Corneal tattooing-keratopigmentation cost for eye color change 


Keratopigmentation is performed by using a femtosecond laser. There are two main stages on this surgery. First, a corneal tunnel is created by cutting the cornea. Second, a colored substance is injected into this tunnel.Corneal tattooing provides a permanent color change. Actually, corneal tattooing has many years of use in patients who have corneal opacities or abnormalities that affect their looks. in fact, keratopigmentation laser surgery is an invasive surgery, and have many complications. The average cost of kerato-pigmentation varies between 5000-12000 uero. In fact, we think that this method needs more improvement after evaluating the benefit and harm ratios.

Keratopigmentation does not change the natural pigments in the eye-keratopigmentation cost

On the contrary, it causes a false image.You must remember that ”mylumineyes laser eye color change procedure” uses a completely natural mechanism.


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Basically, Keratopigmentation also known as corneal tattooing, has been used for cosmetic corneal opacities for many years.In other words, keratopigmentation laser surgery is the process of injecting color into the cornea to change the eye color of a person. The area where the surgery is performed is the cornea. In comparison, when Mylumineyes works on the iris, it is applied to the cornea, which is responsible for keratopigmentation vision. Moreover, this is a surgical incision.


The process has 2 steps:

1-cornea surgery by using a femtosecond laser

2-the substance injection to the cornea


Corneal tattooing, or keratopigmentation, has become popular over the last decade. It is a cosmetic procedure that can change your eye color or make it appear as if you have colored contacts.

It should be noted that this procedure does not actually change the natural pigments in the eye. By injecting a foreign substance, on the other hand, an artificial appearance is created. The good news is that it can be reversed if necessary with another keratopigmentation laser surgery procedure.


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There are many benefits to this procedure, including being less invasive than an eye implant, having no risk of rejection, and being able to change the color of your eyes at any time. What are the disadvantages?

Surprisingly, it is a surgical procedure. Also, corneal tattooing does not offer a natural result. Unfortunately, the results are unnatural. Furthermore, keratopigmentation laser surgery has the potential to cause astigmatism. Corneal tattooing eye color change procedures may damage the cornea. Because of surgery, there is a risk of infection. It sometimes causes corneal flap problems in surgery. Even more vision loss problems are possible due to corneal tattoo eye color change surgery.

The price varies depending on how much is done and where it is done. A typical price would be around $2,500 per eye if only one treatment was needed.


Types of keratopigmentation procedures include:

In the latest developed keratopigmentation technique, the dye is given intracorneally.For this reason, there was a possibility of rupture and cutting in the cornea. The substances used in the kerato pigmentation process are very different chemicals. The selection of an appropriate and harmless chemical also gains importance.


how much does keratopigmentation cost?

The cost of laser eye color change surgery will be more advantageous than the cost of keratopigmentation due to both its reliability and naturalness. Because the dye material used in the long term will either have to be removed or some of it will be lost by itself.


Comparison of 3 different photos related to laser eye color change, keratopigmentation, and Iris implants:


corneal tattooing-eye-color-change-surgerykeratopigmentation-corneal tatooing-eye-color-change-surgerylaser-eye-color-change-Turkey-lumineyes
Iris implantation (Bright Ocular)
Keratopigmentation,corneal tattoo
Laser eye color change by Mylumineyes