Risks of Eye Color Change Surgery and How to change the color of your eyes ?

The risks of eye color change surgery are high when not performed by an experienced doctor. First and foremost, what are the dangers of changing your eye color? Let’s look at how safe it is to change your eye color? In short, as we’ll see in the sections that follow, this procedure comes with its own set of risks. Furthermore, not every doctor is qualified to perform eye color change surgery. So, if you want to change the color of your eyes, you must follow these instructions.

To begin with, the risks of eye color surgery occur after the procedure, particularly in dangerous environments. Second, clinics that attempt to change the color of one’s eyes without any prior experience. Thirdly,using an unsuitable laser and equipment for this process. Do your eyes change color? Of course, if the optimum conditions are provided and your DNA structure is suitable. If all conditions and experience are ideal, laser is safe.

So, what are the dangers of changing your eye color?

eye color change surgery risks dangers how to change

   Glaucoma, iridocyclitis, cataracts, korneal damage, and iris atrophy are all conditions that affect the eyes. When we consider the changes in eye color caused by ”surgery”, the complications  become much more serious, including blindness and permanent vision loss.Thats why gold standard is ‘‘laser eye color change”! Eye color changing procedures performed by unlicensed and inexperienced centers will almost certainly result in long-term eye problems and risks!

The good news is that, when performed by an experienced doctor, laser eye color change is extremely safe.

In addition, “Mylumineyes” now comes with double the safety. In short, changing the color of your eyes with a laser is extremely safe when done with mylumineyes. Only melanin pigments are targeted by the “8G Mylumineyes” Laser. It also has the advantage of not affecting normal tissues. Everyone’s level of safety will be adjusted as a result of this. Everything works perfectly, aside from Dr. Mustafa Mete’s experience.

Laser eye color change is extremely safe if you meet the requirements.

We can, however, avoid the risks of eye color change surgery by using a laser. Let’s look at some of the negative consequences of changing your eye color. As I have explained in other articles before, various side effects are possible. But you hardly experience these at Mylumineyes clinic.