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What is the fastest and most effective eye color change procedure? |
change your eye color with laser with best laser technology and by optalmolog
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What is the fastest and most effective eye color change procedure?

8 sessions light brown to green

Performing the world’s first laser eye color change, Dr. Mustafa Mete and the MyLumineyes ® team with our new 8G+ 3D laser were able to convert brown eye color to green in just 4 days,without any side effects,safe, tremendously fast and effectively. With mylumineyes, which uses personalized parameters, both fast, effective and economical results are obtained. The most important thing in the eye color change process is to achieve success without risking the eye health of the person. It is the only doctor and center that can achieve this right now. The laser technology and method used by MyLumineyes ® have been created with years of experience. This laser, which works at a special wavelength, targets the melanin cells in the eye and is expressed as the latest point of technology that does not harm other tissues. Laser eye color change operation is not a procedure that even a normal eye doctor can do! Therefore, we recommend that you do a lot of research when choosing your doctor and center. There is a lot of fake advertisement, news, center and doctor information circulating on the internet. We recommend that you do not endanger your eyes in this information pollution. We offer you to change your eye color safely and to protect your eye health. Start looking at life in color with MyLumineyes ®.