Eye Color Change Side Effects-Types-Locations

Eye Color Change Side Effects – Surgery Types-Costs And Locations

Eye color change side effects and risks are really scary, especially when done in inexperienced hands. The process of “permanent eye color change” with a laser is known as laser eye color change surgery. The best eye color changing lasers will be discussed, along with their limitations and how-to guides. The “Laser Eye Color Change Procedure” was created using a laser of a specific wavelength. Is it possible to change your eye color permanently? Mylumineyes allows you to permanently alter your eye color from brown to blue, green, hazel, or grey.

Can You Permanently Change Your Eye Color ?

You can change your eye color permanently with three different methods. Non-surgical laser eye color change, keratopigmentation, and iris implants. You know, we have explained these 3 methods comparatively. In short, apart from laser eye color change, the other two promise you an artificial appearance. Both are surgeries. The risks are much higher. There is an intervention in the eye. Moreover, foreign body is placed in the eye in both of them.

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How Does Permanent Eye Color Change Surgery Work?

First, an eye tests or check is done. If everything is OK, your eye map is done. No need for anesthesia. The treatment takes an average of 2 minutes for both eyes.
Melanin pigments in the iris are destroyed by lasers.

Following the treatment, you will be provided a medical program that is appropriate for the mylumineyes technology.

What Are The Eye Color Change Methods And Prices?

With three distinct ways, you may permanently change your eye color. Keratopigmentation, iris implants, and non-surgical laser eye color changing. We have compared and contrasted these three ways. In brief, aside from the laser eye color change, the other two offer a fake appearance. Both of these procedures need surgery. The dangers are significantly increased. In the eye, there is a complexity. In addition, both of them had foreign substance in their eyes. The side effects of changing eye color with inappropriate laser and method may not be compensated.

Why Choose Laser Eye Color Change Surgery?

With the Mylumineyes laser type, you can achieve the eye colors of your dreams.

This type of laser is currently the best type of laser in the world.

Mylumineyes  permanent eye color change is safe and healthy.

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What Are The Benefits Of Laser Eye Color Change Surgery?

  1. Only laser is used in procedure. In summary, there is no contact with your eyes.
  2. This procedure is non-invasive.
  3. Mylumineyes permanent laser eye color change does not cause long-term complications.
  4. It does not cause any change in eye numbers.
  5. You will have a natural look, not an artificial result like with other methods.
  6. This is not surgery, it is a laser method. Therefore, no entry is made.
  7. There is no pain or discomfort during the procedure.

What Is The Duration Of The Procedure?eye color surgery before after photos video

Each sessions takes about 2 minutes. 1 therapy is completed in 5 to 7 days. And final results will be taken after 4-6 months.

Who Needs Laser Eye Color Change Surgery?

This is an aesthetic eye color change procedure.

It is the best method for those who want to change their brown eye color to blue, green, gray, or hazel tones.

What Are The Side Effects Of Eye Color Change Surgery?

Surely this procedure can only be done by professional ophthalmologists.

Possible side effects are:

  1. Iridocyclitis
  2. Corneal problems
  3. Cataract
  4. Endothelial
  5. Permanent vision loss
  6. Light sensitivity
  7. Glaucoma

With ”Mylumineyes” applied by Dr. Mete with our 15 years of experience, these side effects are not seen in 99.9% of the cases.

Can I Get The Same Result With Contact Lenses, Implants, Or Others?

No, it is not possible to see the same natural effect with these methods.

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When I Do This Procedure, Will My Baby Have Blue Or Green Eyes?

Unfortunately, there is no genetic transmission to your baby after this method. With laser eye color change surgery, only your eye color changes physically.

Which Type Of Laser Is The Best Type Of Laser?

Currently, the most advanced and best type of laser is the 8G + 3D Mylumineyes laser, which has iris-specific selectivity with a confidential wavelength.

Which Eye Color Change Surgery?

Definitely, changing eye color must be safe, cost-effective, and healthy under experienced hands. Laser eye color change surgery is as complicated as it is simple.

 Where Is Before And After Photos And Videos Of Laser Eye Color Change?

You can view the before and after photos and videos of the eye color change procedure from the link .



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