Unsuccessful eye color change surgery

I had eye color change surgery, but I got unsuccessful results. What can I do? In fact, there is a solution, of course. After the unsuccessful eye color change procedure, many people who are looking for a laser hope to have a laser again and achieve the eye color they dream of. First of all, as we have mentioned before, your ophthalmologist’s ability, experience, and the laser device used must be suitable for this job. Despite this, there must be many suitable conditions for the eye color to change. People with dark brown eyes may need more than one therapy session to change their eye color. Undoubtedly, after the unsuccessful eye color change procedure, we achieve success with the “Mylumineyes Xtra” program that we use in our clinic.

We used a different algorithm and parameters to change the eye color in eyes with Mylumineyes Xtra. This successfully provides color change in the eyes. While more effective shots are made to the DNA structure and pigment resistance, which are responsible for the change in eye color, at the same time, the problems existing in the iris are tried to be eliminated. Iris problems that we frequently encounter arise with the use of lasers that have both high energy and flammable effects.


What can you do after unsuccessful eye color change surgery?

After an ineffective eye color change procedure, a detailed eye examination is performed in our clinic . With the “Mylumineyes Xtra” program, the factors that prevent the process from being successful are evaluated. In many cases, the process of changing your eye color with a laser, which does not produce results, is successful.
You should know that the probability of failure with “Mylumineyes Xtra” is very low. This method usually gives results after 1–4 therapy sessions. For a successful eye color change surgery, everything has been considered.

Which eye color change procedure should you choose?

In Laser eye color changing Turkey clinic, mapping and methods specific to each case are used. This gives you the chance to choose the most effective method. As a result, you can achieve the highest success rate with Mylumineyes Xtra. Moreover, even if you have done eye color change before. Everything you need for successful eye color change surgery is in Mylumineyes Xtra.

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