Before After Laser Eye Color Change Surgery-How Does Your Eye Color Change?

Changing Eye color can be done in different ways. Laser Eye color change is with cost effective price advantageous Among these methods, only the process of changing eye color with a laser gives healthy and natural results. You will have permanently colored eyes with the laser procedure performed by an experienced eye surgeon. Apart from having an experienced eye surgeon, the type of laser used is also very important. The Mylumineyes laser selects the melanin pigments in the iris and targets only them. Mylumineyes laser energy-absorbing melanin cells undergo a chemical reaction. After this biological and chemical reaction, the defense mechanism in the body takes action.

Melanin cells naturally begin to be removed from the body. This is how the “Mylumineyes Laser eye color change procedure” performs the process using natural reactions in the body.  If you want to use a laser to change the color of your eyes, the two most important factors to consider are who your doctor is and how experienced he is.

eye color change surgery
eye color change surgery photo before and after-can eyes change color?

Why Should You Consider Changing Your Eye Color? How to change your eye color?

We think that everyone has a colorful eye dream. Blue eyes, green eyes, and gray eye colors create confidence in many people. Changing eye color with Mylumineyes is a much healthier process than wearing colored contact lenses. In the long term, it is more economical than colored contact lenses. It does not require any surgical intervention. It is safe and has little to no side effects. The Mylumineyes laser is a non-invasive procedure. As a result of our studies, we did not find any long-term complications.

What Do You Need to Know About Complications from Eye Color Surgery?

The eye color change process that is not done by professional hands can cause many complications. Although it is safer than eye surgery, it still requires a lot of experience. Pre-laser examination is very important. Your ophthalmologist should carry out this examination down to the smallest detail. The features and selectivity of the laser are very important. The type of laser we use in our clinic has the most advanced technology. Our clinical experience in successfully applying this method for the first time in the world is very high. Complications that occur as a result of laser treatment on unsafe hands are as follows:

  1. Iridocyclitis

  1. Corneal damage

  1. Closed angle glaucoma

  1. Cataract

  1. Endothelial insufficiency

  1. permanent vision loss

The Top 10 Facts About Changing Your Eye Color

Changing Your Eye Color & What it Means for Your Health

Introduction: What are the main causes of eye color change?

Everyone’s eye colors are different, and this is unique to our genes. Everyone has melanin in the iris of their eyes. The amount of melanin determines the eye color of the person. More melanin causes the iris to absorb more light, and the eye appears darker brown.

The iris is the colored part of the eye. It consists of two layers and contains enough melanin that the underside is brown. The top layer, or stroma, also contains melanin, but there are some differences here. It is this variance that results in different eye colors. Melanin is the chemical that determines skin, skin color, hair color, and eye color. Melanin is dark brown in color and becomes darker as its concentration increases. This is because, depending on its concentration, the ability of melanin to absorb light increases.

If your eyes are dark, it means that the melanin density is high

If a person has brown eyes, it is likely that there is an abundance of melanin in both the lower and upper layers of the iris. For people with lighter colored eyes, the upper layer (and sometimes the lower layer) contains significantly less or lighter colored melanin. Blue-eyed people have little or no melanin in the upper layer of their iris.

As a result, light absorption occurs in direct proportion to the amount of melanin. Light absorption is less in people with low melanin density. Therefore, more light can reflected. As a result, it causes the eye color to appear blue. Because of their rarity and good looks, we like blue, green, and other eye colors more than brown eyes. However, there is something to be aware of at this point. In fact, we can all have blue eyes or green eyes.

There are many diseases that cause eye color changes. Heterochromia means a color difference between the two eyes. Heterochromia can occur due to hundreds of diseases.

Does eye color change permanently and How To Change Your Eye Color?

  1. keratopigmentation

  1. Iris implant

  1. Mylumineyes laser eye color change

What are the advantages of choosing brown eyes over blue or green eyes?

  • People with brown eyes are less sensitive to age-related macular degeneration.

  • A lower incidence of type 1 diabetes.

What are the advantages of choosing blue or green eyes over brown eyes?

  • Reduced risk of depression

  • Lower anxiety and restlessness

  • healthier sleep

  • Higher Confidence

permanent eye color change surgery
permanent eye color change surgery


Where does the eye color gene come from?

Shortly,eye color is inherited from the family. Some eye colors are common, while others are rare. The reason for this is that the gene that produces those eye colors is rare and not dominant.

The iris is a muscle that expands and contracts to control pupil size. The pupil dilates in the dark and shrinks in high-light conditions. When the pupil size changes, the iris contracts or relaxes. As a result, this causes the eye color to change.

What factors influence the formation and determination of eye colors?

Fuchs disease, which causes a difference in eye color, causes cataracts and glaucoma. Also, Fuchs describes uveitis disease as the color difference of the iris over the years, as brown eyes turn green and green eyes turn blue.

Eye color can change with age as well. Eyes that are brown can become a combination of brown, green, and hazel.

What Will Your Baby’s Eye Color be?

The eye color of the baby depends on the genes from its family. Brown eye color is dominant to green and blue eye colors. The light eye gene is recessive. In other words, if the baby inherits the dark-colored gene from the light-colored father from the mother, the eye color will be dark.

A baby’s eye color is related to the genes of his parents. If one of the family members has colored eyes, there is a high posibility that the baby’s eyes will also be colored. However, colored-eyed parents can have brown-eyed babies, while brown-eyed parents can have colored-eyed babies.

What foods contain melanin pigment?

Melanin is substance that gives color to skin, hair and iris. Foods containing melanin include carrots, peppers, and yams.

What raises melanin levels?

The synthesis of melanin in our bodies is the main factor that enables us to tan. Therefore, foods that increase or accelerate the synthesis of melanin in the body also have a tanning effect. Foods rich in vitamin A and carotenes have the effect of increasing melanin synthesis in the body.

How to reduce melanin pigment?

By using a low-energy laser, we can reduce melanin pigmentation. In this way, the dark color decreases and the color of the eye changes. Easily, you can check our before after laser eye color change surgery photos.

Colored Eyes Need More Protection Because They’re More Fragile Than Brown Eyes

Sun rays can cause permanent vision damage in people who do not wear sunglasses. Melanin pigment, which is less in light-colored eyes, is a building block that protects the body against ultraviolet light. For this reason, light-colored eyes are more affected by the harmful rays of the sun.

How to Care for Your Blue or Brown Eye Color with These Simple Tips and Tricks!

  1. As has been noted,Use your sunglasses in all seasons.

  1. At first,maintain a safe distance from technological devices.

  1. If you have diabetes, as a result do not neglect regular eye examinations.

  1. Attention should be paid to the use of lenses. Before using lenses, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

  1. Do not neglect eye exams in your life.

  2. If you have any complaints , surely early diagnosis is very important!

How To Safely Change Your Eye Color With Natural Methods

Unfortunately, you can not change the color of your eyes naturally with foods. It is not correct information that eye color changes with certain foods.As i mentioned before,it is only avaible with a laser to change your eye color naturally.

For that reason,the only way to change eye color in a healthy way is with mylumineyes laser color treatment.

Introduction: The 5 Types of Eye Colors And The Effects They Have on Mood and Personality

Analysis of eye colors

Personality Analysis for Blue Eye:

People who like to be stable, full of energy, have the ability to make decisions, and are positive, open-handed people. Their biggest flaw is that they have difficulty seeing the truth and are dreamers. But what do the other eyes say?

Personality Analysis for Green Eyes:

Green-eyed People who have a structure that cannot offend their loved ones are people who manage to suppress it and are careful not to be hurtful, although they are very angry. They are able to control their emotions.

Hazel Eyes: Personality Analysis

People with hazel eyes have a very strong intuition. No matter how mild and understanding they are, the hazel-eyed are overly self-indulgent and will never forgive when their pride is hurt, no matter what.

Personality Analysis for Black Eyes:

People with black eyes who get excited quickly in the face of events always experience this negative situation with their emotional structure. People with a lot of love and spite have a sensitive heart.

A Personality Analysis for Brown Eyes:

Brown-eyed people who do not hesitate to share the details of their private lives in every environment are malicious people. Their biggest negative side is that they look at the world with one eye closed. They often experience disappointment.

The Psychological Effects of Eye Colors on People‘s Behavior

Each color is linked to both emotional and psychological responses. Colors have permeated every part of human life. Color is found in our homes, workplaces, places we go, in our clothes, in every object we use daily. The effect of colors has also been scientifically proven.

Even today, all sectors get help from the power of color when creating their brands or decorating their working or service spaces. It gives an idea of our color preferences, emotions, and character. For this reason, we are getting rewards for this in every field today. Colors have the power to affect people’s minds and bodies.

For this reason, it is necessary to examine colors not only structurally but also psychologically. While some colors are found boring, others give a refreshing and bright feeling. Eye colors can have effects such as moving-still, constructive-destructive, or repulsive-attractive.

The first effect that colors have on people is the effect of warmth and coldness. Colors close to yellow create a warm perception, while those close to blue create a cold perception. At the same time, colors with a warm effect appear closer to people, while cold ones seem distant. Color perception and taste differ from person to person.

People color the objects they use or the places they live in according to the color they like. A color that is beautiful and impressive to one person may be bad and repulsive to another. This situation is the result of the psychological activities of the person rather than the effect of colors.

Conclusion: How to Love Your Unique Eye Color and Keep It Healthy and Beautiful ,after ”Laser Eye Color Change Surgery or Procedure”?

With the best technology laser treatment, the eye color changes in a healthy way. Eye health is protected with a personalized program and mapping by Mylumineyes. By targeting only the melanin pigment in the iris, the eye color is changed from brown to blue-green or other shades in a healthy way. There is no change in the anatomy of the eye with the Mylumineyes laser. This process is done successfully within 5 to 7 days. All kinds of side effects are kept under control with various medical eye drops during and after the procedure.

changing eye color surgery

Eye color changing surgery methods

Eye color changing surgery methods Priority should be given to evaluating the professional qualifications and expertise of the surgeon when obtaining information about the financial