Surgery To Change eye color Guide

First of all, how real and safe is surgery to change eye color? Basically, there are four main techniques to change your eye colour; in addition to these, there are certain misconceptions to consider. If you’d like, we may compare these approaches on this page. As previously said, each strategy has benefits and disadvantages. However, keep in mind that one of these tactics will stand out on almost every issue. And it is without a doubt the greatest. To begin with, in order to permanently change your eye colour, you must have a healthy physique as well as a healthy eye structure. After all, this is a medical operation, and we anticipate complete body and eye health. Another important consideration is the level of expertise of your doctor. At this time, my lumineyes clinic provides you with both a professional ophthalmologist and an experienced clinic. And of course the quality of 8G laser that change eye color with unique features.

Finally, keep in mind who you put your confidence in. As previously said, although the answer to the issue of whether you can change your eye colour is yes, the key is to achieve a healthy and natural permanent eye colour change. Without a doubt, safety and healthy and natural eye colour change are two inseparable crucial factors. We all know that today, everyone on the internet is busy praising and selling themselves. When it comes to facts, however, the reality is very different. On the contrary, misinformation causes some individuals to lose their eye health, time, and money. As a result, we wanted to create this tutorial to address the question, “Can your eye change colour?” 



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Do eyes change color with laser? Which Clinic For Surgery To Change eye color?

How can i change my eye color without  surgery? The first thing to remember is to do research about your doctor’s CV using credible sources and media. This should give you some ideas. Years ago, Dr. Mustafa Mete pioneered the safe and effective laser eye colour change. Today, Many unknown clinics appeared. They say that they can easily change eye colour from a number of places. Even if they are a legitimate doctor or clinic, it does not sound credible when they claim to be able to do this task in such a short period of time, after 13 years of hard work. Then it is necessary to ask the question “How can a clinic that does surgery to change eye color in such a short time be safe and successful? I think it’s very easy to find the answer.

Can your eye safely change colour?

You should give it some thought. Surprisingly, out of the hundreds of e-mails we get every day, we don’t get many that ask why X clinics have so many sessions in such a short time. Even though the name is the same, we are not talking about the same thing. So how can you compare them? We spent years developing our proprietary Mylumineyes laser eye colour changing process.

“Mylumineyes Xtra” Provides More Effective And Healthier Results in Less Time.

Mylumineyes Xtra is faster and easier to give than regular Mylumineyes, and it is also safer. Similarly, it will not create any issues in the long term. We now have the opportunity to produce more effective outcomes with a quicker application and more securely thanks to Mylumineyes Xtra, the upgraded model of Mylumineyes that we created in 2021. Furthermore, Mylumineyes Xtra is the sole option for failed or unhappy laser eye colour change outcomes.

Can eye change color-how to have surgery to change eye color? FAQ

It is possible to do this in three ways. The goal of iris implant, laser, and keratopigmentation is to transform the brown eye into green-blue-gray or various tones. While this “Mylumineyes Laser that change eye color Procedure” offers your eyes a natural appearance, others will give you an artificial appearance.

In Turkey, the laser eye colour change surgery

Laser eye surgery Turkey performed at Mylumineyes clinic in Turkey. “How to change eye colour” is a common question. Where can I get the best laser surgery to change eye color? We seem to be hearing what you say. To be honest, the explanation is simple: 15 years of experience and the centre that created it. This page discusses laser that change eye color costs, risks, procedures, prices, and laser types.

Eye colour changing drops and keratopigmentation are other changing eye colour ways. Can you change the colour of your eyes? A laser can undoubtedly change the colour of your eyes naturally. Two concerns are critical for those who change their eye colour. In conclusion, the doctor’s experience and the compatibility of the laser kind.

About My Lumineyes method

Dr. Mustafa Mete unquestionably created the Permanent Laser Eye Color Change Turkey Procedure with the My lumineyes Laser. The ” The 8G laser that change eye color ” first activates the brown or dark-pigmented cells in the iris before destroying the dark pigmented layer. It shields the second layer, which produces the hue green-blue-hazel-gray. Wonderfully, we have solved all the complications that can arise in Classic lumineyes. The “My lumineyes” laser eye colour altering treatment is the gold standard in the process of changing eye colour. It employs a laser to lower the amount of melanin in the iris and change the colour of the eye. Without a doubt, our laser detects the iris, and the laser cannot function without seeing the melanin cell.

It is a fact that Mylumineyes has no Competitor in terms of Safety and Efficiency. As a result of our study into the therapy of heterochromia, we invented the laser eye colour change technique. The Mylumineyes method discovered after all long-term follow-up.

Surprisingly, other facilities are attempting to conduct a surgery to change eye color comparable to mylumineyes.

It has drawbacks as compared to “Mylumineyes Eye Color Change Turkey.” Unfortunately, it is still under research by American studies, and even they cannot change the colour securely and properly. It acts without causing damage to tissues outside of the target location, and its period of action is quite short. As a result, it is not harmful to the eyes.

With the qualities listed above, it is evident that it is distinct from its competitors.

can eyes change color?

In fact, we apply this therapy approach in the cosmetic eye colour change procedure, which we previously created specifically for heterochromia patients. The most significant aspect of the eye colour shifting procedure is to accomplish achievement without jeopardising the person’s eye health. We are still using it for cosmetic eye colour alterations. With the exception of a few exceptions, practically everyone may use this approach to change their eye colour. Furthermore, as eye colour change in Turkey, we will provide you with all necessary assistance during the procedure.

We were able to change green eyes to blue-gray, blue eyes to brighter blue and grey, and hazel eyes to green, grey, and blue. People between the ages of 18 and 60 may have their eyes coloured with a laser. We do not use this method on children under the age of 18, even if they have a consent letter from their parents.

what type of laser are we using?

“8G+ 3D My Lumineyes laser” targets melanin. This technology gives maximum efficiency while safeguarding your eyes. My Lumineyes® laser eye colour change is the most sophisticated means of safely and effectively changing the colour of your eyes. MyLumineyes use a specific wavelength. It only picks melanin pigmentation on the iris, leaving your other eyes unaffected. This 8G+ 3D Laser also produces the best results. Without a doubt, after 15 years of expertise, we discovered that My Lumineyes® laser eye colour changing surgery is the only safe approach to change eye colour.

Mylumineyes is the most efficient and quick way to change the colour of your eyes? Dr. Mustafa Mete, using the new 8G+ 3D laser, performed the world’s first laser eye colour change, converting brown eyes to green in only four days with no adverse effects. It was both safe and quite quick. As a result, we began to provide both speedy and dependable features. Changing eye color in such a short time is only possible with Mylumineyes Xtra.

change the colour of my eyes using Mylumineyes without surgery

My lumineyes laser eye colour change in Turkey, in reality, is not a surgical or intrusive operation. The laser operates without ever coming into contact with your eyes. We are completing 1 therapy of surgery to change eye color in 5 or 7 days. Those with dark eyes should remain longer or split the time. Dr. Mete will create a treatment plan for you in order to improve the quality, safety, and efficiency of your life. (Usually 7-10 days.) In summary, a single MY Lumineyes treatment takes 5 to 7 days. The colour tone begins to change after 2-4 sessions. You will notice a substantial change in eye colour by the end of the first month. Can eyes change color safely?

Every day, the colour of your eyes will lighten and change. Laser efficiency lasts for 4-6 months. Furthermore, Mylumineyes remains effective for 4-6 months. We eventually decided to add more sessions for dark eyes. Almost all of our dedicated patients produce outcomes. We achieve 99.9% success even in the most challenging eyes. You may be certain that if you follow our instructions and methods, we will get fantastic outcomes.


How Lumineyes laser works for changing eye color?

Dr. Mete will do a thorough ophthalmological examination on you. Both eyes lasered for 2 minutes. We should emphasise that you are not in any pain or discomfort throughout the sessions. Mylumineyes are quite comfy to wear. Everyone has a varied number of sessions, quantity of energy, and number of shots. Surprisingly,Laser eye colour change causes just a tingling sensation. Following therapy, the patient may resume normal activities. In general, there are no substantial differences in your life before and after laser surgery; Avoid vigorous activity. Pre-laser colour selection is impossible. Your eyes’ colour after the procedure is unknown and unpredictable. Can eyes change color effectivelt with Mylumineyes laser?

Usually,  dark browns, heavily pigmented eyes are more likely to change to grey, green, or hazel, whereas light brown eyes are more likely to change to blue, grey, and green. The resistance of the existing dark pigments also influences the colour change in the eye. Mylumineyes works by protecting your eye health without overburdening it. Dr.Mete is constantly updating and developing my lumineyes, and we now have the option to choose between blue and green in some cases. Finally, if you are sincerely take your therapies seriously, we will be able to make your dreams come true. Laser eye colour change in Turkey provides permanent colour; you do not need to renew this procedure.

Colored Contact lens or eye color change?

You can continue to wear coloured contact lenses. However, wearing contact lenses for an extended period of time will damage your eyes. Ypur eyes will be healthier with laser eye colour change and it isis less expensive. Your DNA, eye health, pigment ratio, pigment resistance and response supply all impact the eye’s colour change. As a result, while 4 sessions may be sufficient for some eyes, others may require more than 40 sessions. The results are subjective, can increase or decrease depending on the person’s expectation, so there is no objective indicator of a good result here, and the lightening of the colour in the eye has almost no limit. Can eyes change color natural with colored contact lenses?

Light brown eyes take fewer sessions and less time to produce results, whereas dark eyes require more sessions over a longer period. This guideline is 99 percent, except in extreme instances, thus individuals with dark eyes must have extra treatments every 4-6 months. This laser treatment requires a surgeon with substantial skill. Also, the centre needs years of experience in this field. Significantly,”Mylumineyes” is the safest and most effective method for eye colour changing. Long-term results have shown that the MY Lumineyes® technique is very safe.

Simply put,”Mylumineyes” is at least as safe as “Lasik.”

But you can’t say this about other ways. Certainly, eye colour changing procedures performed by unauthorised and inexperienced centres will result in permanent eye problems in the future! Eye anatomy Aqueous humour drainage canals have a limited capacity to discharge the spilled pigments. Loading too much work or pigmentation onto canals in a short time will result in canal failure. This will cause significant health problems for the eyes. Inexperienced people doing eye colour change procedures will cause glaucoma, iridocyclitis, cataract, korneal damage, and iris atrophy problems!!! Be careful; cheap and inappropriate laser methods can easily cause irreversible damage to your eyes.

Conduct a preliminary inquiry on counterfeit physicians, clinics, companies without an address, and businesses and phoney clinics you have never heard of. You should be wary of amateur and bogus clinics. Their numbers have grown in recent years. We strongly advise you to do extensive research about the doctor. Be wary of brokers that do not provide the name of a doctor on their website. Investigate your doctor’s medical history.

How much does the laser process cost?

They range in price from 3500 to 7500 euros, depending on the clinic’s licencing and the doctor’s expertise. Furthermore, “My lumineyes” are less expensive. Because you will undergo several treatments in unknown locations, you will not obtain results, and you are likely to incur eye damage. For the finest eye colour changing surgery Turkey costs and pricing, please contact us using our website’s contact form or via email. At the same time, our customer representative may call you via Whatsapp. There are several places that claim results successful with low priced. Unfortunately, we’ve heard this tale from many different sources. They lose time, hope, money, and, most importantly, their eyes’ health. Please avoid having these kinds of interactions. Surgery to change eye color is a dangerous operation. Please don’t change your eye colour in situations where it’s dangerous or unnoticed.

What exactly is an iris implant? Can eyes change color safe ?

An iris implant is the act of inserting a silicone lens on the iris, the layer that gives the eye its colour. Using this treatment might result in artificial eye color. Contrary to common assumption, this practise stretches back to ancient times. Post-traumatic and congenital iris damage required implant surgery. For the time being, we do not choose this procedure, which is simpler than the laser method. It has an unnatural look, a large number of problems, and unsatisfactory outcomes. Furthermore, the My lumineyes eye colour change operation is dangerous and results in several difficulties in the long term. As a consequence, with implant surgery, you cannot get the natural-colored look that the laser provides. 

Is kerato pigmentation surgery to change eye color safe?

Femtosecond lasers provide keratopigmentation. This has two steps. Cutting the cornea creates a tunnel. After that, channels will fill with colored substance. Corneal tattooing permanently changes color. People with corneal opacities or abnormalities have used corneal tattooing for years. Keratopigmentation doesn’t influence eye pigments. It, however, produces a distorted image. While part of it uses lasers, it may cause complications. My lumineyes uses a natural technique to change eye color. Remember, mylumineyes is a laser method, not surgery to change eye color.

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How to do makeup on colored eyes?

How to do makeup on colored eyes? “If you have colored eyes, you must be very careful when applying makeup. Here are some make-up alternatives for