Change Color Eyes- Can you get surgery to change ?

How can you start to change color eyes? Similarly, is it possible to have surgery to change your eye color? Using the Lumineyes laser, eye color changing operation is conducted. Actually, this is not a surgery, and no contact is made with the eyes. Eye color change surgery must be conducted by a qualified surgeon. It is not a process that can be done even by an ophthalmologist with inadequate training in eye surgery. has not worked on this topic for decades. Finally, you may change your eye color to blue-green with relative ease.

Humans have brown, blue, hazel, green, or gray eyes as their natural color. However, brown is the predominant eye color, making it the most frequent. In general, eyes with more melanin are naturally darker, whereas those with less melanin will be lighter.

Can you change your eyes color surgically?

In Turkey, it is possible to have surgery to change the color of your eyes. As previously stated, mylumineyes is not a surgical procedure. But there are also surgery to change your eye color.

Different Types of Eye Color Change Surgery to Meet Your Specific Requirements

It may be accomplished in several ways. To summarize, change the color of your eyes with a laser.

  1. Iris implantations
  2. Keratopigmentation
  3. Corneal replacements
These approaches’ pros and weaknesses have previously been described.

Colored Lenses:

Colored contact lenses are a simple method to change your eyes color, and acquiring them today is a safe and straightforward process. There is a range of colors available, but people with naturally dark eyes should avoid the lighter hues. You may also build something unique and darken your eyes with colored contact lenses. To darken the eye, contact lenses are used. Using contact lenses to darken eyes is temporary, giving patients time to determine whether they desire to have surgery to change the color of the iris. Despite being a cosmetic option, surgery is often a last choice for persons with two different colored eyes or no eye color.

Iris implant surgery:

iris implant surgery, like keratopigmentation surgery, is a very ancient procedure done on injured or impaired eyes. It is unethical to apply them to a healthy eye for aesthetic reasons. These techniques are not as harmless as the lumineyes laser eye color change approach. Essentially, iris implant surgery was first intended to address eye damage and medical disorders. These conditions include aniridia, in which the whole iris is absent, trauma, and coloboma, in which a portion or the complete iris is absent. We have already provided you with thorough information on the primary complications associated with the iris implant.

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Natural conditions that cause eye color to change :

Consequently, the color of the eye may change as the frequency of light flowing through it varies. In other words, if you change the lighting conditions in your environment, your eye colors is likely to change, particularly if you have lighter-colored eyes. Some people’s eyes lighten with age, whereas others’ eyes darken. There are techniques to adjust or improve your eye color in addition to the color inherited from your parents. You must recognize that none are permanent.

For instance, you cannot change the color of your pupils, but you may have observed that your eye color seems more vibrant or differently based on what you wear. This is because, just as you may dress to compliment your hair color and skin color, you can also dress to highlight the color of your eyes. You must have thought at some point what you would look like if your eyes were a different color whether you had blue or green eyes. Imagine that the color of your eyes is change! Obviously, it does not go from pitch-black to azure, but the hues may be rather striking. Several causes may change the appearance of your irises. Considering how much a person’s eye color may change overall appearance.


The mix of cosmetics, (natural or not) hair color, and clothing will have a substantial effect on the color of your eyes. In actuality, the color of your eyes does not dramatically change, but the reflection of all these variables will result in a different impression of your eyes.
White, black, and gray are neutral hues that will enhance your eye color. The other colours, whether complimentary or not, will change the appearance of your eyes.


Often, infants are born with pale blue or gray eyes, but as they mature, their eyes typically get darker. This is due to the fact that eye color is influenced by genetics and melanin levels. The amount of melanin surrounding the pupil rises with age, darkening the eye. As the pigment in the iris changes or fades with age, 10-15% of Caucasian eyes become lighter in color.

Sunlight exposition
Solar exposure may stimulate the formation of melanin, indicating that extended exposure to the sun may darken the eyes.


Certain emotions may change the size of the pupil and color of the iris. Your body produces a hormone that alters the size of your pupils when you are pleased, angry, or sad. Typically, when you are joyful or furious, your eyes become more lively, however when you weep, your eyes acquire a ruddy color, making them look more vibrant.

Dress and cosmetics

Darker clothing and colored eyelid makeup or white eyeliner may make your eyes seem more vivid and dazzling. This is really a question of perspective, not actuality, although your eyes will certainly seem larger than normal!

Some foods you consume may affect your eye color. Here are a few items that,might change in eye color:

Can food and nutrition change the color of your eyes? According to one hypothesis, the color of the iris and the health of our organism are related. Iridology is an alternative treatment that views every portion of the eye to indicate the condition of a particular tissue.  Actually, nope. But, some foods with medicinal characteristics and essential nutrients might assist to slightly change the color of your eyes. This is occur if your natural eye color is changed by eye infections, illnesses, or poor diet. Due to the iron content in spinach, your eyes will seem younger and brighter.


Honey has several therapeutic effects, including antibacterial and antifungal ones. For this reason, it has been used for centuries as a home medicine to treat a variety of skin conditions, including keratitis and traumatic wounds. Honey naturally includes a tiny amount of hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is a powerful antioxidant. As such, it may be used as a bleaching agent to brighten color. When honey is introduced in the eye, the hydrogen peroxide in the honey changes the color of the iris by gently bleaching its pigments. Honey essentially affects eye color by brightening iris. Honey might lighten and brighten the color of your eyes if you consume it regularly.


Consuming fish may improve eye color strength, and depending on the amount consumed, this improvement may be permanent.

Many individuals think that including olive oil into one’s diet may change the color of one’s eyes.


Onion consumption has been associated with progressive changes in eye and skin color.


Consuming a variety of nuts may gradually lighten the color of your eyes.

Focuses the eyes:

as you concentrate on a thing, your pupil will change or contract, changing your eye color. Depending on the light circumstances, the size of your pupil will change, causing a temporary change in your eyes color if you spend time in extremely dark or brilliantly lighted regions. The pupil becomes larger and the iris appears darker when one is furious.

Eye health problems -When you are ill or have an eye condition such as:
  1. Horner’s Syndrome is a disorder affecting the third cranial nerve. This illness might cause the color of the afflicted eye(s) to lighten.
  2. Fuch’s heterochromic uveitis is a persistent, mild inflammation of the anterior segment of the eye.
  3. Pigmentary Glaucoma: In this kind of glaucoma, the pigment on the back of the iris is disorganized and pigment granules aggregate on the back of the cornea. This pigment might also accumulate in front of the iris, altering its color. Additionally, glaucoma medications may alter eye color.

Here, we will discuss the advantages of the Mylumineyes operation, a laser eye color changing technique

  • The outcomes are not predictable.
  • Done without touching the eyes with a unique 8G Lumineyes laser.
  • It does not change the structure of the eye (with the difference of Mylumineyes).
  • No long-term problems exist (with the exception of Mylumineyes).
  • It does not cause corneal damage and it does not induce astigmatism.
  • Side effects are transient and manageable (with the exception of Mylumineyes).
  • It does not provide a synthetic picture like contact lenses.

 Simply eye color changing Surgery with lumineyes laser Advantages that You Should Know:

  1. The My lumineyes laser is very effective and safe.
  2. This is a non-invasive treatment.
  3. Anesthesia is unnecessary.
  4. We have not yet met a significant issue.
  5. Mylumineyes laser utilises its unique wavelength.
  6. There is nothing alien in the eye.
  7. There is no natural optical contamination.
  8. It is permanent.
  9. It is not painful and uncomfortable.
  10. There is no impact on the corneal shape or your number (astigmatism issue).
  11. A light eye color softens your look.
  12. creates an attractive appearance.
  13. It is not an operation.
  14. causes your eyes to become blue-green.

 Biokinesis ( using brain electricty )

We would like to give you some information, even if it is not convincing at all. Change eyes color with the brain is a mental phenomena, not a scientific one. Therefore, it cannot be performed or described using scientific concepts. Biokinesis is the capacity to alter one’s genes (DNA) through psychic skills.

Before you may change your eye color with your thoughts, you must meditate to acquire biokinesis pertaining to eye color change. After mastering Biokinesis, you will be able to manipulate your genes to manage the quantity of melanin in your iris using your subconscious mind. This will change how light travels through your iris, so altering your eye color.

Do Eye-Color Changing Drops work?

Using eye drops to achieve a blue color is a topic for a distinct conversation. We believe this practice is ineffective and hazardous.

What benefits are associated with converting brown eyes to blue, green, hazel, or gray?

Everyone desires having blue eyes. This is the ultimate aesthetic change.

How to Select the Ideal Specialist for Your Specific Needs Regarding Surgery for Changing Eye Color?

  1. Internet search for your doctor’s medical history.
  2. Determine the hospitals where he works.
  3. Exist any research on ophthalmology in general?
  4. Does he do further procedures?
  5. Exists a surgical problem that must be resolved?
  6. Has he appeared before the public? (examine media files)
  7. Is the website from which you get information one that offers brokerage services or accepts commissions? Or is it the physician’s website?
  8. How much confidence does the doctor’s medical background inspire?

Choosing the correct physician is crucial. What could possibly be more vital than your eyes? You should avoid putting your eyes at danger.

Here is a guide to choose the correct physician: Everything You Should Know Prior to Getting

Mylumineyes is the most effective and safest process for laser eye color change until we discover a replacement. You should use the Mylumineyes laser treatment if you wish your brown or dark eyes to become blue, green, gray, hazel, or lighter hues. It guarantees an efficient and secure application. The mylumineyes laser type is unique due to its customised mapping and parameter adjustments.

How can you permanently change your eye color?

Numerous websites provide varying rates for permanent eye color change. Even yet, there are unmet promises. Before selecting to change your eye color, you should investigate the hazards of this surgery and who does it best. Be wary of facilities that sprang up in the last several years.

An Exhaustive Overview of Eye Color Change Surgery

Mylumineyes clinic offers cost-effective fees.

Lasers are used , which changes the colour of the client’s eyes. The process to change eye color does not include a surgery and there is no touch with the eyes. This method cannot be performed by an ophthalmologist with little competence in eye surgery. Mylumineyes is the most successful and safest laser surgery for eye color change. There is no natural optical contamination. It does not change the corneal shape or your number. A light eye color softens your glance and enhances your appearance. The desire to change one’s eye color to blue-green is one of the most common.

This document provides a handbook for laser eye color change surgery.