How to Change Your Eye Color?

There are three main ways to change eye color. Commonly, these three procedures are used to change eye color: keratopigmentation, laser eye color change surgery, and iris implantation. The objective is to change the pigmentation of the iris, transitioning from a brown shade to a different color like green, blue, gray, or any other desired color. There will be significant differences in the final results of each of the three methods. The process commonly referred to as “laser eye color change” is said to be the only technique that is both non-invasive and capable of producing outcomes that are identical to natural eye colors.

Dr. Mete provides the following information on how to change your eye color: Eye color changes can be categorized into surgical and non-surgical methods, as well as natural and unnatural changes. If you are interested in permanently changing your eye color through surgery, there are two methods available: iris implantation and keratopigmentation. But maybe you are not interested in undergoing surgery. Then there are two alternative ways you have to change your eye color: the first option is to use “colored contact lenses”, while the second option involves a “laser procedure to change the color of your eyes”. Out of all the methods available for changing eye color, the process involving lasers is the only one that results in a completely natural eye color change.

change eye color
iris lightening by Lumineyes laser eye color surgery

Over the last several years, there has been an observable increase in the number of individuals opting for surgical procedures aimed at changing eye color.

Surgical procedures aimed at changing eye color might include the use of artificial iris implants or keratopigmentation techniques. While several people may see this as a benign aesthetic modification, others have expressed apprehensions over the safety and enduring consequences associated with eye color change operations. Defenders assert that the act of undergoing this procedure is an individual decision that has the ability to enhance one’s self-assurance.

Conversely, detractors caution against the possible hazards associated with this practice, including the possibility of contracting infections, experiencing visual impairment, and even enduring complete loss of sight. Like any surgical procedure, it is crucial to thoroughly evaluate the potential risks and advantages prior to making a choice. “Laser surgery to change eye color” is definitely the safest way to change your eye color because it is non-invasive. Obviously, making the wrong choices will incur unnecessary costs and risks. Just like the wrong method and clinic selection, it can lead to difficult-to-compensate results. We will try to find the answer to “How to Change Your Eye Color Naturally,” but at the same time safely!

Can You Change Eye Color?

Is it possible to change the color of your eyes from brown to a more attractive color such as blue, green, gray, or hazel? Yes, there are several procedures that can eye color. Achieving a change in eye color is a common cosmetic objective. However, there is now the option of permanently changing the color of the eyes using iris-targeted laser surgery. Laser shots on the iris send pigments to the aqueous humor, therefore permanently lightening the iris eye color. Nonetheless, this form of intervention is now safe and effective; it’s called Lumineyes eye color change. However, there are further methods to change eye color. Many individuals are dissatisfied with the gifts of nature and wish for the rarest eye color. Those with brown eyes desire blue eyes, whereas those with blue eyes desire darker eyes. 

New surgical treatments appear to change the eye color. Without actual hindsight, it is impossible to trace the development of these treatments, which involve injecting colors into the epithelium or stroma or even replacing the entire natural iris with an artificial replica of the desired color. Finally, and most importantly, a special laser can be used to change the color of one’s eyes. It is noteworthy to note that the color of the eyes may likewise change based on the ambient light. Indeed, because the pigments of the iris are located on the two transparent membranes of the iris, the light can reach one or the other to varying degrees, accentuating specific colors more or less according to the strength of the light.

So, How Can You Change Eye Color? Let’s begin to tell

Laser Lumineyes Eye Color Change Without Surgery

How can I change the color of my eyes without undergoing surgery? Is it possible to change the color of my eyes without undergoing surgery? To change the color of your eyes, we will utilize a laser with a unique wavelength that distinguishes it from other lasers. A technique known as “laser eye color change” is used to describe a procedure that involves using a laser identified as the Mylumine 8G+ to reduce or remove the outermost portion of the pigment known as melanin in the iris. If the first visit goes well and you feel that you are qualified for treatment, you will receive laser shots at intervals of 1-2 minutes. MyLumineyes® offers a non-surgical option to potentially change the color of your eyes. However, it is important to note that only Dr. Mustafa Mete is certified to perform this procedure.

For those who do not want to be content with their natural eye color and a change in eye color is desired, the best and only natural method is the non-surgical Lumineyes laser eye color change procedure.

In the “Mylumineyes” method, a special laser with the highest level of technology is used to select pigments. This laser respects the tissues in the eye. Therefore, contrary to common information on the internet, it has almost no side effects. Natural, healthy, and permanent results are obtained in the laser-induced eye color change process. It’s a fact: Can you change your eye color in a healthy way with a laser? Maybe it will be too ambitious, but yes!

Furthermore, during the laser operation, Laser 8G does not injure your eyes, and you will not experience any pain. You can resume your normal routine after the process, which takes around 2 minutes. This treatment lasts about 5 to 7 days on average. While there is no need to prepare before the laser, you will need to take your medications later. The color lightening in Grade 1-2 eyes is visible from the first day; in darker eyes, it takes a few days or weeks to observe. However, the final outcome will take 3–6 months to show.

Therefore, the only natural way to change eye color is the Lumineyes treatment. Lumineyes’ laser operates at a low temperature for harmless reduction. In this way, the brown pigments are lost, and a blue, green, or gray color appears as a result. In addition, in this informative article, we will talk about how we turn brown eye color into the most attractive hazel, blue, and green eye colors with the Lumineyes laser.

Lumineyes Xtra laser eye color change before after
Lumineyes Xtra laser eye color change before after


Keratopigmentation, or the coloring of the cornea using dye, In comparison to the laser-induced eye color change operation, this is a more aggressive technique. It is predominantly irreversible and temporary. These pigments must be eye-biocompatible. In certain instances, there are dangerous problems. Thirty years ago As a cosmetic treatment, it has been used to enhance the look of blind eyes. The eye color change procedure is quite new. This process, known as iris depigmentation, involves burning the iris pigmentation-melanin using a laser. This damaged pigment enters the aqueous humor of the eye and, if all goes well, is eliminated.

Theoretically, this procedure makes it possible to lighten the color of the eyes, as it eliminates the pigment responsible for their color. However, it cannot be used to acquire a certain color, for instance. Those who are more daring will choose keratopigmentation to permanently change their eye color. This method involves injecting ink into the iris to create a type of tattoo. How does keratopigmentation change your eyes?

A femtosecond laser is used to perform keratopigmentation. There are two stages to this procedure. A corneal tattoo creates a long-lasting color. Corneal tattooing has been used for many years in patients with corneal opacities or abnormalities that affect their appearance. Let’s talk about how eye color changes with this method. But the results are artificial, and the risks are higher.

Changing the color of your iris surgically

Iris implant surgery is an alternative method to changing eye color. The ophthalmological society typically recommends against any implant in the iris for cosmetic purposes until trials and research demonstrate improved regulation of these operations to avoid any danger or problem affecting our vision. We removed many artificial iris implants in our clinic; all patients who applied to us had moderate to severe permanent damage to their eyes. In summary, you should avoid this method because there is no safe iris implant yet. Changing eye color with iris implants is very risky!

The technique of placing a silicone lens on the iris—the layer that gives the eye its color—is known as an iris implant. Using this procedure, an artificial eye color can be created. This procedure, contrary to popular belief, dates back to ancient times. This surgical procedure was previously used to treat post-traumatic or congenital iris damage. These implants, which were originally designed for aesthetic purposes, are now used to change the color of your eyes.

Contact lenses with coloration

Colored contact lenses are solutions for changing the color of the eyes. Whether you choose a lens for fun or a corrective lens, always wash your hands well and adhere to the hygiene guidelines. Contact lenses are a safe and inexpensive method to change the color of your eyes. Virtually all major contact lens manufacturers feature color models in diverse, extremely natural shades: blue contact lenses, green contact lenses, hazel contact lenses, etc. Simply select the one you prefer most and launch yourself. Obviously, contact lenses can have a number of side effects and risks. There are colored contact lenses for nearsightedness and farsightedness corrections, respectively. However, if you want to wear colored contact lenses just for cosmetic purposes, non-prescription colored contact lenses are the ideal alternative.

Is it possible to change the color of your eyes at home?

If you are expecting a real change in eye color at home, you will be disappointed. However, none of the methods, such as eye color-changing drops, foods, subliminal techniques, etc., will help you change your eye color naturally at home. If you continue reading this article, you will understand that the only natural change can be taken by an eye color-changing laser with the lumineyes method.

Does foods or drops affect the color change of the eyes?

Avoid any do-it-yourself remedies, such as those that propose putting a drop of honey in your eye every day; it is not true that this substance relieves them in any way! This is a dangerous rumor because if you believe it, you may inadvertently expose your eye to the germs contained in honey, risking really severe illnesses. To summarize, foods cannot clearly change eye color. Is it possible to naturally change eye color at home by foods? No, unfortunately. Eye color, like hair and skin color, is inherited. In order to achieve a permanent change without surgery or laser, the genetic code or cell structure must be altered.

As a result, you cannot achieve this at home with food, diet, or eye drops that are claimed to change eye color. Our eye color matures in childhood and stays constant for the rest of our lives. Some individuals, however, notice that their eye color naturally darkens or lightens with age. As previously stated, melanin pigment is vital in determining eye color. Melanin levels normally stay constant throughout life, but some events might cause them to change permanently. Eye color may be affected by conditions such as pigmentary glaucoma, heterochromia, and multicolored eyes.

How does eye color change?

Rarely do individuals have changes in eye color. Occasionally, changes in the appearance of one’s eye color may be seen as a result of pupil dilation. The visual perception of eye color may be influenced by several factors in one’s surroundings, such as the colors present in the environment, including lighting conditions and the attire worn by others.
The user’s text lacks academic tone and structure. It should be rewritten as follows: “TheVarious variables may contribute to alterations in eye coloration or the perception of distinct eye hues, including genetic factors, illnesses, drugs, and instances of physical damage.

The color of the eyes can not change significantly on their own. Generally, the pigmentation of an individual’s iris stabilizes and remains unchanging after three years following their birth. Once the pigmentation of the iris has reached its final state, it is often resistant to further alteration. Nevertheless, there exist other elements that may have an impact on an individual’s eye color and determine the likelihood of a transition to an alternative tint.

How Does Eye Color Change With Mylumineyes Laser Eye Color Changing Method?

Did you know that colored eyes have no pigment? So, how to change your eye color naturally? Lumineyes is a laser procedure to change your brown eye color to a natural blue,green,hazel or grey eye color. The laser does not require any surgical procedures to change the color of your eyes.With the MyLumineyes process, we remove the brown-colored pigments of stroma in your eyes by spreading them over time without any damage to the eye, with a laser by working on a special wavelength. Clearly, the laser approach is the best in terms of both effectiveness and safety among these options.

There is no colored pigment in the eye, they are just colorless. That is why almost with everyone we get successful results in changing eye color. With the MyLumineyes process, we destroy the brown pigments in your eyes by spreading them over time with a laser of special wavelength without damaging the eye. This process requires high professionalism.

This process requires high professionalism. Details in the MyLumineyes approach make it impossible to imitate. With 13 years of experience, we eliminate the melanin pigments in the iris layer while protecting your eye health. With every laser procedure performed, some reactions occur in your eyes. To control the reactions occurring in the eye and to reduce their effects only requires a professional eye surgeon specializing in this procedure. Research and choose your doctor well.

So, can we also change the color of your colored eyes to blue, green, or grey?

Yes, absolutely. We can change the blue-hazel eye color to gray or ice blue using the mylumineyes laser. Furthermore, what color will the green eye turn into if surgery is not performed? The good news is that mylumines have shown to be effective in changing the color of green eyes to blue or gray. Remember, we’re going to talk about hazel eyes. In bright light, the color of hazel eyes appears to be brown at times and green at other times. In a summary, it has a variety of eye colors. 

For example, in 99 percent of the cases where we receive results, the hazel color has been successfully changed to blue, green, or gray. I think we can all agree that changing the color of your eyes without surgery with mylumineyes is possible and even more successful in people who have naturally colored eyes. Remember that this is a serious job that necessitates a great deal of knowledge. In conclusion, we urge you to thoroughly research your doctor.

Many risky procedures are still in use today. This will cost you money in the form unsuccesfull of changing eye color and health issues.

Can you safely change the color of your eyes? Yes, but which surgery is safer? If you want to change your eye color both naturally and safely without surgery, a laser eye color change treatment called “Lumineyes” is your only option.

With our 13 years of experience, we destroy the melanin pigments in the iris layer while protecting your eye health. Some reactions occur in your eyes with every laser procedure. Only a professional eye surgeon specialized in this procedure is required to control the reactions in the eye and reduce its effects. Research and choose your doctor well. If you are unhappy with your natural hazel eye color, blue eyes, or green eyes, you may want to consider changing them to a different color. So does eye color affect eye health?

Is it possible to change eye color without the use of a laser

In addition to the laser, colored contact lenses can be used to change eye color without posing a significant risk to your eyes. However, it is safer than keratopigmentation and iris implants, despite the fact that they appear to be risk-free. Except for laser eye color change surgery, all treatments will result in an artificial appearance; they are not natural. However, the outcomes of “Lumineyes laser eye color change treatment” are entirely natural.

According to some news sites, eye color changes every 20 seconds. is it true?

This claim is false. It is based on a false story that first emerged years ago. The source of this information shows that there has been no significant success in the last 15 years, only optimistic claims. I would like to remind you that Mylumineyes is thirteen years older than you and produces effective and tangible results in the real world. Mylumineyes continues to get even better results in eye color change as the institution that invented the safe lumineyes laser method.

According to some doctors, this procedure is dangerous and should not be done, so should I be afraid?

No way! Our physician friends are partially right and partially wrong about laser eye color change surgery. You ask, Why? With the Lumineyes method and Dr.Mete, this procedure is much safer and healthier for almost all eye surgeries. “Lumineyes Xtra” laser eye color change surgery is much safer than Lasik or cataract laser eye surgery. Please check some reviews of laser eye color change surgery who had before?

To summarize everything about “how to change eye color”

Changing eye color ways: Through iris implantation, corneal pigmentation (a dye in the cornea), or natural laser eye color change without surgery (Lumineyes), permanent changes to eye color are possible. A synthetic iris is implanted into the eye during iris implantation procedures. By eliminating the pigment-producing cells in your iris, the Lumineyes surgery may change the color of your eyes. Brown eyes seem blue when they are gone. This is because blue eyes lack pigmentation. It is not only possible with brown eyes; Dr.Mete can change all colors to a different variation.

Is laser or surgery more logical for eye color change?

Can brown irises change naturally or could you naturally change the color of your eyes? Regrettably, no. The hue of your iris is inherited, much like the tone of your face and locks. The eye’s color cannot be transformed permanently without surgery unless you affect your DNA or the arrangement of cells. Medical experts have not yet conducted a complete analysis of the controversial and novel aesthetic iris implant operation. There is no proof that the technique is reliable and secure.

The procedure of tattooing the cornea of an individual’s eye is known as corneal tattooing (or keratopigmentation). This treatment is done to improve the aesthetic appearance of the eyes. However, patient satisfaction is very low, contrary to what is said. There are several different practices and approaches in use today, and views on their effectiveness or safety vary. When compared to Lumineyes laser eye color change (without surgery), results that are entirely artificial include several dangers and hazards due to intrusive surgery.

how to change your eye color?
can you change eye color?

Can eyes change color? Other variables that influence eye color


Doctors determined, based on a study of 250,000 cases, that this circle within the eye is related to the digestive system. Consequently, your food influences the color of your iris. Raw food detoxes and vegan diets significantly change eye color, according to the findings. Glutathione, an antioxidant, is the agent responsible for food-induced eye color changes. As a result, glutathione causes a decrease in melanin synthesis, which lightens the eyes. Certain meals can influence the color of the eyes, or at the very least their appearance. Spinach and organic honey make the eyes brighter, whereas fish enhances their color. Onions, olive oil, and hazelnuts also have an effect on eye health and thus color.

Apples, carrots, tomatoes, avocado, spinach, cauliflower, asparagus, grapefruit, almonds, and shellfish are examples of glutathione-rich foods that are also rich in sulfur and vitamin C. In brief, consuming raw or undercooked fresh fruits and vegetables may cause your green eyes to change color to blue and your dark brown eyes to brighten. According to our research, there is no evidence that foods can change the color of your eyes.

increased solar radiation

Sun exposure causes the body to manufacture more melanin, which might slightly change the color of our eyes if they are exposed to greater amounts of sunshine. Consequently, they may look darker than our existing eye color. Because it is stronger than artificial light, natural sunlight may also expose colors already present in your eyes.

Choice of attire and cosmetics

Certain clothes and cosmetics colors can accentuate our eye color. Depending on the color you wear, your eyes might seem lighter or darker. The color of your eyes can also change if you wear colored contact lenses, whether for medical or aesthetic purposes. If your eyes are not particularly dark, you can darken them by using blue eyeshadow, pencil, or copper and gold. Putting blue eyeliner on the top lid of the eye also has an optical effect that makes the eyes look bigger.

Bronze tones naturally cause blue reflections in the iris, so changing your makeup to look like this could help you love your natural eye color. It appears that there are lighter areas within hazel eyes that would be more visible if they were golden. Choose purple, brown, or pink makeup if you have green eyes and want to accentuate them.


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