Foods that change eye color – can food change your eye color ?

Eye color can change with age. This happens in 10 to 15 percent of the Caucasian population (they usually have light eyes). For example, eyes that were once brown are now hazel, or hazel eyes get darker with age. Can you change your eye color naturally with foods or vitamins? Answers is almost no. But some researches says that these foods are really effective for changing eye color. A researcher says especially these foods can affect your eye color. Lets try finally you don’t loose anything because all of them are healthy for body health. How to change eye color naturally with food ?

For example, an article says: Olive oil is famous for being one of the healthiest foods, it has many health benefits, but what most people don’t know is that olive oil can also change eye color… If you eat hazelnuts every day, you can create a lightening in your eye color. How to change eye color naturally with food?



Foods that change eye color

It is thought that when you consume certain foods regularly for 30 days, there will be changes in the color of your eyes. Here are foods that both change your eye color, make them shine, and are very beneficial for your health.


It is claimed that bearberry tea changes the eye color and pupil size. It is also stated that this tea, which relaxes the eye muscles, is also a natural antiseptic and helps in the treatment of urinary tract infections and skin diseases.


It is stated that consuming organic honey regularly gives a clearer and natural color to the eyes. In addition, stating that honey has other health benefits, scientists say that honey reduces reflux in the body and plays a big role in fighting infections.


With the high iron content in spinach, it makes your eyes look brighter and younger. Stating that spinach is very beneficial, experts emphasize that it is a valuable food in preventing cancer, asthma and high blood pressure. Another benefit is that it strengthens bones, hair, and skin appearance.


The utopia of foods that change eye color continues



Eating fish can increase the strength of eye color, and this can be permanent if you consistently add fish to your diet. In addition, the calcium found in fish helps the whole body to work in form.


Drinking chamomile tea regularly reduces stress and also gives the eyes a warmer hue. In addition, tea soothes stomach ailments and has a natural calming and soothing effect.


Olive oil is famous for being one of the healthiest foods. It has many health benefits, but what most people don’t know is that olive oil can also change eye color.



Regular consumption of onions causes a slight change in eye color. It is also thought to be a good remedy for depression and insomnia problems.


If you eat hazelnuts every day, you can lightening the color of your eyes. Although hazelnut is one of the very healthy foods, consuming it excessively can have an adverse effect on your health.

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Eating meat is very effective in changing the color of the iris in the eye. Minerals such as zinc and magnesium have a high effect on this.


When consumed regularly, ginger, which has numerous benefits, can change the eye color.

Surely, Foods that change eye color is an utopia.

The amount of pigments determines the eye color. If you have an eye with too much pigment, the eye color will be dark brown. If the number of pigment cells is medium, our eyes will be light brown – hazel. Even If there are no pigment cells in our eyes, then we have blue-green eyes. It is possible to pulverize the melanin cells with laser and clean them from the iris. Above in this real case we have shown before and after photo, the brown eye will spontaneously turn blue or green with mylumineyes laser eye color change without surgery procedure. As a matter of fact, the only way to change eye color naturally today is laser eye color change. In summary, it is possible to extend this list much further. It is a fact that if eye color changed with foods, natives living in island countries nonotheless would have blue or green eyes instead of dark brown eyes.