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What is eye color change method with laser and MY Lumineyes method?

My Lumineyes is a Lumineyes method that is applied personally. In brief, with this method, the laser stimulates the brown or dark-pigmented cells in iris and then the dark-pigmented layer comes off. It maintains this layer of cell who is located in the substratum and who gives the colour of blue-green-grey-hazel to the eye although it is colourless come to the forefront. This is a procedure of adjusting the colour of the patients who has heterochromia or who has a different tone of colour in the eye.Now it is in use with MY®Lumineyes  for aesthetic application who needs to change original eye color to blue-green-hazel or grey.

******Now the only safe and efficient method in world is MY®Lumineyes ,and the only safe process works on aesthetic patients is MY®Lumineyes .

For what purpose MY Lumineyes is used?

MY Lumineyes method is developed for the treatment of the patients who have works on regular people for aesthetic applications.

How the method of MY Lumineyes was found? Are there any doctors and centers who carry out this method?

My Lumineyes is a Lumineyes method that is applied personally. It was developed by Op. Dr. Mustafa Mete who worked in European countries, Azerbaijan and Gulf countries for many years… Unlike Classic Lumineye method, more effective, more secure and more controlled method is developed with its personal feature (laser rates, method, different wave size, selectivity etc.). The success rate can reach up to %99 on average.

What is Classic Lumineyes method? What is the difference between Classic Lumineyes and Mylumineyes?

While studies develop the treatment ways for the patients who have different colours on their eyes (heterochromia), some studies were started to be carried out on the laser who has a special wave size and who has a different mechanism of action. All of the long term follow up and updates according to this resulted in today’s methods’ having developed.

Lumineyes method was discovered by an American biologist in 2011, he still carries out his studies mutually with a research center. Classic Lumineyes is used in countries like 3.rd countries Panama,mexico,spain etc. It has disadvantages unlike Mylumineyes.unfortunately it is still under development of American study,but still they cant success to change the color safely and effectively….

we do not offer classical lumineyes used by some clinics,still it has more side effects and efficiency problems..!!

Is MY Lumineyes applicable for everyone?

This method can change the eye colour of the people who have different tones of colour in their eyes and/or who have heterochromia into the colour of green, grey, hazel or blue,and for aesthetic apliacation. The people who are not suitable for this procedure are defined after examination. If you are not suitable for this procedure you can’t have the operation.

How long does eye color change operation with MY Lumineyes last?

This laser operation lasts forever. You can’t retrieve this operation.

i had laser before, can I have eye color change operation with MY Lumineyes?

You can have the operation under some special conditions. Your doctor will determine the obstacles during detailed examination.

I have myope-hypermetrope-astigmatic-presbyopia problem, am I suitable for eye color change operation?

Yes you can have the operation, if you wish our doctor can treat these diseases before or after eye color change operation.

I live abroad, I would like to change my eye colour, how long do I have to stay in Turkey?

for Regular patients You need to stay in Turkey for 7 days for eye color change operation.for Dark eyes  need more time to stay or pair the time ,in examination doctor will make a treatment program for you,this is for more success,safety, and efficiency.

Important warning :  Eye unloading channels has a limited capacity , loading too much  pigmentation on channels in short time will result health problem on your eyes…
 doing eye color change procedure in short time,will cause glaucoma,iridocyclitis and iris atrophy problems!!! we observed many patients had the same problem in some clinics,so please pay attention about this subject for your eye health!!!

**** MY®Lumineyes  is under trademark brand of us.Every laser is not MY®Lumineyes !!!

What is the possibility of eye color’s changing?

If we need to consider every hue, the colour of the eye change with the possibility of %99.

If my eyes are blue or green can I have the operation?

YES !it can be done for the patients whose eyes’ colour need to be whitened.we had much experience about this kind of patients.

What is the age range for MY Lumineyes method?

My Lumineyes can be done for the people who are aged between 18 – 45.

What should I do for preparation before MY Lumineyes?

There is no need for preliminary preparation. The doctor will make the necessary statement after examination.

Who is not suitable for MY Lumineyes?

1- People who have uncontrolled diabetes

2-Close and open angular glaucoma patients (patients who have eye pressure)

3- People who have iridocyclitis-uveit

4- People who have intense rheumatism

5- People who are born with an absence of iris

6- People who have coloured eyes (relatively)

7-People who have unknown systemic disease

8- People who have high expectations

9- People who have especially inflammatory bowel disease or similar systemic disease

10- Patients who are psychoscially instable

11–Patients who use special medication that leave deposition in the eye

How is MY Lumineyes applied?

MY®Lumineyes the eye structure, characteristics, iris structure, eye health, pigment structure by analyzing the map is created and personalized treatment program is applied.These must be absolutely to protect the eye health.

This operation is carried out with a new laser whose frequency and wave size are developed differently, who creates an effect that is on a microscopic level and who does not harm the ophthalmic.

After the examination convenience, after many factors are evaluated by your doctor, and after special eye lotions and preparation, laser shots are made to special cell area to both eyes for 1 minutes by using a personal method. A personal program is created for sessions by adjusting the frequency of sessions, their duration, their wave size and their energy depending upon some conditions.

How safe is MY Lumineyes or Classic Lumineyes, are there any risks?

This laser method is only by opthalmology specialist doctor/optalmolog/eye disease specialist whose surgical management and experience are at high level and who have many experiences in this field. For now, this procedure is made with a special laser device in a couple of centers in the world.The newest technology is MY®Lumineyes 8G laser is active in MY®Lumineyes  Eye Center.

Long term results show that MY®Lumineyes method is safe and our specialists carry out this method successfully. This method that we have just developed is more secure, more effective and problem-free unlike Classic Lumineyes.

***Eye color change procedure made by unauthorized and inexperienced centers can result in permanent eye problems in the future.!!

***Do a preliminary investigation for false physicians, clinics, businesses that do not have an address, and businesses and phony clinics that you have not heard of !!!! Health is not joke!when you lost you cant get it back with money!

Do I feel any pain or discomfort during MY Lumineyes? When will I be able to get back to work?

You don’t feel anything expect a tiny touchy feeling during laser, you won’t feel uncomfortable. After the laser application the patient can turn her/his daily life. Generally, there are no big changes before and after laser in your life, in addition to this, it is recommend for you to stay away from intense activity.

How long does it take to complete MY Lumineyes? When will I get the results?

MY®Lumineyes works only on melanin pigments,we can finish easily all the area of eyes in 30 minutes but this will cause eye health problems!!!because of this risc we are making different program for each patient.

eye anatomy , eyes unloading channels has a limited capacity to unload the spilled pigments , loading too much work or pigmentation on channels in short time will result failure on chanels,this will cause big health problem on eyes…! doing eye color change procedure in short time and faster will cause glaucoma,iridocyclitis and iris atrophy problems!!! we observed many patients had the same problem in some clinics,so please pay attention about this subject for your eye health!!!

MY Lumineyes lasts between 7 sessions. You can only have 1 session in 1 day. Generally the procedure ends after 7 session days. After 2-4 sessions the hue changes, in the first month you can see the change clearly and in the third month the final hue comes up.

What colour will my eyes be? Can I choose the color?

NO!! this choice can’t be done before. It is not known which colour your eye will be after the procedure!

MY Lumineyes method stimulates the cells that give the colour of black-brown to iris in our pupils and after the dark-colored cells falls and naturally the colours of blue, hazel, grey and green that exist in your genetic emerge. In other words, it is your pigment cells laying below that define the colour, thereby, it is not known which colour will your eyes be before laser.

(**it is not certain, however, our observations show that eyes who consist of dark brown, intense pigment have the potential of turning into more grey or hazel, eyes who have dark green, light color pigment have the potential of turning into blue or green.)

Color change in the eye varies depending upon the resistance that current coloured pigments.

Can I use lens after laser?

Yes, you can continue using contact lens.

what’s the price for eye color change laser procedure?

Important warning :

Unfamiliar, amateur places  ,false clinics, fake doctors and which are treated by low and cheap prices,with a simple laser which are not suitable for iris pigmentation, unsecure wavelength,can damage your eyes….
Your eyes are more valuable than your money!!

we are making  different packages for patients,including additional services,you can get color and holiday in the same time.

Vip services of mylumineyes eye center team

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