WORLD First Eye Color Change process with new developed iris laser MYLUMINEYES

Dr. Mustafa Mete is the first physician in the world who treated heterochromia disease. While working on this problem in the eye, he also found a way to change the eye color permanently with a safer, selective, different wavelength , low thermal efficiency laser . This process is called Mylumineyes. There is no alternative to this method in the world at the moment. Mylumineyes Eye Center, its superior technological equipment, With its experience, ethical values, and ability to perform high-level eye treatments, it has even exceeded its own limits. While we protect your eyes like ours also we successfully conclude aesthetic eye interventions. With Mylumineyes, we are changing the color of your world.!

Our Services

We are proud to have an important place in the world in eye treatments. Our team follows the latest ophthalmic developments and realizes the first. Our patients are family members for us. We welcome our friends from almost every country in the world and make them happy with compassion and honesty. We offer cost-effective treatments with the highest quality equipment and technology.

We dream of a world where all humanity is not helpless due to eye problems. We want to build a world where high-level eye treatments, laser applications and eye aesthetics can be reached not only by a group of people, but by everyone, and where they feel safe, happy and self-confident. With the services we provide, we want to provide the treatment of the most difficult eye diseases and to realize the dreams of those who dream of having colored eyes.

Priority Value
To keep the needs of our patients above all else.

To treat our employees, suppliers, all patients and their relatives and their rights with respect.

Adhering to ethical principles and standards of personal responsibility, worthy of our patients? trust in us.

Approaching patients and family members with sensitivity and empathy.

To accelerate the healing processes by considering the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the patients during the treatment.

To blend the skills of staff in a unique collaboration, valuing everyone?s contributions.

To create mutually positive energy by enriching the lives of patients and their relatives, whom we serve with innovative and creative approaches.

To get the best results and to provide the highest quality service with the contributions of each team member.

To take the right steps towards realizing our mission and vision by wisely managing our human, natural and material resources.