It was simpler to accept the age increase in the past, and it was much harder to look younger. On the other hand, there was no cure other than aesthetic operation to get rid of the wrinkles, and the number of people who could see it was not much. In recent years, with botox and fillers, it has become so simple that it has become meaningless for most people not to benefit. You can imagine, in only 15-20 minutes your eyebrows and your eyebrows rise up, your eyes open, your lips full, your cheeks retreated, most of the lines disappear instantly. For nearly a decade, too much advertising has been done about botox. Even after the recognition of the BOTOX, the new name for your plastic was “BOTOX”. All skin rejuvenation techniques outside of surgery have begun to be thought of as botox. Botox is especially mixed with “fillers”. Both are injected and both destroy wrinkles like a magic wand. But if we go down in detail, there are many differences between botox and filler.

The effects of Botox

Some of the wrinkles on our face are the work of our facial expressions. At first you are only tired, the slight lines that are noticed are evident and deepen over time. Botox restricts these facial expressions and improves the appearance and prevents the lines from deepening. The places where Botox is most effective are the dynamic lines that result from mimics. They usually appear in the forehead, between the eyebrows and around the eyes. Botox is particularly effective on the forehead and lines around the eye. As the mimics are restricted due to Botox, both habits change and muscle tissue rests and rests. As a result, wrinkles are really diminished and botox needs become rare. Fillers, on the other hand, collapsed due to the loss of collagen over time, it is used to reduce the textures in the lower part of the skin and to bring the places that are empty and hanging to fullness. The filling gives the most perfect results on the cheeks and lips. The result is that the filler and botox are used for different problems and complement each other. Here are two things that botox can not do to compare:

They can not do?

In the nasolabial lines of the nose, which are called laughing lines, botox can not assist in filling the lips and cheeks and making the cheekbones more visible. Uphalan can not straighten lips that are dangling from bottom to top, and can not make succulents suffocate. In these matters, it is the most skillful cosmetic ‘filler!

What problems does Botox solve?

* Fixed vertical lines between two eyebrows, causing a fuzzy eyebrow.

* Makes the received horizontal lines light.

* Allows the eyebrows to fall up over time. Thus the eyelids are opened and stretched, the bags below the eye are reduced.

* Corrects the wrinkles, called the goose foot, near the eyes.

* As our age progresses, it is used to remove the noses that curl in the lower part and to remove the lines that can form on the edge.

* Applied to draw lines on the neck.

* Used to prevent the upper gums from appearing.

* Use to lift lip edges upwards.

* In some cases, vertical lines appearing above the lip may be removed.

* Also sometimes applied to the line that goes from the lip edges to the jaw.

* Used to revise the shape of the chin that has been removed from the pit or has become deformed.

* Decollete tense lines. As you can see, the reputation of Botox is not in vain. I did not put it on the list above because it was not considered a cosmetic, but Botox is also used to stop excessive sweating and severe migraine pain.
Where do we use fillers?
* Correct the gap between the eyebrows.

* Reduces wrinkles on arrival.

* Eye bruises lighten the pits.

* Smooths and thickens the shape of the lips.

* Fill the cheeks.

* It makes the cheekbones more visible.

* Allows removal or reduction of laughing lines (nasolabials) extending from the sides to the edges of the lips.

* Corrects mild vertical lines on the lips, known as cigarette lines.

* Eliminates lines (marionette) that will be jawed from the lip edges.

* In time the shape is lost and corrects the shape of the shrinking jaw.

* Smoothes the depressions and jaw shape that come out of the cane.

* relieves the depth of wound and acne scars that appear pitted. Do not care for frosty faces

If botox and fill are really applied successfully, we will become very young. However, it is very important not to overdo it here. One period was totally dull, artificial and surprised with the botox. There are still those who do. I think it is not pleasant to paralyze the face, over-inflate and leave it without expression. Botox programs need to be careful to have a little facial expressions. So the results look much more natural. It will suffice to soften the wrinkles and find a happy face that looks happy, soft and smooth. The same drawbacks apply to exaggerated fillings. Physicians who fill should know the facial anatomy very well and should be able to determine in advance what changes will be made at the end of the treatment.

Botox is dangerous?

We all know Botox is a poison. For this reason most people are afraid of Botox. However, botox is only lethal at high doses. For this, 25-30 bottles (2500-3000 units) Botox must be taken. Most of them are also afraid of BOTOX’s paralysis. However, this effect is completely temporary. After three to four months, it completely disappears. Essentially it was used for medical treatment long before it was converted to botox cosmetic. The use of botox in back pain has been approved by medical authorities for correcting post-stroke urinary problems, relieving astonishment. Of course, these programs can only be delivered to experienced specialists. For example, the extent to which the adele is paralyzed is a meticulous matter. Or the medication may lead to capillary problems, injected into the wrong jaw, or spread to an unwanted jaw.