Iris Implant Surgery-Artificial iris implants

Definitely, this artificial iris implant surgery, which is much more risky than laser, will cause big problems. The iris layer is responsible for eye color. If we want to briefly describe this surgery, it is the process of placing colored lenses on the iris. After “iris implant eye color change surgery”, you will have an artificial eye color result. Moreover, it is certain that after a very short period of time, you will have to have surgery to remove these lenses. Contrary to popular belief, this method, like keratopigmentation, did not emerge recently. Unfortunately, iris implants are both risky and do not give you the natural look you want. There are similar results in keratopigmentation.


The FDA has approved CustomFlex Artificial Iris for use in the United States for the treatment of patients with post-traumatic iris damage or congenital iris abnormalities. It is a type of colored lens that was invented to be used instead of colored contact lenses worn on the cornea, which patients have to change frequently.

What is artificial iris implant surgery?

The method of implanting an artificial iris involves removing the damaged native iris and replace it with a synthetic iris. The iris deficiency may have a number of causes, including genetic defects and developed disorders. Surgical trauma, the insertion of a blunt instrument into the eye, or the surgical removal of the iris due to malignancy may induce acquired iris injury. Occasionally, the patient sustains damage to other essential eye structures, like the cornea and lens, in addition to the iris. Therefore, when doing iris implantation, the surgeon should also address the other concerns. Finally, it is almost certain that there will be dozens of severe complications in cosmetic iris implant surgery.

Just like in a classical cataract operation, iris implantation surgery is performed under local anesthesia, a corneal incision is applied, a viscoelastic substance is injected into the eye, and volume is provided. The “artificial iris implant” is placed on the iris layer. The implant is folded before it is placed in the eye, and automatically opens inside the eye.

The most radical-risky method of eye color change surgery

Basically, An iris implant eye color change surgery is the process of placing a silicone lens on the layer that gives the eye its color, called the “iris”. The results of this surgery are not aesthetic, they offer an unnatural appearance. This method is not a new type of surgery, but an old type of surgery. As a result, it is not suitable for use for aesthetic purposes. We were already using this surgical method for post-traumatic or congenital iris damage.

Types of iris implants

  • Iris lens diaphragm
  • Finned endocapsular tension ring
  • new generation of artificial colored iris prostheses.


Iris implant surgery complications and side effects

” Artificial iris implant surgery ” not approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) due to their risks.
Below we list the complications that developed after this surgery.

  • Chronic uveitis
  • With high intraocular pressure (glaucoma)
  • cataract
  • Corneal decompensation
  • Corneal endothelial cell loss
  • Iris atrophy
  • Corneal injury
  • Iris inflammation
  • Low Vision
  • Blindness
  • endophthalmitis

These lenses must removed before complications occur. Otherwise, intraocular pressure, intraocular inflammation, corneal damage and permanent visual impairment occur.
Cosmetic iris implant eye color change surgery is wrought with complications, even in the best hands. Even both implants removed, still possible to cause permanent damage.

How much does iris implants surgery cost?

cost of iris implant surgery in different countries
India: Rs. 4,50,000-Rs. 5,00,000
in the Americas: around $10,000 USD
$5,000-$7,000 for Egypt or Arabic countries.
7000 US dollars for Iran


Currently, we are in favor of improving the iris implant structure and design. Accordingly to high risks we do not  recommend iris implant surgery.
We do not see any reason to prefer this method, which has disadvantages in almost every aspect compared to the process of changing eye color with a laser (Mylumineyes).

Iris Implant Surgery News

Certainly, The Food and Drug Administration in the United States has not yet authorized these permanent eye implants. Unfortunately, these operations are still present in Mexico, Central America, and the Middle East countries. According to this surgeries, many people goes to blindness.

The operation starts with local anesthesia. The green-colored silicone disc placed under the iris transforms into a bluish green-blue-green-green color in just a few minutes.

The procedure involves making an incision in the cornea, inserting the implant, and then closing the incision.
Despite the fact that it is a technically simple operation, it has the potential to cause major issues in the future.
In terms of positive opinions, there are some negative twists.
Also, Everyone who has surgery does not have a happy outcome. By sharing a video on YouTube, someone who chooses to remain anonymous tells you that you regret your decision. My eyeballs left a record of growing and shrinking, so I wanted something delicate and natural.

The most extreme form of iris eye color change surgery-iris implant surgery

BrightOcular, a Los Angeles-based intraocular implant manufacturer, is one of the international websites that offers this eye color change procedure. This surgery must not be use for aesthetic reasons. Especially,  thousands of people all over the world have managed to change the color of their iris for cosmetic reasons.


About iris implant surgery, Chizu, a young Japanese woman, expressed herself as follows: “This is the surgery that has given me the most pleasure in my life. Since my teenage years, I’ve used it for colorful contact lenses, which are very popular in Asia, but I don’t have to do anything now.
Everyone is staring at my light blue eyes now.”
“I’ve received more offers since having the surgery, and I feel more confident,” Brian says of his new green eyes. Toryn Green, a lesser-known musician and former soloist of the Listede Fuel group, says he loves his new gray eyes since returning from India and says, “BRIGHTOCULAR with your sure hands!”

How satisfied are you with an unnatural image that looks almost identical to a contact lens and carries a high risk? It’s entirely up to you.

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