Artificial Color Iris Implants |
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Artificial Color Iris Implants

These permanent eye implants have not yet been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration, but every year more people in Mexico, Central America and Africa are receiving this risk.

To change the color of the eye, implantation of the iris is done locally and placed in the iris. Silicon implant surgeon is designed to be used in the treatment of traumatic iris loss, but has been causing serious problems and complications since it has been used as an eye color changer.

After paying $ 20,000, the operation is started with local anesthesia, just a few minutes the green-colored silicone disc placed under the iris is turned into a bluish green-blue-green-green color.

The procedure consists of placing an implant so that the eyeball is covered with an incision, then the incision is made, and then the incision is made.

Although it is technically simple operation, it has the potential to create serious problems in the future.

There are negative turns as far as positive opinions are concerned

everyone who chooses to have surgery does not return home happy. Someone who chooses to stay anonymous tells you that you regret the choice by sharing a video on Youtube. “I wanted something delicate and natural, but my eyeballs left a record of growing and shrinking.

One of the international internet sites that offers this eye color change operation is from Los Angeles-based BrightOcular, which produces intraocular implants. “This method should not be used for aesthetic purposes only. Despite this, thousands of people in the world have successfully changed the color of their iris with aesthetic reasons. ” The term “medically interfered” refers to people who suffer from situations such as the site, heterochromia (two different colors of the eye) or eye albinism.


Chizu, a young Japanese woman, said, “This is the surgery that pleased me most in my life. I used it from colorful contact lenses, which are very popular in Asia since my teenage years, but I do not have to do anything now. Now everyone is really looking at my light blue eyes. ” “I’ve received more offers since I spent the surgery, and I feel more confident,” says Brian’s new green eyes. The former soloist of the Listede Fuel group also has a lesser known musician, Toryn Green, who says he likes his new gray eyes very much since his return from India and says “BRIGHTOCULAR with your sure hands!”

how satisfied is it with an unnatural image that is essentially no difference from the contact lens, and is it at risk? the choice is yours…