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Which eye color change surgery is more effective,permanent and safe? Many different methods and procedures can be used to change eye color naturally. As I mentioned before, the laser has a unique place among these methods. I would like to remind you that the more intense pigments there are in the iris stroma layer, the longer the duration of your treatment. Having someone with colorful eyes in your family is undoubtedly an advantage for you. But is this enough for the color change? No, it is not Because there are dozens of factors that affect the result of the eye color change procedure, we have given extensive information about them. 

However, to put it briefly, dozens of factors, such as familial affinity, pigment density, resistance of pigments, light or dark background, drainage channels, DNA structure, eye health, etc., play a key role in the success of eye color change. First, you should ask yourself whether it is a natural eye color or an artificial eye color. Apart from all these, let’s answer these questions;
how to naturally change your eye color permanently at home ? how to change your eye color permanent ?

laser eye color change operation turkey prices
which eye color change surgery ?

how to change your eye color?

Actually, this question will guide you towards which choice you should make. If you remember, we also gave extensive information about the reliability and effects of the methods. Meanwhile, our aim is to provide you with a different perspective on which eye color change method you should choose. We think that we have clearly explained to you the reasons for using the other two methods I have mentioned apart from the laser. Of course, we are working on these other methods. Maybe we can put them into service when we get more positive results. We’ve created a simple but informative chart below to help you decide which eye color change method is best for you.We recommend that you take a quick look. Which eye color change surgery would you prefer? Is it safe and natural? Or the artificial and risky one?

Nowadays, everyone is curious about, which method is the most effective and safest to change the color of their eyes?

  1. iris implants: high risk ratio, expensive and unnatural results
  2. corneal implant: vision problems, corneal problems,very expensive and unnatural results
  3. contact lenses: cheap, affordable,uncomfortable and unnatural solution
  4. Laser : The cost is variable according to eye color, safe, natural results
 which is best surgery eye color change
which is best surgery eye color change

Keratopimentation surgery for eye color

Keratopigmentation is suggested for individuals who have some corneal opacity or a completely white cornea as a result of a pathology and who could previously only be treated with cosmetic contact lenses. Furthermore, this treatment enables you to alter the color of your eyes for simply cosmetic reasons. For this semi-permanent operation, femtosecond laser technology is employed, followed by the application of the appropriate color pigment. Keratopigmentation is the process of coloring the cornea by cutting the cornea (corneal tunnels)
It has been used for years to enhance the aesthetic look of blind persons with walleye, and is also known as corneal tattooing. Changing the color of one’s eyes for aesthetic or therapeutic purposes is becoming more popular.

Keratopigmentation is the process of adding pigment to the cornea through a corcular microtunnel while leaving the internal anatomy of the eye intact. In other words, it entails utilizing a laser to permanently tint or tattoo the iris region using biocompatible corneal pigments. An incision in the eyeball is made to form a sheet inside the corneal tissue. This sheet is loaded with micronized pigments, a colored ink that gives the iris the appropriate tint. Keratopigmentation outcomes are 100% artificial, even more so than contact lenses. As previously stated, keratopigmentation has a number of side effects and problems. In general, the majority of patients are dissatisfied.


Iris implant surgery to change the color of one’s eyes

We consider implanting an iris prosthesis when this iris tissue is fully or almost completely gone, whether owing to severe reasons, many operations, or various difficulties in the front section, or when there is congenital aniridia (artificial). Artificial iris implants are often used in circumstances when the anterior region has been severely disrupted.
They are often connected with corneal transplants, but they may also be related with changes caused by cataract surgery or trauma, anterior segment infections, aniridi, trauma, iris perforations, and so on.

How is eye color change surgery performed using implants?

With the proper technique, the silicone artificial iris may be injected into the eye via the same microincision used for cataract surgery (typically without suturing), resulting in an attractive appearance that is almost hard to distinguish from the healthy eye.
This is the most invasive surgery, with the greatest risk of irreparable consequences.
Dr.Mete strongly advises against using iris implant surgery to change eye color (cosmetic).

Laser to change eye color without surgery (Lumineyes) best way to change your eye color!

My Lumineyes laser targets just the melanin pigments in the iris. A chemical process occurs in mylumineyes laser energy-absorbing melanin cells. Following this biological and chemical response, the body’s defensive system goes into action. Melanin cells are normally shed from the body. This is how the “Mylumineyes Laser eye color change technique” works by using natural bodily responses. A growing number of individuals want to change their eye color for aesthetic reasons. Laser iris depigmentation has been used therapeutically for cosmetic reasons to permanently change eye color. For individuals wanting a surgery permanent cosmetic eye color change, Lumineyes laser eye color change surgery is the best evidence-supported surgical option. Ant is the only one that achieves natural outcomes.

besy eye color change surgery clinic
besy eye color change surgery clinic


How To Change Eye Color Naturally ?

It is a fact that the only way to naturally change your eye color under current conditions is the Mylumineyes laser procedure. With this method, while providing a natural color change, you do not risk your eye health at the same time. Moreover, the laser method is very comfortable and easy. How to change your eye color naturally at home permanently? unfortunately it is impossible to do that. But remember, “My Lumineyes ” surgery eye color process is practiced only by Dr. Mustafa Mete.

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How to do makeup on colored eyes?

How to do makeup on colored eyes? “If you have colored eyes, you must be very careful when applying makeup. Here are some make-up alternatives for