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“MY Lumineyes eye color change surgery ” is the newest Lumineyes technique that has been applied in a unique way. In short, a laser with special abilities stimulates brown or dark pigmented cells in the iris, causing the dark pigment layer to be poured out, resulting in a pale blue or green color. This is the process of adjusting the color of the heterochromic eye and the patient with a tone difference in the eye by making the cell layer appear mostly colorless but colored from the outside. We have started working on a laser with a special wave-length and a different mechanism of action while developing disease pathways that differ in color between the two eyes, called heterochromies, resulting in long-term follow-up and development, leading to the development of current treatments. Our clinic offers in Turkey eye color change surgery in optimum conditions.


laser eye color change surgery before after
laser eye color change surgery before after

Many research centers are still working with us on the Lumineyes technique, which was first investigated in 2011. In countries old generation Lumineyes are used. According to My lumineyes eye color change, there are drawbacks.

Is it safe to change the color of my eyes?Eye color changes via laser

Change your eye color?Even without lasers? Only a risk-free, healthy change is desirable. Our 10-day curriculum has spread. In five to seven days, we can deliver a healthier and faster result. Exceptions exist. Permanently changing eye color is a big deal. We’re pretty serious. Anyone may make informed predictions, whether they know the method or not.
Mylumineyes is safe. The fastest, least intrusive, and most reliable approach to changing eye color. Instantly changing eye color isn’t a cure-all. It’s amazing that you can change your eye color quickly, but it’s even more amazing that you can keep the eye’s texture.
We utilize a safe laser and proprietary software to color the patient’s black patterns. You feel no pain or discomfort at this time. Laser eye color change entails changing your brown eye pigment to green or blue.

Natural eye color change methods? 

Modern procedures may change eye color. My Lumineyes assure you of safety and good benefits. Surely, natural results are the best. As an example, laser epilation may be used as an example for changing your eye color. My lumineyes protect my eyes like laser epilation. Procedural success relies on ophthalmologist expertise and laser accuracy.

Using a laser, I can change the color of my eyes

Turkey Eye Color Change Costs & Costs for the Most Effective Laser Eye Color Change Procedures Your doctor’s ability and genetics affect the success of your eye color change surgery. Successful procedures must meet certain criteria. Efficiency and security are paramount. As I said, the laser and the surgeon’s competence are key. Carefully pursued matters almost always end favorably. Due to the economy, more people are using risky and occasionally hazardous techniques. We advise avoiding laser eye color change if cost is your top concern. Please put your safety first.

How to choose a color-changing eye surgical procedure?

Mylumineyes 8G attacks melanin directly. Increased security and convenience benefit the ophthalmologist and patient. Many things should be addressed before choosing an eye color change technique. By confidently conducting your research, you may choose the finest doctor and therapy. We’ve tested eye-color-changing drops. We’ve shown these drops don’t change eye color. You’ll discover how hazardous these drops are.

Are Eye-drops that change color really works?

Latisse-style eye drop products exist and can change people’s eyes. In conclusion, there are no drops to change eye color. Because a single dosage won’t work, many utilize these drops, but they never work. Another good solution is laser irradiation. When should Latisse eye drops be used? The anti-glaucoma medication Latisse grows eyelashes. Latisse doesn’t change the eye color. Latisse doesn’t permanently change the eye color. This bimatoprost-containing eyedrop promotes eyelash growth. Eyelash extensions were ultimately beneficial. Most prostaglandin analogues operate similarly.

Some Latisse users report darkening around their eyes. If you use Latisse eye drops, you’ll see more brown pigment cells. Iris pigmentation can be removed only with Mylumineyes laser eye color change surgery. The Lumineyes laser, which uses a particular wavelength, targets melanin cells in the eye and does not harm other tissues. Within 1-2 years following a safe laser eye color change, these experiences are impossible. We’ve upgraded laser eye color shifting with the newest releases. Long-term problems are another sign.


Compared to the old Lumineye method, MYLumineyes have been developed as a more effective, safer, and controlled method with different SPECIALS (laser ratios, technique, different wavelengths, selectivity, and so on). The success rate is at least 95%.

This procedure is performed with a new laser that has different frequencies and wavelengths that have different effects on the microscopic level and do not harm the surrounding tissues.

Your doctor evaluates a number of factors after the examination is completed. Laser shots are made to the special cell area for a total of two minutes and one minute, using a special technique for the person, after special drops and preliminary preparation. To create customized programs for the sessions, eye color, effect size, safety parameters, cellular reaction, and, depending on some conditions, the frequency, duration, wavelength, energy, and other parameters of the sessions are adjusted.

Long-term results show that the MY Lumineyes eye color change technique is safe, and that we were able to accomplish this with the help of our skilled specialists.

Compared to the traditional lumineyes technique, our method is safer, more effective, and trouble-free.

The world’s safest and most effective method for laser eye color change is “Mylumineyes.” Mylumineyes techniques are only available in our clinic in Turkey the entire world! Amateur surgery, locations, incorrect clinics, fake doctors, and those treated at low prices with a regular laser, which is not suitable for iris pigmentation, can all cause iris pigmentation. Your eyes may be harmed by the wrong wavelength.

Money isn’t worth as much as your eyes! My Lumineyes eye color change surgery is extremely safe!

We put together a variety of packages for patients that include extra services. At the same time, you can get some color and enjoy a beautiful holiday in Istanbul.