Color contact lenses and eye color changing procedures

Colored contact lenses and eye color changing procedures are used to change the eye color of a person. These lenses and procedures can be very expensive and can cause side effects if not done properly. It should be noted that it is not possible to obtain a natural eye color with contact lenses. The only way to get these colors is to get the Mylumineyes laser eye color change procedure. Colored contact lens prices vary widely, but in the long run they are a major financial burden. Eye color changing procedures offer both a more economical and healthy solution in the long run.

Colored lenses with are used for cosmetic reasons or to change the color of your eyes for aesthetic reasons. They’re created by tinting the part of the lens that corresponds to the top of the iris. In terms of structure, it’s a soft silicone hydrogel raw material. It comes in a wide spectrum of colors and has a natural appearance.

how to use colored contact lenses and eye color change

how to use colored lenses ?

It may be preferred on a daily, monthly, or yearly basis, depending on usage. Colored lens wearers should use lenses in the size recommended by their doctor, which varies from person to person. To correct refractive errors, colored lenses can be worn in addition to contact lenses. If the person prefers colored lenses, they must first choose the color of the lenses. Even if the use of lenses is solely for the purpose of changing eye color, the individual should follow the doctor’s instructions. Colored lens wearers, in particular, prefer that their eyes be hidden. There is a transparent part in the center of the colored lens. The pupillary cavity refers to this transparent area.

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Usually, people who want these colors in their eyes use two types of contacts: natural-look contacts, which layer over the natural coloring of their own iris (usually brown, hazel, or green), or complete-coverage contacts, which cover the whole iris. Some people also do eye color changing surgeries, which are more permanent than contact lenses but cheaper than laser eye surgery. It allows patients with eye diseases to view the outside world more clearly and also provides the chance to have eyes of their chosen color thanks to the numbered colored lenses made by many different brands.

The use of contact lenses and eye color changing procedures is becoming more popular.

There are many colors available nowadays, from blue to grey. The price of color contact lenses can range from $30 to $300, depending on the type of contact chosen by the customer. Long-term use of contact lenses will cost more than the laser eye color change procedure.

The surgery for changing eye color with implants or keratopigmentasion uses foreign silicon material to change the color of the eyes. It has many side effects. The results are unnatural.

Following the doctor’s determination of the appropriate lens size for the person’s eye, the next step in selecting colored  contact lenses is entirely up to the individual. You can use these criteria to help you choose lenses by thinking about what kind of clothes and make-up you wear on a daily basis. In terms of lens selection, it is recommended that the lens color be compatible with the person. If the person prefers a color that differs significantly from their natural eye color, the lens will shift away from their natural appearance. On the other hand, the wide transparent area in the center of the lens will cause the lens to move away from its natural appearance.

Are colored contact lenses risky for eyes?

Because colored contact lenses inflict more damage than conventional lenses, their keratometry values should be considered when wearing them. In contrast, uncontrolled use of colored lenses in a person can result in short-term vision loss, excessive burring on the eyelid, and increased sensitivity to sunlight.

If the pupillary cavity is too large, the person’s own eye color will be visible. If the gap is small, the person’s eye color will be obscured and a natural appearance will be achieved. As a result, when purchasing colored contact lenses, one of the factors to consider is whether the transparent portion in the center is wider than 5 mm. The choice of colored lenses is entirely dependent on the person’s tone and color preferences. Due to the hundreds of color lens options available today, making a decision is extremely difficult.People who want their eyes to appear larger and more prominent should choose lenses with moire in addition to color preference. As we all know, the eye is a highly sensitive organ. When wearing colored contact lenses, caution is not required due to this sensitivity. The most important factor in the use of contact lenses is hygiene.

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what is the colored contact lens prices ?

When it comes to choosing lenses, one of the first questions that comes to mind is is the colored contact lens prices. Depending on the purpose of use and the frequency of change, different lens brands on the market offer different price options to their customers. For those who wear lenses with glasses, disposable lenses that are changed daily, for example, may be a little more expensive economically, but they can be a good alternative. Also during the pandemic. In terms of health, the preference for daily disposable lenses is growing by the day all over the world.) Patients’ needs vary depending on their living circumstances. Alternative lens brands are available for this, depending on the duration of use.

Changing eye color using the Mylumineyes method is both affordable and effective. It’s also good for you.