Lumineyes eye color change surgery – Turkey Eye Color Change Surgery

“MY Lumineyes eye color change surgery ” is the newest Lumineyes technique that has been applied in a unique way. In short, a laser with special abilities stimulates brown or dark pigmented cells in the iris, causing the dark pigment layer to be poured out, resulting in a pale blue or green color. This is the process of adjusting the color of the heterochromic eye and the patient with a tone difference in the eye by making the cell layer appear mostly colorless but colored from the outside. We have started working on a laser with a special wave-length and a different mechanism of action while developing disease pathways that differ in color between the two eyes, called heterochromies, resulting in long-term follow-up and development, leading to the development of current treatments. Our clinic offers in Turkey eye color change surgery in optimum conditions.

laser eye color change surgery before after
laser eye color change surgery before after

Many research centers are still working with us on the Lumineyes technique, which was first investigated in 2011. In countries old generation Lumineyes are used. According to My lumineyes eye color change, there are drawbacks.

Compared to the old Lumineye method, MYLumineyes have been developed as a more effective, safer, and controlled method with different SPECIALS (laser ratios, technique, different wavelengths, selectivity, and so on). The success rate is at least 95%.

This procedure is performed with a new laser that has different frequencies and wavelengths that have different effects on the microscopic level and do not harm the surrounding tissues.

Your doctor evaluates a number of factors after the examination is completed. Laser shots are made to the special cell area for a total of two minutes and one minute, using a special technique for the person, after special drops and preliminary preparation. To create customized programs for the sessions, eye color, effect size, safety parameters, cellular reaction, and, depending on some conditions, the frequency, duration, wavelength, energy, and other parameters of the sessions are adjusted.

Long-term results show that the MY Lumineyes eye color change technique is safe, and that we were able to accomplish this with the help of our skilled specialists.

Compared to the traditional lumineyes technique, our method is safer, more effective, and trouble-free.

The world’s safest and most effective method for laser eye color change is “Mylumineyes.” Mylumineyes techniques are only available in our clinic in the entire world! Amateur surgery, locations, incorrect clinics, fake doctors, and those treated at low prices with a regular laser, which is not suitable for iris pigmentation, can all cause iris pigmentation. Your eyes may be harmed by the wrong wavelength.

Money isn’t worth as much as your eyes! My Lumineyes eye color change surgery is extremely safe!

We put together a variety of packages for patients that include extra services. At the same time, you can get some color and enjoy a beautiful holiday in Istanbul.