How eye color Changes?-How To Naturally Change Your Eye Color?

Did you know that eyes of different colors lack pigment? How does eye color changes? So, how can you naturally change your eye color? Let we quickly examine them: The first and safest way to change the color of your eyes is to utilize a laser. Also known as corneal tattoo, keratopigmentation is a surgical treatment. Lastly, an iris implant may change the color of the eye. Among these possibilities, the laser technique is unquestionably the most effective and safest. To change the color of your eyes, the laser does not need any surgical operations. How much does it cost to change the color of your eyes? Costs associated with changing eye color are comparable.

The price depends on the clinic’s accreditation and the physician’s expertise. Please use the contact form to enquire about eye color change fees and costs at our clinic.

How Does Eye Color Change?

IRIS is the colorful muscular ring that surrounds the pupil. The amount of melanin within the iris determines its color. Three genes determine the color of your eyes. Scientists have discovered how genetic differences cause brown, green, and blue eyes. They are still trying to figure out how people generate less frequent hues like hazel and gray. The iris is responsible for transmitting color. It is a muscle that extends and contracts to regulate the pupil size. The pupil dilates in dim light and contracts in strong light. It also changes form depending on what you’re doing, reducing while you’re conducting close-up work like reading. The pigments in the iris compress or spread out as the pupil changes size. To some extent, this alters the color of the eyes. With some emotions, the pupil shrinks, causing the iris color dispersion and eye color to alter.

You’ve undoubtedly heard that when you’re furious, your eyes change color, and that’s probably accurate.

Your eyes may also change color as you get older. They generally darken somewhat. This is more common in white individuals  since they have lighter eye colors to begin with. If your eye color changes dramatically, or if just one eye changes, you should see an eye doctor. Like changes may be indicators of illnesses such as pigmentary glaucoma.

Brown is a dominating colour that often triumphs over green and blue. Green will triumph over blue since it is the most recessive. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule, and a kid with both brown and green eyes may have green eyes. If the infant inherits recessive blue-eyed genes from both parents, even two brown-eyed parents may have a blue-eyed child. Furthermore, a child’s eye color might change within the first three years of life.

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How Does A Laser Change Your Eyes’ Color?

In addition, throughout the laser procedure, we will not harm your eyes and you will not feel any discomfort. After the approximately two-minute procedure, you may continue your regular routine. This therapy typically lasts between 5 and 7 days. You are not need to prepare for the laser procedure, but you will need to take your meds later. In eyes of Grades 1-2, the color lightening is observable on the first day; in eyes with deeper pigmentation, it takes many days or weeks. On the other hand, the final outcome won’t be visible for between about three and six months.

What changes does Keratopigmentation have on your eyes? how much does it cost to change your eye color by tattooing?

In Keratopigmentation process we are using femtosecond laser. This process is comprised of two steps. A corneal tattoo produces a color that is long-lasting. Patients with corneal opacities or anomalies that impact their look have used corneal tattooing for many years. Let’s discuss how eye color changes with this technique.

Obviously, the color change will be present in this method as well. However, the outcomes are artificial and the risks are greater.Recently, keratopigmentation costs are starting from 7000 euro.

Iris Implants for Changing Eye Color

The placement of a silicone lens on the iris, the pigmented layer of the eye, is known as an iris implant. Using this process, it is possible to generate a fake eye color. Contrary to common opinion, this practice stretches back to antiquity. Previously, this surgical technique was utilized to address post-traumatic or congenital iris injury. Originally created for cosmetic reasons, these implants are now utilized to change the color of your eyes.


How Does the Lumineyes Laser Alter Eye Color?

Using a laser with a specific wavelength and the MyLumineyes procedure, we eliminate the brown pigments of stroma in your eyes without causing any harm to the eye by spreading them out over time.

how much does it cost to change your eye color?

Of course, the prices of the methods used to change eye color are different. Firstly, it can be said that it is 4500-12000 USD on average, according to the number of sessions performed with laser treatment. Secondly, iris implant surgery costs approximately 9000 USD. Thirdly, keratopigmentation surgery has a cost starting from 8000 usd.

How much does my lumineyes cost?

This procedure demands professionalism. Details of the MyLumineyes method make imitation difficult. With thirteen years of expertise, we remove melanin pigments from the iris layer while preserving your eyes’ health. Every time you have a laser operation, your eyes will experience certain side effects. A trained eye surgeon who specializes in this treatment is all that is needed to regulate and lessen the consequences of eye responses. Research and carefully choose your physician.