How eye color changes? How to change your eye color naturally?

Did you know that colored eyes have no pigment? How eye color changes? So, how to change your eye color naturally? Let’s take a quick look at them: The first and safest method is to use a laser to change the color of your eyes. Second, kertopigmentation, also known as corneal tatto, is a surgical procedure. Third, an iris implant can change the color of your eyes. Clearly, the laser approach is the best in terms of both effectiveness and safety among these options. The laser does not require any surgical procedures to change the color of your eyes. How much does it cost to change your eye color? The cost of changing eye color is almost equivalent.

They cost between 3,500 and 7,500 euros, depending on the clinic’s licensing and the doctor’s experience. Please use the contact form to inquire about our clinic’s eye color change charges and rates.

how change eye color

How Does a Laser Change the Color of Your Eyes?

Furthermore, during the laser operation, we do not injure your eyes and you will not experience any pain. You can resume your normal routine after the process, which takes around 2 minutes. This treatment lasts about 5 to 7 days on average. While there is no need to prepare before the laser, you will need to take your medications later. The color lightening in Grade 1-2 eyes is visible from the first day; in darker eyes, it takes a few days or weeks to observe. However, the final outcome will take 3–6 months to show.

How does keratopigmentation changes your eyes?

A femtosecond laser is used to perform keratopigmentation. There are two stages to this procedure.A corneal tattoo creates a long-lasting color.Corneal tattooing has been used for many years in patients with corneal opacities or abnormalities that affect their appearance.Let’s talk about how eye color changes with this method.

Of course, the color change will also be there in this method. But the results are artificial and the risks are higher.



Changing eye color with iris implants

The technique of placing a silicone lens on the iris—the layer that gives the eye its color—is known as an iris implant. Using this procedure, a artificial eye color can be created. This procedure, contrary to popular belief, dates back to ancient times. This surgical procedure was previously used to treat post-traumatic or congenital iris damage.These implants, which were originally designed for aesthetic purposes, are now used for changing the color of your eyes.

How eye color changes with Mylumineyes laser eye color change method?

With the MyLumineyes process, we remove the brown-colored pigments of stroma in your eyes by spreading them over time without any damage to the eye, with a laser with a special wavelength.How much does it cost to change your eye color with mylumineyes?for quick reply contact us please.

This process requires high professionalism. Details in the MyLumineyes approach make it impossible to imitate. With 13 years of experience, we eliminate the melanin pigments in the iris layer while protecting your eye health. With every laser procedure performed, some reactions occur in your eyes. To control the reactions occurring in the eye and to reduce their effects only requires a professional eye surgeon specializing in this procedure. Research and choose your doctor well.

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