Laser Eye Color Change Methods-Which Surgery or laser is better?

We will look for an answer to the question of where is the laser eye color change best ? Laser eye color change is a non-invasive procedure performed by an experienced eye surgeon. The good news is that laser eye color change is quite safe when performed by an expert in this field. In addition, “Mylumineyes” has become featured with twofold safety. In brief, changing the color of your eyes with a laser is quite safe when done using mylumineyes. Only hyperpigmentation stains are targeted by the “8G My lumineyes” Laser. Furthermore, it has no impact on healthy tissues. As a result, everyone’s standard of safety will be modified. With the exception of Dr. Mustafa Mete’s skills, everything works well.

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change eye color by MY lumineyes laser surgery

Laser eye color change is highly safe and best if you satisfy the conditions

However, by applying a laser, we reduce the dangers associated with eye color changing surgery. My Lumineyes is a Lumineyes strategy that is unique to you. It is created with a special laser. Dr. Mustafa Mete created it. Dr. Mete has developed this procedure in a range of countries. It is performed by applying a variety of algorithms, as opposed to the traditional Lumineyes technique. The final result is far more efficient, safe, and pleasant.

The MYLumineyes® laser eye color changing process analyzes eye structure, characteristics, iris formation, visual acuity, and pigment configuration to develop a map and a specific method of treatment. This should unquestionably be done to defend wellness.A brief study demonstrates that the MYLumineyes® approach is the best, and our consultants effectively use it. When compared to standard Lumineyes, the new Lumineyes is more reliable, efficient, and worry-free.

Corneal Tattooing-Keratopigmentation changing eye color Surgery

Using a femtosecond laser, keratopigmentation is carried out. This operation consists of two phases. By first cutting the cornea, a corneal tunnel is produced. A colorful material is then introduced into this channel. Tattooing the cornea produces a permanent color change. In fact, corneal tattooing has been used for decades to treat people with corneal opacities or anomalies that damage their appearance. In reality, keratopigmentation laser surgery is an intrusive procedure with several side effects. The typical price of kerato-pigmentation ranges from 5,000 to 12,000 eur. In reality, after analyzing the benefit-to-risk ratios, we believe that this strategy need further development.

Keratopigmentation Does Not Alter The Eye’s Natural Pigments

In contrast, it creates a deceptive impression.

Remember that the “mylumineyes laser eye color changing method” employs an entirely natural technique.

Iris implant eye color change surgery

If at all possible, you should avoid getting an iris implant because of how dangerous the complications are. Numerous peer-reviewed studies confirm that this approach is very detrimental, and they can be found in the PubMed database. With the publication of the destructive ocular consequences of cosmetic iris implants (colored artificial irises), their use has been outlawed.

Aesthetic colored iris implants enjoy media campaigns related to social networks and indirect support from celebrities who profit from their installation, yet rigorous tests have demonstrated they are safe. have been documented, including a few instances with severe consequences.
As soon as medically feasible, the replacement iris implant should be taken out. Diseases of the eye, such as uveitis, horn decompression, glaucoma, etc., grow more uncomfortable as time passes. That’s why you may still request removal of these implants by writing to us, even if you haven’t had any issues thus far. You should keep in mind that the longer you wait, the more complicated the adhesion, the procedure, and the problems. Dr. Mustafa Mete has performed several successful removals of iris implants.

Do not be late for removing iris implants

If you catch the situation in time, these silicone implants may be easily removed. The implant is sniped using surgical shears via a little incision of 3.2–3.3 mm. After then, a little incision is all that’s needed to get rid of it.

There is now a new generation of aesthetically pleasing iris implants that are supported from behind. As a result of this implant, aqueous humor may flow more freely and the iris can make less contact with the eye. The sale of the cosmetic implant has been sanctioned in various nations. However, several reports of ocular problems after the implantation of these devices have been published. Lumieyes laser procedures are currently the only option available to permanently change eye color in a safe manner.

What color are my eyes, exactly?

What color are my eyes, exactly? The response to this question might go in a variety of directions. Why? Because the color of your eyes may shift subtly based on factors such as the lighting in the room, the size of your pupils, the cosmetics you wear, and even your state of mind. What color am I, exactly? The most straightforward response to this question is your color as it seems to be reflected in the mirror when natural sunshine and ideal circumstances are present. When an outside light source is used to highlight your eyes, the natural color of your eyes will seem to be different. All irises are distinct.

It’s a very unusual occurrence for two individuals to have exactly the same eyes. The pigmented region of the eye that contracts and expands in response to light is principally responsible for the eye’s defense against light. This enables the iris to calculate the appropriate amount of light that must enter the eye. For instance, when there is more light entering the eye, the iris grows narrower, and the pupil gets larger.

The question is, where did the color of my eyes originate from?

The quantity of melanin found in the eye is the primary factor that determines eye color. If you have brown eyes, it’s because you have a gene near the front of your iris that makes it possible for pigment to build up in the same spot. When compared to blue eyes, brown eyes reflect much less light. They have a darker complexion because they have a higher concentration of the color melanin.

People who have blue eyes have a comparatively low concentration of melanin in this portion of the iris. The way light scatters gives the impression that her eyes are blue. As a result, the iris is responsible for scattering blue light while absorbing light of other hues. Because of this, the iris seems to have a blue color. The color blue is the one that reflects the most light. Think of yourself as fortunate if you were born with blue or green eyes. They are the least common of all eye hues. However, since their eyes are more transparent than brown eyes, they are more susceptible to the effects of light. As a result, it is essential to safeguard them to guarantee the continuation of their good health.

Melanin, a pigment that is dark brown in color, plays a crucial role in this process. The color shifts according on the amount of pigment that is now present in the eye. The color of the eye will be blue if the iris does not have any melanin to absorb light. The pigment melanin is responsible for giving brown eyes their color.


MyLumineyes® uses a patented wavelength that selectively targets pigment concentration on the iris while keeping the rest of your eyes untouched.

This 8G+ 3D Laser also produces the best results. After 15 years of experience, the solution is Mylumineyes if you absolutely must undergo permanent laser eye color changing surgery.

As a result, the Mylumineyes laser targets melanin pigments in the iris. Finally, they undergo a chemical reaction. In this way, melanin cells naturally begin to be removed from the body. Complications that occur as a result of laser treatment on unsafe hands are as follows:

  1. Iridocyclitis
  2. Corneal damage
  3. Cataract
  4. Closed angle glaucoma
  5. Endothelial insufficiency
  6. permanent vision loss.