Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty – Op. Dr. Mustafa Mete

What is blepharoplasty, eyelid cosmetic surgery? How is it done?

Take it at the age of 30 and start to change in a black-and-white style. This situation manifests itself with sagging in the eyelid. In the age of 50, with the uplifting of the upper eyelids, both the abundance in the deep and the fat paddles in the eye hole become more prominent. This situation manifests itself with sagging in the eyelid. In the age of 50, with the thinning of the upper eyelid, both the abundance in the deep and the fat pads in the eye hole become more noticeable. This natural process, due to some awareness of the family, attracts attention at an earlier age in some people.

What are the symptoms related to age increase in lower eyelid?
How up the eyelid is related to the age increase in the symptoms of increase in age, the symptoms of age increase in the lower eyelid are also related to the cheeks. At age 40, the fat texture on the side starts to shift towards the alta by the effect of gravity. This manifests itself with a depression in the form of a halo below the eyelid and attention to the laughing lines on the edge of the mouth. With the lowering of the eyelid skin, we start to draw lines that we call the crowbar around the eyelid. In the 50s, the eyebrows in the eyebrows become more prominent than the ones that have lost support in front of them, as the eyebrows are also weakened.

How will the upper eyelid plastic surgeon decide?
Physical examinations of the forehead and eyebrows are performed to check the eyebrow levels. After evaluating the eyelid movements, it is determined that there is any asymmetry, and then the eyelids are reevaluated by making Botox before the operation with a minimal eyebrow level and thin fine line on the forehead. If the abundance of eyelids continues, the upper eyelid plastic is decided. If there are obvious falls in the eyebrows, deep lineage in the forehead and significant bulge in the upper eyelid, it is decided to perform endoscopic eyebrow and temple stretching procedures and to reassess the upper eyelids during the operation and to perform upper eyelid plasticity.

How does the upper eyelid plastic work?
If only upper eyelid plastic is to be performed, the procedure can be performed by performing regional anesthesia. Upper eyelid surgery duration does not exceed 1 hour. The amount of skin and adherent to be removed is decided by the drawing done while the patient is sitting. In most cases, a reasonable line of sight will cause a line to be hidden in the folding line of the lid. In some cases, however, the oil pillows present in the interior and the middle may be very noticeable. For this reason, they are performed as a minimization surgery in a very small amount.

How will the lower eyelid operation be decided?
It is necessary to evaluate the degeneration of the lower eyelid with the lateralization due to the age increase at the side. Mostly after 40 years of age, the cheek texture is shifted in the shape of the alta, so the endoscopic surgery and the cheek should be taken over. If there is still sagging in the lower eyelid after this procedure and there is clearance in the lower eyelid fat pad, it is decided to perform the lower eyelid plasty during the operation.

What is done in the lower eyelid surgeon?

The lower eyelid skin is removed with the incision made just below the lower eyelid eyelashes with the lower eyelid skin. Reduction procedures for oil cushions are rarely necessary. Often the spread of oil packs to the edge of the eye helps to correct the collapsing of the eye. If this creep is removed and the procedure of removing the cheek and spreading fat pads is insufficient, the oil injection procedure is also added. Once the abdomen of the skin and the abdomen has been removed, the adventitious tissue is hung on the outer wall of the eye pit. This also provides support for oil pillows.

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