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Subliminal eye color change really works?

Is subliminal eye color change really a thing that works?

There should be real-world evidence that subliminal messages can change the color of your eyes. A lot of people say online, especially on YouTube, that subliminal messages can change the color of your eyes in just a few weeks without surgery or other medical procedures. Is the effectiveness of subliminal messaging sufficient that they can change the pigmentation of eyes? Empirical evidence and scientific studies show that subliminal signals have little to no effect on changing eye color. The permanence of an individual’s eye color is normally established around three years after birth. Once the genetic expression of eye color is determined, it cannot be changed through subliminal messaging techniques. Do you really believe changing eye color with subliminals will work?

Have you ever considered the possibility of changing eye color via the law of attraction (Subliminal Eye Color Change)?

Is it possible to change eye color through manifesting practice? While the law of attraction is known to bring about a variety of changes in one’s life, changing eye color is not one of them. Genetics determines the color of  eyes, which cannot be changed through subliminal messaging or manifestation techniques. The color of a human eyes is normally established within the first three years of life and remains permanent thereafter. While some people believe in the power of manifestation, it is not possible to change the genetic expression of eye color. As a result, it is critical to recognize that eye color is a physical feature that cannot be changed by manifestation or any other method.

subliminal-eye-color-change results and lumineyes
subliminal-eye-color-change results and lumineyes-changing eye color with subliminals

Using the law of attraction, is it possible to change the color of your eyes?

That is for sure the case. The selected color has to have its frequency aligned. Subliminal tracking, which effectively affects the melanosomes and melanocytes in the eye, is one manifestation approach that can help achieve this. Several quiet questions were asked about changes in eye color. Considering how common dark eyes are around the world, one might think that having blue or green eyes is better. We don’t think that subliminal messages can change traits that are passed down. We prefer honesty and openness in our company procedures over keeping clients by dishonesty, even if it may cost us revenue. It is not possible to modify your hair texture or color, your eye pigmentation, or your height via subliminal programming.

The current discussion is about the topic of changing eye color via the Law of Attraction. (The statements that follow do not represent our personal opinions.)

Changing your eye color with traditional manifestation techniques is a difficult task. The vast majority of people believe that changing your eye color through manifestation is an impossible task. Just the thought of it makes it impossible to change eye color. People who know about the law of attraction know that doubt is the biggest thing that gets in the way of creation. When people feel doubt, worry, or dread, they often send a weak signal to the universe to say they want something.

Want to change the color of your eyes with the law of attraction?

Subliminal messages cannot alter a person’s genetic makeup. Some people have said that subliminals helped them change their eye color. In my opinion, the alleged subconscious results are most likely faked in order to elicit user comment or praise. Despite the number of videos and images exhibiting seemingly miraculous changes in eye color, it is unknown whether such transformations are genuine. Inducing in an individual the belief that their attractive eye color has been changed through the use of subliminal messaging is a relatively simple act, especially when the subject is being solicited to purchase a subliminal audio track or create traffic on a YouTube channel.

The person gave us their story. Some people think that certain sound waves can change the color of your eyes. At first, I was suspicious and thought the thought was silly. The main thing that a friend told me was that this method does have real-world effects. It is worth noting, however, that these consequences tend to present themselves after a period of around 9 to 12 days or longer. Subliminal messages have the capacity to change eye color if the subconscious mind is given enough time to effect the change and the relevant subliminal messages are listened to on a nightly basis. But the hormonal change might not happen for a few years if you listen all the time.

Because they change genes and DNA parts, subliminal signals take a while to show up and make a change that can be seen.

But because there isn’t any modern research or proof to back up this claim, any evidence that it works is just rumor. What is the underlying mechanism of biokinesis? Numerous research in recent decades have shown evidence that both conscious and unconscious reward motivations influence performance in both physical and cognitive tasks. This implies that goal pursuit may be launched by unconscious intention. Subliminal reward cues’ potential impact on the planning of goal-directed saccadic eye movements during a task requiring significant effort has yet to be properly investigated. There are numerous factors that determine an individual’s eye color. People’s eye color is determined by the amount and quality of melanin in their iris, which shapes the color of their iris.

The color of an iris depends on how much light passes through and spreads out through its structure.

The iris blossom ranges in hue from pale blue to intense orange. Mostly used hues include blue, green, and brown. Typically having the dominant gene, brown eyes are the most prevalent feature. Changing the quantity of melanin in your eyes and the way light passes through your lens is possible with biokinesis. The aforementioned goal can be reached through the regulation of one’s subconscious mind and genetic change. The best way to hone this skill is to practice meditation or use changing eye color with subliminals. According to popular belief, the phenomena of biokinesis allows people to change their eye color to one of three colors: blue eyes, green eyes ( one of the rarest eye color), grey eyes or brown eyes.

Is it true that biokinesis is ineffective in changing eye color to unusual colors like pink, purple, or orange?

This phenomenon happens because the subconscious mind is aware that such an event is both unlikely and impossible. In essence, the phrase asserts that an individual may change their heredity and genes by utilizing their cognitive talents. In my opinion, this claim seems to be false. Although I have done a lot of research, I still can’t come to a firm decision because people keep saying that the subliminal audio cues change the color of their eyes. If you wish to quickly and easily change the color of your eyes, stay away from transformational movies, subliminal messages, and social media images. There is little evidence that this method works, hence it might be difficult to demonstrate scientifically.

Even if at first subliminal messages and chants don’t work, you should keep using them since they have the ability to change your perspective and have amazing results. People believe that one of the key factors in enabling people to represent who they are via looks is the ability to change their eye color without realizing it.

Many claim they desire the inherent changes in their eye color that may result from their health, DNA, or seasonal changes.

When appropriate subliminal services are used, people can safely and non-invasively achieve their goals without the need for surgery or treatment. Apart from that, people employ subconscious methods to get more vivid and noticeable eye colors than those inherited from their forefathers. At last, a sizable portion of people select this choice to match their outside characteristics with their inner selves, offering a unique channel for outward self-expression without having to pay the exorbitant prices of cosmetic treatments like contact lenses and surgery.

What does Dr. Mustafa Mete think about the issue of changing eye color with subliminals?

Dr. Mustafa Mete, what do you think about the subconscious eye color change? Dr. Mete believes that individuals, like eye drops and foods that change color, are misleading themselves. At the very least, biokinesis is less dangerous than other treatments (implants, drops, etc. to change eye color). As a result, there is nothing wrong with them believing that the color of their eyes has changed. Dr.Mete insists that if the “Lumineyes method” is used, laser eye color change is a healthy, natural, and only successful procedure. Furthermore, he advises against additional eye color change procedures due to the risks and poor outcomes.



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