world first eye color change process with new developed iris laser =MY®LUMİNEYES

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Op.Dr.Mustafa Mete, who provided the application of corneal implants   close vision treatment ”first in the world”….started working on the methods of heterochromia treatment after the Lumineyes technique, which was awarded in 2011. Op.Dr.Mustafa Mete, working on the Lumineyes technique in European, Asian and Gulf countries, has developed a safer, selective, different wavelength and low thermal efficiency laser method by updating this technique and gave it the name “MY®LUMINEYES” by realizing another one.He continues to work on this technique. In the near future, he will  declare that he developed a new  treatment method for changing eye color with laser,first in world…!


Op.Dr.Mustafa Mete

Head Doctor – General Coordinator
Mylumineyes founder,Retina, Oculoplastics, Refractive and Cornea Surgery
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