Can i change my eye color naturally?

By removing iris pigmentation, the Lumineyes laser may change your eye color naturally. The name of this new laser is Lumineyes-Mylumineyes 8G. It is the most sophisticated kind of laser for altering eye color in the world. Over time, a laser may transform brown eyes into blue-green or hazel eyes. In essence, we are saying that there are three ways to change my eye color. These procedures include;  laser(only naturally change my eye color), kerato-pigmentation, and iris implant surgery. Compared to the benefits and drawbacks of these three procedures, the “laser eye colour change” treatment comes out as the most advantageous. This program, Lumineyes, is the only one that enables you to change the color of your eyes in a natural and safe manner.

In addition, no surgical treatment is performed. Before removing the dark pigmented layer, the laser stimulates brown or dark-pigmented iris cells. It protects the second layer, which is responsible for the colour of green-blue-hazel-gray. Dr.Mustafa Mete invented the Laser Eye Color Change Turkey Procedure by using the Mylumineyes Laser. “MY Lumineyes eye color change surgery” is a novel use of the most recent Lumineyes method. A laser with unique capabilities activates brown or dark pigmented cells in the iris, resulting in a pale blue or green hue. This is the technique of altering the colour of the heterochromic eyes naturally.

why do my eyes change color
why do my eyes change color

How to change your eye color by laser surgery?

Before removing the dark pigmented layer, the laser promotes brown or dark-pigmented iris cells. It safeguards the second layer, which imparts the green-blue-hazel tone. MY Lumineyes® is the only approach that is both safe and effective. It is essentially “a successful Lumineyes.” We began our company by avoiding the potential adverse effects of the Lumineyes procedure. And you may be certain that we have accomplished tremendous accomplishment. The “Mylumineyes” laser eye colour altering technology, which is the industry standard for changing eye color naturally, uses a laser to reduce the quantity of melanin in the iris and change the eye’s colour. Our laser recognizes the iris without a surety, and it cannot work without detecting the melanin cell. This will provide us with both safety and efficiency.

Dr. Mete will conduct a thorough ophthalmological examination of you. We should emphasize that there is no pain or discomfort throughout the sessions. Mylumineyes is quite cozy. Everyone’s number of sessions, quantity of energy, and number of shots are varied. In Turkey, “Mylumineyes Natural eye color change” is neither invasive nor a surgical operation. The amazing thing about the laser is that it does not contact your eyes. Finally your eye colour start to change naturally.

How works “laser eye color change surgery”? 

The My lumineyes 8G+ laser is used to remove or reduce the top melanin pigment layer of the iris. This is the “laser eye color change” method basically.
Dr. Mustafa Mete created the Natural eye color change Procedure to change the eye colour of individuals with heterochromia. Using this technique, the brown or darkly colored iris cells are activated, and the pigment density is reduced or destroyed. With its focused impact, Dr. Mete’s laser gave a safe and effective experience without causing injury to other eye tissues. Dr. Mete helped to the development of this finding by determining the wavelength to which the iris’ melanin cells are most sensitive. It has been used successfully to change brown eyes into blue-green-hazel or gray eyes. 

The phrase “my lumineyes” is secure. The quickest, least invasive, and most dependable method to change your eye color naturally. Changing eye color instantly is not a cure-all. It’s incredible that you can fast change your eye color, but it’s even more incredible that you can maintain the eye’s texture. To color the patient’s black patterns, we employ a safe laser and unique software. You now experience no pain or discomfort. Laser eye colour change involves the transformation of brown eye pigment into green or blue pigment,naturally.
Laser eye color change is highly safe if the prerequisites are satisfied. As you know natural results are more healthy and more cosmetic!

With “Lumineyes laser Iris Color Change” risks are almost totally eleminated

However, by using a laser, the risks associated with eye colour changing surgeries are reduced. My Lumineyes is an individualized Lumineyes technique. It is produced using a specialized laser. Dr. Mustafa Mete is the creator. As contrast to the standard Lumines approach, it is conducted using a number of algorithms. The outcome is far more effective, natural,secure, and pleasurable.  The MYLumineyes® laser procedure assesses the eye’s anatomy, features, iris formation, visual acuity, and pigment configuration to provide a treatment plan and map. This must surely be done to safeguard public health. A small amount of research reveals that the MYLumineyes® methodology is superior, and our consultants use it efficiently. The new Lumineyes are more dependable, effective, and worry-free than the Lumineyes. 

Significantly, one treatment “natural eye color change” will be completed in 5 to 7 days. People with dark eyes must remain longer or split the time. Dr. Mete will design a treatment plan to make your life more affluent, secure, and productive. (generally 7-10 days) After two to four sessions, the colour tone begins to change. At the conclusion of the first month, there will be a noticeable change in eye colour. Your eye color will gradually get lighter and change hue daily. The laser’s effectiveness lasts for four to six months. In addition, the “laser eye color change without surgery” procedure has a duration of 4 to 6 months. We ultimately decided to plan extra sessions for those with dark eyes. We can achieve favorable outcomes for almost all of our motivated patients.

why do my eyes change color
why do my eyes change color

Laser eye colour change surgery is very succesful with Mylumineyes XTRA

The success rate is 99.9 percent when all blue, green, hazel, and lighter colour tones are included. For further samples and reviews, please see this page. Even in the most challenging circumstances, our success rate is 99.9%. As long as you adhere to our suggestions and processes, you can be confident that we will achieve remarkable outcomes.
Now, with the introduction of “Mylumineyes Xtra,” it is accessible for dark brown eyes. MY Since around 13 years ago, the Lumineyes approach has shown its dependability and excellent effectiveness.

This record-breaking device, which was created after 1.5 years of testing, surpassed the previous mark. “Mylumineyes Xtra” has a high success rate among laser eye color surgery patients and offers remarkable results for light and medium-dark brown eyes. As indicated before, “Mylumineyes Xtra” permits the healthy alteration of eye colour. The Mylumineyes Xtra laser is more powerful and kinder on the tissues than its predecessor. Additionally, the period of treatment has been shortened. Results are more natural shown by iris.

Long term cost of natural eye color change surgery is affordable

The cost of permanent eye color change surgery depends on the quality of the facility and surgeon. Despite this, we are able to declare that our charges are the lowest for the quality and safety of the service we give. When all factors are considered, Lumineyes 8G is the most effective and secure laser kind. With Mylumineyes XTRA, we are pleased to take the Mylumineyes miracle one step further. The inventor of laser eye color change surgery, Dr. Mustafa Mete, said that the shorter treatment period with Lumineyes Xtra reduces the likelihood of iris shrinkage or injury.

“Mylumineyes Xtra” is a fast-acting procedure that takes effect in 5-7 days, but the results are very satisfactory.

In reality, the degree of blackness of your natural eye color prior to laser treatment and the presence of extra obstacles also affect the price. Therefore, the “Mylumineyes” laser is the only safe method for changing my eye color. Consequently, we have addressed the subject of how to properly change your eye color. The basic objective of laser therapy is to thin the melanin-containing layer of the iris. Essentially, the new “Mylumineyes Xtra” may efficiently and securely change the colour of the eyes, even dark browns.

Can Your Eye Colour Change Naturally?

Your eye color won’t change with drops or food naturally at home, please don’t fool yourself. There are essentially three techniques to change your eye color. You can change your eye color, which may be accomplished in a number of ways depending on the technology used. There are essentially three methods for doing this. Implantation of the iris, natural laser therapy, and keratopigmentation. The goal is to change brown eyes to green-blue-gray or other colours. The eyes seem to be coloured. While this “Laser Color Changing Procedure” provides your eyes with a natural look, others unfortunately provide an artificial one. In any event, while all three treatments result in a permanent change in eye color, only the laser offers natural and healthy results. People with colorful eyes are more confident in themselves. 

So, How Can You Naturally Change Your Eye Color?

Let we quickly examine them: The first and safest way to change the color of your eyes is to utilize a laser. Also known as corneal tattoo, kertopigmentation is a surgical treatment. Lastly, an iris implant may change the colour of the eye. Among these possibilities, the laser technique is unquestionably the most effective and safest. To change the color of your eyes, the laser does not need any surgical operations. 

Certainly, it is possible to change your my eye color naturally.

Using a specialized laser, it is possible to safely change the color of one’s eyes. This decision is made after a comprehensive examination of the eyes and further testing at our facility. We first created a treatment for persons with heterochromia before applying it to aesthetic eye color change. The key to a successful eye colour change is to ensure that the patient’s eyesight and eye health are not compromised. Currently, the “laser eye color change” procedure is routinely used for aesthetic reasons to alter eye colour. With the exception of a few unpleasant situations, almost everyone may change their eye colour with this method. In addition, since eye colour fluctuates in Turkey, we will assist you in every way possible throughout your treatment.

Can Your Eyes Change Their Colour? Why then?

It is fairly uncommon for neonates to have a variety of eye colours. Blue eyes are a normal part of a newborn’s appearance since they lack the pigment melanin. Despite the fact that most newborns have blue eyes, this colour may change within a year. Even in adults, there may be brief and fleeting shifts in eye colour. People’s pupils enlarge and become more open when they enter a low-light environment. The iris surrounding the pupil contracts and narrows as a consequence of this enlargement. The eye colour will temporarily change due to this restriction.

Humans are skilled at disguising their feelings via words and deeds, but the eyes betray all of their inner turmoil. Our eyes are excellent at conveying our feelings, which means they cannot be hidden. Furthermore, some people’s eye colour may momentarily change when they experience strong emotions like sadness, anger, or joy.  Eye from the eye may temporarily change the blue or green hue of certain people’s eyes. Still, none of these alterations match what one would ideally want, and they are all well within one’s own control. Age may cause a change in eye color. About 10%-15% of the Caucasian population has this problem (they usually have light eyes). One common change that occurs with aging is the transformation of brown eyes to hazel or the darkening of hazel eyes.

Is there a way to change your eye colour with diet or vitamin supplements naturally at home?

Almost certainly not, as far as we can tell.

In Turkey, the eye color change technique is possible. In addition, we give a reference to the expenses associated with permanent eye colour change surgery. Different types of eye color change surgery are done nowadays. If you want to change your eye color in a natural and healthy manner, I can unequivocally state that laser is your only option. We also like to demonstrate the change in eye color via the use of before-and-after images and videos.