Why do eyes change color?

Why do eyes change color?

We will talk about do eyes change color and why? How real and safe is surgery to change eye color? Basically, there are four main techniques to change your eye colour; in addition to these, there are certain misconceptions to consider. As previously said, each strategy has benefits and disadvantages. However, keep in mind that one of these tactics will stand out on almost every issue. To begin with, in order to permanently change your eye colour, you must have a healthy physique as well as a healthy eye structure. After all, this is a medical operation, and we anticipate complete body and eye health. Another important consideration is the level of expertise of your doctor. At this time, my lumineyes clinic provides you with both a professional ophthalmologist and an experienced clinic. 

Do eyes change color?

Finally, keep in mind who you put your confidence in. As previously said, although the answer to the issue of whether you can change your eye colour is yes, the key is to achieve a healthy and natural permanent eye colour change. Without a doubt, safety and healthy and natural eye colour change are two inseparable crucial factors. We all know that today, everyone on the internet is busy praising and selling themselves. When it comes to facts, however, the reality is very different. On the contrary, misinformation causes some individuals to lose their eye health, time, and money. As a result, we wanted to create this tutorial to address the question, “Can your eye change colour?” 

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why do my eyes change color- can eyes change color with laser

Let’s take a deeper look at what’s causing your eye color to change and why?

The iris is the colorful portion of the eye. The pigmentation of the iris controls the color of the eye. Irises come in six different colors: amber, blue, brown, gray, green, hazel, or red. Amber eyes, which are sometimes mistaken for hazel eyes, are a complete golden or copper hue with no specks of blue or green like hazel eyes. As an adult, slight changes in eye color are possible. Long-term sun exposure, for example, may cause your eyes to darken significantly, but a tiny number of Caucasian people’s eyes brighten as they age. However, for the most part, your eye color will not change, and substantial changes may indicate a deeper issue.

Surprisingly, our eye color does not always stay consistent throughout our lives

And occasionally, the change seems to occur spontaneously. People are bewildered by hazel eyes and wonder whether they are green, gold, brown, or a combination of the three. People have speculated that since the color isn’t well defined, hazel eyes are more like chameleons, changing eye color depending on their surroundings. Eye color is determined by the pigment in the eyes; brown eyes have more pigment than hazel eyes. Hazel eyes straddle the line between brown and blue, with less pigment than brown and more than blue. The quantity of pigment in the eyes varies according to heredity; therefore, eye color might change throughout time.

Natural Changes in Eye Color with Age

One of the most prevalent causes of changes in eye color happens in youngsters. When a newborn is born, his or her eyes are normally paler or bluer. This is mostly due to a newborn’s lack of exposure to light, which causes the melanin in their eyes to be underdeveloped. When they are exposed to light, melanin synthesis rises, causing their eyes to change color.

While scientists continue to investigate why eyes change color, some eyecare specialists feel that the changes are perceptual rather than physical. Colors are a sense of light reflected off nearby objects, and our eyes absorb some of those colors. This is why we witness changes in hazel, blue, and green eyes.

Medical causes of eye color changes

A few medical problems might cause your eyes to change color:

Eye Injury: Certain eye injuries may cause your eye color to seem different. Following any eye injury, it is vital to get medical assistance to verify that no long-term damage has occurred.

Lisch nodules: Lisch nodules show as little brown pimples on the top of the iris. These are caused by neurofibromatosis and are not usually associated with vision loss.

Fuchs Heterochromic Iridocyclitis is an inflammation of the iris and other tissues of the front of the eye. One sign of this is a loss of iris pigmentation, which may cause your eye color to change. It may also produce cataracts, which can lead to glaucoma if left untreated.

Medication-Related Color Changes: Some drugs might cause darker eye color. Medication-induced color changes may be permanent.

A stroke or other injury to the nerves on one side of the face is a common cause of Horner’s syndrome, an uncommon disorder that affects the pupil or the iris.

It may cause one pupil to seem bigger than the other, altering the appearance of the eye color. It may also result in iris depigmentation.

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Other medical problems

Some drugs might cause changes in eye color. One good example was a prescription-only brand-name eyelash growth serum. While the adverse effect was uncommon and typically needed the drops to be given to the eye rather than the lash line, a component in the serum may have the capacity to affect eye pigments.

colors in your surroundings or area around you

In rare circumstances, your eye color may seem to have changed when, in fact, your eyes are the same color. Changes in pupil size might cause your eye color to seem somewhat different. This is partly due to the fact that your limbal ring (the darker ring on the outside of the iris) is closer to the pupil’s edge. Because less of the iris is exposed, your eye color may look darker. Furthermore, different colors around your eyes may influence how your eye color is perceived. Clothing, cosmetics, hair, and the color of your glasses frame, for example, may all have an effect on the visible color of your irises. However, most of this is an illusion.

Do eyes change color with laser? Which Clinic For Surgery To Change eye color?

How can i change my eye color without  surgery? The first thing to remember is to do research about your doctor’s CV using credible sources and media. This should give you some ideas. Years ago, Dr. Mustafa Mete pioneered the safe and effective laser eye colour change. Today, Many unknown clinics appeared. They say that they can easily change eye colour from a number of places. Even if they are a legitimate doctor or clinic, it does not sound credible when they claim to be able to do this task in such a short period of time, after 13 years of hard work. Then it is necessary to ask the question “How can a clinic that does surgery to change eye color in such a short time be safe and successful? I think it’s very easy to find the answer.

Do eyes change color with Laser Lumineyes Xtra?

Can eyes change color? Changes in eye color may be both fascinating and worrying. Understanding what causes eye color changes allows you to assess if your colors are normal or whether you should see a opthalmolog or optometrist. Most individuals have little option except to accept the eye color they were born with. Many “changes” in eye color are really optical illusions, and if your eye color does change, it is usually quite modest. A dramatic change in eye color may suggest an eye injury or another eye condition. Firstly, can eyes color change in time naturally? Yes and no. But you can change eye color with laser and surely you will get it.

Your genes are what determine the amount of melanin in your iris and, consequently, the color of your eyes.

There are numerous genes that influence eye color, and many of them also influence the color of your hair and skin. Your parents’ eye colors also play a role in determining which eye color you have.It’s not uncommon for two blue-eyed parents to produce blue-eyed offspring. If one parent has blue eyes and the other has brown eyes, their child’s eye color is less predictable.

Even yet, it is conceivable for a child’s eye color to differ from that of their parents. This may occur as a result of other genetics in the family. For example, a youngster with brown eyes may have blue eyes if their grandparents had blue eyes. The eyes are the most spectacular organs of the human face. People can hide their emotions by their behavior or actions, but eyes cannot hide emotions. Because eyes cant hide their feelings even if they want to hide it. For this reason, eyes are the most honest organs in our body. Eyes cant lie.

So can eyes changes color?

What causes eye color to change, and how do eyes change color? can eyes change color in natural way  or you need a unique laser  for eye color changing. Today everybody want to know the answer, Why do eyes change color? People who have undergone laser treatment in the past or who have been unable to change their eye color owing to dark eyes now have “Mylumineyes Xtra.” In essence, it is a particular laser treatment for resistant melanin cells. 

Of course, we began using it on regular brown eyes because the effects were considerably faster and more effective. “Mylumineyes Xtra,” for example, has a high success rate in those who have undergone laser eye color change several times and produces excellent outcomes in light and medium-dark brown eyes. As previously said, “Mylumineyes Xtra” allows you to change your eye color in a healthy way.

Why do eyes change color? What factors influence eye color?

The quantity of pigment (colored material) in the iris, or pupil, affects our eye color. Blue is the color of low-pigmented eyes, whereas green is the color of moderately pigmented eyes.

Unfortunately, natural eye color change is not possible. The exception is the Lumineyes laser method. If you believe your eye color has changed spontaneously over time, there could be a variety of causes. As an example,

  1. The eye drops you previously used.
  2. Because of previous eye diseases.
  3. overexposure to the sun
  4. Light intensity and angle of incidence in the environment
  5. pupillary alterations
  6. such as conditions that cause heterochromia iridum

We say that small changes in eye color normal but you need something to change it

Eye color can change dramatically, but only with external intervention. These are, in brief, laser, keratopigmentation, and iris implant. The laser fragments the melanin pigments in the iris, giving the eye a dark appearance, and these shattered pigments are reabsorbed from the angles of the eye. As a result, a dark eye color becomes a light eye color. 

Keratopigmentation attempts to generate eye color by coloring the cornea. Finally, an iris implant has a lens that is inserted into the eye to change the color of the eye. We’ve previously discussed the benefits and drawbacks of these strategies in a few articles.

Mylumineyes Xtra uses a higher intense laser that is gentler on the tissues. Furthermore, the treatment time has been reduced. Because of the new Lumineyes Xtra, we were able to abbreviate the eye color change therapies that we began in the world 10 days ago. As a result, we both keep you away from your work and keep your eyes from undergoing intense laser therapy. The “Mylumineyes Xtra” method has less side effects, compared to the prior edition of the Lumineyes eye color change process, which had 1% side effects. Without a doubt, this provides us enormous comfort and prosperity.

Changing Eye Color Guide 2022

Do eyes change color with age or need a laser surgery? you can change the color of your eyes with confidence with Lumineyes. Everyone believes that changing one’s eye color is cumbersome and dangerous. Can You Change the Color of Your Eyes Safely and Naturally? Naturally, your eye color can change, but the “lumineyes laser procedure” is required for it to be healthy. 

The My Lumineyes system took ten years to develop. After all, research and studies produced outcomes in 2010. Furthermore, we employ laser eye color change surgery not just for heterochromia but also for aesthetic purposes. Finally, we provided you with the “best eye color change procedure.”

What exactly is involved in eye color change surgery? -Surgical changing of the eye color

Eye color change surgery, to put it simply, refers to the procedure of altering a person’s eye color by the use of a surgical technique. Therefore, this is not a laser treatment; rather, it is a series of surgical procedures. The laser procedure does not include any kind of surgery or operation. Obviously, there will be a great number of benefits resulting from this. As I’ve indicated in the previous sentence, laser surgery for changing your eyes color is without a doubt the best option.

Can You Change Your Eye Color Naturally?

The good news is that we have had success with the laser eye color changing procedure, and many people’s fantasies have come true. We previously believed we could answer the following questions: It was critical for your health and natural look that you do this using a laser rather than eye color change surgery. First and foremost, your eye color remains natural. Second, your eyes vision is safeguarded. Third, there is essentially minimal danger of problems. Of course, this is only possible through “lumineyes laser eye color change surgery.” To summarize, can you change the color of your eyes? “Mylumineyes laser eye color change surgery” is the simple solution to the query.

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Is It Safe to Change Your Eye Color?

In Turkey, Effective Eye Color Change Surgery is possible. Only when healthy outcomes can be reached is safe eye color change important. We’ve been doing the 10-day program for years, and it’s spread like wildfire. And now we may have a healthier and speedier result in 5-7 days. Of course, this is not true for everyone. Without a doubt, successful eye color change is a significant procedure. We take this very seriously. 

Another important feature is that anybody with or without knowledge of the process may conjecture. We want to make it obvious that Mylumineyes is very safe. You can change the color of your eyes with the safest, quickest, and most effective process available. Of course, a sudden change in eye color isn’t everything. However, preserving textures while fast changing eye color is quite outstanding.

How safe changing your eye color?

Patient safety is the avoidance of mistakes and other unfavorable impacts on service users that are related to medical treatment. In spite of the fact that universal healthcare has gotten more efficient, it has also become more difficult to navigate due to the increasing prevalence of new technology, medications, and treatments. The human eye is the organ in the body with the highest degree of sensitivity. It is undeniably deserving of more focus and consideration. Because of this, ocular interventions require a very high level of expertise. Without a shadow of a doubt, Lumineyes laser eye color change surgery has a highly unique and important position among them all.

Although the answer to the question “Can you change your eye color?” is “yes,” the actual issue is whether or not it is possible to do so in a way that is really safe. In this situation, the 8G laser and the mylumineyes method are going to be our two most effective levers. The phrase “health and safety” is most often used to refer to occupational health and safety, which is concerned with the prevention of injuries and illnesses among employees and those who may be impacted by their employment. The term “health and safety” is also commonly used to refer to the state of being “healthy and safe.” Youca n find an article about eye color can effect eye health.

Laser eye color change is highly safe if the prerequisites are satisfied.

However, by using a laser, we can lessen the risks of eye color changing surgery. My Lumineyes is a one-of-a-kind Lumineyes technique. It is made using a specialized laser. Eye color change surgery by laser was invented by Dr. Mustafa Mete. Dr. Mete created this treatment in a number of nations. In contrast to the classic luminescence approach, it is accomplished by the use of a range of algorithms. The end effect is significantly more efficient, safe, and enjoyable.

To create a map and a customized treatment approach, the MYLumineyes® laser procedure examines eye anatomy, characteristics, iris formation, visual acuity, and pigment configuration!

This should surely be done to protect health. A small research shows that the MYLumineyes® laser eye color change is the best, and our consultants apply it efficiently. The new Lumineyes is more dependable, efficient, and worry-free than traditional Lumineyes. The laser eye color change treatment is both the safest and most effective method of changing one’s eye color surgically. The concentration of melanin pigments in the iris is the primary component that determines the color of the eyes. In a nutshell, your eyes will be paler in proportion to the amount of pigment you have.

what is risk-free laser eye color change treatment?

The stroma layer of the cornea is responsible for the black appearance of the eye because it contains a lot of pigment. The stroma layer is penetrated in the course of the Mylumineyes process, which has the distinction of being the world’s first risk-free laser eye color change treatment. As I said before, the objective here is to reduce the amount of pigment that is present. The Mylumineyes technology makes use of a one-of-a-kind laser that can only be effective by concentrating on melanin cells. That is, it does not affect other cells and is selective in its destructive effects. This demonstrates that the mylumineyes approach is superior to all other options. For this reason, we modify the color of the patient’s eyes using a technique called mylumineyes. 

changing eye color laser
changing eye color laser

Mylumineyes Clinic has the most advanced technology and experience for effective eye color change.

Our facility uses cutting-edge technology and professionals to perform efficient eye color change surgery. While pale brown eyes provide better outcomes, dark brown eyes produce slower and more challenging results. Furthermore, creating dark eyes needs exceptional talent. because dark eyes may produce a variety of negative effects This requires extensive ophthalmic knowledge and expertise. As a consequence, it is obvious and definite that clinics founded a year or two ago would be unable to give them.

How to Locate a Clinic or Service Near You for the Laser Eye Color Change Procedure. For Nearby Clinic Eye Color Change, we propose “Sure Turkey.”

You may seek for a nearby eye color changing center , but believe us when we advise that even lengthy excursions are beneficial. At the same time, Istanbul-Turkey is the most exciting and attractive city in the world, where you may change eye color while having a wonderful holiday. As previously stated, our eye color change offices in Canada and the United States will be operational once the necessary permits are secured. Seeking an ophthalmologist or specialist who can perform a laser procedure to change a person’s natural eye color.

 Certainly, we have the necessary conditions to alter your eye color in a safe and healthy way. After all these important eye color changing issues we told you about. Is it a good idea to alter my eye color? Of course, you may change your eye color safely with My Lumineyes XTRA.

Why we need Exclusive Advanced Laser Type for changing eye color naturally?

After automatically running a self-test to guarantee that each laser pulse satisfies your full power needs, the “Mylumineyes Xtra” laser device is ready. This is an absolute necessity for both safety and good performance. We call this phenomenon created with laser “photodisruption”. In order for my laser eye color change process to be healthy, it is absolutely necessary to create photodisruption and affect the melanic cells. It is this superior laser technology that provides this nud.

The improved secondary control unit of the “Mylumineyes Xtra” laser equipment measures the power accuracy of each laser shot.

It has an outstanding temperature-controlled crystals that maintains the laser beam’s consistent precision and stability.

Lumineyes Xtra, high-tech modular construction that maintains the frequency and power curves of the laser beams at all times.

Do eyes change color safely with Lumineyes Xtra?

“Mylumineyes Xtra” operates at a low energy level, making it unrivaled. This option forces “Mylumineyes Xtra” to display the security profile at its highest degree. It effectively removes the “danger of reverse laser effects.” In brief, with this new technology and laser, eye color may be adjusted more efficiently while using less power and shot.

We believe we have launched the second revolution with this unique technology and application approach, comparable to what we achieved years ago. So, How do eyes change color with this unique laser?

  • cutting-edge laser system
  • optimum efficiency, power, and dependability
  • Imaging with high resolution
  • Tissues are not harmed.
  • Short laser time
  • excellent effectiveness in dark, previously laser-treated eyes
  • The best results on light and medium-dark brown eyes.

It has new features such as the ability to change your eye color securely and organically.

We are all aware that there have been places across the world that claim to be able to change eye color for financial reasons. Unfortunately, many people are under risc and can lose their eyes. We may now utilize “Mylumineyes Xtra” to rectify the incorrect eye color changes. Keep in mind that “Lumineyes Xtra” may not be the best choice in every situation. So please be cautious in your choices.

The pigment “melanin” is responsible for eye color

The darker eyes are have more connective tissue at the front of the iris, termed as stroma. Eyes with less connective tissue are lighter in color. Many people’s melanin levels stay the same their whole lives, so their eyes stay the same color. A change in eye color is sometimes simply a natural aspect of aging and is completely safe. There are, however, a few factors that may permanently change melanin amounts. Melanin levels may be altered by ocular illnesses such as pigmentary glaucoma

Genetics may also contribute to changes in eye color over time. Heterochromia, often known as “multi-colored eyes,” may cause eye color to change over time. Severe injuries are often the origin of this condition. Heterochromatic eyes affect around 1.2% of the population. Only Dr.Mete can treat heterochromia in the world!

People can undergo plastic surgery on their unloved body parts. And they can repair their unloved body parts with plastic surgery. So how can we change our eye color? We can change our eye color temporarily with contact lenses. But this procedure is uncomfortable and also unnatural. So can eyes change their color? How to Permanently Change Eye Color? You will find the answers in this article easily.

Our baby’s eye color at birth will most likely change by the time they reach their first birthday

Their primary eye color—blue, brown, green, or hazel—should be visible by 9 months of age. However, eye color may continue to change and refine until around the age of six. The majority of kids are born with brown eyes; however, there are hue variances. According to research, black, indigenous, and people of color neonates are more likely to have brown eyes. With time, the brown color may deepen somewhat. The eye color of a baby is determined by genetics. Pigment production and distribution are controlled by genes. The precise combination and concentration of pigments determine the color of a baby’s eyes. A baby can change eye color in 12 months.

Most newborns who born with blue or gray eyes that may change to green, hazel, amber, or brown depending on the amount of melanin in the iris.

Melanin, for example, is a chemical generated by cells known as melanocytes. It is in charge of skin, hair, and eye color. Melanin also shields photoreceptor cells in the retina from infrared, visible light, and UV rays. Melanin is a chemical that determines the color of a baby’s eyes. Dark Pigments of Melanin found in the iris, the structure that regulates how much light enters the eye. The quantity of melanin in the iris determines the color of the iris. Darker eyes contain a lot of pigment, while light eyes have relatively little.

The pigmentation of the iris is not fully complete in neonates

Babies with darker complexions often have dark eyes that remain pretty dark. Iris color in kids with lighter skin is normally blue or bluish-gray at birth, then changes as they develop. Because permanent eye color is not determined until a newborn is at least 9 months old, you should wait until your child’s first birthday to find out what color his or her eyes will be. Even so, tiny shocks do occur from time to time. Subtle color changes may still occur until roughly the age of six. The quantity of melanin in the eyes changes over the first year of life, making them darker and deeper than they were at birth.

Scientists are still baffled as to why certain people have a particular eye color

Human eye colors are known to be determined by three genes, which are inherited from your parents. The problem is that only two of the three genes are known. These two genes are responsible for the common eye colors of green, blue, and brown. However, experts are baffled as to why some individuals have gray, hazel, or multicolored eyes.

Back in the 1960s, it was widely assumed that brown eyes were “dominant” gene features and blue eyes were “recessive,” but this is very simple. Your eye colors are not a mix of your parents’ eyes. The sole true prediction is that if both parents have brown eyes, the infant will most likely have brown eyes as well. Because dark colors predominate, brown triumphs over green, which triumphs over blue.

Change your color according your mood

The iris is the colored portion of the eye. It is a muscle that extends and contracts to regulate the pupil size. The pupil dilates in dim light and contracts in strong light. It also changes shape depending on what you’re doing, becoming smaller when you’re doing close-up work like reading. The pigments in the iris compress or spread out as the pupil changes size. To some extent, this alters the color of the eyes. With some emotions, the pupil shrinks, causing the iris color dispersion and eye color to change. You’ve undoubtedly heard that when you’re furious, your eyes change color, and that’s probably accurate. If your eye color changes dramatically or if just one eye changes, you should see an eye doctor. Similar changes may be symptoms of illnesses such as pigmentary glaucoma or iridocyclitis.

Articles about changes in eye color

Ludwig and her colleagues discovered that 11 of the 40 blue-eyed newborns studied had brown eyes by the age of two, three had hazel eyes, and two had green eyes. Almost all (73) of the 77 brown-eyed neonates still had brown eyes at the age of two. Throughout our lives, blue eyes appear to be significantly more prone to change than brown eyes.

But why is that? In Ludwig’s research, one-third of the newborns’ eyes changed color in their first two years, with darker eyes being the most prevalent change. Only five of the 148 children in the study (3.4%) had lightening eyes with age.The darkening tendency might be related to the accumulation of a protective pigment in the iris—but more on that later.

According to David Mackey, the proclivity to change eye color may be genetic.

After getting interested in the subject of eye color change, Mackey discovered that these two studies accounted for the majority of the research on juvenile eye color change. Anecdotally, he discovered that it was usual for parents to anticipate their newborns’ eyes changing color. “I overheard parents and their friends saying, ‘Oh, yeah, the kid was born with blue eyes, but that will change in the coming years,'” he adds. “I’m thinking there, but I can’t locate any data on any of this.” “I discovered those two publications, and although they are tiny studies, they do illustrate that eye color does change.”

“The major pigment in the eyes is melanin, and the way melanin is dispersed determines the various eye colors.”

“You have blue eyes; some people speak about gray, but it’s actually a version of the blue; then you have hazel and green combinations; and then you have brown eyes, which may be somewhat brown or tremendously dark.” “It’s all tied to the amount of melanin present.”

A change in eye color may not always impact the whole iris, but just a few specks. Pale specks called “Brushfield spots” can appear in the iris of people with Down syndrome, whereas brown flecks called “Lisch nodules” are a common symptom of the hereditary disorder Neurofibromatosis type 1.

Blue eye color

have a low degree of pigment in their eye Scientists just declared that everyone with blue eyes is connected! Blue eyes, which are often recessive, are becoming more uncommon as different ethnic groupings intermarry. I recently questioned my blue-eyed in-laws about how they created my amber-eyed husband, and they told me it was genetically impossible.
Brown pupils

Brown eye color

The most common-prevalent eye color is brown. Individuals with brown eyes have more melanin, and brown eyes are prevalent in more than half of the world’s population.

gray eye color

Gray eyes may seem “blue” at first glance, but they often feature gold and brown specks. In addition, depending on clothes, lighting, and mood, they may seem to “change color” from gray to blue to green (which may change the size of the pupil, compressing the colors of the iris).

Green eye color

Although green is the least prevalent eye color, it is most common in northern and central Europe. I’ve always referred to this hue as hazel!

Hazel eye color

Hazel eyes are predominantly brown and green in color. The hazel eyes, like gray eyes, may seem to “change color” from green to light brown to gold. Individuals with hazel eyes have one color closest to the pupil, another color a bit farther out, and another color at the border of the iris

Eye Color Ratio Of The World Population

Your eye color determined by the genes which come from our parents. The most common eye color in the world is brown. This is because brown eye color is the dominant gene. People with brown eye color gene have a higher chance of having their children with brown eyes. Between 55% and 79% of the world’s population has brown eyes. The second most common eye color in the world is blue. Between 8% and 10% of the world’s population has blue eyes.

Blue eyes are common in European countries.

While brown eyes are common in other parts of the world, they are uncommon in Europe. This proportion is much lower than that of brown eyes. If the parents’ eyes blue or green colored, their children’s eyes will definetly be blue or green colored. Green-eyed people, on the other hand, are less common than those with blue or brown eyes. Only 2% of the world population has green eyes. About 5-5.5 percent of the world’s population has hazel eyes. Hazel eyes can change sunlight or other lights.

Our eyes are so important to our appearance. Our eyes are our identifying mark. In some countries, eye color is part of the identity card. The reason is that people can identify the person by their eye color. So how is your eye color, which is a kind of identification, formed?

How does eye color formation occur?

Iris pigmentation determines the color of a patient’s eyes. Your eye color determined by genes passed down from your father or mother. And eye color is related to the production, transport and storage of the pigment melanin in these genes. Brown eyes have a lot of pigment called melanin in their eyes, but this pigment called melanin is very low in people with blue and green eyes. 

The amount of pigment in blue-eyed and green-eyed people is so low that they have no pigment in their irises. Blue or green eye colors are rare. But the rarest eye color is not green eyes,it is gray eyes! Moreover, these are most attractive eye color to some people. Did you know that your colored eyes are actually the result of an anomaly?

changing eye color
can eyes change color?

This deficiency is very beautiful for some people. However, blue eyes are basically a deception. Blue eyes have a very small amount of melanin in the iris or they have no melanin at all. The reason we perceive blue eyes as blue is the same reason we perceive the sea and sky as blue.

However, the beauty that results from this deficiency also has negative aspects. People with blue and green eyes have more visual deficiencies than people with brown eyes. Also, people with blue and green eyes should take care to protect themselves from the sun’s harmful rays. And people with green and blue eyes are more affected by sun rays.

Can Eyes Change Color?

In newborns, eye color is often not uniform. When babies are born, their eyes do not yet have much pigment called melanin, so their eyes look blue. Even though infant eyes are typically blue, their hue might change after a year. In adults, eye color also changes temporarily and for a very short time. When people enter a dark and lightless place, their pupils dilate and become large to see better. As a result of this dilation, the iris around the pupil narrows and contracts. This constriction causes the eye color to change for a short time.

Even though people know how to hide their emotions with words and actions, the eyes are not very good at hiding their emotions. Even though our eyes cannot hide their emotions, they are very good at showing their emotions. In addition, the color of certain individuals’ eyes may temporarily change when they feel emotions such as grief, rage, or happiness.

Do eyes change color? How Can You Change Your Eye Color?

For people with blue or green eye color, the eye color may change for a short time in sunlight. However, none of these changes correspond to desire, and these changes are not beyond the power of the person. So can eye color change according to desire?

People who struggle with poor vision may prefer to use contact lenses instead of glasses. These contact lenses also come in colored versions, and some people can change their eye color with the help of contact lenses if they want a different eye color. But this solution is not a permanent one. Apart from not being a permanent solution, it is a troublesome affair. In other words, eye color can change in certain situations and conditions. Some changes are permanent. Some changes are not permanent and depend on the person. So can eyes change their color? Can these changes be permanent?

Change eye color with laser

The event we are talking about is not really ordinary, you can change your eye color naturally and healthily with laser. ” Change eye color with laser ” first caused a sensation in America. However, this procedure was already being studied in Turkey. The Good News Is That Laser Eye Color Change Is Extremely Safe When Performed By An Experienced Doctor. Furthermore, “Mylumineyes” now has twice the safety.

In brief, changing the color of your eyes with a laser is incredibly safe when done using mylumineyes. Because the “8G My lumineyes” Laser only targets melanin pigments. It also has the benefit of not causing any harm to natural tissues. As a consequence, everyone’s degree of safety will be changed. Except for Dr. Mustafa Mete’s experience, everything works well. “Lumineyes” is basically changes iris stroma color by using a specific wavelength. 

If you meet the requirements, laser eye color change is quite safe.

By employing a laser, we may avoid the hazards of eye color change surgery. Let’s take a look at some of the disadvantages of changing your eye color. As I have already said in earlier posts, different side effects are likely. However, they are uncommon at Mylumineyes clinic.

Changing the color of one’s eyes may be accomplished in a variety of ways. Laser eye color change is helpful in terms of cost. Only the procedure of changing eye color with a laser produces healthy and natural results. With the laser surgery done by a competent eye surgeon, you will have permanently colored eyes. Aside from having a skilled eye surgeon, the kind of laser utilized is critical.

changing eye color with laser
changing eye color with laser

The Mylumineyes laser selectively targets the melanin pigments in the iris!

A chemical process occurs in mylumineyes laser energy-absorbing melanin cells. Following this biological and chemical response, the body’s defensive system goes into action. Melanin cells are normally shed from the body. This is how the “Mylumineyes Laser eye color change technique” works by using natural bodily responses. The two most crucial aspects to consider if you want to use a laser to change the color of your eyes are who your doctor is and how skilled he is.

How can you change Color Of Your Eyes Using A Special Laser.

Changing eye color may be accomplished in several ways. Laser eye color alteration is an inexpensive surgery. Only the procedure of altering eye color with a laser produces healthy and natural results. With the laser surgery done by a competent eye surgeon, you will have permanently colored eyes. Aside from having a skilled eye surgeon, the kind of laser utilized is critical.

The Mylumineyes laser selectively targets the melanin pigments in the iris. A chemical process occurs in mylumineyes laser energy-absorbing melanin cells. Following this biological and chemical response, the body’s defensive system goes into action. Melanin cells are normally shed from the body. This is how the “Mylumineyes Laser eye color changing technique” works by using natural bodily responses. 

Choose the right way to change your eye color

The laser eye color change surgery has been successful, and many people’s dreams have come true. Previously, we thought we could clarify: It was crucial for your wellness and natural look that this was done using a laser rather than eye color change surgery. First and foremost, your natural eye color is preserved. Second, your eyesight is protected. 

Third, the possibility for difficulties is virtually zero. Of course, only Mylumineyes laser eye color change surgery can provide these effects. Finally, can you alter the color of your eyes? Is it possible to alter your eyes’ color? The solution is Mylumineyes laser eye color change surgery, which is a simple answer to the question.

What is Iris Stroma Eye Color Change with Laser?

The “iris stroma change eye color” procedure involves decreasing the amount of melanin in the iris stroma as well as the stroma’s cellular density. So, what causes these variations in eye color? I suppose you can figure it out. In summary, this article explains the solutions to these questions. “Iris stroma eye color change” surgery in the United States results in a remarkably permanent change in the color of the eye. Apart from natural reasons such as environmental conditions and age, the most successful way for causing eye color changes nowadays is “laser eye color change.”

Change of Eye Color Before And After With Laser

You may acquire your ideal eye color with the “MY lumineyes eye color change with laser.”  This laser is without a doubt the greatest kind of laser on the market right now. Mylumineyes is a safe, effective, and healthy technique of permanently changing the color of your eyes. This treatment is, without a doubt, non-invasive. In a nutshell, it is non-surgical. Mylumineyes permanent laser eye color changing has no side effects. It has no change on the quantity of eyes. Better eyesight has been observed in certain situations. Mylumineyes laser has reduced the chances of eye color change.

You will notice significant variations before and after laser eye color change in a short period of time.
As with previous treatments, the outcome will be natural rather than contact lens-like. It is unmistakably distinct among laser eye color change surgery options. During the laser treatment, you will be completely relaxed.

The Whole Story Behind Laser Eye Color Change And How It Works

Laser eye color change surgery uses a laser to turn black eyes into blue, green, gray, or hazel. To summarize, the laser solely kills melanin cells. As a result, the dark layer is eliminated. Different kinds of lasers are now in use. As a result, laser changing eye color using mylumineyes is unique to this topic.

How Does The Laser Eye Color Change Procedure Work?

This procedure takes around 2 minutes for both eyes. Finally, depending on the degree of blackness of the eye color, treatment was finished in 5 or 7 days. This is the last stage of the aesthetic eye color change procedure.
It is the greatest treatment we have devised for people who wish to permanently change their brown eyes to blue, green, gray, or hazel.

How To Change The Eye Color?

There are several methods to change eye color. The non-permanent method is contact lenses. Contact lenses are harmless if used with care and method. Colored lenses mostly utilized as makeup components. However, if a person who uses contact lenses is not careful enough, they can harm their eyes, and contact lenses can cause serious eye problems. Daily replacement of colored contact lenses is necessary, and sharing them is dangerous.

One of the methods to change eye color is to change eye color with laser.

This method is permanent, unlike contact lenses. This method is not new. Actually, we have been using it safely for 13 years to change eye color. Changing eye color with laser is a very short procedure. The melanin pigments in the iris of the eye are broken down during the laser. The iris is stimulated with a laser beam for about 20 seconds, and the eye color changes from brown to blue within two to three weeks as the melanin pigment, which forms the eye color and is present in large amounts in brown eyes, leaves the cells. This operation permanently changes the eye color.

Another way to change eye color is to surgically change eye color.

One of the ways to change eye color with this surgery is iris implant surgery. In fact, this surgery must perform on people who dont have iris structure. To change the color of one’s eyes, “iris eye color change surgery” involves inserting an artificial iris in front of the pupil.

The questions of whether eye color can be changed and how to change eye color are no longer a big problem in today’s conditions and with today’s technologies. Eyes can change their color with quick and painless surgeries. If someone does not like his eye color, he can change his eye color with small operations.

Eye color changing results – can eyes change color?

Today we will find the answer to the question of which eye color change procedure is more reliable and successful.
In recent years, numerous clinics have attempted to apply laser and surgical eye color change applications, leaving patients uncertain about where to go. First of all, the most important issue is who your doctor is. Have they had previous successes in other areas? and a well-known doctor? A short search with Google will give you information. After the clinic and address accuracy and reliability you need to do, another issue you should pay attention to is “real patient comments”.

Especially on facebook, fake patient referrals mislead people. Finally, you can see real eye color changing results on our website. Can eyes change color naturally? Absolutely with “MYLumineyes laser eye color change Turkey center” will help you for this.

So which eye color changing method is better?

At Mylumineyes Clinic, we apply a personalized laser eye color change treatment with the “Mylumineyes” method under the management of Op.Dr.Mustafa Mete. Without a doubt, the “Eye Color Change Laser Turkey” is the first facility of its kind in the world. Furthermore, “laser eye color change costs Turkey” is a cost-effective option. If you’re looking for “laser eye color change prices,” you’ve arrived to the right place. “color-changing laser centers in the eyes.” For the time being, the focus is mostly on Istanbul. In other words, the “costs of laser eye color change” are as important as your eye health.

For decades, Dr. Mete has been doing laser eye color change surgery. Since 2002, he’s been working on this strategy. As a result, the improved service we provide has a cost. For “laser eye color change costs,” we supply the greatest quality. Furthermore, we offer exclusive benefits to our long-term clients. The 8G+ laser type provides the best efficiency. Furthermore, we provide excellent eye health protection. This laser is the finest and most advanced on the market.

This method (Mylumineyes) protects the eye health of the person, provides effective results and ensures that you will not have eye problems in the following years.

Remember, eye health is no joke!
Choose and research well eye doctor near you. Pay attention to the awareness of the clinic you will go to.

Laser Eye Color Change Is Extremely Safe When Performed By An Experienced Doctor.

Furthermore, “Mylumineyes” now has double the safety. In brief, using a laser to change the color of your eyes is absolutely safe when done using mylumineyes. The “8G Mylumineyes” Laser only targets melanin pigments. It also has the benefit of not harming healthy tissues. As a consequence, everyone’s degree of safety will be changed. Apart from Dr. Mustafa Mete’s experience, everything works flawlessly.

  • not every method is reliable, you don’t want to lose your eyes.
  • and neither method is Mylumineyes.
  • We do not have a branch outside of Istanbul.(in mexico or in barcelona too)

Can your eye safely change colour?

You should give it some thought. Surprisingly, out of the hundreds of e-mails we get every day, we don’t get many that ask why X clinics have so many sessions in such a short time. Even though the name is the same, we are not talking about the same thing. So how can you compare them? We spent years developing our proprietary Mylumineyes laser eye colour changing process.

“Mylumineyes Xtra” Provides More Effective And Healthier Results in Less Time.

Mylumineyes Xtra is faster and easier to give than regular Mylumineyes, and it is also safer. Similarly, it will not create any issues in the long term. We now have the opportunity to produce more effective outcomes with a quicker application and more securely thanks to Mylumineyes Xtra, the upgraded model of Mylumineyes that we created in 2021. Furthermore, Mylumineyes Xtra is the sole option for failed or unhappy laser eye colour change outcomes.

Can eye change color-how to have surgery to change eye color? FAQ

It is possible to do this in three ways. The goal of iris implant, laser, and keratopigmentation is to transform the brown eye into green-blue-gray or various tones. While this “Mylumineyes Laser that change eye color Procedure” offers your eyes a natural appearance, others will give you an artificial appearance.

In Turkey, the laser eye colour change surgery

Laser eye surgery Turkey performed at Mylumineyes clinic in Turkey. “How to change eye colour” is a common question. Where can I get the best laser surgery to change eye color? We seem to be hearing what you say. To be honest, the explanation is simple: 15 years of experience and the centre that created it. This page discusses laser that change eye color costs, risks, procedures, prices, and laser types.

Eye colour changing drops and keratopigmentation are other changing eye colour ways. Can you change the colour of your eyes? A laser can undoubtedly change the colour of your eyes naturally. Two concerns are critical for those who change their eye colour. In conclusion, the doctor’s experience and the compatibility of the laser kind.

About My Lumineyes method

Dr. Mustafa Mete unquestionably created the Permanent Laser Eye Color Change Turkey Procedure with the My lumineyes Laser. The ” The 8G laser that change eye color ” first activates the brown or dark-pigmented cells in the iris before destroying the dark pigmented layer. It shields the second layer, which produces the hue green-blue-hazel-gray. Wonderfully, we have solved all the complications that can arise in Classic lumineyes.

 The “My lumineyes “is the gold standard in the process of changing eye colour. It employs a laser to lower the amount of melanin in the iris and change the colour of the eye. Without a doubt, our laser detects the iris, and the laser cannot function without seeing the melanin cell.

It is a fact that Mylumineyes has no Competitor in terms of Safety and Efficiency. As a result of our study into the therapy of heterochromia, we invented the laser eye colour change technique. The Mylumineyes method discovered after all long-term follow-up.

Surprisingly, other facilities are attempting to conduct a surgery to change eye color comparable to mylumineyes.

It has drawbacks as compared to “Mylumineyes Eye Color Change Turkey.” Unfortunately, it is still under research by American studies, and even they cannot change the colour securely and properly. It acts without causing damage to tissues outside of the target location, and its period of action is quite short. As a result, it is not harmful to the eyes.

With the qualities listed above, it is evident that it is distinct from its competitors.

can eyes change color?

In fact, we apply this therapy approach in the cosmetic eye colour change procedure, which we previously created specifically for heterochromia patients. The most significant aspect of the eye colour shifting procedure is to accomplish achievement without jeopardising the person’s eye health. We are still using it for cosmetic eye colour alterations. With the exception of a few exceptions, practically everyone may use this approach to change their eye colour. Furthermore, as eye colour change in Turkey, we will provide you with all necessary assistance during the procedure.

We were able to change green eyes to blue-gray, blue eyes to brighter blue and grey, and hazel eyes to green, grey, and blue. People between the ages of 18 and 60 may have their eyes coloured with a laser. We do not use this method on children under the age of 18, even if they have a consent letter from their parents.

what type of laser are we using?

“8G+ 3D My Lumineyes laser”  just and only targets melanin layer thats why the best technology we have in our clinic. This technology gives maximum efficiency while safeguarding your eyes. My Lumineyes® laser eye colour change is the most sophisticated means of safely and effectively changing the colour of your eyes. MyLumineyes use a specific wavelength. It only picks melanin pigmentation on the iris, leaving your other eyes unaffected. This 8G+ 3D Laser also produces the best results. Without a doubt, after 15 years of expertise, we discovered that My Lumineyes® laser eye colour changing surgery is the only safe approach to change eye colour.

Mylumineyes is the most efficient and quick way to change the colour of your eyes? Dr. Mustafa Mete, using the new 8G+ 3D laser, performed the world’s first laser eye colour change, converting brown eyes to green in only four days with no adverse effects. It was both safe and quite quick. As a result, we began to provide both speedy and dependable features. Changing eye color in such a short time is only possible with Mylumineyes Xtra.

change the colour of my eyes using Mylumineyes without surgery

My lumineyes laser eye colour change in Turkey, in reality, is not a surgical or intrusive operation. The laser operates without ever coming into contact with your eyes. We are completing 1 therapy of surgery to change eye color in 5 or 7 days. Those with dark eyes should remain longer or split the time. Dr. Mete will create a treatment plan for you in order to improve the quality, safety, and efficiency of your life. (Usually 7-10 days.) In summary, a single MY Lumineyes treatment takes 5 to 7 days. The colour tone begins to change after 2-4 sessions. You will notice a substantial change in eye colour by the end of the first month. Can eyes change color safely? With Lumineyes, YES!

Every day, the colour of your eyes will lighten and change. Laser efficiency lasts for 4-6 months. Furthermore, Mylumineyes remains effective for 4-6 months. We eventually decided to add more sessions for dark eyes. Almost all of our dedicated patients produce outcomes. We achieve 99.9% success even in the most challenging eyes. You may be certain that if you follow our instructions and methods, we will get fantastic outcomes.

How Lumineyes laser works for changing eye color?

Dr. Mete will do a thorough ophthalmological examination on you. Both eyes lasered for 2 minutes. We should emphasise that you are not in any pain or discomfort throughout the sessions. Mylumineyes are quite comfy to wear. Everyone has a varied number of sessions, quantity of energy, and number of shots. 

Surprisingly,Laser eye colour change causes just a tingling sensation. Following therapy, the patient may resume normal activities. In general, there are no substantial differences in your life before and after laser surgery; Avoid vigorous activity. Pre-laser colour selection is impossible. Your eyes’ colour after the procedure is unknown and unpredictable. Can eyes change color effectively with Mylumineyes laser? YES!

Usually,  dark browns, heavily pigmented eyes are more likely to change to grey, green, or hazel, whereas light brown eyes are more likely to change to blue, grey, and green. The resistance of the existing dark pigments also influences the colour change in the eye. Mylumineyes works by protecting your eye health without overburdening it. Dr.Mete is constantly updating and developing my lumineyes, and we now have the option to choose between blue and green in some cases. Finally, if you are sincerely take your therapies seriously, we will be able to make your dreams come true. Laser eye colour change in Turkey provides permanent colour; you do not need to renew this procedure.

Colored Contact lens or eye color change?

You can continue to wear coloured contact lenses. However, wearing contact lenses for an extended period of time will damage your eyes. Your eyes will be healthier with laser eye colour change and it isis less expensive. Your DNA, eye health, pigment ratio, pigment resistance and response supply all impact the eye’s colour change. As a result, while 4 sessions may be sufficient for some eyes, others may require more than 40 sessions. The results are subjective, can increase or decrease depending on the person’s expectation, so there is no objective indicator of a good result here, and the lightening of the colour in the eye has almost no limit. Can eyes change color natural with colored contact lenses?

Light brown eyes take fewer sessions and less time to produce results, whereas dark eyes require more sessions over a longer period. This guideline is 99 percent, except in extreme instances, thus individuals with dark eyes must have extra treatments every 4-6 months. This laser treatment requires a surgeon with substantial skill. Also, the centre needs years of experience in this field. Significantly,”Mylumineyes” is the safest and most effective procedure for eye colour changing. Long-term results have shown that the MY Lumineyes® technique is very safe.

Simply put,”Mylumineyes” is at least as safe as “Lasik eye surgery.”

But you can’t say this about other ways. Certainly, eye colour changing procedures performed by unauthorised and inexperienced centres will result in permanent eye problems in the future! Eye anatomy Aqueous humour drainage canals have a limited capacity to discharge the spilled pigments. Loading too much work or pigmentation onto canals in a short time will result in canal failure. This will cause significant health problems for the eyes. Inexperienced people doing eye colour change procedures will cause glaucoma, iridocyclitis, cataract, korneal damage, and iris atrophy problems!!! Be careful; cheap and inappropriate laser methods can easily cause irreversible damage to your eyes.

Conduct a preliminary inquiry on counterfeit physicians, clinics, companies without an address, and businesses and phoney clinics you have never heard of. You should be wary of amateur and bogus clinics. Their numbers have grown in recent years. We strongly advise you to do extensive research about the doctor. Be wary of brokers that do not provide the name of a doctor on their website. Investigate your doctor’s medical history.

How much does the laser process cost?

They range in price from 3500 to 7500 euros, depending on the clinic’s licencing and the doctor’s expertise. Furthermore, “My lumineyes” are less expensive. Because you will undergo several treatments in unknown locations, you will not obtain results, and you are likely to incur eye damage. For the finest eye colour changing surgery Turkey costs and pricing, please contact us using our website’s contact form or via email.

At the same time, our customer representative may call you via Whatsapp. There are several places that claim results successful with low priced. Unfortunately, we’ve heard this tale from many different sources. They lose time, hope, money, and, most importantly, their eyes’ health. Please avoid having these kinds of interactions. Surgery to change eye color is a dangerous operation. Please don’t change your eye colour in situations where it’s dangerous or unnoticed.

What exactly is an iris implant? Can eyes change color safe ?

An iris implant is the act of inserting a silicone lens on the iris, the layer that gives the eye its colour. Using this treatment might result in artificial eye color. Contrary to common assumption, this practise stretches back to ancient times. Post-traumatic and congenital iris damage required implant surgery. For the time being, we do not choose this procedure, which is simpler than the laser method. It has an unnatural look, a large number of problems, and unsatisfactory outcomes. Furthermore, the My lumineyes eye colour change operation is dangerous and results in several difficulties in the long term. As a consequence, with iris implant surgery, you cannot get the natural-colored look that the laser provides. 

Is kerato pigmentation surgery to change eye color safe?

Femtosecond lasers provide keratopigmentation. This has two steps. Cutting the cornea creates a tunnel. After that, channels will fill with colored substance. Corneal tattooing permanently changes color. People with corneal opacities or abnormalities have used corneal tattooing for years. Keratopigmentation doesn’t influence eye pigments. It, however, produces a distorted image. While part of it uses lasers, it may cause complications. My lumineyes uses a natural technique to change eye color. Remember, mylumineyes is a laser method, not surgery to change eye color.

Can i change my eye color?

By removing iris pigmentation, the Lumineyes laser may change your eye color naturally. The name of this new laser is Lumineyes-Mylumineyes 8G. It is the most sophisticated kind of laser for altering eye color in the world. Over time, a laser may transform brown eyes into blue-green or hazel eyes. In essence, we are saying that there are three ways to change my eye color. These procedures include;  laser(only naturally change my eye color), kerato-pigmentation, and iris implant surgery. Compared to the benefits and drawbacks of these three procedures, the “laser eye colour change” treatment comes out as the most advantageous.

This program, Lumineyes, is the only one that enables you to change the color of your eyes in a natural and safe manner.

In addition, no surgical treatment is performed. Before removing the dark pigmented layer, the laser stimulates brown or dark-pigmented iris cells. It protects the second layer, which is responsible for the colour of green-blue-hazel-gray. Dr.Mustafa Mete invented the Laser Eye Color Change Turkey Procedure by using the Mylumineyes Laser. “MY Lumineyes eye color change surgery” is a novel use of the most recent Lumineyes method. A laser with unique capabilities activates brown or dark pigmented cells in the iris, resulting in a pale blue or green hue. This is the technique of altering the colour of the heterochromic eyes naturally.

How To Change Your Eye Color by laser surgery?

Before removing the dark pigmented layer, the laser promotes brown or dark-pigmented iris cells. It safeguards the second layer, which imparts the green-blue-hazel tone. MY Lumineyes® is the only approach that is both safe and effective. It is essentially “a successful Lumineyes.” We began our company by avoiding the potential adverse effects of the Lumineyes procedure. And you may be certain that we have accomplished tremendous accomplishment. The “Mylumineyes” laser eye colour altering technology, which is the industry standard for changing eye color naturally, uses a laser to reduce the quantity of melanin in the iris and change the eye’s colour. Our laser recognizes the iris without a surety, and it cannot work without detecting the melanin cell.

This will provide us with both safety and efficiency!

Dr. Mete will conduct a thorough ophthalmological examination of you. We should emphasize that there is no pain or discomfort throughout the sessions. Mylumineyes is quite cozy. Everyone’s number of sessions, quantity of energy, and number of shots are varied. In Turkey, “Mylumineyes Natural eye color change” is neither invasive nor a surgical operation. The amazing thing about the laser is that it does not contact your eyes. Finally your eye colour start to change naturally.

How works “laser eye color change surgery”? 

The My lumineyes 8G+ laser is used to remove or reduce the top melanin pigment layer of the iris. This is the “laser eye color change” method basically.
Dr. Mustafa Mete created the Natural eye color change Procedure to change the eye colour of individuals with heterochromia. Using this technique, the brown or darkly colored iris cells are activated, and the pigment density is reduced or destroyed. With its focused impact, Dr. Mete’s laser gave a safe and effective experience without causing injury to other eye tissues. Dr. Mete helped to the development of this finding by determining the wavelength to which the iris’ melanin cells are most sensitive.

It has been used successfully to change brown eyes into blue-green-hazel or gray eyes. 

The phrase “my lumineyes” is secure. The quickest, least invasive, and most dependable method to change your eye color naturally. Changing eye color instantly is not a cure-all. It’s incredible that you can fast change your eye color, but it’s even more incredible that you can maintain the eye’s texture. To color the patient’s black patterns, we employ a safe laser and unique software. You now experience no pain or discomfort. Laser eye colour change involves the transformation of brown eye pigment into green or blue pigment,naturally.
Laser eye color change is highly safe if the prerequisites are satisfied. As you know natural results are more healthy and more cosmetic!

With “Lumineyes laser Iris Color Change” risks are almost totally eleminated

However, by using a laser, the risks associated with eye colour changing surgeries are reduced. My Lumineyes is an individualized Lumineyes treatment technique. It is produced using a specialized laser. Dr. Mustafa Mete is the creator. As contrast to the standard Lumines approach, it is conducted using a number of algorithms. The outcome is far more effective, natural,secure, and pleasurable.  The MYLumineyes® laser procedure assesses the eye’s anatomy, features, iris formation, visual acuity, and pigment configuration to provide a treatment plan and map. This must surely be done to safeguard public health. A small amount of research reveals that the MYLumineyes® methodology is superior, and our consultants use it efficiently.

The new Lumineyes XTRA are more dependable, effective, and worry-free than the Lumineyes which we invented bofore 

Significantly, one treatment “natural eye color change” will be completed in 5 to 7 days. People with dark eyes must remain longer or split the time. Dr. Mete will design a treatment plan to make your life more affluent, secure, and productive. (generally 7-10 days) After two to four sessions, the colour tone begins to change. At the conclusion of the first month, there will be a noticeable change in eye colour. Your eye color will gradually get lighter and change hue daily. The laser’s effectiveness lasts for four to six months. In addition, the “laser eye color change without surgery” procedure has a duration of 4 to 6 months. We ultimately decided to plan extra sessions for those with dark eyes. We can achieve favorable outcomes for almost all of our motivated patients.

why do my eyes change color
why do my eyes change color

Laser Eye Colour Change Surgery is very succesful with Mylumineyes XTRA

The success rate is 99.9 percent when all blue, green, hazel, and lighter colour tones are included. For further samples and reviews, please see this page. Even in the most challenging circumstances, our success rate is 99.9%. As long as you adhere to our suggestions and processes, you can be confident that we will achieve remarkable outcomes.
Now, with the introduction of “My lumineyes Xtra,” it is accessible for dark brown eyes. MY Since around 13 years ago, the Lumineyes approach has shown its dependability and excellent effectiveness.

This record-breaking device, which was created after 1.5 years of testing, surpassed the previous mark. “Mylumineyes Xtra” has a high success rate among laser eye color surgery patients and offers remarkable results for light and medium-dark brown eyes. As indicated before, “Mylumineyes Xtra” permits the healthy alteration of eye colour. The Mylumineyes Xtra laser is more powerful and kinder on the tissues than its predecessor. Additionally, the period of treatment has been shortened. Results are more natural shown by iris.

Long term cost of natural eye color change surgery is affordable

The cost of permanent eye color change surgery depends on the quality of the facility and surgeon. Despite this, we are able to declare that our charges are the lowest for the quality and safety of the service we give. When all factors are considered, Lumineyes 8G is the most effective and secure laser kind. With Mylumineyes XTRA, we are pleased to take the Mylumineyes miracle one step further. The inventor of laser eye color change surgery, Dr. Mustafa Mete, said that the shorter treatment period with Lumineyes Xtra reduces the likelihood of iris shrinkage or injury.

“Mylumineyes Xtra” is a fast-acting procedure that takes effect in 5-7 days, but the results are very satisfactory.

In reality, the degree of blackness of your natural eye color prior to laser treatment and the presence of extra obstacles also affect the price. Therefore, the “Mylumineyes” laser is the only safe method for changing my eye color. Consequently, we have addressed the subject of how to properly change your eye color. The basic objective of laser therapy is to thin the melanin-containing layer of the iris. Essentially, the new “Mylumineyes Xtra” may efficiently and securely change the colour of the eyes, even dark browns.

Can My eyes change color? Why do my eyes change color?

Your eye color won’t change with drops or food naturally at home, please don’t fool yourself. There are essentially three techniques to change your eye color. You can change your eye color, which may be accomplished in a number of ways depending on the technology used. There are essentially three methods for doing this. Implantation of the iris, natural laser therapy, and keratopigmentation. The goal is to change brown eyes to green, gray, blue eyes or other colours. The eyes seem to be coloured. While this “Laser Color Changing Procedure” provides your eyes with a natural look, others unfortunately provide an artificial one. In any event, while all three treatments result in a permanent change in eye color, only the laser offers natural and healthy results. People with colorful eyes are more confident in themselves. 

Eye color change is a serious surgery must to be done professionally!

Moreover, there are very few doctors who can do this in real terms. However, every day, commission sites claiming to be able to successfully change eye color with a laser have sprung up everywhere! Places whose names were unknown until recently began to advertise laser treatment.These are really thought-provoking events. Why do my eyes change color? That’s a great question.

The iris, for example, is the dark ring region of the eye at its center. To manage its size, it possesses muscles that extend and contract. The pupil constricts in strong light and dilates in low light. The colored pigments in the iris are compressed or stretched when the pupil is dilated or expanded, and the eye color may appear different than it is. It’s also said to vary in response to emotions and moods. Food or drops that promise to transform are also said to be false. In conclusion, the color of your eyes can only alter in part as you get older.

So, How Can You Naturally Change Your Eye Color?

Let we quickly examine them: The first and safest way to change the color of your eyes is to utilize a laser. Also known as corneal tattoo, kertopigmentation is a surgical treatment. Lastly, an iris implant may change the colour of the eye. Among these possibilities, the laser technique is unquestionably the most effective and safest. To change the color of your eyes, the laser does not need any surgical operations. 

Certainly, it is possible to change my eye color naturally.

Using a specialized laser, it is possible to safely change the color of one’s eyes. This decision is made after a comprehensive examination of the eyes and further testing at our facility. We first created a treatment for persons with heterochromia before applying it to aesthetic iris eye color lightening. The key to a successful eye colour change is to ensure that the patient’s eyesight and eye health are not compromised. Currently, the “laser eye color change” procedure is routinely used for aesthetic reasons to alter eye colour. With the exception of a few unpleasant situations, almost everyone may change their eye colour with this method. In addition, since eye colour fluctuates in Turkey, we will assist you in every way possible throughout your treatment.

Can Your Eyes Change Their Colour? Why then?

It is fairly uncommon for neonates to have a variety of eye colours. Blue eyes are a normal part of a newborn’s appearance since they lack the pigment melanin. Despite the fact that most newborns have blue eyes, this colour may change within a year. Even in adults, there may be brief and fleeting shifts in eye colour. People’s pupils enlarge and become more open when they enter a low-light environment. The iris surrounding the pupil contracts and narrows as a consequence of this enlargement. The eye colour will temporarily change due to this restriction.

Humans are skilled at disguising their feelings via words and deeds, but the eyes betray all of their inner turmoil.

Our eyes are excellent at conveying our feelings, which means they cannot be hidden. Furthermore, some people’s eye colour may momentarily change when they experience strong emotions like sadness, anger, or joy.  Eye from the eye may temporarily change the blue or green hue of certain people’s eyes. Still, none of these alterations match what one would ideally want, and they are all well within one’s own control. Age may cause a change in eye color. About 10%-15% of the Caucasian population has this problem (they usually have light eyes). One common change that occurs with aging is the transformation of brown eyes to hazel or the darkening of hazel eyes.

Is there a way to change your eye colour with diet or vitamin supplements naturally at home?

Almost certainly not, as far as we can tell.

In Turkey, the eye color change technique is possible. In addition, we give a reference to the expenses associated with permanent eye colour change surgery. Different types of eye color change surgery are done nowadays. If you want to change your eye color in a natural and healthy manner, I can unequivocally state that laser is your only option. We also like to demonstrate the change in eye color via the use of before-and-after images and videos.

Which center is more reliable and successful?

Indisputably, we have both invented and developed best laser eye color change surgery for almost 15 years. Achieving this is not an event that can take 1-2 years. With the Mylumineyes method, we can change eye color both successfully and healthily.

Where is the cheapest and most economical place to change the color of my eyes?

I think this question is not the right one when it comes to eye health. It is pointless to go blind for a low cost or waste of money.However, we continue to provide services below the value they deserve in the place where this business was born. According to the successful work we do, our prices are very reasonable.

Which is the most successful and reliable doctor or center for changing eye color?

You can answer this question yourself by researching the history of doctors. Google will help you with this.

Which country is better for changing eye color? Mexico, Spain, and Turkey?

All these questions have only one answer: MYLUMINEYES

If you want to change your eye color with a reliable, economical, successful, healthy, and professional doctor, we will be happy to welcome you. The inventor of the laser eye color changing procedure, Under the management of Dr. Mustafa Mete, you can change your eye color successfully, safely, healthily, and at an affordable price. Please search for us and Dr. Mustafa Mete on Google.

In Turkey, it is the safest country to get the best service. Istanbul is a perfect place for vacations, tourism, and aesthetics.

How do I examine changes my eye color ?

Please carefully review the photo and video sections on our site.

Which is the most reliable laser eye color-changing clinic in Turkey?

We promise you laser eye color-changing surgery with confidence, together with our other experience in the field of ophthalmology.




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