The beauty and attractiveness of your color eyes is in your hands

The beauty and attractiveness of your color eyes is in your hands

Your eyes need extra care. The eye area is the most important organ that shows the human age. The suggestions we will give you to make your eyes look brighter and younger will be useful for you. The eye area is one of the most sensitive points compared to other parts of the face or body. Since the skin here is very thin, it can dry very easily, wrinkle and bruise. For this reason, in order to create a young, healthy and resistant appearance, it is necessary not to neglect the care around the eyes and under the eyes. 

We also show how to compensate for color eyes, for instance gray eyes. We include further information on our website for people who wish to get colored eyes. As we have already said, our suggestions for colored eyes come from the outcomes following laser eye color changing surgery.

beatiful color eyes and makeup for beauty
beatiful color eyes and makeup for beauty

Factors Affecting the Beauty of Your Eyes

In this article, we tell you about the care recommendations for the eyes and around the eyes. Wrinkles around the eyes; In some people, it occurs more due to familial tendencies, thin skin structure, excessive facial expressions, sensitivity to light, or eye focusing disorder. From time to time, we all wake up with tired under-eyes, lifeless skin or a pimple on our face. Here are some very quick and effective tips to help you overcome such moments. 

The best treatment for wrinkles around the eyes is to prevent these wrinkles from forming by weakening the muscle activity in the area. 

Wrinkles around the eyes are deformities that deepen over time and create permanent scars. For this reason, it is generally recommended to apply Botox regularly after the age of 30. With Botox, it temporarily weakens this part of the wrinkle, reduces wrinkles and prevents the formation of new wrinkles.

Due to aging in the face region, deformations occur in the areas considered as the mid-face region. These deformations can have negative effects on skin, adipose tissues and bone structure. As a result of all these negative effects, the person may look older and tired than they are.

Why are gray eyes the rarest color? 

Few researchers have investigated the distinctions between blue eyes and gray eyes. This is likely due to the similarity in genetics between the two species. We do not know which genes are responsible for gray vs. blue eyes, but we know a great deal about what causes various eye hues. When someone discusses eye color, they are referring to the color of the iris, a component of the eye. Pigments are dye-like compounds that provide color. 

How many individuals do you know with gray eyes? It is possible that only a small number of people have this eye color, or that you are the only one with it.

Also this means you have the most attractive eye color?

Many scientific investigations demonstrate that gray eyes are the rarest; just one percent of the world’s population have this gorgeous shade.

There is no universal characterization of natural gray eyes that we can provide. The reality is that each individual’s eye color is unique. In addition, gender plays a role in the issue. While women are often more likely to have gray-blue eyes, males are more likely to have gray eye color-green eyes. The issue is that gray eyes commonly include golden and brown flecks. Consequently, the color varies based on the surrounding environment. 

Blue eyes, regardless of how beautiful they are, cannot change eye color.

On the iris’s posterior layer, pigmentation is prevalent in almost all eye coloration. The majority of changes in eye color result from the quantity of melanin produced on the cornea. There are two distinct layers inside the iris: the frontal and the backside. The region between the two layers is known as the stroma. The stroma is a transparent tissue containing many proteins. The name of one of these proteins is collagen.

Another theory about gray eyes involves the quantity and placement of melanin

  • According to one idea, dark gray eyes are caused by a thin coating of melanin on the iris’s outer layer. The black layer in front of the reflection of blue light obscures it, giving it a dark gray colour.
  • The eyes are virtually the exact contrary. In light gray eyes, there is relatively little melanin on the front of the iris, according to one theory. Even less than in blue eyes is present here.
  • Those with gray eyes commonly question whether the color of their eyes may change. 

The color of your gray-green or gray-hazel-blue eyes may change for the underlying reasons :

Typically, newborn are born with seem insignificant blue or gray eyes, but as they mature, their eyes often get darker. This is due to the fact that your genetics and melanin amount control your eye color. As a person ages, melanin levels rise around the pupil, darkening the eye. Nevertheless, 12-17% of Caucasian eyes lighten with age when pigment in the iris alters or fades.

Direct exposure to the sun

Sunlight reaction may stimulate melanin formation, indicating that extended exposure to the sun might cause your eyes to darken.


Various emotions may alter the width and color of the pupil and iris. When you are pleased, furious, or sad, your body produces a chemical that changes the size of your pupils. Typically, when you are joyful or furious, your eyes seem more lively, however when you weep, your eyes acquire a crimson hue, making them look more colorful.

Clothing and cosmetics

Black clothing and colored eyelid makeup or white eyeliner may make your eyes seem more vivid and dazzling. This is really a question of perspective, not fact, but your eyes will certainly seem larger than normal!

Your nutrition

The adage “you are what you eat” holds true for the eyes as well! The sort of food you consume will affect the color of your eyes. Here are some of the items that, if ingested often, might cause your eye color to change:

Your Eyes Can Look Beautiful even if they are not colored

As you know, brown eyes mean more melanin, while colored eyes mean less melanin. If the density or amount of melanin in the iris layer of both eyes is different, the eyes also become different colors, in other words, heterochromia occurs. The most common eye color in the world is brown, and thanks to its high melanin level, brown eyes are more resistant to eye diseases.

But it is a fact that colored eyes have a different appeal. In their study of more than 4,000 people, experts revealed that changes in eye color are caused by minor inaccuracies in single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs). Of course, having colored eyes is not without its disadvantages. Due to the low melanin pigment, the eyes of people with colored eyes are more sensitive to the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Light gray and blue eyes are the most vulnerable to damage. The sun can damage the eye and retina with its ultraviolet rays.

Dark circles under your eyes

If you see dark circles under your eyes when you look in the mirror, you are not alone. Dark circles under the eyes after a sleepless night or a very busy working day are a common skin problem that can happen to anyone, but some may experience this problem chronically. Of course, the most common cause of under-eye circles is insomnia, but skin care experts state that there may be different causes such as genetics, aging, allergies.

In addition, vitamin C deficiency can also affect the dark under eye tone. Of course, you also need to pay attention to your daily makeup. If you choose the tone of your concealer or eye shadow color incorrectly, it is possible to cause an undesirable darkness in your eye makeup. Not removing your makeup before going to bed at night causes dark circles to appear under your eyes the next day.

Caffeine bath for the eyes

One of the most effective ways to treat fatigued and swollen eyes is to compress them with tea bags. Caffeine reduces blood vessels under the eye skin and disperses the fluids that cause edema.

Soak the tea bag in hot water, then soak it in cold water for a few seconds. Lie on your back and hold it on your eyes for 15 minutes. Under-eye bags are also based on many factors such as bruises and wrinkles. Insomnia, aging, stress, insufficient water consumption, sun rays, edema and genetic factors. The treatment may be simple methods that you can do at home, or it may require medical intervention.

You may have witnessed before that under-eye puffiness is reduced by cold compress. You can apply this compress method, which is made with the back of the spoons kept in the refrigerator for eye area care, especially in the morning of a day when you sleep a lot. It is important to stick to the time in cold compress application. After massaging for 5 minutes, the process is complete.

Say goodbye to under-eye bags with vitamin K

In women who used a vitamin K-containing eye cream, it was seen that the dark circles and bags under the eyes decreased within 12 weeks. Since Retinol and Vitamin K are sensitive to sunlight, they should only be used at night. In addition, retinol reduces the appearance of crow’s feet.

remove bruises

After the age of forty, the skin loses its elasticity and becomes thinner. You look more tired. The flow in the blood vessels slows down. You can hide the bruises around the eyes with the help of concealers. You can brighten your eye area with a concealer suitable for your skin tone. Under-eye bruises can occur due to insomnia and fatigue, as well as at young ages depending on the genetic structure. The concentration of melanin in the skin also causes the formation of under-eye pits and bruises. The decrease in collagen over time, that is, the progression of age is one of the causes of bruising.

“Let’s see how the under-eye bruises go away?” to answer the question. For eye area care, it is necessary to start with a healthy diet and a regular sleep pattern. You can also take vitamin supplements by consulting a specialist. And don’t forget to drink at least two and a half liters of water a day!

lower the swelling

St. John’s Wort flower has been used in eye care for many years. According to researches, St. John’s Wort flower is also perfect for eye puffiness. In addition to its antibacterial effect, it also contains many anti-inflammatory substances. You can reduce eye swelling by using creams with St. John’s Wort.

tired eyes

When we don’t get enough sleep, we can wake up with tired eyes. This makes us look sleepy all day. When you wake up with tired eyes, apply white eyeliner to the inner part of your eyes. This treatment brings out the whites of your eyes, giving you a more energetic and alert look. Avoid shadowy makeup on tired-eyed days. On such days, only white eyeliner will create a refreshing effect.

dull face

Nothing looks tired like a dull face. To get rid of this expression, add some movement to your face. How Does? Apply highlighter to cheekbones, browbones, temples and crevices. If you don’t have highlighter, use bright white or champagne eyeshadow!


Almost everyone wakes up some mornings and encounters an unpleasant guest on their face; undercover! At such moments, immediately take an ice cube and apply it on the pimple. This process will help reduce the swelling of the acne and reduce it. Be you, do not squeeze the pimple, it will make the situation worse. After applying ice, leave it alone.

The only thing worse than one big pimple is multiple pimples! At such moments, apply witch hazel on the pimples and wait for it to dry. Then apply green concealer. Green destroys the red look. Lastly, apply your normal concealer and save your day.

eye make-up

Before you start doing an eye make-up, it will make your job easier to know what eye shape you have and what they want to highlight your eyes. Moreover, in these times when we still use masks, the most important and visible part of the make-up was the eye…

almond eye

Almost any eye make-up suits the almond eyes, which have an oval shape, with the outer corners slightly curved upwards. About almond eye makeup;

You can try to make a smooth transition by distributing the eyeliner a little. You can use the eyeliner that you have drawn starting from the bottom of your eyelashes, extending it a little thicker on the corners of your eyes and using it with a tail. With a cream-colored pencil that you apply to your lower eyelashes, you can enlarge and brighten your eyes and reveal their color.

color eyes and makeup for beauty
color eyes and makeup for beauty

How to draw eyeliner-Eyeliner with Color Eyes

round eye

If the width and height of your eyes are equal, you can define your eye structure as round. Keep the headlight colors in nude tones on your eyelids and gradually add dark shadows towards the outer corner. Be careful that this shading does not end sharply or downwards, and design an upward v finish.

Just like the almond eye, you can apply a cream-toned pencil to the lower inner parts. If you are going to use false eyelashes; For outer corners, you can apply voluminous and curled lashes.

Slant eye

The most distinctive feature of this eye structure, which you can understand at first glance, is that the finish lines are in a flat form and most of the slanting eye structures are narrowed with mimics, so the eyelids may not be very prominent.

Make sure to use primer and powder before eye makeup, which can smudge and spread even with a blink. An eyeliner that you will apply to the bottom of the eyelashes can be your most important make-up item if you have slanted eyes. Apply the pencil on your lower lashes to the outer edges, not the inner part. This will make them look bigger.

wide eye shape

Unlike the previous structure, the eye structure that is far from each other is also called the wide eye. To highlight them; line your entire lash line with a black or brown eyeliner, this will make your eyes appear closer together and help accentuate your gaze. Be sure to apply some soft colors and transitions on the outside while sharpening the shadow you use towards the inside. Don’t forget to apply some highlighter under your eyebrows as well.

“It is important to hide the mistakes and make the necessary changes in order to bring the almond eye closer to the almond eye, which is accepted as the ideal eye shape.

Which is ideal eye shape? What about eye colors?

Eyes close to each other:

Those whose eyes are close to each other should apply light-colored eyeshadow to the eye springs, darken the outer corners of the eye, and apply the eyeshadow slanted to the sides. At the same time, they should separate the middle part of the eyebrows from each other. In this way, they can make their eyes appear evenly separated from each other.

Eyes far apart:

If you have eyes that are far apart, you can apply a dark color pencil and eyeshadow to the inside of the eyelid. You can apply light-colored eyeshadow to the outer parts of the eye. So you can make your eyes look like they are closer together.

Slanted eyes:

People with slanted eyes should concentrate on the outer portion of their eyes. It should draw attention to the part that is beautiful and in excellent condition. along make slanting eyes look bigger, apply eyeshadow along the fold line in light and bright colors. If you want an even more slanted effect, use a tailed eyeliner. At the same time, if you paint the bottoms of your eyelashes and apply eyeshadow in a’smoky’ pattern, your eye structure may seem larger than it is.

hollow eyes:

According to the shape of the eyes, people with hollow eyes are at the head of the group that should pay the most attention in make-up. People with hollow eyes should not wear too much shadowy make-up, and they should prefer light and bright colors in their eyes. They should not use dark and dark colors on the entire eyelid. They can show the lower part of the eyelids more forward by using light colors. When applying eyeliner, they should pull very thin, thick eyeliner covers the eyelid.

Low eyelids:

People with low eyelids should use the classic lift technique in eye makeup. They should show the ends of the eyes, that is, the outer edges of the eyes, slightly upturned. In other words, they can make the corners of the eyes dark without lightening the eyebrows too much. They should not think that there is a line between the corner of the eye and the eyebrow and drop the eyeshadow down from here. Eyelids should not be completely closed with eyeliner application. For this, a thin and slanting eyeliner line should be applied.

Almond eyes:

Almond eye is a very popular eye type today. Make-up artists love to apply make-up to these types of eyes! It is the most ideal eye shape in make-up according to the eye shape. People with almond eyes can easily apply any make-up. They can choose the headlight color they want. Then they can draw eyeliner and complete their make-up.

How are eye shapes determined?

1- If the eyelid falls over the colored part of the eye, this is the small eye.

2- If the height and length of the eye are equal, it is a round eye.

3- If the movements of the colored part of the eye can be followed while looking straight into the mirror, it is the big eye.

4- If the outer angle is narrower than the inner angle, this is the lower eye.

5- If the eyebrow arc is low, this is also a hollow eye.

Eye care advices for beauty- color eyes advices

Organize your sleep

We mentioned that the main cause of dark circles under the eyes is insomnia. However, in addition to adequate sleep, the position you sleep in is also important. To accelerate blood circulation, lie on your back and support your head with two pillows and avoid sleeping on your stomach.

Make use of a sunscreen-containing lotion.

Be careful not to dry out the delicate skin around your eyes when you wash it. You need a lotion with sunscreen since the sun’s UV radiation might aggravate your skin condition.


If you are looking for an instant solution to your under-eye bruises, you can provide fast and intense moisturization with a mask. Masks that reduce fine wrinkles and lines and eliminate tired appearance are even more effective when applied in a cold way.

Do Facial Exercises

It is in our hands to be younger with facial exercises. In the portraits drawn by painters since the Renaissance, it has been shown that women attach importance to facial beauty and have different searches for this beauty. Facial exercise is an easy-to-apply suggestion that can be said about eyebrow drops on the face, wrinkles around the eyes, forehead and neck wrinkles and pain.

Facial exercises for the eye area

The eye area is very prone to wrinkles and swelling. The most important muscle correcting the eye contour is the orbicularis oculi muscle. This muscle also allows the eye to open and close. With the exercise of this muscle, the lower and eyelids are strengthened. It reduces puffiness under the eyes and fills the pits under the eyes. It is an important exercise as it allows the eye structure to give a wide and bright appearance.

  1. Blinking is done to exercise the muscles around the eyes. Initially 20 repetitions are done for each eye.
  2. For black lines and puffiness of the eyes, place the ring finger just below the lower eyelid and press gently as the eyes try to close.
  3. To strengthen crow’s feet and both upper and lower eyelids; the eyes are closed and the eyelids are released. Try to look towards the nose by squinting and hold it for 5 seconds. Then the eyes open slowly and focus on a fixed point in front of you.
  4. Blinking is done to exercise the muscles around the eyes. Initially 20 repetitions are done for each eye.
  5. For black lines and puffiness of the eyes, place the ring finger just below the lower eyelid and press gently as the eyes try to close.
  6. To strengthen crow’s feet and both upper and lower eyelids; the eyes are closed and the eyelids are released. Try to look towards the nose by squinting and hold it for 5 seconds. Then the eyes open slowly and focus on a fixed point in front of you.

Don’t Forget the Night Cream

We mentioned that one of the first rules to prevent purple under eye is a moist skin. However, you should use the humidifier not only during the day but also at night and sleep. You should make sure that the area stays moist all the time. Moisturizers around the eyes will also make the concealers you use during makeup look smoother.

Does the shape of the eye change?

People’s eyes change and develop like the rest of their bodies from birth. Although most of these changes are related to visual abilities and connections in the brain, physical changes also occur in the eyes themselves.

Do you have purple eyes?

There is 0.8% purple eye color formation in the world. Purple or red eye color: The red or purple eye color that occurs with the color changes caused by the effect of melanin and lipcoms in the iris is among the rarest eye colors.

Does eye color change with age?

Eye color can change with age. This happens in 10 to 15 percent of the Caucasian population (they usually have light eyes). For example, eyes that were the most common eye color brown are now hazel, or hazel eyes get darker with age.

Which eye is more unusual?

Conversely, most people agree that the hue green is the rarest eye color in the world; amber is seen as the rarest color by another majority. As a result of this, it would be the most appropriate strategy to generalize, given that green and amber eye hues are the most uncommon eye colors in the whole globe.

What percent is hazel eye color?

About 5-6% of the world has hazel eyes. Hazel eyes can cause a multi-colored appearance ranging from copper to green, depending on the angle of incidence, color and strength of the light.

What is violet eye color?

Most common in people with albinism, the violet color has a very purplish blue appearance. This color, which individuals without albinism cannot have, provides the formation of violet eyes due to lack of pigment.

How Does Gray Eyes Occur?

Although the eye color of babies is genetically determined during fertilization, the pigments that will show the baby’s eye color have not developed after birth, so the baby’s eyes appear gray by reflecting the lights coming from outside. As you know gray eyes also know as grey eye color.


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