IRIS Colored Implant Surgery

The most radical method of eye color change surgery

An iris implant eye color change surgery is the process of placing a silicone lens on the layer that gives the eye its color, called the iris. An artificial eye color is obtained with this method. Contrary to what is known, this method is based on ancient times. We were already using this surgical method for post-traumatic or congenital iris damage.

Today, these implants, which are produced for aesthetic reasons, have started to be produced in color.

The FDA has approved CustomFlex Artificial Iris for use in the United States for the treatment of patients with post-traumatic iris damage or congenital iris abnormalities. It is a type of colored lens that was invented to be used instead of colored contact lenses worn on the cornea, which patients have to change frequently.

iris-implant-surgery-costsWhat is iris implant surgery? How is iris implant surgery done?

Just like in a classical cataract operation, iris implantation surgery is performed under local anesthesia, a corneal incision is applied, a viscoelastic substance is injected into the eye, and volume is provided. The foldable silicone artificial iris implant is placed on the iris. The implant is folded when entering the eye. It is opened inside and made suitable for the surface. After the procedure, the contents are cleaned.

The wound sites are closed and the surgery is terminated.

Types of iris implants

  1. Iris lens diaphragm
  1. Finned endocapsular tension ring
  1. new generation of artificial colored iris prosthesis.

iris-implant-surgery-complication-side-effectsIris implant surgery complications and side effects

Iris implant surgery is also used cosmetically. However, artificial iris implants have not yet been approved by the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the reasons we have mentioned above.

The side effects and complications of this operation are listed.

  1. Chronic uveitis,
  1. With high intraocular pressure (glaucoma),
  1. cataract
  1. Corneal decompensation
  1. Corneal endothelial cell loss
  1. Iris atrophy,
  1. Corneal injury
  1. Iris inflammation,
  1. Low Vision Blindness
  1. endophthalmitis

When the above complications develop, the implant will definitely need to be removed to prevent intraocular pressure, anterior chamber and iris inflammation, corneal damage, and irreversible ocular damage.

Cosmetic iris implantation is a surgery with complications even in the best hands. Even if the implant is removed, it is possible to cause permanent damage.

How much does iris implant surgery cost?

Different prices are requested in some countries for this operation.

India: Rs. 4,50,000-Rs. 5,00,000

in the Americas: approximately $10,000 USD

$5,000-$7,000 for Egypt or Arabic countries

7000 USD for Iran


Currently, we are in favor of improving the iris implant structure and design. For these reasons, unfortunately, we do not make and do not recommend iris implants.

We do not see any reason to prefer this method, which has disadvantages in almost every aspect compared to the process of changing eye color with a laser (Mylumineyes).

Iris Implant Surgery News

These permanent eye implants have not yet been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration, but every year more people in Mexico, Central America, and Africa are exposed to this risk.

To change the color of the eye, implantation of the iris is done locally and placed in the iris. The silicone implant surgeon was designed to be used in the treatment of traumatic iris loss, but has been causing serious problems and complications since it has been used as an eye color changer.

After paying $20,000, the operation is started with local anesthesia. In just a few minutes, the green-colored silicone disc placed under the iris is turned into a bluish green-blue-green-green color.

The procedure consists of placing an implant so that the eyeball is covered with an incision, making the incision, and then closing the incision.

Although it is a technically simple operation, it has the potential to create serious problems in the future.

There are negative turns as far as positive opinions are concerned.

Everyone who chooses to have surgery does not return home happy. Someone who chooses to stay anonymous tells you that you regret the choice by sharing a video on Youtube. I wanted something delicate and natural, but my eyeballs left a record of growing and shrinking.

One of the international internet sites that offers this eye color change operation is from Los Angeles-based BrightOcular, which produces intraocular implants. “This method should not be used for aesthetic purposes only. Despite this, thousands of people around the world have successfully changed the color of their iris for aesthetic reasons. The term “medically interfered” refers to people who suffer from situations such as the site, heterochromia (two different colors of the eye) or eye albinism.


Chizu, a young Japanese woman, said, “This is the surgery that pleased me most in my life. I used it for colorful contact lenses, which have been very popular in Asia since my teenage years, but I do not have to do anything now.

Now everyone is really looking at my light blue eyes. “

Brian’s new green eyes say, “I’ve received more offers since I had the surgery, and I feel more confident.” The former soloist of the Listede Fuel group also has a lesser known musician, Toryn Green, who says he likes his new gray eyes very much since his return from India and says, “BRIGHTOCULAR with your sure hands!”

How satisfied is it with an unnatural image that is essentially no different from the contact lens, and is it at risk? The choice is yours.

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