The Complete Guide to Laser Eye Color Change and How It Works

Introduction: What is Laser Eye Color Change?

Laser eye color change surgery is the process of transforming dark eyes into blue, green, gray, or hazel by using a laser. This process is done in our center with the latest technology, 8G plus 3D laser.

How Does the Process of Laser Eye Color Change Actually Work?

These cells are removed with a laser that specifically targets the melanin cells in the iris. Thus, these cells that give the eye color or dye the eye are replaced by an empty space. This process takes about 2 minutes for both eyes. And it is completed within 5 or 7 days, depending on the degree of darkness of the eye color. Please contact us for laser eye color replacement prices.

What Are the Potential Risks of Laser Eye Color Change?

As the eye color change process has become very popular today, many unauthorized and unqualified centers are trying to do this by using people as a test board. For this reason, we are now dealing with correcting many side effects and complications at Mylumineyes Center. Although the Mylumineyes method is very safe and professional, briefly, what are some of the side effects and complications that are common in places where there is not enough experience?



3-corneal endothelial insufficiency

4-iris anomalies


6-permanent vision loss


Therefore, we advise you. We especially draw your attention to eye color change surgery or operation centers with low prices, doctors and centers whose names are not known in the medical community, unrealistic Facebook, Instagram, or social platform comments, unrealistic recommendations created with spam and fake accounts, and photo editing with Photoshop. The solution is actually very simple. You should find answers to the following questions:

Who is the doctor on the website or sharing page that provided this information? How long has he been dealing with this business? Is he a well-known doctor? Are there any health statements or scientific contributions from previous years? Can I entrust myself to a doctor whom I do not know and have no knowledge of?

Is there anything to worry about in terms of long-term side effects with this procedure?

With 15 years of experience, we can tell you that MYLUMINEYES has zero long-term side effects and complications! This is due to years of experience, mapping, ophthalmology knowledge, Doctor Mete’s abilities, surgical experience, and our knowledge of what to do. The laser technology we use gives us confidence and allows us to do personalized treatments. Considering the price-performance ratio, when the eye color replacement fee is made with MYlumineyes, it is the most economical solution. Please decide by keeping in mind your risk of eye injury.

What Are the Best Lasers for Changing the Color of Your Eyes, and Do They Work?

As far as we can see, very different types of laser devices are used in eye color changing processes.

Those that cause burns with thermal effects, those that create an explosion effect, those that emit long-dwelling heat, those that emit short-stroke heat, etc.

Mylumineyes eye color changing center uses the best, iris selective, short pulse, low thermal effect, intrinsically safe, sensitive, different wavelength, state-of-the-art, very special laser.