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Frequently Ask Questions

Yes, why not, if you have found a place that applies this method in a healthy and safe way by adding its experience? Certainly,we have the right conditions to change your eye color in a safe and healthy way.

There are essentially three distinct methods to change the color of one’s eyes. Depending on the specific technology used, there are several methods available to alter the color of one’s eyes. There are essentially three approaches available for doing this task. These are three different procedures: iris implantation, laser therapy, and keratopigmentation. The goal is to change the color of brown eyes, which is the most prevalent eye color, to green, blue, gray, or other less frequent shades. The eyes seem to possess color. While this “Laser Color Changing Procedure” provides a natural look to your eyes, unfortunately, other procedures give them an unnatural appearance. Regardless, while all three treatments result in a permanent change in eye color, only laser treatment yields authentic and beneficial outcomes. Individuals with pigmented irises exhibit higher levels of self-assurance.

Contrary to the commonly held idea, to change your eye color does not result in any changes in the eye color of your offspring.

In this section, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each technique. Laser eye color changes are a frequently performed procedure in Turkey. In Turkey, lasers are the preferred procedure for changing eye color because of their undeniable superiority in all areas. Specifically, none of the other ways are safer or more natural. To get knowledge about “how to alter eye color,” extensive study is necessary. Undoubtedly, the laser we use, with a capacity of 8G, is unequivocally the most superior laser globally. Furthermore, it is important to highlight that the My Lumineyes approach is distinctly exceptional.

How can one effectively change their eye color in a safe manner?

The answer is straightforward: it is the result of fifteen years of knowledge from the institution that created it. Simultaneously, you will get information on keratopigmentation, iris implants, colored contact lenses, and drops that changes eye color.

How can I locate a clinic or service in your vicinity that offers the laser procedure for changing eye color?

We suggest considering Turkey as a destination for undergoing eye color-changing procedures at a conveniently located facility. You may do a search to locate the closest facility that specializes in eye color alteration. However, we assure you that the benefits of traveling large distances to reach such a clinic are substantial. Simultaneously, Istanbul stands out as the most captivating and exquisite metropolis globally, offering the unique opportunity to alter one’s eye color while enjoying an exceptionally delightful vacation. We have observed that we can change our eye color in Canada or the US offices only after obtaining the necessary licenses.

How can I locate an ophthalmologist or physician that specializes in doing laser procedures for changing eye color?

Exercise caution while doing studies on eye color change surgery clinics. Avoid unreliable facilities and physicians. Conduct a study on the doctor who lacks any previous medical experience. Regrettably, we are currently unable to provide a recommendation for a medical professional specializing in eye color alteration in either the United States or Canada.

Is an eye color change laser procedure in the US worth considering?

Certainly, there is no reason not to consider using this technology, provided that you have identified a reputable establishment that does it in a manner that prioritizes both health and safety while leveraging their expertise. Undoubtedly, we possess the optimal circumstances to alter your eye color in a secure and wholesome manner.

Eye color change surgery available in Turkey

Prior to eliminating the dark pigmented layer, the laser first stimulates the brown or dark-pigmented cells in the iris. The second layer is protected by it, and this layer is responsible for producing the colors green, blue, hazel, and gray. In essence, it is a triumphant manifestation of Lumineyes. Initially, we began our company by mitigating the potential adverse consequences associated with the Lumineyes technique. Rest assured, we have attained a really high level of achievement. The “Mylumineyes” laser eye color modification technique, considered the most effective way for altering eye color, utilizes a laser to reduce the melanin content in the iris and so modify the eye’s color. Undoubtedly, our laser is capable of detecting the iris, and it is dependent on the presence of melanin cells for its proper functioning. Consequently, this will provide us with both security and effectiveness.

The color of the eye is determined by the pigment present in the frontal iris. Every color, including iris, is composed of three elements: hue, saturation, and brightness. Color is a combination of primary colors, intensity refers to the color’s difference from white on the color spectrum, and value is the color’s brightness or reflection of light.

Dr. Mete created the Lumineyes Xtra technique, which utilizes a laser to eliminate the pigmentation responsible for the dark appearance of brown eyes.

This laser stimulates a biological response in the iris, triggering macrophages to increase their activity in order to remove dead cells. MYLumineyes may be used on an outpatient basis and only needs five minutes of daily use. Furthermore, there was a complete absence of any pain during the surgical operation. The number of eye laser treatments needed will depend on your eye color and the color you choose. Ongoing research investigations are being conducted on laser eye color surgery. The procedure involves using a low-energy laser to eliminate dark brown eye colors, hence producing green, grey, hazel, or blue eye colors. The Lumineyes Laser may alter the pigmentation of your eyes, resulting in a more aesthetically pleasing and beautiful eye color.

The laser therapy induces a photothermolysis response that stimulates the anterior iris region in MYLumineyes. The pigmented substance is eliminated via the capillaries due to the immunological and macrophage response to the treatment, revealing the underlying gray stromal tissues of the iris. The process of laser eye color change is permanent. However, with the advanced technology of Lumineyes Xtra, if you are not pleased with the color of your eyes or if there is not enough change in eye color, you have the opportunity to undergo the operation again until you obtain the desired and aesthetically pleasing eye color.

The hazards associated with laser therapy are significantly increased when performed by inexperienced individuals and when it is not compatible with the Lumineyes method.

Vision impairment, ocular damage leading to visual impairment, and development of cataracts are some of the potential dangers. The significant risks of permanent blindness and diminished eyesight much than the cosmetic advantages of altering eye color.

The Lumineyes method utilizes a low-intensity laser for a duration of less than one microsecond to eradicate the stroma, which refers to the light-absorbing fibers present in the iris. Once a stratum has been eradicated, the body will naturally destroy it.


The “Lumineyes method” has been enhanced with the following new elements, resulting in perfection.

  1. The distinguishing features of the Fluency method category
  2. Selectivity refers to the capacity to choose or prioritize some things above others. Diagramming involves creating visual representations or charts to illustrate information or concepts. Variability refers to the extent to which anything may change or vary.
  3. Individuality refers to the unique characteristics or qualities that distinguish one person
  4. Short-term memory refers to the capacity to temporarily hold and manipulate information in the mind. Reliability, on the other hand, refers to the consistency and accuracy of a measurement or result.
  5. The term “wavelength” refers to the distance between two consecutive points in a wave that are in phase with each other.
  6. Biocompatible

Another crucial aspect is that “Mylumineyes” creates individualized programs for each patient while strictly following safety protocols.

Undoubtedly, it is possible to naturally change the color of your eyes.

Undoubtedly, it is possible to safely alter the color of your eyes with a specialized laser. Following a comprehensive examination of the eyes and further diagnostic procedures conducted at our clinic, we have reached this conclusion. The process of aesthetic eye color changes is derived from our first development for persons with heterochromia. To achieve a successful alteration of eye color, it is crucial to ensure the preservation of the patient’s eyesight and eye health. Currently, the “laser eye color change Turkey” procedure is often used to alter eye color for cosmetic reasons. With the exception of few unfavorable circumstances, almost anybody may alter their eye color with this process. Furthermore, since eye color alteration occurs in Turkey, we will provide comprehensive support throughout the treatment process.

The natural color of my eyes is a shade of blue-green. What methods may I use for changing the color of my eyes?

Indeed, it is indeed feasible to alter the color of a pigmented eye to a lighter shade or a different hue. We possess extensive proficiency in handling eyes of this specific kind. We successfully altered the eye color to a shade of blue-gray, a lighter shade of blue, and hazel, instead of the original green, gray, and blue colors.

What is your assessment on the quality of my eye color?

The mylumineyes laser eye color change Turkey facility has developed an eye color grading system for your convenience. When scheduling an appointment and requesting information, please provide us with your eye color classification. Grading plays a vital role in our ability to change eye color with a laser.

1. Grade: The color is a lighter hue, closely resembling hazel eyes.

Grade 2: Eyes are a shade of pale brown.

3. Grade: eyes are medium brown.

4.Grade: Dark brown eyes

5.grade: eyes that are really dark brown, practically black.

At what time will the final findings be shown to me?

An approximate calculation would be beneficial. Notably, we are concluding a single therapy method for changing eye color within a timeframe of either 5 or 7 days. Individuals with dark eyes must either extend their stay or split their time. Dr. Mete will devise a treatment plan to enhance the prosperity, safety, and efficiency of your life. (often lasting for a period of 7-10 days.) The completion of one treatment with MYLumineyes often requires a duration of 5 to 7 days. The color tone often takes two to four sessions, on average, to alter. After the first month, you will see a significant alteration in eye color. Eventually, your eye color will gradually become lighter and undergo daily changes in hue.

It is anticipated that the effectiveness of laser treatment will last for a period of about four to six months.

The advantages of use Mylumineyes last for a duration of 4-6 months after the first treatment. Over time, we decided to expand our offerings by providing additional sessions specifically tailored for those with dark eyes. We can achieve outcomes in almost all of our resolute patients.

Is it necessary for me to make preparations beforehand?

Prior to the Mylumineyes laser process, there is no need for any kind of preparation measures. Undoubtedly, every measure has been taken to safeguard your well-being.

What do we examine in your eyes prior to commencing the laser session?

  1. Characteristics of your eyes.
  2. The structure and composition of the iris.
  3. Pigmentation classification
  4. Drainage channels.
  5. The pigmentation’s density.

Can I continue wearing my contact lenses?

However, you are still at liberty to maintain your current practice of using colored contact lenses. Undoubtedly, prolonged usage of contact lenses has a heightened danger of causing lasting harm to the eyes. Mylumineyes provide several benefits for overall well-being. Furthermore, the costs related with eye color modification surgery are more financially advantageous in the long run compared to those linked to contact lenses. Using a laser to change the color of one’s eyes is the most optimal and beneficial option for maintaining good health.

Undoubtedly, the crucial factor is in the method and individuals involved to change your eye color.

Undoubtedly, it is feasible to use a laser to naturally change the color of one’s eyes. There are two crucial factors that individuals who alter the color of their eyes must take into account. Essentially, the attending physician’s degree of knowledge and the suitability of the laser type are the key factors.

What specific aspects should I focus on when it comes to changing eye color?

Undoubtedly, undergoing changing eye color procedures performed by illegal and incompetent facilities will certainly lead to significant ocular complications in the future. Physiology of the eye The ability of the aqueous humor drainage pathways to remove spilled pigments is restricted. Excessive exertion or rapid deposition of pigments on channels will lead to the collapse of the canal. This will lead to significant ocular health complications. As a consequence, poorly executed eye color alteration therapies may lead to glaucoma, iridocyclitis, cataract, corneal damage, and iris atrophy. As seen before, the Mylumineyes approach does not cause channel overload.

Exercise caution when considering laser procedures that are affordable and inaccurate, since they have the potential to rapidly inflict irreparable damage to the eyes.

The worth of your eyes surpasses that of all other possessions. Conduct initial investigation on fraudulent medical practitioners, clinics, enterprises without a physical location, and unfamiliar firms and clinics. It is important to be vigilant of unprofessional and deceptive medical facilities. Their population has grown during the last years. We strongly recommend that you engage in thorough investigation of the physician. Exercise caution when dealing with brokers that do not provide the name of a physician on their websites. Furthermore, it is advisable to thoroughly examine the medical background of your physician.

What is the maximum age at which eye color may change?

Laser technology has the capability of changing the color of individuals’ eyes, but only for those who fall within the age range of 18 to 65 years old. This operation is contraindicated for those below the age of 18, irrespective of whether their family has provided approval.

I have a condition that involves myopia, hypermetropia, astigmatism, and presbyopia. Am I a good candidate for undergoing eye surgery to change the appearance of my eyes?

Certainly, it is possible to change the color of your eyes. If desired, we may additionally rectify any further ocular issues you may have. Dr. Mete is well recognized as an excellent practitioner in lasik eye surgery.

The laser approach is presently the most dependable and efficient means to change eye color.

Essentially, this laser stimulates the inherent mechanism of the eye and provides a safe eye color change surgery. Furthermore, the outcomes are entirely organic, devoid of any artificial elements. We have not only pioneered the first laser-based therapy for changing eye color, but we have also consistently enhanced and refined it over time. We emphasize that use any copy method other than Mylumineyes exposes you to potential hazards. We understand the importance of everyone’s time and acknowledge that many individuals want to get prompt outcomes. Without a doubt, you are now experiencing a prolonged journey, toiling and suffering from a loss of productivity. Therefore, we have developed the Mylumineyes Xtra method just for your needs.

We have reduced the amount of time lost and replaced it with a laser that is both more efficient and safer to use. In only four days, Dr. Mustafa Mete successfully transformed brown eyes to green utilizing the world’s first 8G+ 3D laser technology for changing eye color, with no issues. The system was very secure and exceptionally fast. The laser technology and procedure developed by MyluminEyes has a success rate of 99 percent.

As a result, we started offering both prompt and reliable features.

What is the success rate of laser treatment?

Even in the most difficult cases, we achieve a success rate of 99.9 percent. Rest certain that by strictly adhering to the protocols and directions we have given, we will undoubtedly accomplish exceptional results.

Which laser is the most efficient to change your eye color?

The process of choosing melanin pigmentation is significantly streamlined with the use of the “8G+ 3D MyLumineyes laser”. This technology is characterized by its exceptional performance and its ability to provide eye protection. Undoubtedly, the most secure and optimal method for changing the eye color is by using the MyLumineyes® laser. MyLumineyes operate using a distinct frequency. The technology selectively targets melanin pigmentation in the iris, without affecting the surrounding areas of the eyes. Moreover, the 8G+ 3D Laser provides optimal results. Undoubtedly After doing extensive study over a period of 15 years, we have determined that the exclusive and secure approach to alter the color of your eyes is via the use of MyLumineyes® laser eye color altering surgery.

Unsuccessful surgery for changing your eye color

I had a procedure to alter the color of my eyes, but unfortunately, the outcome was not successful. What actions are I capable of taking? Indeed, there is undoubtedly a solution. Following a failed eye color alteration surgery, some individuals seeking laser treatment express their desire to undergo the operation once again in order to get their desired eye color. Prior to proceeding, it is important to ensure that your ophthalmologist has the requisite skills, expertise, and employs a laser device that is appropriate for the task at hand, as previously discussed. However, there are many necessary circumstances for the eye color to change. Individuals with dark brown irises may need many treatment sessions in order to alter their eye color. Without a doubt, after the failed treatment to alter eye color, we have achieved success with the “Mylumineyes Xtra” program implemented at our clinic.

We used an alternative method and adjusted the parameters to modify the eye color in individuals with Mylumineyes Xtra. This effectively induces a shift in eye color. Efforts are attempted to target the DNA structure and pigment resistance, which are responsible for changing eye color, in order to achieve more effective results. Simultaneously, attempts are made to address any issues present in the iris. Common issues with iris occur when using lasers that include both high energy and combustible properties.

What are the options after a failed eye color change surgery?

Following an unsuccessful laser eye color surgery, our clinic conducts a comprehensive eye checkup. The “Mylumineyes Xtra” tool assesses the issues that hinder the effectiveness of the procedure. Often, the laser-based procedure for altering eye color does not provide effective outcomes.
It is important to note that the likelihood of experiencing failure with “Mylumineyes Xtra” is quite minimal. Typically, this approach yields outcomes between 1-4 treatment sessions. All factors have been thoroughly taken into account to ensure a successful surgery to change your eye color.

Which treatment for changing eye color should you select?

The Laser eye color altering clinic in Turkey utilizes individualized mapping and procedures for each client. This provides you with the opportunity to choose the most efficient approach. Consequently, Mylumineyes Xtra has the best success percentage. Furthermore, even if you have already had eye color alteration. Mylumineyes Xtra has all the necessary components for a successful operation to alter eye color.

To ensure the success of the eye color change operation, we advise you to peruse our further enlightening articles available on our website.

To begin with, it is important to note that the laser color alteration treatment does not include any surgical intervention.

Laser beams penetrate the cornea and have an impact on the iris. Essentially, it is accomplished without the need for any surgical intervention. Indeed, the laser eye color change in Turkey does not need any kind of surgery or invasive procedure. An advantageous aspect is that the laser does not need direct contact with your eyes.

Distinguishing Lumineyes from Mylumineyes

In summary, the lumineyes approach has effectively mitigated almost all of the hazards connected with it, setting it apart from the other way. Mylumineyes are unparalleled in terms of their safety and effectiveness. Our investigation into the treatment of heterochromia led to the development of the laser eye color changing procedure. Interestingly, several establishments are endeavoring to do a surgical procedure that is similar in quality to mylumineyes.

When comparing them to “Mylumineyes Eye Color Change Turkey,” they have several disadvantages.

  1. Laser energy utilization technique
  2. Proficient in generating wavelength selectivity feature maps
  3. It functions without inflicting damage to tissues beyond the intended site.
  4. Its activity has a rather brief duration. Consequently, it does not pose any risk to the eyes.

Based on the aforementioned attributes, it is clear that this product stands apart from its rivals.

Laser induces alterations in melanin pigmentation.

The laser used utilizes state-of-the-art safety technologies. Hence, altering eye color may be achieved without any potential hazards. This laser utilizes its ability to detect the melanin pigment present in the eye and selectively targets just the regions containing melanin. Furthermore, the laser device’s wavelength is not absorbed by other eye tissues. Consequently, the prevention of harm to other eye tissues is achieved. Melanin cells undergo alterations when they are subjected to laser light. Consequently, the color of the iris gradually starts to become lighter. Additionally, the 8g laser employs a natural process; nevertheless, we now choose to maintain the confidentiality of this information. The doctor will do a comprehensive ophthalmological assessment on you.

Remarkably, a mere 2 minutes of laser treatment will be administered to each eye. It is important to highlight that there is an absence of pain or discomfort throughout the sessions. Lumineyes provide unparalleled comfort. The number of sessions, amount of energy, and number of injections for each individual vary.

What is the most cutting-edge laser procedure to change your eye color?

The 8G Lumineyes laser, which is used for the “lightening eye color,” is presently the most advanced technology available. This technique is used based on the individual’s ocular anatomy. After taking all factors into account, it can be concluded that the “Lumineyes 8G” laser type is the most efficient and beneficial for one’s health.

Typically, it is not feasible to anticipate the specific eye color that will result after laser therapy.

Absolutely not. Prior to the activation of the laser, this option is not selectable. Following the therapy, the hue of your eyes becomes indeterminate and capricious. Eyes that are dark brown and have a high concentration of pigmentation are susceptible to transitioning into shades of gray, green, or hazel. Conversely, eyes that are light brown have a greater likelihood of transforming into shades of blue, gray, or green. The variation in eye color is also contingent upon the durability of the existing dark pigments. Mylumineyes works by protecting and promoting eye health within established limits. Remarkably, our latest invention offers the choice to choose between blue or green in certain situations. Dr. Mete consistently enhances and advances Mylumineyes. Moreover, we firmly think that with genuine dedication and a conscientious approach to treatment, we can effectively support you in achieving your aspirations.

Are you experiencing any discomfort? What is the anticipated date for my job reinstatement?

During laser-assisted eye color change, you will only experience a little tingling sensation, which will not be uncomfortable. Following the completion of treatment, the patient is able to recommence their regular activities. Typically, there are no significant alterations in your life before to and after laser eye surgery; nonetheless, it is advisable to refrain from engaging in heavy activities.

Will the change in eye color be permanent?

It is worth mentioning that any changes in eye color are enduring. Although keratopigmentation and laser operations cannot be reversed, the process of permanently changing eye color via iris implant surgery may be reversed. However, it is crucial for you to be aware that you must absolutely refrain from undergoing iris implant surgery under any circumstances. Undoubtedly, laser therapy is the one method that is both natural and efficient to permanently change your eye color. Turkey offers the most effective outcomes for permanent alteration of eye color. Repeating this procedure is unnecessary. Due to the unique process used by mylumineyes, the alteration of eye color is irreversible.

It is important to keep in mind that the arrangement of your eye’s DNA and its many minute features play a vital role in deciding the result.

Several variables may affect the phenomenon of eye color change. The findings are influenced by several elements such as DNA, eye health, pigment ratio, pigment resistance, and given reaction. All of them contribute in some way to determining the result. Consequently, although it is possible that some individuals may find four sessions sufficient for their eyes, others may need more than forty sessions.

I had a procedure to change the color of my eyes, but it was unsuccessful. Do you object if I proceed with you?

If your ocular health has consistently maintained excellent condition and you have gotten medical treatment from a qualified physician, then the response is affirmative. You still have the opportunity to alter your eye color in Turkey to make it more appropriate.

What differentiates blackness from light brown eyes?

Due to the subjective nature of the outcomes and their variability based on individual expectations, there is no objective measure of a favorable outcome in this case. The degree to which the color of the eye may brighten is almost limitless. Individuals with light brown eyes often see rapid changes and only a few number of sessions to obtain their desired outcome. In contrast, those with dark eyes often require lengthier therapy and a greater number of sessions. With the exception of rare circumstances, this rule is correct 75 percent of the time. Therefore, those with dark brown eyes will be required to schedule extra appointments every 4–6 months. Until they are fully content with the outcomes they have achieved. Generally, individuals with light-medium dark brown and hazel eyes are considered the most suitable candidates for permanent eye color alteration surgery using laser technology.

If you are experiencing these issues, it is advised not to begin eye color change treatment.

  1. Uncontrolled diabetes mellitus
  2. Individuals diagnosed with both closed and open-angle glaucoma, which refers to people experiencing elevated intraocular pressure in their eyes.
  3. Rheumatism, uveitis, and iridocyclitis are medical conditions.
  4. Individuals who are born without an iris and have an unidentified systemic ailment
  5. Establish ambitious standards for yourself.
  6. Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) or other systemic problems
  7. Psychosocial insecurity refers to a state of uncertainty or instability in one’s psychological and social well-being.
  8. Using medications that result in the accumulation of substances in the retina or cornea.
Individuals with any of the preceding conditions are not eligible for eye color alteration surgery.

Is it safe to undergo eye color change procedures in Turkey?

Without a doubt, a highly experienced ophthalmologist is capable of doing this specific laser therapy because to their significant surgical expertise. Furthermore, the center must have a profound knowledge and skill set in this particular area.t. Undoubtedly, “Mylumineyes” is the most reliable and effective method for altering eye color. Extensive research has shown that the MYLumineyes® method is very secure over an extended period of time. Mylumineyes offers a level of security that is equal to or greater than that of Lasik. Nevertheless, this does not hold true for other methods.

What are the potential adverse effects of Laser Eye Color Change Surgery?

As previously mentioned, these adverse effects only manifest in unfamiliar laser eye color change procedures.

  • Iridocyclitis-Pigment Dispersion Syndrome is a medical condition.
  • Glaucoma and cataracts are two eye diseases.
  • Irreversible vision impairment
  • Uveitis
  • Symptoms of ocular inflammation
  • Corneal damage may lead to the failure of stem cells.
  • Failure
  • Iris atrophy

Patients administered with Mylumineyes do not encounter the aforementioned hazards in either the immediate or prolonged duration.

There are establishments that provide a guarantee of achieving desired outcomes at a lower cost. Why don’t you provide a similar guarantee?

Regrettably, we have received this narrative from several reliable sources. They invest time, optimism, financial resources, and, most importantly, their visual well-being. Please abstain from engaging in conversations of this kind. Evidently, color-changing surgery is a significant and complex medical treatment. It is advised not to alter your eye color in places where it might cause injury or where it is not recognized. Consequently, undergoing a surgical operation to alter one’s skin tone is a significant and grave undertaking. It is important to note that altering your eye color should not be done in locations where it is considered hazardous or not legally recognized. Ultimately, be cautious of establishments that appear regularly every half-year and counterfeit social media profiles that brag about their success. Due to our strict ethical guidelines, the “eye color change Turkey clinic” prioritizes your well-being and refrains from making unrealistic commitments.

The advantages and disadvantages of non-surgical laser eye color changing

  1. The laser procedure is performed without any direct contact with the eyes.
  2. It is a non-invasive process.
  3. Remarkably, it guarantees a genuine and organic alteration in eye color.
  4. An optimal quantity of recurring occurrences
  5. It is not associated with any loss of eyesight.
  6. It does not impact the structure or physical characteristics of the eyes.
  7. Fortunately, there is no administration of any foreign substances by injection.
  8. No lasting repercussions were seen.
  9. Simultaneously, each individual is allocated a unique curriculum that is tailored to their own characteristics.
  10. While being the pinnacle of an artistic endeavor, it is also cost-effective.
  11. It offers the most profound transformation among all the cosmetic operations performed on your body.
  12. This is not a figment of imagination, but rather a tangible and actual occurrence.

With a few exceptions, the cost of eye color change surgery is dictated on the kind of procedure and clinical expertise.

The cost of the procedure might vary between 3,500 and 7,500 euros, depending on the clinic’s accreditation and the eye doctor‘s level of competence. Furthermore, the expenses associated with “Mylumineyes” are more affordable. Due to the lack of identification in some regions, you may encounter several treatments that are ineffective and have a high probability of causing eye damage. We eagerly anticipate receiving your response on the most cost-effective and efficient procedure for changing eye color in Turkey. Mylumineyes is an effective and reasonably priced method to alter the color of your eyes without compromising your well-being. Contact us to inquire about the current pricing for laser eye color surgery. Our customer support specialist may reach out to you simultaneously over WhatsApp.

Is it feasible to change the color of my eyes in Turkey and get VIP treatment and service?

You may certainly have this for a little more expense. We tailor tailored therapies for every client, which may include arrangements for lodging in a hotel, transportation in a car, and the assistance of a tour guide, in order to facilitate the change of eye color during your vacation.

Undoubtedly, iris implant surgery has a significant level of danger. It is advisable to avoid undergoing this procedure.

Iris implantation surgery is a procedure that involves the placement of a silicone lens into the iris, which is the pigmented layer of the eye. By using this technique, it is feasible to generate an artificial hue for the eyes. Despite common misconceptions, this approach has been used for several years. This surgical procedure was used to address issues of iris damage resulting from either trauma or congenital conditions. Presently, we do not choose this procedure, which is less intricate compared to the laser method. The object exhibits an artificial aesthetic, a significant quantity of intricate features, and outcomes that are not adequate. Put simply, the laser eye color alteration surgery is a high-risk procedure that may lead to long-term consequences. Consequently, implant surgery is unable to get the same natural-colored look as the laser. It is intriguing that despite our repeated cautions, many individuals are oblivious to the potential risks associated with iris implant surgery.

It is a proven fact that eye solutions that alter the pigmentation of the eyes have not yet demonstrated efficacy.

Multiple sites provide information about eye drops that claim to alter eye color. These drops may be classified into two groups.

1-prostaglandin analogues
2 products that claim to alter the color of the eyes.

First, this issue is exceedingly contested. Prostaglandin analogs used for glaucoma treatment might cause the eyes to darken and the eyelashes to lengthen. Undoubtedly, this is a side effect. Prostaglandin analogues will have a contrary effect if the goal is to brighten the color of the iris. Using these eyedrops in just one eye will result in heterochromia. Furthermore, n-acetylglucosamine eye drops have shown the ability to alter the pigmentation of the eyes. Furthermore, n-acetyl-glucosamine hinders the production of melanin in the skin. However, the impact of it on the eye is still unclear. Moreover, it does not penetrate the eye via the skin. If it is approved, the potential consequences it may cause are uncertain. We hypothesize that this chemical will not have any effect on the melanin pigment of the iris.

Drops that changes eye color are ineffective.

Finally, we have seen a multitude of positive and negative remarks on this eye drop on different media and social networking platforms. Several celebrities claim that they have personally used these eye drops to their own eyes and had favorable outcomes. Undoubtedly, they are most likely advertisements. Furthermore, it is imperative that you refrain from introducing this chemical into eye drops or applying it directly to your eyes.
It is only safe to come into touch with the skin. The internet price for eye drops that changes eye color without FDA or any other official approval is 55 USD. Furthermore, there are other choices available for different eye colors. I must caution you that there have been earlier instances when products were marketed as solutions to all issues. Nevertheless, they were shown to be inefficient.

Keratopigmentation procedure, due to its side effects and use of artificial colors, is unquestionably a treatment that has drawbacks as compared to laser surgery.

Keratopigmentation surgery may be performed using a “femtosecond laser.” This process comprises two sequential phases. Initially, the surgeon forms a tunnel inside the cornea. The second stage involves the injection of a pigmented material into this conduit. Corneal tattooing leads to a permanent alteration of the eye color. Corneal tattooing has long been used to enhance the appearance of patients with hazy corneas or other aesthetic issues. Keratopigmentation, a surgical procedure for permanent eye color modification, does not alter the eye’s inherent pigmentation. Conversely, it creates a deceptive perception. Finally, keratopigmentation surgery is associated with several problems. It is important to note that the “Laser Eye Color Change Procedure” utilizes a natural mechanism.

What are the potential long-term concerns associated with keratopigmentation?

According to Dr. Mete, keratopigmentation is limited to individuals who have experienced trauma or have issues with their iris. Dr. Mete’s words in 2024 indicate that those who have undergone keratopigmentation would have significant difficulties during future cataract surgery. According to Dr. Mete, the eye surgeon’s field of vision is restricted in cataract, retina, and most other eye procedures. As a result, the majority of eye surgeries are either not done or carry a high level of risk.

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