ISTANBUL the most amazing city-Eye Color Change Surgery

İstanbul best city in world and eye color change surgery

For eye color change without surgery, istanbul Turkey should be the only place for you. Because the cost of changing eye color in Istanbul is both cheap and you will have visited a wonderfully entertaining city. in istanbul eye color change laser center,you will meet all your needs for changing your eye color safely. Istanbul, Turkey‘s cultural treasure, is a place where you can discover the traces of different cultures and civilizations at every step. While the Ottoman, Byzantine and Roman traces lively welcome the visitors in the Historic Peninsula, the most important museums of our country are located in Istanbul. Having been the capital of many civilizations throughout history, Istanbul carries the strong accumulation from its past to the future. With its dynamic habitat and cosmopolitan structure, Istanbul offers new economic opportunities as well as its cultural appeal.

Why go to Istanbul?

A Global Bridge

Istanbul has an important role in cultural, political and economic fields with its mission of intercontinental bridge connecting Europe and Asia. Located on the important trade routes of the world such as the Silk Road and Spice Road from past to present, Istanbul continues to maintain this role with the One Belt, One Road Project, which aims to create an uninterrupted global trade route from Beijing to London by reviving the Silk Road.

Located at the intersection of global connections, Istanbul is in the middle of a global trade volume of 30 trillion dollars with a population of 1.6 billion with a 4-hour flight distance. Due to its geographical location, four hours of daily work in Istanbul correspond to Asian countries and six hours to European countries. With this feature, Istanbul can play a role as an important actor in the markets and can be positioned as an active business center.

Is it possible to change the color of your eyes naturally at home?

You may change the color of your eyes from brown to blue-green-hazel-gray using laser permanent eye color change surgery.

With a laser, you may change the color of your eyes in a natural and safe way. Dr. Mustafa Mete pioneered the “Turkey Laser Eye Color Change” procedure many years ago, using a unique “iris selective laser.” This laser, which targets just pigment cells, is the gold standard for permanent eye color change that is both safe and effective.


With a passenger capacity of 200 million, Istanbul Airport welcomes millions of guests from 124 different destinations every day, with the title of “the second most developed airport among the airports hosting the highest number of passengers in the world”.

Istanbul, one of the world’s favorite tourist attraction centers, is the 6th most preferred tourism route in the world and the 4th in Europe, with 51.9 million visitors.

Turkey is among the first 2 countries in the world in health tourism. Many patients come from abroad for treatment in branches such as eye, hair transplant, aesthetics, orthopedics, waist-neck hernia, gynecological and urological operations, and otorhinolaryngology.
As health institutions, we want to both provide income from health tourism and support the development of our country by making foreign currency inflows to our country. In the next 5 years, Turkey aims to become a leader in health tourism in the world. The center of health tourism is also shown as Istanbul,” he says.

In recent years, many foreign patients to our country; He comes to health institutions such as hospitals, spas or aesthetic centers for treatment purposes. Among the reasons why Turkey is an important country in health tourism, the quality and quality of the service provided and the fact that it is cheaper than other countries come to the fore.

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eye color change costs istanbul
eye color change costs istanbul Turkey

“What Is The Laser Eye Color Change Surgery istanbul Procedure?”

The Laser Eye Color Change Procedure (Mylumineyes) was invented by Dr. Mustafa Mete to adjust the eye color of patients with heterochromia. With this method, the brown or dark-pigmented cells in the iris are stimulated and the pigment density is reduced or completely destroyed. However, other organs of the eye are not damaged during this procedure. It has been used successfully to change brown eyes to blue-green-hazel or gray.

Emphasizing that many physicians and assistant health personnel are trained in Turkey, Özkahraman says that today, patients from Turkey do not go abroad for treatment, and that almost all diseases in Turkey have become diagnosable and treatable.

Explaining that the USA ranks first in health tourism and Turkey is among the top 10, and that the bar is gradually rising, Özkahraman said, “Malaysia, India, Korea and Singapore are among the best countries in health tourism. Our country’s goal is to become the world’s leading country in health tourism in 3-5 years.

Expressing that many hospitals in our country have accreditation certificates in accordance with international norms, he lists the reasons for the development of health tourism as “our geographical location, historical and cultural background, geographical and ethnic proximity with our neighbors, providing quality, quality and cheap health services”.

According to Enginer Birdal, Chairman of the Turkish Health Tourism Association, the reasons why people prefer Turkey for both health and vacation are as follows: With its competitive price advantages, government support, geographical location, unique natural and historical riches, quality tourism management combined with suitable climatic conditions, and world-renowned Turkish physicians, it is gaining more and more shares in the field of medical tourism.



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