“Mylumineyes Xtra” for dark eyes and lasered eyes

"Mylumineyes Xtra" for dark eyes and lasered eyes

"Mylumineyes Xtra" changes the game now.

People who have undergone laser treatment before or who cannot change their eye color due to dark eyes can now achieve their dreams thanks to “Mylumineyes Xtra“. It is essentially a laser treatment for resistant melanin cells. Of course, we started using it on ordinary brown eyes, as the results were faster and more effective.

maximum effect

"Mylumineyes Xtra" has a high success rate in patients with
laser eye color change and gives outstanding results in light and medium-dark brown eyes. As we said before, "Mylumineyes Xtra" allows you to change the color of your eyes in a healthy way.

Highest Safety

Mylumineyes Xtra has a more powerful laser that is friendlier on the tissues. In addition, the treatment time has been shortened. We were able to shorten the eye color change therapies that we started around the globe 10 days ago thanks to the new Lumineyes Xtra. As a consequence, we keep you away from your job while also preventing your eyes from receiving severe laser therapy.

Maximum Sucess

When compared to the previous version of the Lumineyes eye color alteration technique, which had 1% adverse effects, the "Mylumineyes Xtra" approach has fewer side effects. Without a doubt, this brings us great joy and success.

Using Lumineyes Xtra, Is Eye Color Change Safe?

The minimal energy consumption of “Mylumineyes Xtra” makes it unparalleled. This setting causes “Mylumineyes Xtra” to show the security profile at the maximum level. It eliminates the “threat posed by reverse laser effects” With this best technology and laser, eye color may be change more effectively and with less energy and shot.

We feel that, with this innovative technology and application strategy, we have ushered in the second technological revolution, equivalent to what we accomplished years ago. So, how exactly does this laser change the color of the eye?

laser eye color change surgery before after
Lumineyes Xtra laser eye color change surgery
  1. Innovative laser system
  2. maximum performance, strength, and reliability
  3. Imaging with superior resolution
  4. No damage comes to tissues.
  5. Brief laser duration
  6. Excellent efficiency in previously laser-treated, formerly dark eyes
  7. The most effective on light and medium brown eyes.

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