Eye surgery costs in Turkey: Istanbul, Ilasik, No Touch, Trifocal, Retina, Smile Prices

in this page,eye surgery costs in Turkey are given for lasik, no-touch laser, prk, and smile. The cost of “Lasik Eye Surgery in Turkey” varies depending on the procedure and the doctor’s experience. As a result,the cost of lasik and smile laser surgery is regulated by the laser technology used and the doctor’s skills.Do you also know if the type of material used or whether the blade is zero or not affects the cost of lasik eye surgery? That’s why you should be cautious of unreasonably inexpensive Smile, No Touch, PRK, Vision Correction,and Lasik costs.You can find the cheapest but also cost effective Lasik,smile,no-touch laser prices in Turkey.Refractive surgery is a way of repairing or enhancing vision if you have a refractive defect such as nearsightedness (hyperopia), farsightedness (myopia), astigmatism, or presbyopia. By reshaping the cornea, or transparent, circular dome at the front of the eye, numerous surgical techniques can be used to repair or improve your eye’s focusing capacity. In some cases, a lens is implanted inside your eye. LASIK and PRK are the most common types of refractive surgery in which a laser is used to reshape the cornea.


Eye surgery costs in Turkey: Lasik,Smile,no-touch laser costs
Eye surgery costs in Turkey – lasik,no-touch,smile laser costs-Dr.Mete in surgery

Eye Surgery costs in Turkey

Cataract Surgery costs in Istanbul

Phacoemulsification with :

  1. monofocal intraocular lenses: 950 (one eye)
  2. bifocal intraocular lenses: 2000 (one eye)
  3. trifocal intraocular lenses: 2500 (one eye)
  4. 3500 euros for bilateral bifocals, 4000 euros for bilateral trifocals

All lenses are of the highest quality. first quality of Alcon or Amo American lenses. We do not use second-quality lenses or equipment.

Refractive Eye surgeries costs in Turkey ( lasik,smile,no-touch laser cost in Turkey )

  • Photorefractive keratectomy (PRK) with mytomycin c: 950
  • The No-Touch laser cost 950 euros.
  • Lasik keratome surgery costs $950.
  • iLasik cost 1100 euro
  • Lasik XTRA  cost 2500 euro
  • Supracor Near Presby-Lasik for near-far vision correction: 1500
  • Phakik IOL Implantation costs €2300.
  • 2300 euros for the implantation of a toric ICL
  • Corneal transplantation costs 6500.
  • Topo-laser for keratoconus: €2500
  • Keraflex for keratoconus costs €3000.
  •  Smile laser surgery cost: 2200 euro

Eyelid eye surgery costs in Turkey

Blepharoplasty (aesthetic eyelid surgery):

a) upper eyelid: 900 €

b) lower eyelid: 1250 €

c) combine (upper+lower): 2100

Ptosis Surgery Price: €2300

Retina Treatments and Surgeries Cost in Turkey

PPV (pars plana vitrectomy/retina detachments, diseas, and holes) operations: 2500

Anti-VEGF injections for macular disease: 700

Diabetic retinopathy complete treatment (lasers+intravitreal inj+tests+angiography): 1000

Glaucoma treatments or surgeries costs in Turkey

4000 euro for Glaukos i-Stent surgery

Glaucoma Filtration Surgery (Trabeculectomy): 2000

SLT (selective laser trabeculoplasty): $900

Strabismus surgery costs in Turkey

strabismus surgeries: 900-1600

Dacryocystorhinostomy (Tear duct blockage treatment): 1100 €

**General anesthesia (consultation with an anesthesiologist, internal mediciner, blood test, ekg, radiology, etc.), single bed for one night = 780 euro

*All operations will be performed by Ophthalmologist Mustafa Mete.

**Prices can change due to the condition of your eyes.