume her or his daily life. Generally, there are no significant changes before and after laser operation in your life.

How Long Does It Take To Change The Color Of Your Eyes? When Will You Be Able To See The Results?

MYLumineyes laser eye color change only works on melanin pigments. As part of Mylumineyes safety protocols, we are making different programs for each patient. One-eye laser time usually takes 1-2 minutes for one eye.

Eye anatomy Aqueous humor drainage canals have a limited capacity to discharge the spilled pigments. Additionally, loading too much work or pigmentation onto canals in a short time will result in canal failure. This will cause significant health problems for the eyes. Inexperienced people doing eye color change procedures will cause glaucoma, iridocyclitis, and iris atrophy problems!!!

Lumineyes last between 5 and 7 days with a single (1) therapy.After 2-4 sessions, the hue changes. In the first month, you can see more change, and in the last 3-6 months, the final hue comes out.

What Color Will My Eyes Be? Can I Choose The Color Of My Eyes?

No way. The color of your eyes after the procedure is unknown and unpredictable.

The MYLumineyes method naturally stimulates the cells that give the iris its black-brown color, and by eliminating the dark cells, it can provide you with an eye structure just like people who naturally have blue, hazel, gray, or green eyes. While doing this, it does not damage the eye anatomy like other methods, and does not cause any problems in the long term. It is the density of your pigment cells that determines the color. Mylumineyes destroy this density completely or partially by utilizing two different natural mechanisms in the eye.Mylumineyes does not cause trauma. This is just one of the most important, unique, and outstanding features of Mylumineyes.

The color change in the eye also depends on the resistance of the existing dark pigments.

(**Not guaranteed, but our observations suggest that dark brown, heavily pigmented eyes are likely to change to gray, green, or hazel, while light brown eyes are likely to change to blue, gray, and green.

The permanent color change in the eye also depends on the resistance of the existing dark pigments. Mylumineyes works by protecting your eye health without pushing the limits.

With our latest development, we also have the opportunity to choose between blue and green in some cases. Mylumineyes is constantly updated and developed by Dr.Mete.

What To Watch Out For To Change Eye Color With A Laser?

Aqueous humor drainage canals have a limited capacity. Loading too much pigmentation onto canals in a short time will result in health problems for your eyes.

Doing laser to your eyes in a short period of time or at centers without experienced lienced optalmologists will result in glaucoma, iridocyclitis, and iris atrophy!!

Amateur organizations, totally fake clinics and doctors, low-cost facilities, and non-specific laser procedures cause permanent damage to your eyes.

How Safe Is Eye Color Changing Turkey ? How To Change Your Eye Color?

Eye color change is serious business. Be wary of places that just pop up every day and tell you how well they did it. Also, the center needs many years of experience in this field. Is eye color change safe?

Significantly,”Mylumineyes” is the safest and most effective method for eye color changing. Long-term results have shown that the MYLumineyes® technique is very safe. Simply put,”Mylumineyes” is at least as safe as “Lasik.”

It is a fact that you can achieve these superior properties only with mylumineyes.

Can I Continue Using Colored Contact Lenses?

Yes, you can continue using colored contact lenses. If you are planning “iris implant surgery”or “kerato pigmentation surgery” and are seeking our advice, contact lenses will be the better option for sure!

Which Laser Is Best For Eye Color Changing?

The 8G+ 3D MyLumineyes® laser selects melanin pigmentation.

This technology gives maximum efficiency and protects your eyes and iris from damage. MyLumineyes® laser eye color change is the most advanced method of changing the color of your eyes in a safe and healthy manner.

MyLumineyes® employs a proprietary wavelength that selects only melanin pigmentation on the iris, leaving the rest of your eyes unaffected.This 8G+ 3D Laser also gives the maximum successful results. After 15 years of experience,The answer is, if you absolutely want to have permanent laser eye color change surgery, Mylumineyes.

What’s My Eye Color Grade? Scala Of Eye Colors, Chart

For you, the mylumineyes laser eye color change surgery center created an eye color grade system. When making an appointment and requesting information, please provide us with your eye color grade. Grading is very important for us in changing eye color with a laser.


1: It is a light color, close to hazel-toned eyes.

2: Pretty light brown eyes.

3: medium brown eyes

4: Dark Brown Eyes

5: very dark brown, close to black eyes

What Is The Most Efficient And Fast Eye Color Change Procedure?

Performing the world’s first laser eye color change, Dr. Mustafa Mete, with the new 8G+ 3D laser, was able to convert brown eye color to green in just four days without any side effects. It was safe and tremendously fast.

Thus, we started to offer both fast and reliable features together. Now, with “My Lumineyes Xtra”, we have both shortened time and increased safety.

How Is “Lumineyes Laser Eye Color Change” Different From Its Counterparts?

“Eye Color Changing Process MY Lumineyes®” is a unique Lumineyes technique.

In short, a laser with special abilities known as “Lumineyes” stimulates the brown or darkly pigmented cells in the iris and causes melanin cells to flow out of the dark pigment layer to form a blue-green-gray.

Many years ago, we invented this method to treat heterochromia. This was the process of making the color adjustment of the heterochromic eye and the patient with the difference in the tone in the eye by making this cell layer appear to be mainly colorless but appear colored from the outside.

In long-term follow-up and development, we worked on a laser with a special wave-length and a different mechanism of action, leading to an amazing development.

MYLumineyes® have been developed as a more effective, safer, more controlled method with different specialities (laser ratios, technique, different wavelengths, selectivity, mapping, experience, etc.) compared to others.

Lumineyes is using a unique laser. It creates a microscopic effect without damaging the surrounding tissues. Also, Mylumineyes laser uses its own frequency and wavelength.


How To Change Your Eyes Color?

Firstly, eye examination will done by Dr.Mete. He examines the factors that may affect your eye health before you get laser eye color change surgery. And creates a separate program for each person. The frequency, wavelength and energy of the treatments are tailored to each individual. Pigment density, iris resistance, cellular response and ocular capacity are all carefully examined for safety reasons. These are the unique features of the “mylumineyes” method.

“Mylumineyes” is the safest and most effective method for eye color change. Long-term results have shown that the technique is very safe, and we have successfully managed this process.The success rate of the therapies is 99.9%.

“Mylumineyes” is only available at our clinic in Turkey.(new countries is coming soon)

We are planning to expand to other regions in the near future. Treatments by amateur clinics, fake doctors, and an unsuitable simple laser at low prices will easily cause irreversible damage to your eyes.

Your eyes are more precious than anything!

We have a variety of packages, including additional services for patients.

Frankly, you can believe that the laser eye color change surgery cost is well worth the effort you and we put into it.

While you are doing your holiday and affordable shopping in beautiful Istanbul, we can send you home with colorful eyes.

Eye Color Changing Drops: Can They Change Eye Color?

Drops that Change Eye Color :

There are numerous sources of information about eye drops that claim to change the color of your eyes. We can examine these drops in 2 groups.

1-prostaglandin analogs

2-drops, which claim to changing eye color,

First of all, this topic is very controversial. Prostaglandin analogs used in the treatment of glaucoma can cause your eyes to darken and your eyelashes to lengthen. Actually, this is a side effect. If the goal is to lighten the eye color, prostaglandin analogues will have the opposite effect. If you use these drops in one eye, it will cause an abnormality called heterochromia.

These medications are applied to your skin instead of your eyes.

In the second group, there are drops containing n-acetyl-glucosamine, which are claimed to change eye color. In addition, n-acetyl-glucosamine reduces the production of melanin in the skin. On the contrary, its effect on the eye is not known yet. Moreover, it does not pass from the skin to the eye. It is not known what kind of damage it will cause if it passes.

We think that this substance will have no effect on the melanin pigment in the iris.

In addition, we have seen many positive or negative posts about this eye color changing eye drop on some media and social networking sites. Some celebrities claim to have used these drops on their own eyes and experienced positive results. Of course, these are very likely to be advertisements.

Furthermore, you should not use an eye drop in your eyes that contains this substance.

It is only safe for your skin. Eye color changing drops, which do not have FDA or any approval yet, cost 55 USD on the internet. Moreover, there are options for different eye colors. I’d like to warn you that there have been drops that claimed to solve everything in the past. However, they were found to be ineffective.

What Is An Artificial Iris Implant?

The process of placing a silicone lens on the iris, the layer that gives the eye its color, is known as an iris implant. Using this method, an artificial eye color can be created. This method, contrary to popular belief, dates back to ancient times. This surgical method was already being used for post-traumatic or congenital iris damage.

This surgical operation is performed by invasively entering the eye and placing this “iris implant,” which consists of a silicone material, on the surface of the iris.

The reasons why we don’t do this effortless process compared to lasers are that it is risky, an artificial image is obtained, causing complications in long-term results, and it does not serve its purpose.

It is a risky procedure and causes many complications in the long term. As a result, you cannot achieve a natural-colored appearance.

For now, we do not prefer this process, which is simpler than the laser method.

It has an artificial appearance, the number of complications is very high, and the results are not satisfactory.

Moreover, according to the Mylumineyes eye color change procedure, it is a risky procedure and causes many complications in the long run.

As a result, you cannot achieve the natural-colored appearance that the laser gives with implant surgery.

These implants, which are manufactured for aesthetic reasons, are now available in color.

I Got Eye Color Change Surgery Without Success. Can I Continue With You?

If your eye health is still excellent and you got the treatment from a real doctor, yes! You still have a chance to change your eye color in Turkey correctly.

Why Someone Get Results Fine Others Not?

The color shift in the eye is influenced by a number of factors. In a summary, DNA, your eye health, the pigment ratio, the pigment resistance, the reaction supplied, and so on. They all have an impact on the outcome. As a result, although 4 sessions may be enough for some eyes, others may require more than 40 sessions. But finally we almost get with everyone amazing results.

What Is The Difference Between Light Brown And Dark Brown Eyes ?

The results are subjective, can increase or decrease according to the expectation of the person, so there is no objective indicator of a good result here. There is almost no limit to the lightening of the color in the eye.

In people with light brown eyes, the time to reach results is usually short and the number of sessions is low. More treatments are frequently necessary for a lengthy period for dark eyes. This implies that those with dark eyes will need to come in for extra treatments every 4-6 months. Until they are satisfied with their achievements.

What Are The Eye Color Change Surgery Costs?

Depending on the license of the clinic and the experience of the doctor, they cost about 3500–7500 euros.

Moreover, “Mylumineyes” eye color change surgery costs are more economical. Because in unknown places, you will receive many treatments, you will not get results, and you will be likely to suffer damage to your eye.

Undoubtedly, despite the high quality of our laser and our professional service, we keep the costs of laser eye color change surgery low.

Please contact us via our website’s contact form or via email for the best eye color changing surgery Turkey costs and prices.At the same time, our customer representative can call you via Whatsapp.

There Are Places That Guarantee Results And Eye Color Change Surgery Costs Are Cheaper

Unfortunately, we’ve heard this story from a variety of sources. They waste time, hope, money, and, most importantly, the health of their eyes. Please refrain from having these types of conversations.

Surgery to change one’s color is a serious procedure. Please do not change your eye color in places where it is unsafe or unrecognized. The unique laser we use uses a certain consumable in each session, this has a high cost expense. Therefore, lasers made at cheap prices will pose a high risk for your eyes.

Can Your Eyes Change Color With Kerato Pigmentation? Is It Safe?

A femtosecond laser use to perform keratopigmentation. Kerato-pigmentation divided into two stages. The cornea is first cut to create a corneal tunnel. Secondly, this tunnel fill with a colored substance. Corneal tattooing results in a long-lasting color change. In fact, corneal tattooing has been used many years for corneal opacities.
Keratopigmentation does not change the eye’s natural pigments. Unfortunately, creates a false image. Also, can cause many complications. Kerato pigmentation is an irreversible surgery, it can cause permanent astigmatism, decreased vision, infection, corneal damage.
Moreover, perhaps one of the most important problems is that if you do not like it, it is not possible to completely remove this colored substance placed in the cornea.

It’s important to keep in mind that the “Mylumineyes Laser Eye Color Change Procedure” works on a completely natural mechanism.

What Is The Fastest And Most Effective Eye Color Change Procedure?

Performing the world’s first laser eye color change, Dr. Mustafa Mete and the MyLumineyes® team with our new 8G+ 3D laser were able to convert brown eye color to green in just 4 days without any side effects, safe, tremendously fast and effectively.

By using personalized parameters, mylumineyes achieves fast, effective, and cost-effective results. The most significant issue of the eye color change process is to achieve success without risking the person’s eye health. It is the only doctor and center that can achieve this right now.

This laser technology of ”Mylumineyes” has been developed  many years of research.

This laser, which is state-of-the-art and works at a specific wavelength, does not harm other tissues. It only targets the melanin cells in the eye.

A laser eye color change operation is not a procedure that even a normal eye doctor can do! Therefore, we recommend that you do a lot of research when choosing your doctor and center. On the internet, there is a lot of fake advertising, news, center, and doctor information.We recommend that you do not endanger your eyes with this information pollution. We offer you the opportunity to change your eye color safely and to protect your eye health. With MyLumineyes®, you can begin to see life in color.

Can I Continue With Eye Color Change Surgery After No Results?

If your eye health is still perfect and if you got the laser from a real doctor, yes! Still, you have a chance to change your eyes’ color the right way.

I Spoke With Someone Where They Guaranteed Results And Cheap Prices.

Unfortunately, we have heard this story many times from many people. They lose their time, hope, money, and most importantly, their eye health irreversibly. Please avoid these kinds of unrealistic conversations. Nothing in life have a guarantee.