Laser Eye Color Change Methods – Which Surgery or laser is better?

We will look for an answer to the question of where is the laser eye color change best ? Laser eye color change is a non-invasive procedure performed by an experienced eye surgeon. The good news is that laser eye color change is quite safe when performed by an expert in this field. In addition, “Mylumineyes” has become featured with twofold safety. In brief, changing the color of your eyes with a laser is quite safe when done using mylumineyes. Only hyperpigmentation stains are targeted by the “8G Mylumineyes” Laser. Furthermore, it has no impact on healthy tissues. As a result, everyone’s standard of safety will be modified. With the exception of Dr. Mustafa Mete’s skills, everything works well.

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Laser eye color change is highly safe if you satisfy the conditions

However, by applying a laser, we reduce the dangers associated with eye color changing surgery. My Lumineyes is a Lumineyes strategy that is unique to you. It is created with a special laser. Dr. Mustafa Mete created it. Dr. Mete has developed this procedure in a range of countries. It is performed by applying a variety of algorithms, as opposed to the traditional Lumineyes technique. The final result is far more efficient, safe, and pleasant.

The MYLumineyes® laser process analyzes eye structure, characteristics, iris formation, visual acuity, and pigment configuration to develop a map and a specific method of treatment. This should unquestionably be done to defend wellness.A brief study demonstrates that the MYLumineyes® approach is the best, and our consultants effectively use it. When compared to standard Lumineyes, the new Lumineyes is more reliable, efficient, and worry-free.


MyLumineyes® uses a patented wavelength that selectively targets pigment concentration on the iris while keeping the rest of your eyes untouched.

This 8G+ 3D Laser also produces the best results. After 15 years of experience, the solution is Mylumineyes if you absolutely must undergo permanent laser eye color changing surgery.

As a result, the Mylumineyes laser targets melanin pigments in the iris. Finally, they undergo a chemical reaction. In this way, melanin cells naturally begin to be removed from the body. Complications that occur as a result of laser treatment on unsafe hands are as follows:

  1. Iridocyclitis
  2. Corneal damage
  3. Cataract
  4. Closed angle glaucoma
  5. Endothelial insufficiency
  6. permanent vision loss.