Iris Stroma Eye Color Change-What Causes Changes in Eye Color?

The “iris stroma change eye color” process is the process of reducing the melanin material in the iris stroma and the cellular density of the stroma. So, what causes the changes in eye color? You can guess it, I guess. In summary, the answers to these questions are explained in this article.”Iris stroma eye color change” surgery in USA treatment provides a surprisingly permanent color change in the eye. Apart from natural causes such as environmental factors and aging, if we examine what causes eye color changes, “laser eye color change” is the most effective method today.

Iris stroma eye color change laser

Two factors can affect eye color:

iris pigmentation and frequency dependence of light scattering by the diluted medium in the iris stroma.In humans, pigmentation of the iris ranges from light brown to dark brown depending on the concentration of melanin in the iris pigment epithelium, the melanin material in the iris stroma, and the cellular density of the stroma.

iris stroma eye color change laser causes“Iris stroma eye color change” laser treatment reduces melanin density.

The lightening of the iris stroma layer with MyLumineyes is currently the best solution. We are working on some improvements for dark-brown eyes, such as shortening the treatment time and increasing efficiency. Fortunately, we are incredibly successful with lighter brown eyes.

What causes changes in eye color?

Tyndall scattering of light in the stroma, which is analogous to Rayleigh scattering, causes the appearance of blue and green eyes.

Light scattering by particles in a colloid or a very small solution causes the Tyndall effect. It is similar to Rayleigh scattering in that the intensity of the scattered light is inversely proportional to the fourth power of the wavelength, thus scattering significantly more blue light. Blue and green pigments are never found in the human iris or eye fluid. Therefore, eye color is an example of structural color and fluctuates with lighting conditions, especially for light-colored eyes.

People who changed their eye color with “Iris stroma eye color change” laser treatment ,The same mechanism works. Mylumineyes laser gets results using a completely natural mechanism.

what causes changes in eye colorThe pupil, or hole in the center, is a type of diaphragm that expands and contracts depending on how much light is there.

The anterior endothelial tissue is colorless and cellular.

The anterior iris tissue

Epithelial tissue on the back

Dark brown

The stroma in dark brown eyes contains a high concentration of melanin and can easily absorb various levels of light. The stroma has a large accumulation of collagen.The “iris stroma eye color change” laser process thins the melanin layer, increasing the reflection effect on the iris.Thus, dark brown eyes begin to turn into light colors, blue or green tones.


The stroma of brown eyes contains a high concentration of melanin, which absorbs most of the light and gives the eyes a dark brown color. The sroma contains a high amount of collagen deposition.


The eye lacks blue pigments and instead scatters incoming light back into space with brown melanin, resulting in a green tint.


The stroma of hazel eyes contains moderate amounts of melanin, giving them a light brown color with occasional areas of green and yellow. Because of the moderate level of melanin, the stroma scatters a significant amount of light back into the atmosphere.


The stroma of blue eyes is devoid of melanin. Until light enters, scatters, and is reflected back into space, the stroma is colorless. As a result, the amount and quality of light in a room affects the color of blue and green eyes. This is known as “structural coloring,” and it occurs when a substance appears to have a specific hue despite the lack of pigmentation for that color.


It is very rare. Gray eyes, like blue eyes, lack melanin, but there is an abundant accumulation of collagen in the stroma, which inhibits Tyndall scattering and prevents the appearance of blue tones.

There is still no laser eye color change surgery in USA.

Therefore, Mylumineyes Turkey is the most suitable laser eye center for you. As we mentioned before, you can safely change your eye color with the laser.

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