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Laser Eye Color Change all information 

Laser Eye Color Change: What Are Risks & How it works?

For Laser eye color change surgery After a deep opthalmic examination ,Dr.Mete will draw your eye map. All your checks will be done before the eye color change process. Painless laser shots will be made for each eye, lasting about 1 minute. After the laser process, your eye color will gradually change. This process is healthy only in safe hands. That’s why we care about your eye health.


What is Laser Eye Color Change Surgery?

Laser eye color change procedure was successfully applied for the first time by Dr. Mustafa Mete. with eye color changing laser we eleminate melanin pigments and get a color eyes.

Eye color change procedure must be done in expert hands.We have more 15 years experience.

Because of this In the light of these developments, new lasers are being produced today. However, a technology as successful as Mylumineyes has not been developed until now.

We are working on new Eye color changer procedures.

Why do People Want to Change their Eye Color?

Some people with brown eyes want to have green, hazel or blue eyes. It is now possible for these people to achieve their dreams.

What are the Risks of Eye Color Change Procedure?

Performing eye color changes other than Professional Eye Surgeons may cause complications that may result in blindness. For this reason, we recommend that you research your doctor well. To list some risks:



3-iris atrophy


5-cornea problems

6-permanent vision loss.

Procedure for Laser Eye Color Change

For the eye color change process with laser, Mylumineyes uses a state-of-the-art laser working at a specific wavelength specific to the melanin cells in the iris. In addition, we optimize the laser algorithm with parameters suitable for the eye health of the person. A separate map and program is applied to each patient. We change healthy eye color without risking eye health. With our eye color change procedure, we transform even dark brown eyes into blue, green and gray tones.

Conclusion & Aftercare Instructions for Laser Eye Coloring Procedures

We will write an instruction for you to get faster results and to protect your eye health. You can return to work from the 1st day after this procedure. It does not adversely affect your daily life. Mylumineyes laser eye color change operation. Our results are up to 99% successful. The most important difference between people is the time to get results and is the number of sessions.