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Turkey istanbul, ilasik, cataract, retina, eye surgery prices |
change your eye color with laser with best laser technology and by optalmolog
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Turkey istanbul, ilasik, cataract, retina, eye surgery prices

Eye Surgery Prices ( opthalmology treatments and surgeries)

Cataract Surgeries:

*Phacoemulsification with monofocal intraocular lenses:950(one eye)
*Phacoemulsification with bifocal intraocular lenses:2000 (one eye)
*Phacoemulsification with trifocal intraocular lenses:2500 (one eye)
Bilateral bifocal 3500,bilateral trifocal 4000 euro
***All lenses are the BEST 1. quality of Alcon or Amo american lenses, we do not use 2.quality lenses or equipments.

Refractive surgeries:
*PRK ( photorefractive keratectomy ) with mytomycin c : 950
*No-Touch laser :950 euro
*Lasik keratome surgery:950
*iLasik-Femtosecond-Lasik 1100
*Lasik XTRA :2500
*Supracor Near Presby-Lasik for near-far vision correction : 1500
*Phakik IOL Implantation :2300
*Toric ICL implantation : 2300
*Corneal transplantation :4500
*Topo-laser for Keratoconus:2500
*Keraflex for keratoconus:3000

Eye Lid Surgeries:
*Blepharoplasty- aesthetic eyelid surgery :
a) upper Lid:900
b) lower Lid:1250
c) combine(upper+lower):2100
*Ptosis Surgery :2300

Retina Treatments and Surgeries
*PPV (pars plana vitrectomy/ retina detachments&diseas&holes ) surgeries : 2500
*Anti-VEGF injections for macular diseas :700
*Diabetic retinopathy full treatment ( lasers+intravitreal inj+tests+angiograhy) :1000

Glaucoma treatments /surgeries:
*Glaukos i-Stent surgery :4000
*Trabeculectomy (Glaucoma Filtration Surgery):2000
*SLT (selective laser trabeculoplasty):700

Strabismus surgery
*strabismus surgeries : 900-1600

DCR Dacryocystorhinostomy(Tear ducts blockage treatment) :1100

**General anesthesy (includes, consultation of anesthesiologist, internal mediciner, blood test,ekg, radiology etc), single bed for 1 night = 780 euro

Op. Dr. Mustafa Mete