Difference of eye color change surgeries and comparison of procedures

What’s the difference of eye color change surgeries ?  By comparision any other eye color changing surgery,We have told you about its superior features. As told you before,being specific to melanin cell, non-burning technology, mapping, experience etc. as. At the same time, it has the highest reliability index and respectful to the anatomy of the eyes. If you want to know more about eye color change surgery, we recommend that you examine our website in detail.

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We would like to briefly tell you about difference of eye color changing surgeries

  1. laser eye color change

  2. implant surgery

  3. keratopigmentation

Keratopigmentation is accomplished by cutting a tunnel through the cornea and chemical substance is injected into the cornea during the procedure. The two biggest disadvantages are that it is artificial, like a contact lens, and its risk is high. Undoubtedly, you know our thoughts about iris implants well. should definitely be avoided. In this case, as I mentioned above, we do not have a better option than the laser.

So, in Which country should I go to the center for this laser eye color changing?

The impression you have gained and the information we give are sufficient rather than our recommendation to you. As a clinic, we act objectively and do not give out-of-reality warranties. Despite this, people unfortunately seek out what they want to hear. Like what? such as fake news or Facebook comments that tell you that you will have colorful eyes in a short time.

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In the first years, the mylumineyes program was standard for 10 days, but with the method we have developed, we can shorten the time a little more safely. If we want to give you advice, we can only say this. Mylumineyes Turkey is safe, can change your eye color in optimum real time, and is unbeatable.

Mylumineyes now gives healthier results in less time.

The mylumineyes eye color change surgery method is based on a period of 10 days. This time frame can be adjusted at any time. The doctor will create a different program according to your health status. How many therapies you will receive will be determined over time. One therapy will be more than enough, and more than one therapy may be required.
shortly Everything depends on your eye structure.

“Mylumineyes” is applied only in our clinic. We briefly talked about how you can change your eye color. Now it’s your decision. Live in color 🙂

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