How can you change your eye color? Can you get surgery to change your eye color?

At this instant,how can you change your eye color? By the same token, can you get surgery to change your eye color?  Eye color changing surgery is performed using the MyLumineyes laser. Actually, this is not an operation, and there is no contact with your eyes. Eye color change surgery should be performed by a professional physician. It is not a procedure that can be performed even by an ophthalmologist who does not have good eye surgery training. Also has not worked on this subject for many years.At last,you can easily change your change your eye color to blue green.

Can you get surgery to change your eye color?

You can definitely have surgery to change the color of your eyes in Turkey. As we mentioned before, mylumineyes is not actually a surgery.

Different Eye Color Change Surgery Types to Suit All Your Needs.


It can be done in a variety of ways. To summarize them,

  1. Laser to change the color of your eyes.
  2. iris implants
  3. Keratopigmentation
  4. Corneal implants

We have already told you the advantages and disadvantages of these methods.

We’ll go through the benefits of the Mylumineyes procedure, which is a laser eye color lightening procedure, here.

  1. Done with a laser without touching the eyes.
  2. The results are natural.
  3. Does not change the eye anatomy (with the difference of Mylumineyes).
  4. There are no long-term complications (with the exception of Mylumineyes).
  5. does not damage the cornea.
  6. does not cause astigmatism.
  7. Side effects are temporary and treatable (with the exception of Mylumineyes).
  8. It does not create an artificial image like a contact lens.

Check out the comparison of a blue contact lens, a blue implant, and a laser with a blue color result (with Mylumineyes) on our site.

Eye Color Changing Surgery Benefits That You Should Know About

  1. Mylumineyes laser is very safe and effective.
  2. It is not an invasive procedure.
  3. Anesthesia not required.
  4. We have not encountered a serious complication yet.
  5. Mylumineyes laser uses its unique wavelength.
  6. There is no foreign object in the eye.
  7. There is no non-artificial visual pollution.
  8. It is permanent.
  9. Does not cause pain and discomfort.
  10. Has no effect on the shape of the cornea or your number (astigmatism issue).
  11. Light eye color softens your gaze.
  12. Provides an aesthetic image.
  13. It is not a surgery.
  14. it change your change your eye color to blue green

how to change your eye color naturally

Eye color changing drops are work ?

Obtaining blue color with eye drops is a separate discussion. We think that this method has no effect and is harmful.

What are the advantages of changing brown eyes to blue, green, hazel or gray?

Everyone wants to have colored eyes. This is the ultimate change in aesthetics.

How to Choose the Right Specialist for Your Needs When It Comes to Eye Color Changing Surgery?

  1. Search your doctor’s medical history on the internet.
  2. See which hospitals he works in.
  3. Do they have any studies on general ophthalmology?
  4. Does he perform other surgeries?
  5. Is there a surgical issue that needs to be addressed?
  6. Has he participated in public? (check media files)
  7. Is the website you get information from a website that provides brokerage services or is open for commission? Or is it the doctor’s own website?
  8. How much confidence does the medical experience give the doctor?

Choosing the right doctor is vital. What could be more important in your life than your eyes? You don’t want to risk your eyes easily. Here is your guide to choosing the right doctor:

Everything You Need to Know Before Getting

Until we find a new one, the Mylumineyes method is the most effective and safest procedure for laser eye color change. If you want your brown or dark eyes to turn blue, green, gray, hazel or lighter colors, you should try the Mylumineyes laser method. It promises an effective and safe application. With its personalized mapping and parameter settings, the mylumineyes laser type is unique.

what causes eye color changes

How can you Change your eye color permanently?

Many internet pages give different prices for permanent eye color change. There are even some unfulfilled promises. Please research the risks of this procedure and who is doing it best before deciding to change eye color. Beware of amateur centers that sprang up a few years ago.

A Full Guide to Eye Color Change Surgery

For cost-effective prices, please contact us.

Eye color lightening surgery is performed using a laser to change the color of your eyes. The eye color change procedure is not an operation, and there is no contact with the eyes. It’s not a technique that can be done by an ophthalmologist who hasn’t had much experience in eye surgery. The Mylumineyes laser procedure is the most effective and safest procedure for eye color changing. There is no non-artificial visual pollution (i.e., astigmatism problem). It does not change the shape of the cornea and your number. Light eye color softens your gaze and provides an aesthetic image. İts one of the biggest dream for someone to change eye color to blue green

This is a guide for completing laser eye color change surgery.

** The professional opinion of an American plastic surgeon, MD

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