What’s laser eye color change? |
Which method of eye color change is safer? Which country clinic is the best? How perform laser eye color change?
How is laser eye color changing operation performed?, eye color change, laser eye color change prices, eye color change reviews
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What’s laser eye color change?

MyLumineyes after 1 year efficiency

Information about laser eye color change operation, clinics, doctors, countries.

Which one is the best? Which one is cheaper? Which country is safe? Which method is better?

As the inventor of MyLumineyes ® laser eye color change operation, we use personalised technology, personalised diagnosis, and personalised treatment for every different characteristic people. This needs a well experience, opthalmology information, well educated surgeon on opthalmology. As we do in our clinic not only laser eye color change operation, but also we do ilasik, blepharoplasty, aesthetic eye lid surgeries, refractive surgery, glaucoma surgeries and treatments. We have a large experience on eye diseases and aesthetic eye applications. This makes us fully control on eye health.

How is the eye color changing operation performed?

We use in our laser eye color change Center last generation 8g+, which is working on a confidential wave length, sensitive only to the pigment melanin layer. This MyLumineyes ® technology only used and developed by Dr. Mete. We eleminate melanin pigmentation by using a very safe laser and very safe method. İt takes 2 minutes on one eye to perform it. Since more than 12 years we didnt have any important complications, this shows that MyLumineyes ® is the only safest way and method for changing eyes colors, eleminate pigments of iris.

*As you see an example and review of a real laser eye color change of a British girl, in 1 year you see a dramatic change from dark brown to a light green eyes. This photo taken by herself without any edit or play on the photos keeps %100 originality.(we do not use photoshop or photo editing programs, contact lenses etc…)

What’s the price of eye color change operation?

Remember,this process is very serious! cheap work ends cheap and has bad consequences. We use qualified equipments and the best laser.

!! We apply a different and separate laser method to each person.

!! Your eyes are important we treat but also we protect your health of eyes.

Laser eye color change operation is an art, and art must be done by experts!